Episode 7 Dr. Ken Clark of Applied Physiology and Biomechanics, PhD


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It was a pleasure to dive deep into the science of high speed. We did deep dives into research mistakes and strategies coaches to best make use of their time studying research. We discussed how it's possible to marry science and high-performance coaching. Dr. Clark educates us on commonalities and motor realities in research on limb velocity. He talks about what we want to see at maximum velocity and how some athletes create their own trap. He answers my question on how to develop proper posture and mechanics along with its unforeseen advantages. Ken humors us by dipping into the maximum velocity vs. acceleration debate. Dr. Clark introduces us to numerous other sports scientists we should further explore and ponders why we find him to be such a valuable source of knowledge in all things speed.

To Contact Dr. Ken Clark visit: https://www.kenclarkspeed.com/

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