Mindshare Costa Rica - March 2021 (Second Half, Unedited)


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The Mindshare is a 'boutique Ted Talks', a conscious networking event that I originally designed for the Toronto fitness industry 5 years ago, but it spread to various industries through changemakers within them. What makes it special is the curation/facilitation method, the diversity of talent, and our altruistic spirit (we donate all event proceeds to charity).

We ended up raising enough funds to provide an Indigenous community called the Bri Bri, enough soccer balls ⚽️ and equipment for their brand new youth soccer league!!!! Thanks to @elpuentethebridge for deploying our efforts towards such a fitting and uplifting endeavour 🙏👊⚡️(the sport of soccer has gotten me through so much in life!)
This is ‘the work’.
Touching lives.
Change making.
Purpose embodied.
Applied social permaculture.
Our higher calling.
Bringing people together.
Bridging the gap.
Leading from the heart.
Learning for the soul.
Sharing stories and ideas.
Quality time well spent.

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