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Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about it! We'll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.
Doug Loves Movies
Comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me, Last Comic Standing) invites his friends to sit down and discuss his first love: movies!
Mark Kermode joins Simon Mayo to give his verdict on the week's movies
Varje vecka så beskriver Brisse en ny film för Kalle som han borde ha sett.
I Was There Too
If you're like Matt Gourley (Superego, Drunk History, James Bonding), then you know all the classic movie and television scenes so well it's like you were in the room when they happened. Well, you weren't. And neither was he. But the people Matt interviews were! Listen in as they tell the inside stories of how cinema and television history was made from a fly-on-the-wall perspective you've never heard.Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stit ...
God Awful Movies
Eli Bosnick, Heath Enwright, and Noah Lugeons team up for a weekly attempt to prove that if god existed, his PR couldn't possibly be this bad.
The Flop House
A comedy podcast examining the worst in recent film. With your hosts Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington.
مدونة أفلام / مسلسلات
Collider Factory
Collider is the ultimate entertainment platform for the true fan, providing access to the most engaging movie, television, and gaming content from a host of trusted social influencers. Every week Collider will be providing new episodes of content from all their shows on this Factory feed. Subscribe here to get our latest movie reviews, takes on the breaking news from the industry, film commentaries, editorials, and our weekly film podcast hosted by Senior Film Editor Matt Goldberg.
The Film Vault
Discover movies you may have missed and be warned about others you should. Hosts Anderson Cowan (Loveline) and Bryan Bishop (The Adam Carolla Podcast) hash out their contrasting film tastes in the form of weekly Top 5 lists and recent screening reviews of both new and old titles. With numerous recommendations each episode, The Film Vault is entertainment about entertainment and as a result is a show that keeps on giving.
Movie Mania
A podcast about Movies, past, present and future. Sprinkle in the occasional TV show, and add a geek culture wrap around, and you have the delicious audio Kabab that is.....pause for effect.....Movie Mania!
Classic Film Jerks
Join movie fans Michael DiGiovanni and Andrew Bloom as they set out to determine if all these so called classic films are indeed just that.
Weekly film podcast and WBEZ radio show from Chicago featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews. Hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen. Part of the Panoply Network.
The Empire Film Podcast is the official podcast of Empire, the world's biggest and best movie magazine. Check back each week for an assortment of irreverent, film-related chat, as well as interviews with Hollywood's best and brightest.
Slate's Spoiler Specials are not reviews of current movies, but "postviews" -- audio critiques meant to be played AFTER you've seen the film. Slate movie critic Dana Stevens leads discussions of twist endings, plot holes, and other secrets you won't read in the reviews. It's the kind of discussion you have with friends as you're leaving the theater. PWARNING: Listening to these podcasts before you've seen a film could be hazardous to your suspension of disbelief!
We Hate Movies
Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.
ScreenJunkies presents "Movie Fights", where real nerds get in real fights over fake movies! Each week, our panelists will be judged and scored on their arguments for facts, passion and creativity. So "let them fight!" because "there can only be one."
The /Filmcast
The /Filmcast is the official podcast of In the /Filmcast, hardcore geeks/bloggers/journalists David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Jeff Cannata debate, pontificate, and delve into the latest films, film news, television shows, and entertainment-related items from the past week. Weekly guests include everyday bloggers, webmaster luminaries, and movie stars from all walks of life. You can reach us at and find all our podcast episodes at
A movie review podcast that traverses the stream of Hollywood sequels, reboots, and franchises by reviewing every installment in a series, start to finish.
We've all seen the movies that claim to be 'based on a true story', but have you ever wondered how historically accurate they are? That's what we'll aim to find out as we compare Hollywood with history.
Film Sack
Mining the depths of film entertainment for all mankind. With Scott Johnson, Brian Dunaway, Randy Jordan, and Brian Ibbott.
The Rewatchables
'The Rewatchables,' the newest film podcast from the Ringer Podcast Network, features HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a roundtable of people from The Ringer universe discussing movies they can’t seem to stop watching.
Doug Loves Minis
Bonus mini-episodes from the hit podcast Doug Loves Movies! Hear Doug and his friends chat and play games in rental cars, hotel rooms, airport lounges and even on comedy club stages, and get exclusive audio from Doug's popular live show "The Benson Movie Interruption."
F This Movie!
Join the F This Movie! crew as they discuss movies they love, movies they hate, and movies they love with a hot, hot hate.
The Film Reroll
Playing through your favorite movies like RPG’s and totally ruining them
Join the Wisecrack crew as they dive into the deeper meaning and cultural significance of the most, and least, iconic movies of our age.
Brought to you by the IGN Movies staff, The IGN Movies Show podcast series offers listeners the latest news, box office numbers and reviews for all things Hollywood. No star is too big or film too small for this Movies channel roundtable.
Movie Crush
Chuck Bryant of Stuff You Should Know sits down with your favorite people to talk about their favorite movie. Simple enough, but what we get is much more than that. It’s a look at what makes a favorite thing, and why someone’s favorite movie says so much about who they are. More conversation than interview, Movie Crush, at its heart, is about the love affair we all have with the silver screen.
Filmspotting: SVU is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Alison Willmore and Matt Singer focusing on the world of online movies. Part of the Filmspotting family of podcasts and the Panoply Network.
An ongoing series of specially produced histories, bringing to life the stories and secrets that shaped cinema. @moviehistories
"Ghostbusters! Independence Day!! Star Trek!!! Ice Age!!!! Jason Bourne!!! IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! And we're fed up! Grab some popcorn and listen in as Matt, Mike and Brit give their thoughts and opinions on all the sequels, remakes, reboots and carbon-copy movie ripoffs that Hollyweird has to offer."
Reviews for the hottest movies of the year from IGN. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
A one stop shop for all things movies. Mark, John, and John tackle the real issues like "What is Kurt Russell's best sleeveless shirt?". Listen Enjoy Share
Adnan Virk gives his takes on the newest films and much more.
The Film Programme
The latest releases, the hottest stars and the leading directors, plus news and insights from the film world
The Canon
Film critics Devin Faraci (BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH.) and Amy Nicholson (MTV News) have a weekly conversation about if a film is worthy to enter the Canon. They will put it up to fan vote at the end of the show, and the legacy of each movie will be officially decided forevermore. [This show is currently on hiatus]. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Howl.FM, ad-free. Use promo code ‘Earwolf’ for a 30-day free trial.
A Podcast that shares the pure love for Movies from the 70's, 80's and beyond.
The Treatment
Every week, host Elvis Mitchell conducts in-depth interviews with the most innovative and influential people working in entertainment, art, and pop culture.
Pop culture by the bucket!
Mark Ellis & Kristian Harloff are the Schmoes, and their weekly live show features a motley crew of regulars engaging in movie banter, pop-culture shenanigans and wild party games. Fast-paced, quick-witted and with personality to burn, the show has evolved from a fun movie discussion into an all-out two hour extravaganza that frequently features celebrity guests and high-profile giveaways. Tune in now and become a permanent resident of Schmoeville!
Comedy Film Nerds
Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini
Film Junk Podcast
Weekly Movie Reviews, Entertainment News and Other Hijinks
Cracked Movie Club
Almost every movie you love is secretly insane. Cracked Movie Club is here to show you why! Join co-hosts Tom Reimann and Abe Epperson (plus special guests) for a journey through the secrets, strangeness, and fan theories behind movies you’ll never see the same way again. And every month focuses on one director’s work, building a case for exactly why Hollywood’s greatest minds are weirder than you ever thought possible. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found ...
James Richardson discusses the latest movie releases with the film experts at Little White Lies. Truth & Movies has all your film needs covered, reviewing the latest releases big and small, keeping you across important industry news, and reassessing great films from days gone by with the Truth & Movies Film Club. All brought to you by the people behind Little White Lies, the world's most beautiful film magazine. email: truthandmovies@tcolondon.comtwitter: @LWLieswww.lwlies.comwww.about.7digi ...
Maltin on Movies
Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie are the ultimate movie fans. They love talking about movies, especially with people who share their enthusiasm—from living legends like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Quincy Jones to such contemporary artists as Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Laura Dern, and Bryan Cranston. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people and hear their recommendations of unsung movies you ought to know.
How to Survive
'How to Survive' is a film review podcast with a twist. The discussion centres around one key question: 'How would you survive in this movie?' Each episode centres around one classic movie. Often, they are horror movies, but there are also lots of thrillers, action movies, adventure movies and the occasional romantic drama for good measure. If you've ever rolled your eyes when the victim goes outside alone; tutted when the killer returns from the dead; or shouted 'DON'T GO IN THERE!', this i ...
Not just another bad movie podcast, Blank Check reviews directors' complete filmographies episode to episode. Specifically, the auteurs whose early successes afforded them the rare ‘blank check’ from Hollywood to produce passion projects. Each new miniseries, hosts Griffin Newman and David Sims delve into the works of film’s most outsized personalities in painstakingly hilarious detail.
Join Frank Conniff (MST3K), Trace Beaulieu (MST3K), and Carolina Hidalgo (Sirius Radio) on a film odyssey exploring the good, the bad, and the weird.
Comedian Greg Proops invites you to sit down and watch some of his favorite movies with him. It's the cinematic companion piece you never knew you wanted but can't live without from the Smartest Man in the World.
What are the The Best 1980s & 1990s Movies? Do you find yourself asking if the movies we loved while growing up were really that good? Have you caught yourself thinking, “why don’t make movies like they use to?” Can you still remember spending your Friday Nights searching for the perfect movie rental at Blockbuster Video? Do you know what Blockbuster Video is? If you answered yes, then this is the podcast for you! Website: Email: hosts@shatth ...
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show series
The boys check in to actioner Hotel Artemis, sequel Escape Plan 2: Hades, documentary Generation Wealth, Bollywood drama Dhadak, coming-of-age tale The Butterfly Tree, and gritty drama The Receptionist.
On this special episode, director Travis Stevens and writer Bomani Story join Mike to discuss the 2018 film Rock Steady Row. This modern play on the Yojimbo / Fistful of Dollars story pits a freshman against two rival frats at Rock Steady University. Find out more at…
Guest Sarah DeMarais talks about Baz Luhrmann's 1992 film Strictly Ballroom with us, and we also find out what unrelated movie is everyone's favorite physics-related comedy. Learn more about Luhrmann's early film and where it fits in with his other works.
From the chunky flip phones and questionable hair to the dodgy sexual politics and curious lack of any real stakes, Jerry Maguire is perhaps the quintessential mid-90s prestige rom com. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, the movie stars Tom Cruise as a successful sports agent whose search for meaning in a cynical industry leads him into the ...…
Was Chunk fat-shamed or fat-famed? Does foreclosure really need to be explained? What's the proper etiquette for wishing well coin collection? And does One-Eyed Willy's hoard count as buried treasure or a fortune lost at sea? Gene and Big D fight for the honor of "The Goonies" as Roger argues it's childish nonsense. In "The Gooonies," a band of ...…
Live from the American Comedy Co. in Sweet Home San Diego, Doug welcomes Leonard Maltin, Mark Ellis and Graham Elwood to the show.
Lauren Greenfield exposes Generation Wealth, the consumer culture of excess, pornography, and cosmetic surgery for pets, and tells Francine Stock why she trained the lens on herself as part of her documentary.Director Leslie Harris explains why she never made another film after her award-winning, ground-breaking debut Just Another Girl On The I ...…
There’s something in the air in this week’s Truth & Movies... Adam Woodward, Manuela Lazic and Hannah Woodhead confess their love for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the long-awaited sequel to 2008’s hit ABBA musical, before taking a less approving look at Thai prison drama A Prayer Before Dawn, starring British rising star Joe Cole. Finally, we s ...…
In this episode Dana is joined by Mike Gallagher, Co host of The Amateur Auteurs Podcast to chat about the Star Wars Franchise.Listen to The Amateur Auteurs in Podcasts. Star Wars was saved in the edit : support this ...…
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is a movie that you’re either going to avoid like the plague or be looking forward to seeing. As with the first Mamma Mia! a decade ago, there’s a target audience for this movie who would lap it up regardless of quality but the people behind this haven’t rested on their laurels. What they’ve done is make a concerted ...…
We've got a battleship of an episode for you this week on Monster Kid Radio! Jason Jaconetti (Bots, Bugs, and Babes) and Luke Jaconetti (Earth Destruction Directive) submit a recording of a round of the Classic Five game. Jeff Polier sends in a Weird Wednesday Report about How to Make a Monster (dir. Herbert L. Strock) from the Joy Cinema. Bren ...…
Stefan is still in the US and he's still drinking beer with Dustin, Marcus and Javi. This time the crew is going Texas style and Marcus is in a better mood. They try Nobel Rey's Tropical Combat Fighter, a slightly hazy tropical IPA first. Then follow it up with one of Texas highest rated beers, Lone Pint Brewery's Yellow Rose. It does not disap ...…
Sorry about the delay on this one, it got stuck in the publication queue and didn’t get into the feed for some reason. But here it is, better late than never! Show notes and links: Nintendo reportedly closes ‘unpatchable’ flaw in new Switch units ( Walmart’s Newly Patented Technology For Eavesdropping On Workers Presents Privacy Co ...…
This week on Outlaw Nation, it's the RETURN of the Comic Con Road Trip episode! Michael Vogel (@mktoon), Shannon McClung (Shannon_McClung) and Mike Kalinowski (@mikekalinowski) join John Rocha as they drive down to this year's San Diego Comic Con. They talk DC, Aquaman, Shazam, WW84, Venom, Spider-Verse and Marvel. Listen along as these guys br ...…
Welcome to Episode 6 of The Reilly Roundtable and what a special episode it is! Reilly welcomes in The Insneider himself, Jeff Sneider, to talk about his time in Hollywood as one of the leading scoop masters working today. Jeff started at Aint It Cool News, moving to Variety, The Wrap, The Tracking Board and finally, Collider. We talk the scoop ...…
It's a little like a lighter version of Sex in the City. But lighter doesn't necessarily mean better.Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
Paul and Erin review two films about weddings scored to the music of ABBA: the campy 2008 jukebox musical MAMMA MIA!, and the 1994 Australian comedy-drama MURIEL'S WEDDING. Plus: our quick takes on ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, UNCLE DREW, LEAVE NO TRACE and SORRY TO BOTHER YOU.
Screenwriter Stephen Susco (The Grudge, The Possession, Texas Chainsaw 3D) delivers a frightening directorial debut with Unfriended: Dark Web. The sequel to Unfriended takes a bizarre turn into realism -- a horror-thriller taking place in real-time mostly over Facebook. I mean, this could happen to you! Stephen chats with us about the movie, ou ...…
We review three new movies about battling different forms of oppression: height (SKYSCRAPER), dogma (AVA), and patriarchy (THE MISANDRISTS).
Juliallo continues with a triple threat. Chris is bummed ,Bill is Cool, and Bark is asleep on the floorBy (Bill By Force And Mr. Chris).
Director Gus Van Sant discusses his meticulous comedic casting in ‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot.’By (KCRW, Elvis Mitchell).
While we're still not at all bitter about it coming out in the UK so much after the US had already memed the heck out of Violet blowing water out of her nose, we've finally got Incredibles 2, so we can finally cover it. Joe and Seb are joined by writer Gary Bainbridge to discuss the film, because James is a robot who doesn't like fun. Can Brad ...…
We discuss the career of comedian/actor/renaissance man Rudy Ray Moore and his films DOLEMITE, THE HUMAN TORNADO, PETEY WHEATSTRAW and DISCO GODFATHER.Plus, we talk about the new screening series MEGA FUN MOVIE EXPLOSION. WWW.PATREON.COM/THEIMPORTANTCINEMACLUBOn this week's Patreon episodes, we discuss William 'One Shot' Beaudine. If you have a ...…
Adnan reviews Ant-Man and the Wasp (4:28), Hereditary (8:23), and Blockers (15:27), discusses a new documentary on Ted Williams (18:48), and recaps the Emmy nominations.
Hey gang this week the boys talk all about the new film Sorry to Bother You. TIME STAMPS INTRO 10:40 NON-SPOILERS 1:00:59 SPOILERS 1:21:39 If you want to touch base with us, hit us up below. Indie popcorn network Gmail: Instagram: FisForFilm Facebook: Twitter: FisforFilm_pod PERSONAL DRE: Dre.d ...…
This week on Black on Black Cinema, the guys return to preview the next episode. They will break their one rule and do a second film this year by the infamous director, Tyler Perry. The 2018 film about a woman scorned, Acrimony, stars Taraji P. Henson. The random topic of the week is all about the new precedent of white people calling the polic ...…
Considering how much time we each spend on the internet - don’t deny it, you’re reading a review on the internet right now - it only makes sense that the internet would inform the way we make movies. A film like the original Unfriended, which was all about the way that cruel people interact online, and make each other’s lives a living hell, was ...…
THIS PODCAST CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE AND SPOILERS FOR THE FILMS BEING RANKED.  SORRY. NOTHING - ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES - THIS IS THE END - R.I.P.D. - THE WATCH - DARK SHADOWS Though the premise suggests a scifi or horror entry- each of these selections are aiming to achieve laughs.  Join returning RNR guest Scott Lehmann and your host and ...…
Patrick and Alejandra know you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore. Download this episode here. (35.5 MB) Listen to F This Movie! on Stitcher. Also discussed this episode: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988), A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1986), The Virgin Suicides (2000), Thoroughbreds (2018), Half Magic (2018)…
In part one of a special two-part episode, wonderful writer Ben Blacker (Hex Wives, Thrilling Adventure Hour) interviews Matt all about his experience hosting I Was There Too. Matt shares where the idea for the show came from, his preparation process for interviewing his guests, and his dream guest list as they look back at the some of the funn ...…
JOIN OUR PATREON AND GET COOL STUFF: CHECK OUT OUR NEW ITUNES FEED COMING SOON SUBSCRIBE TO AMATEUR HOUR FILMS: On this episode of The Wanger Show, NOTHING BAD HAPPENS ONCE SO EVER LIKE NO TECH ISSUES AT ALL. But they boys welcome RB3 in studio to give a nice little preview for Comic-Con 2018 but it's ...…
Another zombie sequel that's all about building in the midst of a lot of rot. (M)Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss Moviepass's surge pricing, try to figure out what's up with Three Identical Strangers, and get ambivalent about Who Is America. Be sure to read Aja Romano's review of Who Is America, Jen Chaney's review of Who Is America, Kristen Lopez's piece on disability in Skyscraper, and Katy Sullivan's perspective on Skys ...…
There were many patterns in the nineties that only become obvious when you stop and look back on them. One of those patterns was the movie about the guy who dies and then comes back to avenge his death. Darkman is one of those movies.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in this high-rise thriller, playing a security consultant for the Pearl, the world’s largest building in Hong Kong, set to open to the public soon. While in the mostly empty building, it gets taken over by terrorist out to steal money from its billionaire owner, and to pin the blame on Johnson, who is staying the ...…
It's episode 152...and we have found you in a box... True crime writer Ellison Oswalt (yes really) is desperate for another hit, and so takes the rash decision to move his family into a house in which the previous family were brutally murdered. A box of snuff films, missing children and mysterious pagan deitys await the Oswalts in this fascinat ...…
Helen LaStar guests to discuss Annie Hall, Movie 35 Edited by Haley C @BowTieOnATree Follow us on Twitter @thereelistpod, our network @eartrumpetaudio, and Helen's podcast @FiLM_Podcast
Doug and Jacob go through the 2018 New Zealand International Film Festival programme and chat about their top picks and 'films to watch out for' in each section...add scotch to taste, and enjoy.
*FILMS DISCUSSED: SKYSCRAPER, WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR, MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS, GOOSEBUMPS 2* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest, Craig Shoemaker into ATC HQ. Craig and Graham loved the Mr. Rodgers doc. Chris felt very let down by Skyscraper. Mary Queen of Scots left all three unsure. Goosebumps 2 is a postcard for the movie industry's prob ...…
Welcome to week 3 of Face Your Fears Month where we face our fears in the most passive way watching a movie about them. This week we strap on our climbing gear to remake Renny Harlin's Cliffhanger (1993) starring Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker, Janine Turner, Rex Linn, Caroline Goodall, Leon, and Craig Fairbass. ...…
Cinemaware turned to 1950s monster movies for inspiration when developing a 1989 computer game about giant ants attacking small town America. Now It Came From The Desert comes full circle as a 2018 feature film! An arrogant motocross racer and his shy mechanic must stop genetically modified insects from feasting on friends attending their victo ...…
BECOME A PATRON TODAY! On today’s episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, the former commissioner of the Schmoedown Kristian Harloff sits down with the Singles and Tag Team Champion Samm Levine to address some issues and what’s next for one of the greatest of all time in the league. Let us know what you thought of ...…
Released in 1961, Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo was an international sensation and put jettisoned star Toshiro Mifune into the pantheon of cinematic badasses. It’s the story of merchants who manipulate two factions of gangsters in a small town. Our main character -- a man with no name -- comes to the town and after sizing things up decides that he’l ...…
We at Flixwise believe that it is important that we concern ourselves with whether a film's reputation is earned or simply accepted as common wisdom. That it is important to care enough about the art of filmmaking to pause and reflect on even the most common or woeful of motion pictures. And really, what's more woeful than being given the boot ...…
Flavors of Youth is the next animated film from the studio behind the hit 2016 movie Your Name. A commercial and critical phenomenon, Your Name elevated CoMix Wave Films to a whole new level. Flavors of Youth continues their animation excellence, but with a different style of execution. Flavors of Youth is composed of three episodes that tell c ...…
This week, guest masochist Rebecca Vigil joins us for an atheist review of Sunday School Musical; the story of a desperately rushed production that just barely made it out in time to catch the "grandma who might think it's High School Musical" wave. See Rebecca's show! She's always that funny. Find out more here: http://www.yourloveourmusical.c ...…
Tuesday Digidex with TC Kirkham - July 17 2018 It's Tuesday and time to check out the latest releases on DVD, BluRay, and Streaming on Tuesday Digidex with TC Kirkham - now including what's coming up each week on Netflix and Amazon Prime! Check out Tuesday Digidex every Tuesday, from eCinemaOne, Subject:CINEMA and PNR Networks! PNRNetworks has ...…
This week on The Top 10 Show, John Rocha and Matt Knost count down their Top 10 Denzel Washington Movies in honor of the release of The Equalizer II. They explore a lot of his movies and offer some controversial thoughts on where they rank on their lists! As Denzel might say, "Haha. My, man." As always, thanks for listening and if you'd like to ...…
Welcome to the 42nd episode of "The Meaning of" podcast. This week, Ace and RB3 dive deep into one of the all time American directors by evaluating the filmography of Academy-Award winning director Quentin TarantinoFollow Ace on Twitter: RB3 on Twitter: ...…
Though it's not as raunchy as Amy Schumer's R-rated comedies, there's still plenty of content to deal with here. (PG-13)Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
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