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BFF Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many others. © WNYC Studios
Sit in on an hour long-conversation between host and standup comic, Cameron Esposito, and some of the brightest luminaries in the LGBTQ+ family. QUEERY explores individual stories of identity, personality and the shifting cultural matrix around gender, sexuality and civil rights.
Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, and very few facts. New episodes every Tuesday!
Haaaay Qween! Jonny McGovern - comedian, underground pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend brings you The Gayest Podcast Of All Time! Coming to you from Hollywood, Jonny and his rotating crew of hilarious homohomies bring you cutting edge comedy, celebrity bulllllshit, sex talk, new music and NSFW fun Gay Pimp style! Subscribe now to get the new episodes automatically! Plus all 9 years of yer fave Gay Pimpin' NYC/LA episodes are still available for download in the archive below!
Your ultimate source for queer music, spotlighting queer (LGBTQIA) musicians and bands. The podcast was created to bring exposure & access to non-mainstream bands, especially those in isolated communities. We are building a network of queer musicians & music lovers.
Bailey Jay Show
Bailey Jay (@baileyjaytweets) and Matt Terhune (@oldyorkmatt), talk about Bailey's week and their weird lives in Florida. They also get into strange and unusual things like cryptozoology, demonic possessions, UFO's and more. They read stories from viewers and play cool music too. Send all questions for the air to Call the show live at 682-2FELTCH or via skype - BaileyJayRadio
Join a team of transgender and intersex podcasters as they discuss topics relevant to the transgender and LGBTQ community. Transition Transmission is a podcast by and for trans, queer, non-binary, and questioning individuals.
Complete Drivel
My name's Christian. I'm 30, gay and usually like to talk about shit that pisses me off as well as general observations.
LGBT Stories
LGBT Stories documents the struggles, hardships, questions, joys, eye-openers and more, that many in the LGBTQI community have faced as they've opened up with the public, their families and most importantly themselves about their true identity, the decision to come out and what life is like today for them.
Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit is a weekly podcast produced by 89.3 WFPL in Louisville, KY. Our hosts, community activist Jaison Gardner and University of Louisville Professor Dr. Kaila Story, examine politics and pop culture from a black gay perspective. Join Jai and Doc as they examine black gay life through the voices and stories of those of us who live it....and live it well! A new episode is posted every Saturday.
A Gay and A NonGay
In a time where we're all threatened by a rhetoric of hate from the people in power; A Gay And A NonGay challenges many of our differences head on and promises that no matter who you are, or what you're into (Bruce Springsteen or Britney), love is love and gay and nongays can be friends. An independent podcast from James Barr (@imjamesbarr) and Dan Hudson (@DanHudson). Contact us on Twitter, IG or Facebook @gaynongay
We are the SJWs YouTube Warned You About
By the Bi
Welcome to By the Bi, a podcast for anyone interested in learning a bit more about bisexuality, the swinger community, open relationships, BDSM and everything else your vanilla friends refuse to talk with you about. Join your hosts, a bisexual expat couple in Sydney Australia, as each episode we chat about ourselves, our experiences, and our relationships. We look forward to addressing specific questions or issues that you might have as well; so pull up a chair, grab a cocktail and listen in ...
A podcast for women who love women.
The podcast show that keeps you in the loop with lesbian and queer news, entertainment, and events. Your hosts discuss popular stories and articles, as well as hot topics, queer history, and more! Tagg Nation is the brainchild of Tagg Magazine, a publication for the queer women's community.
Slinging The Poo, So You Don't Have To!
Examine issues, explore culture and join discussions on the latest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender news that matters most to the LGBT community. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Politics and culture through an intersectional queer lens. In a post-marriage equality world, the LGBT community is moving into uncharted territory. With an eye on how queer identity intersects with race, gender and all of our other identities, we’re having conversations at the crossroads of queerness and the contemporary world.
Series Podcast: This Way Out Wed, 17 Oct 2018 19:42:55 PDT
Pop Queer-ies
Pop Queer-ies is a podcast that explores the place of queer identities and feminism in pop culture media. This podcast is hosted by two queer Canadian women, Justine and Gwen.
Exploring the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Mormon experience through stories.
SarahTalk Podcast
Critical thinking, skepticism, LGBTQ, news, politics and atheism collide! Sarah is a trans woman in the Orlando area, Becca, Sarah’s wife and co-host, is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. We broadcast live on Facebook Live Saturday’s at 8pm and release to the public on Mondays.
Lez Be Honest
A Podcast for Lesbians Just Starting Out.
Derek and Romaine
For more than fourteen years, Derek and Romaine has been the award-winning gay/lesbian duo that has taken North America by storm. Now leaping into the world of podcasts, hosts Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson continue to entertain, engage and inform like no one else.
Amanda Jean delights in wrestling manuscripts for her day job, worships at the altar of tropes, and has never met a villain or sexy alien she doesn’t like. Austin Chant writes books about gay magic and toxic masculinity, likes his queer stories with a slice of anguish, and kinda wants to be a pirate. Together, they discuss queer romance fiction and the broader world of queer media.
Tune in for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender news from the writer/editor of, a daily blog reporting on the current news cycle in terms of politics, pop culture and entertainment news of interest to the LGBT community.
I love telling stories. I tell what some would call lies. I have always had trouble distinguishing between what happened and what might have happened. And I remain unconvinced that this distinction, for my purposes, matters. This podcast is a weekly story from my life that I tell as accurately as I see fit.
Each week on Defining Marriage, hosts Matt Baume and James Morris chat about what's happening with marriage equality, featuring frequent digressions into pop culture, silly banter, and the jokes and quibbles that have kept them together as a couple for over a decade. The first eighteen episodes of the podcast contain the complete audiobook version of the book Defining Marriage, which traces the decades-long evolution of marriage through the personal stories of those who lived through it, fea ...
Ramble Redhead
My Personal Blog
Gayish Podcast
Nominated for Best LGBT Podcast, we break down one gay stereotype in each episode.
Left of Str8 Radio is a network of programs for the LGBT Community and our Allies. Shows feature Fun Chat, Serious Discussions, and Great Celebrity and Personality Guests
Catching Up
Mike lives in San Francisco. Joe lives in Los Angeles. They've been friends for over a decade. And each week they call one another and just...catch up.
Chubs Gone Wild!
Matt & Tom are two wild and sexy chubs in California who aren't afraid to get down and dirty with their opinions about entertainment, world events, gay culture and of course sex!
Two lesbians chat about making babies and non-traditional families. Jaimie and Robin go in-depth with weekly guests about their hopes, fears and setbacks when making a baby with love plus science as well as what it's like to live in a world designed for straight families.
Can you arrange a list of Rocky Horror actors by age? Do you know who the first queer Nintendo character was? Or what’s in a Sex On My Face cocktail? Play along with Queers, Questions and Cocktails: the Pop Culture Trivia and Cocktail Recipe LGBT Podcast. SHOTS: Five questions that relate to alcohol, cocktails or our drink of the episode; NEWS: Three questions in Queer, Canadian and Cosmopolitan news; WHERE IN THE WORLD: Players guess which country we're looking for from facts and tidbits; P ...
The Tenth Voice
This podcast tracks the audio archives for “The Tenth Voice” radio show. The Tenth Voice is the Kansas City area’s only weekly broadcast created by and for LGBTQIA people in our community in the Greater Kansas City area and around the world online.
The Out Entrepreneur is a weekly Podcast where Rhodes Perry connects with today’s most authentic LGBTQ entrepreneurs. The show was created for you, the LGBTQ entrepreneur, business owner, or start-up founder. It was also designed to inspire more people to consider the entrepreneurial journey. During your daily commute, workout, or leisure time, allow Rhodes Perry to share actionable advice, and introduce you to some of the 1.4 million LGBTQ entrepreneurs crushing it in business, all while br ...
L.A.-based writer, performer and journalist Dennis Hensley, joined by a different guest each episode, riffs on pop culture, dating and life in the Hollywood slow lane. Download and listen here or subscribe for free on iTunes.
A group of bears just talking about random stuff, the conversation can and will go everywhere and without logic.Email Us with any questions or comments!
Lambda Weekly
LGBT radio for North Texas
From Our Lips To Your Ears
Windy City QueerCast ( WCQC ) is the new name for Windy City Radio, a 10-year-old weekly gay program Sunday nights on WCKG 105.9 FM, which started as the award-winning AM program LesBiGay Radio. The move "off the air and on the net" with host Amy Matheny to podcasting expands the reach to the GLBT community by adding a more interactive and savvy media outlet.
Rebecca Juro Show
The LGBT Internet radio talk show which puts the 'T' FIRST! Trans & Queer news, activism, commentary, music, and more!
Good morning grasshoppers! Welcome to The Buckman Breakdown where new 40+min episodes are uploaded every Monday and Friday analysing whatever fight is going down on the weekend plus discussing MMA news. Hosts Gary Buckman and Japanese Bruce Buffer go hard in the metaphorical "paint" so to speak, when speaking about the more abstract concepts of MMA such as anthropomorphic attributes, taunting, concentric vs eccentric strength, neurological blueprints, game plan implementation, the utility of ...
Driving You Homo
Just a Queer space to waffle nonsense
The Denims
First there was David, then along came Paul. Then they married, and together, they are The Denims!
Ding da Bell
Two A-D-D Asian combination. A gay man, Ding, and a married woman, DaBell will guarantee a good fat dose of laughing therapy. Laughing with us regardless of our topics of choice.
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James tells Dan about his first boyfriend and everything takes a turn for a conversation we thought was confined to Gay & NonGay fanfic. --- This episode is supported by Emerald Life, the UK's award-winning inclusive insurance provider - A Gay & A NonGay is an independent podcast from James Barr (he/him - @imjamesbarr) and Dan ...…
Innocence lost. Adulting too much. Then suddenly you’re stressed, searching for your passion, and feeling like you’re getting nowhere. All because, you forgot how to play. Yes, play like a child. No fear, imaginations gone wild, and just doing what kids do…play! What a fun closet to come out of…the one that says, “Play is for kids!”Today, my Wo ...…
ZOMG!!!!! Tomorrow we go on VaCaTiOn!!!! We are off to Passion in Paradise before going off to Desire Mexico. In this podcast we talk about how to properly prepare to go on a swinger vacation. We discuss the planning that we did for the sexy theme nights and the the calmer days. Should you get there early or late? How quickly do you go nude? Sh ...…
Julie and Brandy are still celebrating Ball-Tober, and the ball snacks haven’t stopped coming! The girls thank all the generous listeners for sending them treats, before announcing their new (and improved) Patreon goal. The excitement doesn’t stop there, because Elizabeth Warren announced that she would consider running for president and the gi ...…
I got an amazing sex toy from Knight.For.You plus I wan to talk about something shit happening in Australia right nowBy
Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology) is CEO of Known as the "kid who can't even talk" because of painful shyness in high school, Sharon Love, M.Ed. researched psychological secrets of the world's greatest speakers and leaders. By using the secrets she discovered, she went on to raise $6,000,000 with a single presentation. She also ...…
Remembering Matthew Shepard 20 years on; Taiwan voters face dueling marriage referenda, Uganda’s “Ethics” Minister calls LGBTQ safe space a crime, Romania’s government proposes civil unions for same-gender couples, Kosovo’s 2nd annual Pride march gets the Prime Minister’s blessing, host Tokyo outlaws anti-gay hate ahead of the 2020 Summer Olymp ...…
You've all had a lot you've been meaning to say. Plus, a favorite story from the Nancy archives. If you want to join our "I've Been Meaning To Tell You..." Project, head to — Peter Bresnan is a radio producer in New York. Episode scoring by Jeremy Bloom and Isaac Jones, with additional music by U.S. Army Blues ("Barbara") ...…
Sarah & Becca return home from Orlando Pride with friends Kailin and Bailey (aka #KaiBai). We talk National Coming Out Day, LGBT History Month, and follow up on the Transgender student in Virginia who was singled out and made to sit alone during a lockdown drill. This week on SarahTalk... Listener Mail Sarah's 3 Year Hormone Replacement Therapy ...…
Aimee & Myriam were both searching for a partner and a place to worship God that felt like home, which is not easy when you are part of the LGBTQ world. The good news - they found both. This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh and Lola. Edited by Steph at EDITAUDIO. Social media by Sara Jane Emmons.…
Shoeline founder Nik Kacy sits down with Cameron to discuss Equality Fashion Week, gendered bathrooms, and shoes! This episode is sponsored by Helix Sleep ( and Penguin Random House.
This week on Strange Fruit, Doc finally gets to interview one of her faves: Zoie Fenty, better known online as GotDamnZo. Zoie has over 4 million followers on Instagram, where he's carved out a niche. He edits viral videos (especially videos of kids being funny) to make it look like he's having a conversation with the subject on Facetime. He al ...…
In this week's headlines:• The nation observed the 20th anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard• Anti-LGBTQ forces in Romania faced an epic fail in trying to outlaw marriage equality• New Jersey moves to protect transgender students• The Trump administration requires foreign diplomatic employees' partners to be married in order to be in th ...…
Much love to Maiko, some phone calls, and we got some stories. Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitter – Follow us: – @foulmonkeys Like our Fan Page on Facebook!!! Check out Ricky’s Etsy Store: BromeroCards Ricky’s Crafting YouTube Videos: BromeroCards
Intro; Holidays; Chub Hugs, Birthdays, Shout Outs; Feedback; Matt’s Week; Tom’s Week; Lunchbox; Hey Chubs…; Movie talk; Advice; Hot Topics: Outro. Listener Line: 408-69-CHUBS Subscribe in iTunes! Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW255
Grab your Uggs and your butt hookah, and get ready to decide if you like your PSL with or without mace. Join us as we take a fascinating look at the pumpkin spice phenomenon!
I've been really risk averse the past few months. In fact I haven't been eating my own dog food. I've been letting the bullshit of my thoughts steer me clear from making bold moves in my life and my business. So there you have it. My true confession. Well not all of it. Today I'm going raw and real about what it looks like when I finally realiz ...…
Writer/Director Bill C. Davis talks about his latest film Avow. With the success of his first play Mass Appeal, Bill C. Davis has been a force in theatre and film. His latest film is Avow, dealing with the personal conflicts that can arise within families and religion. Listen to this fascinating discussion of his work and what it means in this ...…
David is now fully trained and he is now working at his "forever desk." David talks about his followup doctor visit. Lots of diabeetus talk. There may be some issue with David's blood pressure. Paul has a new "present" in the form of a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. David talks about the church board and finance committee meetings. Paul t ...…
I had an impromtu sit down chat with Fernando Donaire on this years "National Coming Out Day"! Fernando shares his "coming out" story with us! Congrats to all of you who took the leep and decleared your truth today! And for those of you whom still have not, ITS OK, when the time is right you will know it! You are loved!…
This week, "My Wife's Girlfriend: Love, Sex, and Polyamory" is what's trending on Polyamory comes with a lot of ingrained questions. What does that actually mean? Is it a new way of framing relationships? Is it “consensual” cheating? How do we talk to our partner about it? We discuss this and more on this week's episode of Tag ...…
Something I feel like you need to know! An amazing charity.By
I’ve not made a secret of the fact that I’m sort of uncomfortable with standup comedy as a medium. It seems really difficult to find standup comedy that isn’t misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, or makes jokes of things that I just don’t find funny, even if they’re not actually terrible jokes. It’s often just not my style. But my guest this we ...…
If you're located in the Los Angeles area we are looking for interns to join this amazing team! Seeking The Following Social Media Manager Admin Assistant Send resumes' and cover letters to me directly at
We are back from the dead and easing back into the podcast. Recorded live to tape 10-8-18.
Making a small call to action here for you to come and join us in the uber cool, totally awesome, very private, facebook group for LGBT Stories! The stories that we share on the show are all real and all serious and I know that there are millions, if not billions more of them out there in this great big world! That's why I am working to create ...…
This story isn’t new. It’s been told many, many, many times. But it needs to be told again. There’s no better time than the present and on National Coming Out Day to tell the story that is the truth. That truth is that bad therapy, mixed with religion at it’s worst, combined with sexual trauma and mental anguish, does not take the gay away. I r ...…
There are several skips during the recording. Not sure why. I blame Big Fatty... It's the anniversararium of the Denims nuptials! Both Paul and David talk about how they spent their anniversararium weekend. David needs more training (Paul would agree). More church finance (yawn). David talks about the church's interim minister. Paul joins the s ...…
It's getting cold but Dan is here with 10 fantastic reasons why you should wear shorts all year round, plus memories of the Solihull Library and Arts Complex in 2003. What more could you want? --- This episode is supported by Emerald Life, the UK's award-winning inclusive insurance provider - A Gay & A NonGay is an independent ...…
Coming Out. It’s scary. Electrifying. Confusing. Life changing. It’s about thriving vs. hiding. Taking a stand to live rather than die. But most of all it’s about being you, 100% you, no matter what the odds, the snide remarks, the acceptance or lack thereof. Because coming out is just the act. Living your truth is the journey.Fellow speaker, g ...…
We start this week with an amazing date that we had with a very sexy couple. A couple we both thought were way out of our league. (Spoiler alert: We were apparently wrong!) Also this week we continue our multi-part deep dive series dissecting Bisexuality. As you may recall, a few months ago we had a listener send us a series of research papers ...…
Another week, another Trump-induced, American nightmare. Accused gang-rapist & devout Christian, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Friday, thanks to Republican Senator Susan Collins. After Julie & Brandy rip Senator Collins (and her home state of Maine) a new a$$hole, they move on to the latest member of Trump's cabinet to b ...…
Dennis visits the Hollywood home of comedienne Beth Lapides, the host and creatrix of the alternative comedy show The Uncabaret, which celebrates its 25th anniversary with a star-studded show November 18th at the Theater at the Ace Hotel in L.A. She talks about the origins of the show, starting out in comedy in LA in the early 90's and dealing ...…
Big Fatty is in the chat room, and yet, he isn't. He's Schroedinger's Big Fatty! Nike makes Colin Kaepernick their newest face for the 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign. (David totally mangles the campaign caption.) Predictably, the conservatives are destroying their Nike gear. The Blue Wave is happening, as Democratic candidates are winni ...…
Sandy Eichel is a financial advisor, writer and professional speaker about authenticity, diversity and inclusion. As an openly gay woman in a very white straight conservative male industry, she has forged a way to be her authentic self and to help create more inclusion in her industry and others across the country. She started a nonprofit initi ...…
Queer youth demand adult action to stop bullying and suicide; we “This Way Out Music Focus” on the star of songs on screen Jennifer Corday; gay Indian comic/actor Nik Dodani makes his U.S. late night TV stand-up debut; human rights conferees evade a Lebanese security shutdown, Swiss lawmakers make anti-queer bias a crime, Trump tramples on LGBT ...…
We gab about things happening in Chicago, in the USA and then ramble on and on. Welcome, Spotify listeners! We take some phone calls and read some emails. Be sure to check out the top 20 LGBTQ podcast rated by FeedSpot (we are #14). You can check it out here: Top 20 LGBTQ Podcast. Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitte ...…
Why does the cost of basics at Kroger vary depending where you are in Louisville? It's an issue of supply and demand, but it's one that ends up affecting low-income people across the city. In this week's episode of Strange Fruit, we talk to Bailey Loosemore of the Courier Journal about a recent story that looked at the cost of grocery staples a ...…
The 20 years since Matthew Shepard's death have been transformative for his mother, Judy. Plus: we talk to Samira Wiley, who appeared in an anniversary production of The Laramie Project. — Judy Shepard is president of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. — Moisés Kaufman is founder and artistic director of the Tectonic Theater Project; he co-wrote a ...…
Paul and David are training for new positions (vulgah!) Poodle McNoodle makes a surprise visit to the show. Poor Big Fatty! Paul and David talk about their upcoming retreat. David talks church finance. *Yawn* Join David (and sometimes Paul, and occasionally Mags or Jay) live on the Pride 48 Stream on Tuesday nights at 10pm in the evening in the ...…
This week on SarahTalk... I know we're all exhausted from the Kavanaugh Confirmation News Cycle, but we have a few more things to say. Sarah & Becca's 7th Wedding Anniversary Brett Kavanaugh: Won't Someone Thing of the Men?! Men Behaving Badly SC Republican Ralph Norman Makes Inappropriate Joke about Ruth Bader Ginsburg Soddy-Daisy, TN High Sch ...…
Dani and Mike were supportive of their 7-year-old son’s choice to wear dresses and bend the rules of gender. But his seemingly progressive school was not. The result? A pair of cops on the family doorstep at one in the morning and a lawsuit against the DOE. This episode is brought to you by True Botanicals and Songfinch. Edited by Steph at EDIT ...…
Comedian Todd Glass sits down with Cameron to discuss opening for Patti Labelle at 19, performing stand up before coming out, and learning from your own experiences to show love to everyone. This episode is sponsored by TomboyX ( code: QUEERY), Harper Collins Children's Books, and True & Co. ( code: ...…
It seems like we've been off for decades! On the season three premiere of QQC we look back at the ridiculously decadent era that was the 1980s. Welcome Canqueer team members Luke, Sebastian and Jake as they join Bradley to remember '80s video games, assert drinking flavoured vodka is so white and down too many Cyndi on the Beach cocktails, a re ...…
We watch the Conor vs Khabib fight as well as the Khabib vs the world fight. God dam, what an event. Gareth Buckman, Comedy, humour, society, humour, culture, mma, sports, mixed martial arts, ufc, funny, podcast, UFC, TOP 10, BOXING, KARATE, MUAI THAI, BJJ, BRAZILLIAN JIU-JITSU, nutrition, strength and conditioning, health, strength, conditioni ...…
Welcome to "Voices for Change 2.0" Co-Host's Rebecca and Joe Lombardo have been happily married for 15 years. At age 19, Rebecca was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and struggles with mental illness daily. In 2013, she survived a suicide attempt. As she recovered, she started a blog detailing her struggles. Eventually that blog was turned into ...…
Driving You Homo is a Queer leaning radio show where we just waffle nonsense. Today in the studio host Aussie Drag sensation Wayne Carter is joined by occasional co-host Sam Lake Todays Show: - London Drag - Getting to know you - Shout Out - @max_legroom - Queer News of the Week Don't forget to like, comment, rate and subscribe to the show and ...…
Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitter – Follow us: – @foulmonkeys Like our Fan Page on Facebook!!! Check out Ricky’s Etsy Store: BromeroCards Ricky’s Crafting YouTube Videos: BromeroCards
I am doing a live show!By
We all have, or at least most of us, have heard the saying, "When the student becomes the teacher and the teacher becomes the student!" Well I had one of those moments this week. Some college guys schooled me as I was schooling them on the finer points of masculinity, and this weeks rant and riff is all about what I learned that I hope will mak ...…
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