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Full Armor Radio
A Reformed Baptist Christian radio ministry hosted by Brandon Lochridge addressing various biblical topics and doctrines. Daily Putting On The Full Armor of God!
Chafing Armor
Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Podcast by The Think In Your Armor
i11vn35 Records here to help others with Indy Armor
Podcast by The Think In Your Armor.
Learn the history of the Museum's extraordinary collection of armor and weaponry, and discover the facts and myths behind objects used not only in war, but also in various forms of tournament and ceremonies.
Punk Rock Podcasting / The Think In Your Armor
Attitudes of sexual integrity! With host Russ Shaw! How do we find deliverance and victory if we have tried and failed so many times? Russ walks you through some realistic steps toward REAL freedom with what 10 years of podcasting on this subject can teach us about the attitudes approaches, regrets and disciplines of people who arrive at true, lasting freedom. This show is produced from a Christian perspective but don't let that scare you. If you have a problem with Christians I don't blame ...
The Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) is a non-partisan information-based organization dedicated to the promotion of innovative ideas and latest developments in public service and defense through highly-popular live training and networking events, as well as an online community portal. Since 2003, IDGA’s live events have included speaker panels and
A podcast that features discussion of all things Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the 1960's through today. Year in Review Shows, Top 5 Discussions, Radio Sucks Radio Shows and interviews with members of KISS, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Armored Saint, WASP, Great White, Vixen, Killer Dwarfs and many, many more!
This is a Steampunk Podcast dedicated to the anachronistic genre. We discuss steampunk conventions, cosplay, Victorian-Edwardian clothing and books.
Craft and Geek
A show for geeky makers! Hosted by Jackie from Jackie Craft Cosplay (and the SyFy TV show Cosplay Melee) and Eric from Coregeek Creations, two makers with love for all things creative, cosplay and geek life.
Join Jocelyn Andersen and Cindy Kunsman as they discuss issues and concerns within contemporary Christianity. Jocelyn is the author of WOMAN SUBMIT! CHRISTIANS AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and WOMAN THIS IS WAR! GENDER, SLAVERY, AND THE EVANGELICAL CASTE SYSTEM. She is a non-partisan, non-denominational activist for functional equality for Christian women and for constitutional equality for all women. She and Cindy who is a spiritual abuse consultant with a special focus on cultic behavior within C ...
This podcast is focused on nothing in particular. It is a group of guys discussing topics that happen to come up. We are united by us all having at least a passing interest in the Armored Core video games.
Kings In the Back Row
the sound of dropped guitars and sitting around watching Man On Fire
Military service does not define the person. Our focus is on anyone with a growth mindset (civilian and military) and we are glad you are interested in following us on our journey. The Mentors for Military Podcast brings real talk from people who want you to grow. Grab a chair and your favorite beverage and join in on an awesome topic. Our hosts are military veterans and our guests are real people with a message to share. (aka Mentors4Mil)
This show is the web radio version of my blog. Topics vary but I do consider myself an authority in the field of politics and education with some sports
It may be a different hosting dynamic but the show remains the same! We like to get together to discuss the latest and greatest in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division. Interested in the latest skill changes? Your usual gear set been really boring? Are you still wondering why Joe Ferro takes forever to put his Fury Road armor on? Want to find out about the darkest zone of them all in regards to the State of the Game chat? Yeah you do. Join Tinkkz, Remy, Sage and sometimes Fox as they delve ...
Wipe Out Moral Confusion with Nature's Moral Armor. Could Morality Really Come from Nature Itself? Moral Armor aims to wipe out moral confusion with a purely nature-based moral philosophy. Finding and living our highest happiness, individually and socially, depends on how closely our actions honor the pattern of life. Saving this world will ultimately rest on building a moral bridge between the honorable of all nations and faiths, and that requires a moral code we can all agree on.
The choice: Serve the undead or become one of them.Toshi never expected the strange visitor who one evening stepped foot insidehis master's shop. A samurai smelling of the sea, dripping on the ground,algae strung from his armor. For the
Emerging mysteriously during World War II, metahumans became icons of the best - and worst - humanity had to offer. Yet sixty years later, the world still suffers from war, greed and madness. Worse, man's nadir of systematic cruelty returns with bizarre new weapons. The metahumans of Earth must find a way to defeat this powerful foe and discover what lurks behind the scenes - a secret world hidden from our own. Mercedes Lackey, one of fantasy's most beloved voices, and new talent Steve Libbe ...
Marketing Music Education is THE podcast that encourages music educators & boosters to use simple tools and tactics to increase the reach, influence and “relentlessly positive” perception of their programs. In addition to tips and tricks, I’ll also feature other topics and guests that affect the world of music education. In a world where we're all waiting for the next budget battle axe to drop, the techniques you learn here will strengthen the armor that protects the program you've worked so ...
One Man, One Machine, One Destiny. Searcher awoke, alone on a laboratory table, with an ageless body and no knowledge of his past in a post apocalyptic world. Now in his exoskel, a powered suit of armor, he roams the galaxy with his robotic companion Stallion, seeking clues about his unknown origins. Meanwhile, His existence threatens to destroy balance among the ageless ones, a group of never dying humanoids that secretly run all aspects of human society in the shadows of the surviving colo ...
The Iliad by Homer
A divinely beautiful woman who becomes the cause of a terrible war in which the gods themselves take sides. Valor and villainy, sacrifices and betrayals, triumphs and tragedies play their part in this three thousand year old saga. The Iliad throws us right into the thick of battle. It opens when the Trojan War has already been raging for nine long years. An uneasy truce has been declared between the Trojans and the Greeks (Achaeans as they're called in The Iliad.) In the Greek camp, Agamemno ...
One of the earliest examples of literature written in the science fiction genre, From the Earth to the Moon is a part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series by French novelist Jules Verne. Written more than a century before the Apollo mission, Verne’s classic is somewhat a prophetic novel of man’s travel to the moon with its thorough and descriptive detail. A remarkable blend of action, humor, science, and audacious schemes, the timeless classic is sure to fascinate with its unique vision of ...
This podcast provides Christian discipleship on the whole armor of God and other insights to help you grow in Christ.
Covering all your fantasy literature needs; Including weapons and armor, castle terminology, siege weapons, medieval jargon, and some Role Playing Game terms.
As the daughter of an R&B singer and choir director, New Orleans native Dawn Richard grew up surrounded by music. Fusing her R&B heritage with her love of alternative music, she climbed the charts as a member of supergroups Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money. Join us as Dawn discusses her career and influences, then performs a few songs from her new solo release, "Armor On," a best-selling EP that blends Afro-Cuban rhythms with electro-pop.
We are Armored Stealth and we first started on youtube doing commentaries for video games and we still do but now we do this podcast just for you for the latest in technology, movies, and video games.
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