Best Arthouse podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Tod (arthouse film-school rebel) and Cullen (cultured gorehound) subject each other to films they wouldn't watch otherwise.
Cult movie madness available to stream right now! Join Dan Auty and Ben Howard as they unearth undiscovered digital movie goodness from the darkest corners of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Shudder, Fandor, Filmstruck, MUBI, iTunes and more. From cult classics to contemporary horror, action and arthouse, STREAMPUNK is here to help ensure your queue is filled with mind-bending digital movie madness. Email us: podcast at, follow us on Twitter (@streampunkshow) and Reddit (r/streampunk) ...
Quiet Earth
Home of The Quietcast, the official podcast of Quiet Earth, the best place for horror, sci-fi, cult and genre movie news.
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Christopher Webster talks with Alex White, author of "Alien: The Cold Forge", "A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe" and the upcoming "A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy".By (Quiet Earth).
Christopher Webster reviews PROSPECT and talks to directors Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl about their new sci-fi film.Prospect hits theatres in NY and LA November 1, 2018 before rolling out across the country.@ChrisDWebster (Quiet Earth).
In Episode 3, Tod and Cullen discuss Cannibal Holocaust (Deodato, 1980), The 400 Blows (Truffaut, 1959), European fascism, and Truffaut's obsession with Hitchcock. Subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review! ...…
Tod and Cullen return from their hiatus just in time for Halloween with Episode 12! (What happened to episodes 7 through 11? Find out inside!) Cullen honors the spirit of the season and shows Tod Trick 'r Treat (Dougherty, 2007), Tod's pick is Down By Law (Jarmusch, 1986), and the boys discuss comic books, artifice, and what made the '90s such ...…
Tod and Cullen round out their Virginia Film Festival coverage with in-depth discussion of two films from the fest: Cullen assigned Tod The Wave (Uthaug, 2015), and Tod assigned Cullen The Forbidden Room (Maddin & Johnson, 2015). The guys discuss the Scandinavian genre renaissance, the difference between disaster movies and horror movies, and w ...…
Christopher Webster talks with director Mathieu Turi about his post-apocalyptic film HOSTILE out on DVD and Digital now.Follow Christopher Webster on Twitter (Quiet Earth).
Tod and Cullen make their triumphant return to podcasting with the first half of their 2017 Virginia Film Festival coverage! Part 1 includes general comments on the festival, plus discussion of the following screenings: Bonnie and Clyde (Penn, 1967) Magnum Opus (Elliott, 2017) Lighthouse Studio Shorts Shadowman (Jacoby, 2017) Downsizing (Payne, ...…
Writer/director Piotr Szkopiak talks about the 15-year journey to make his WWII thriller "The Last Witness.""The Last Witness" is available on VOD and Digital HD on May 29.For more movie news, reviews and interviews, check out quietearth.usBy (Quiet Earth).
Director Fritz Böhm talks about his feature film debut "Wildling," starring Bel Powley, Brad Dourif and Liv Tyler. The dark fantasy had it's world premiere at SXSW earlier this year and opens theatrically in NYC and LA and will be available on VOD and Digital HD April 13.Find out more at…
Writer Joe Kelly talks about adapting his award-winning graphic novel "I Kill Giants" into a film directed by Anders Walter and starring Madison Wolfe, Zoe Saldana and Imogen Poots."I Kill Giants" is available on VOD and Digital HD on March 23, 2018.For more movie news, reviews and interviews, check out…
It probably won't be a big surprise to you guys given our radio silence for the last few months (again!), but we've finally decided to hang up our mics. But we didn't want to just disappear, so we've recorded a few words so say goodbye and thanks.
Director Tim Hunter makes his return to feature film with "Looking Glass," a thriller starring Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney. In this interview, the industry veteran chats about his return to feature films, the inspiration for some of the visuals and tips for aspiring filmmakers."Looking Glass" is now available on VOD and On Demand.…
Writer/producer Kevin Lee talks about making the documentary "World of Darkness" which tells the rise, fall and rebirth of White Wolf Publishing's "Vampire: The Masquerade."By (Quiet Earth).
Christopher Webster talks with Beyond Skyline writer/director Liam O'Donnell.By (Quiet Earth).
This week we take a look at the intense teen thriller SUPER DARK TIMES, Mario Bava's final movie SHOCK, and Paul Verhoeven's controversial ELLE. Plus a preview of what to expect from Nicolas Winding Refn's new "content platform" BYNWR, and your mail!
In this outtake from an interview with Joe Lynch, Christopher Webster asks the director about his first film Wrong Turn 2. Read the full interview with Joe Lynch:By (Quiet Earth).
Vince Vaughn brings the pain in S. Craig Zahler's follow-up to BONE TOMAHAWK, the bone-crunching, head-smashing exploitation drama BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99. We also look at Netflix's recent horror comedy THE BABYSITTER, talk PURGE and SAW, and read your mail!
Quiet Earth's Christopher Webster speaks with Jungle director Greg McLean about his latest survival film.More at: http://quietearth.usBy (Quiet Earth).
Christopher Webster talks with Kellan Lutz about his new science fiction film The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume 1.By (Quiet Earth).
We've got a Japanese double-bill this week - Sion Sono's latest slice of gory art-trash lunacy TAG, and MIFUNE: THE LAST SAMUARI, a documentary about Kurosawa's leading man, the late, great Toshiro Mifune. And we put the streaming on one side and get into the debate about Aronofsky's's MOTHER!
Listen to the Eurythmics' full score to 1984, which director Michael Radford famously called "crass rubbish" and mostly excised from the film upon release.By (Quiet Earth).
There's synth rock, sleazy nightclubs and cannibal mermaids on the menu this week, as we discuss the Polish horror musical THE LURE. Plus a look at the 70s crime classic STRAIGHT TIME, manga adaptation DEATH NOTE, and more!
Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott talk about the making of their latest, an intense action movie called "Bushwick" starring the unlikely pairing of Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow."Bushwick" is now available on VOD and in limited theatrical release.For more movie news, reviews and interviews, check out…
We bite into acclaimed urban vampire tale THE TRANSFIGURATION this week, plus reviews of BLAIR WITCH and Anthony Mann's classic noir T-MEN. And your mail!
On this week's bonus episode we travel back to 2006 and Mondo Movie episode 19. Next week we'll be looking at the indie vampire movie THE TRANSFIGURATION, so to tie into that - plus the sad recent death of director George Romero - here's our review of Romero's classic MARTIN. See you all next week!
We return after a couple of weeks away with a look at the directorial debut from musician Steven Ellison (aka Flying Lotus) - the bizarre futuristic horror comedy anthology KUSO. Plus your mail and a catch up with some of the movies we've been watching in the last few weeks.
Bong Joon Ho's genre-bending satire OKJA is our lead review this week, together with a look at John Waters' MULTIPLE MANIACS, the 2000AD documentary FUTURE SHOCK, and Dan's first ever viewing of the classic CHILD'S PLAY!
On the latest bonus episode we ready ourselves for next week's review of Joon-ho Bong's OKJA by going back to 2006 with a look at his previous monster movie THE HOST, chosen from the Mondo vault and introduced by Ben. See you all next week!
This week we take on a double-bill of Asian action, with a look at Johnnie To's latest thriller THREE and the bone-crunching Indonesian hurtfest HEADSHOT. Plus Oz Perkins' chilly horror FEBRUARY/THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER and the synth-rock cult classic MIAMI CONNECTION. And your mail!
On next week's show we're going to discuss Johnnie To's new movie THREE, so for this latest bonus episode we go back to 2006, and our review of To's gangster classic ELECTION. There's also a look at the '70s Italian warsploitation favourite INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. See you all in seven days!
We take a break from the regular format to talk all things David Lynch and TWIN PEAKS. We discuss discovering Lynch and look at the first episodes of the new season, and also review the recent documentary DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE. Plus your mail!
It's Ben's turn to pick some classic Mondo Movie from archive, and this week we go back to 2006 when we attended the Bradford Festival of Fantastic Films. In particular we reviewed The Fantasist, the little-seen thriller from the late Wicker Man director Robin Hardy, and we interview Hardy himself. Plus reviews of Year of the Sex Olympics and V ...…
On the latest show we take a look at the highly acclaimed Australian abduction thriller HOUNDS OF LOVE, plus animal attack lunacy, groovy Italian sci-fi satire, and movie-obsessed murder.
Twin Peaks is back, so on the latest bonus show Dan takes us back to 2007, and a review of David Lynch's Inland Empire, which appeared on episode 50 of Mondo Movie. There's also a triple bill of Lucio Fulci movies - The Beyond, Contraband and Conquest. And we'll both be back next week with Streampunk 32!…
This week we dive into the extravagant delights of Chan-Wook Park's lavish period thriller THE HANDMAIDEN. Plus a look at the recent retro chiller SWEET SWEET LONELY GIRL, crazed Japanese psychedelic animation, a '70s grindhouse favourite and a slice of underrated '90s urban horror.
On the first Streampunk Bonus episode, Ben introduces a Mondo Movie from October 2009, when we reviewed of Chan-wook Park's vampire drama THIRST and the '80s horror fave NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. And we'll both be back next week with Streampunk 31!
We return to the mic with a new show and a new format! This week we look at the Mexican art-sleaze-fest WE ARE THE FLESH, plus carnival madness, tentacled Lovecraftian horror, and a look at our favourite punk rock docs, all available right now to stream. Dig in!
Hi folks, we have a short announcement for you - and it's good news (we hope!)
Quiet Earth's Christopher Webster interview We Go On directors Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton. More at: (Quiet Earth).
Canadian director Ed Gass-Donnelly talks about the process of making his new film "Lavender," a horror movie starring Abbie Cornish, Dermot Mulroney and Justin Long.We also discuss his experience in Hollywood making "The Last Exorcism Part II" and what he has lined-up next.For more movie news, reviews and interviews, check out…
There's batshit body horror fun this week, as Natasha Lyonne comes to terms with a bizarre pregnancy in ANTIBIRTH, plus ass-kicking action mayhem in the Hong Kong fist-fest SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES!
On this week's show we explore the dark fairy tale fantasies of Matteo Garrone's TALE OF TALES, and do battle with the FIVE DEADLY VENOMS with a review of the Shaw brothers' kung-fu classic.
This week we plunge into the dark world of small-town murder and possession in the acclaimed Korean horror thriller THE WAILING. We also explore our (and your) favourite Brian De Palma set pieces, and reveal the winner of last week's CHOOSATRON vote!
Nicolas Winding Refn returns with the controversial, darkly funny catwalk horror THE NEON DEMON, while Brian De Palma takes us back through his career in the acclaimed documentary DE PALMA. Plus the latest CHOOSATRON selections!
Tod and Cullen are back with the second half of their coverage of this year's Virginia Film Festival! Part 2 includes the following films: Last Days in the Desert (García, 2015) Mully (Haze, 2015) Night of the Living Deb (Rankin, 2015) In the Basement (Seidl, 2014) Employees' Entrance (del Ruth, 1933) Cemetery of Splendour (Weerasethakul, 2015) ...…
Tod and Cullen are fresh from this year's Virginia Film Festival and ready to give you the lowdown on every film they watched. Part 1 includes the following films: I Saw the Light (Abraham, 2015) They Look Like People (Blackshear, 2015) Projections of America (Miller, 2015) Buskin' Blues (Derham, 2015) H8RZ (Borte, 2015) Black Panthers: The Van ...…
There's violence, drugs and prostitution in a school for the deaf this week in the acclaimed Ukranian drama THE TRIBE, plus a review of Norwegian disasterfest THE WAVE.
Alain Moussi stars as Kurt Sloane in "Kickboxer: Vengeane," a high-octane remake of the 1989 action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.Moussi talks about his start as a stunt double, the shift from stunts to acting and what it was like to work with one of his heroes."Kickboxer: Vengeance" opens theatrically and will be available on VOD and Dig ...…
This week we plunge in the NYC apartment madness of Mickey Keating's black-and-white chiller DARLING, plus the fall-and-rise of Canadian metal god Thor in I AM THOR! Plus more of your INVITATION feedback...
Director Chad L. Scheifele discusses tackling heavy subject matter, adapting a short film into a feature and the process of finding the perfect cast.Scheifele's feature film debut "Natural Selection" opens theatrically and is available on iTunes and On Demand on Friday, August 26, 2016.By (Quiet Earth).
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