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Pilot episode! Jason, Ryan and Daniel talk using tracks in worship, give away a Thalia capo and answer your questions.
Whether you want to create stunning images, or just use your digital camera for life's memories, there is something here for you. Recent episodes show Aperture and Lightroom (coming June 2011). Jim Everett is an Australian living in Los Angeles - a photographic artist and entertaining presenter who demystifies technology for the new user. He has been a repeat guest on the popular G4 Tech TV Canada "The Lab With Leo Laporte" show (see episodes here), and is a regular contributor to Photo Mark ...
The British Museum, representing the United Kingdom, reveals the hidden truth.Each episode contains interviews of eminent archaeologists.They tell the hidden story of artifacts in the British Museum based on the experience in research in their respective fields.The moment you hear this podcast,You are one step closer to the truth.(*This contents may include Korean Ads at the beginning of the podcast. Please skip to 38" if you are uncomfortable with this.)
Bill and James go through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole as they explore the personal mythology of their deep bond around the artistry and music of Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan. Absurd, unexpected, off the wall and under the table, this is the podcast nobody was waiting for and everyone's been dreaming about, innocently. Featuring... in the center ring: itinerant theater director, bricoleur, and Fairy Podmother, Cheryl King; writer, thespian rain dog, and Fashion Fangod, Bruce ...
Interactive Artistry showcases the unsung artistry of games. Every week, Albert joins a rotating/regular group of co-hosts to discuss this artform's inherent potential for artistic, cultural, philosophical and intellectual enrichment and depth. Unique among all media, games parallel life itself - they cannot be experienced passively. We focus on games/creators that leverage this profound connection to the human experience...bringing us the most moving, worthwhile and truly transcendent art ever.
Teaching Artistry blends creative and educational practice in service of community building, social justice, and inspiring joy. Courtney J. Boddie, Host and Creator, chats with teaching artists and arts educators who are driving professional teaching artistry forward. Courtney and her guests discuss personal journeys, celebrate triumphs and challenges, and advocate fiercely for the arts in all communities.
Formerly "The B&E Podcast" - Uncover Your Blocks, Demystify Your Struggles, Claim Your Path.
Join Bo Miles and FidLew as they navigate the rough terrain of being musicians.
This Week in Makeup
MEL Products Presents This Week in Makeup. Host Crystal and MEL Products team including Allan Apone and AJ bring you the latest in the Makeup industry. Communicating with some of the biggest voices and companies in the industry, come and join the dialogue with the industry's latest news and events for the beautiful world of makeup artistry. With topics ranging from professional "insta-famous" artists to professional special effects artists on set, there is something new each week.
Punk Theology
The loud, encouragingly troublesome, rebellious, colorful artistry of what one really, actually believes. In a world of people addicted to some piece of certainty on "faith-based" reason. Punk Theology exists to explore some hopeful, uncomfortable questions on growth, peace, well-being, recovering what's lost, understanding the shit of "the other", faith, fear and being alive. An examination of the misfit's awakening spirit. So, how do we refine of what really is meaning, beauty and truth?
Artist to Artist
Artist to Artist is a show where creatives sit down and chop game about the grind, the struggle of being an artist. Tune in and catch all the jewels and gems being dropped by host DRE and his special guests. Ya Kno!
The Traneumentary
Celebrating the Artistry and Recordings of John Coltrane
The extraordinary skills of meditation and guided imagery are at the heart of Dr. Miller’s work and Mind-Body Medicine. Here you will find numerous opportunities to experience Dr. Miller’s artistry in creating a soothing and inspiring vocal guidance, woven through a tapestry of lovely music and nature sounds – all dedicated to helping you guide your mind, body, emotions, and spirit towards healing and peak performance.
Welcome to the audio podcast of Erwin Raphael McManus, the Lead Pastor and founder of MOSAIC, a community of faith in Los Angeles California. Known for their innovation, creativity, and artistry, MOSAIC has been named one of the most influential and innovative churches in America. Erwin Raphael McManus communicates on culture, creativity, change, and leadership and is widely known as a thought-provoking communicator, poet, and wordsmith. For more information and to stay up to date with Pasto ...
Big Voices Podcast
Singers on Singing. Big Voices is a weekly podcast on the craft of singing and the defining moments that have shaped today’s top vocalists.
Rage Radio
NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY* interviews * live performances * Giving artists a platform to have theirvoices hear & their content appreciatedEstablished 2018twitter:@D_RageProducer@WillieD11_
Feed us More. Create.Live.Learn.
Prophecy Guys
Two divinity students (Sam Koekkoek and Jordan Magill) look at the modern classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer through the lenses of theology, philosophy and artistry!
Love That VoiceOver
Love That VoiceOver is an internet radio show unveiling the personalities and projects behind the microphone with your fun loving host LoveThatRebecca, aka Rebecca Michaels Haugh. Every week it's a new interview with a fresh perspective on the art and artistry behind the voice-over mic....
Welcome to the video podcast of Erwin Raphael McManus, the Lead Pastor and founder of MOSAIC, a community of faith in Los Angeles California. Known for their innovation, creativity, and artistry, MOSAIC has been named one of the most influential and innovative churches in America. Erwin Raphael McManus communicates on culture, creativity, change, and leadership and is widely known as a thought-provoking communicator, poet, and wordsmith. For more information and to stay up to date with Pasto ...
Live2cre8 is An exploration, deconstruction and celebration of the creative process by industry leaders, pioneers and innovators in the creative arts with your host, Shane Almgren. Some of the most creative minds on the planet - artists, musicians, inventors, painters, sculptors, artisans, magicians, choreographers, fashion designers, comedians, directors, producers and entertainers - discuss the process of creativity, and what inspires, motivates and drives them to creative excellence. Hear ...
REBRANDING!!! exclusive interviews with independent creatives from around the world. exploring artistry, new sounds, current events, original samples + more.
Arias and Songs celebrates great singers of the past and present, from Maria Callas and Jussi Björling to Renée Fleming and Jonas Kaufmann. Each week, recording collector and host Larry Johnson spins a wonderful web of opera, operetta, Broadway tunes, art songs—even vintage pop. Expect the unexpected as Larry guides you through the range and nuance of vocal artistry, with some programs tied to local performances, as well.
This is an in-depth-yet-entertaining dive into the lyrics and narrative artistry of Kanye West's music. We go track by track through Ye's discography, revealing the narrative and poetic techniques he uses, tracking his growth as a storyteller, and illuminating the narratives behind Yeezus and The Life of Pablo. For Kanye fans, this might be the Ye-centric lyrical discussion you've been waiting for. For musicians and writers, this is practical insight into how one of the best storytellers in ...
The Antidote
It's been said that Christian music sucks. The Antidote dispels that myth as we explore the artistry of Christian bands. Listen to in-depth interviews and music from these faith-based bands. For unique and innovative music ranging from metalcore to indie folk, you'll hear it all on The Antidote with Dave Hawkins.
Made Up By Katelyn
A Podcast by Katelyn Justice Artistry
The Allender Center Podcast features Dr. Dan Allender and his team engaging topics on healing and restoration through the unique intersection of theology and psychology. Through questions submitted by listeners, stories, interviews, and conversations, we engage the deep places of heartache and hope that are rarely addressed so candidly in our culture today. Join us to gain refreshing insight into understanding your story, handling relational struggles, recovering from trauma and abuse, and m ...
Dafriend or Dafoe
A Podcast Celebrating the Artistry of Master Thespian, Willem Dafoe
How have writers, illustrators, film makers, and musicians shaped the American experience? In this podcast series historian Dr. Darren R. Reid explores American history through the lens of the artist. From classic comics books to music and film, this podcast examines how art and artistry has reflected and informed the American experience. Featured iTunes podcast (January and February 2014), #1 episodes in Education and Higher Education. Current series, "Comic Book Studies" explores the histo ...
Cedar Cathedral
A podcast about artistry, craftsmanship and the creative life in the Great Lakes. Brought to you by two Great Lakes creators -- Steve and Clare Hendershot from The Diving Bell.
Picture's Up
A podcast that explores artistry with creative professionals.
We are a social podcast that supports today's current events, real life topics and independent artistry"
Positive Energy is a label which accepts any form of musical artistry.
On And Off The Record ( features regular podcasts of programs presented by Adriaan Fuchs. Each program focuses on the life, career and artistry of a "great interpreter" - a musician, singer or composer from the world of classical music or the Broadway stage whose performances, recordings, interpretations and insights deserve to be heard long after those fleeting moments on stage.
a couple of geeks talking discuss whatever geeky content is on their minds each episode: toys, movies, books, artistry, tv shows, et al. You can also find the show on iTunes and Stitcher.
Eat the Evidence
A podcast for cake, cookie, and other sugar artists designed to encourage you throughout your artistry and industry.
Residing in the beautiful state of Washington where cannabis is legal, I work in the cannabis industry as a Cannabis Consultant. I have grown and cultivated cannabis as a medical patient for well over a decade. The purpose of this podcast is to provide entertaining information about the culture of Cannabis and the artistry of vaping concentrated hash oils known as "Dabs". Welcome to my world! 21+ Thanks for Listening and Sharing!
"Up Close & Personal" with Latinjazzy is my creation that materialized from my passion and love affair with music."Up Close & Personal" (UC&P) is an internet broadcast ALL about the world of JAZZ, the artists and their fans. UC&P is meant for it to serve as another platform for Jazz artists to have so they can showcase their artistry. "Up Close & Personal" will bring you the best of the best in Contemporary, Smooth, Traditional, Classical, Latin Jazz and World Jazz., one show at a time...UC& ...
Decisive Podcast Series is here to make your underground music experience more enjoyable and with your help I am working hard to achieve this goal as the DPS community continues to grow. A lot of time is spent communicating with the dedicated Decisive Podcast Community in order to be more Authentic, Consistant and Efficient without sacrifice, in quality of the Music, Interesting Interviews , Presentation, Artistry, and more importantly getting you involved in all the fun. Although I have a g ...
Our podcasts expand the reach of Bellissima's signature Moving Pictures! Featuring the wedding photojournalism and artistry of Bellissima. Visit us as at
BUGHOUSE! is a monthly performance designed to interrogate concepts, proselytize truth, and dissect popular thought through a lens of skeptical artistry.
This is an accidentally funny podcast about the realities of Blackness and adult life. Our goal is to create a space for Black millennials to discuss and embody adult life on their own terms. We aren’t beholden to “traditional” gender or parenting roles, queerness is fluid and present in the ways we show up in our relationships and in the world, and we want to build community with other 30-something Black folx who are trying to figure this ish out.We do “adult” differently. -About Daren and ...
MeditationMonday by SolanisArt is also available on iTunes Podcasts and CastBoxFollow @SolanisArt on Instagram, Facebook and Twiter for more content! This is a podcast for those who wish to connect the left and right side of our minds to create a union of logic and artistry. Consciousness, Meditation, Spirituality, Science, Art, Logic
RITFB Podcast
On the RITFB (Run It The F*** Back) Podcast we (Peachcurls & marcus scott williams) revisit albums that are over-looked, understated or forgotten. We talk about the artistry, importance, and impact of the particular artist/album along with tangential rants that might make you ponder, but will make you laugh. Most importantly, we will provide you with a myriad of reasons why you should find a given album and run it the f*** back!
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