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Dino Pierce
Welcome to the Thought Leadership Platform! Here we focus on Educating People about Investing in Multifamily Apartment Communities as a Passive (Equity) Owners. We will focus on all of the unique Benefits associated with being a Passive Owner.Primary Goal: Educate Investors on the Benefits of, Passively, Investing in & Owning Multifamily Apartment Complexes in an effort to provide them with an optimal alternative to the traditional investments.This channel Will Help You ...
Buzzing, creative, brave. Libraries don’t just keep our stories safe; they’re where new stories begin. Meet the people making amazing things happen in them. Hosted by Cleo Laskarin from the British Library’s exhibitions team. Discover more at Supported by the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library.A Pixiu Production.
Conexão BL
O podcast da torcida do Fortaleza
B.L. Crazy Podcast
The B.L. Crazy podcast is a commentary of your favorite B.L. series. Hosted by Jae, a newbie to the genre, who is in love with all of the B.L.
Fujoshi. Fujojo. Call her whatever you want but Khursten is a happy otaku culture fan who happens to view the world with corrupted lenses -- fujoshi lenses to be precise. Fujoshi lenses give its user a special perspective that views the world through ships, armada, couplings, and everything related to yaoi and boys' love. This podcast serves as a supplement to Khursten's blog, Otaku Champloo, where she talks with friends about various topics ranging from BL to even just regular anime and manga.
Why did Hagrid bring Harry to Surrey, or Hermione get a cat in her third year? Why are Ron and Dumbledore oddly similar? And why was there all that camping in the seventh book? Quantum Harry, the Podcast looks at the unifying theme of the HP series, shedding new light on JK Rowling's narrative choices and forever changing the way you read Harry Potter.
The show is about learning with technology, but it's not the same old EdTech or "STEM" preachery. It's about the realities and exciting potential, but it's also about youth and the practitioners who support them: youth developers, museum educators, K12 teachers, mentors, counselors, parents: as they grow their identity, and journey forward. Enjoying the show? Please take a moment to rate us, and leave a review wherever you've accessed the podcast. You can review show notes for every episode ...
Feedback is a monthly music show, with Canadian musicians Damien Broomes and Brian 'BL' Lee. We discuss popular music trends and life as a part-time musician making music.
Tokimeki Radio
Join us as we talk about the exciting world of otome games, with a little dash of BL games into the mix!
FYA podcast
Foreningen af Yngre Anæstesiologer stræber mod at udbrede læring og uddannelse fra vores forskellige arrangementer gennem bl.a. vores hjemmeside vha. video og nu også podcast. Det gør vi ud fra konceptet FOAM.
CHE1CHF-2017,CHE1CHF,BU,1,BL (2017 Semester 1)
BIO1MGC-2017,BIO1MGC,BU,1,BL (2017 Semester 1)
That's Not A Mushroom is an amateur yaoi review podcast. We will be talking about yaoi/BL/shounen-ai and whatever other ways it's called. This will be most likely a NSFW podcast, solely on the content and type of books I'll be talking about.
Cyberage Radio 2019
Over 200 hours archived of underground electronic internet radio diversity
Allt & Inget
Allt & Inget är en podcast skapad av Abbe, Diana och Ihab. Denna podd tar alla möjliga riktningar med tre olika perspektiv på saker och ting. Vi pratar om allt mellan himmel och jord där vi bl.a tar upp seriösa ämnen, bjuder på skrattfest och har ibland med oss inspirerande gäster. Tune in!
A Tripla-dupla Podcast egy elsősorban a Szolnoki Olajbányász Kosárlabda Klub-bal foglalkozó szurkolói podcast, de természetesen nem csak a szolnoki csapat szimpatizánsai számára készül. Igyekszem minél több játékost és kosárlabdához kötődő személyt megszólaltatni, így minden magyar férfi kosárlabdát szerető és követő számára érdemes hallgatni a Tripla-duplát!
A myriad of your favourite music tastes all cooked into one show. From Hip Hop to Indie rock to African jams, Rohit and Ola will play through a whirlwind of different genres, each sandwiched between another. This perfect layering of yummy goodness will blow your mind. AND, it beats subway.
A podcast covering all aspects of the Horus Heresy.
Chinae Alexander, an entrepreneur and lifestyle personality, wants to hear about your problems. On Press Send, she’s fielding your questions and bringing her trademark honesty to the issues, big and small, that we all actually care about. Join Chinae and a unique guest each week as they dish out advice about everything from dating to career to friendship. No question is too intimate and no topic is off limits—just press send. Submit your questions at
Just a few guys with a Harden joke and a lot of Pokemon battling tenure. Join hosts KwandaoRen66, Dangerous36M, and our new season 3 host LordNBZ in a bi-weekly podcast about the competitive Pokemon metagame with a special guest every episode.
Words For The Soul
Podcast for the book lovers out there. Listen in on the books I review and the Words that Spoke to My Soul from each. Full list of books available on Facebook, Words For The Soul Book Club Group page, Happy Listening!!!
America's Blues Corner, a show that is dedicated to updating all loyal Blues fans on the latest news in the Blues community. When subscribing expect to hear music from new and upcoming Blues singers as well as the latest news on your favorite Blues singers. Jacob Schulz is the Chairman and Host of America's Blues Corner. Website:
The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio." BL:HTR is a radio show based in Las Vegas, that serves the fans before the players, and fans around the world. I love the game with my heart and soul and have been following this game for over 30 years. I love to meet hockey fans from all over the world, and of course, love to have people check out the show. The premise of the show is simple. I tell you the truth, straight up. I believe that myself, the players and this league have you to thank for this spor ...
The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio." BL:HTR is a radio show based in Las Vegas, that serves the fans before the players, and fans around the world. I love the game with my heart and soul and have been following this game for over 30 years. I love to meet hockey fans from all over the world, and of course, love to have people check out the show. The premise of the show is simple. I tell you the truth, straight up. I believe that myself, the players and this league have you to thank for this spor ...
Lesbian Love Talk
While no longer recording new episodes, Lesbian Love Talk - now flying upwards towards 200,000 listens - and consistent billing as one of the most popular in Blog Talk Radio's 'Romance' 'Home-Life-GLBTQ' categories - is a full OUT celebration of you and your life. LLT ran for 4 years and wrapped almost 100 episodes available to you with real conversation and topics, great content and expert guests! Thank you for supporting the show. We hope you will continue to listen and spread the word! Be ...
Banal Leakage
Random Bits of Whatever
Range Wool Podcast
Verbal Storytelling Interviewing Pacific Northwest Farmers
Landscape Live!
Discussing the leadership as a process and the science that builds winning teams.
Brave Living
Join me as we listen to life stories that inspire and encourage us to live a brave, abundant life
Blurred Lines
A Review of Pop Culture Through the Lens of The Gospel
Blessed Living
All to God's Glory -- This is the companion podcast of Blessed Living Women's E-Magazine featuring "magazine-on-tape" and interviews with the writers. The magazine is available at Publisher, author, and radio host, Jill Bond interviews various female Christian writers.
To celebrate May Day, LibriVox volunteers bring you six different recordings of May Day, by Sara Teasdale. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of April 30th, 2006.(Summary by Annie Coleman)
One Panel Later
Two librarians from opposing fandoms attempt to conquer the world of comics and manga.Why can’t comics and manga people get along? Librarians Angela Ocana and Kelly Quinn Chiu try to find common ground between Spider-Man readers and One Piece fans as they discuss comics, manga, anime, superhero movies and everything in between. Website: www.onepanellater.comTwitter: @onepanellater
Landscape Live
Landscape Live! is a weekly talk show for landscape professionals who want to gain valuable insights from some of the biggest names in the green industry.
Every day someone new from around the world tells us something about what Mary means to them. Music by Jesús Cabello. The picture is a close up of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico). God chose Mary to be the mother of His Son Jesus; and Jesus, from the Cross, gave his mother to us all. Known by many titles, eg the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Mama Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Medjugorje Queen of Peace, Notre Dame de Lourdes, La Madonna, Maria Madre de Gracia .. ...
Shunta Grant from the Business, Life & Joy podcast teaches and shares her knowledge, experience and expertise as an online business owner, creative entrepreneur, products based business owner and maker. With a dedication to teaching you how to live a life of harmony, where both your business and life are filled with joy, Shunta emphasizes setting your business goals around your life goals. When it comes to business, you will learn how to first build a solid foundation to assure that your bus ...
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This week on the podcast I am challenging you to think differently about closing out the year. Rather than trying to pick up something new, I am challenging you to simply pick up what you dropped in 2019. Wanna know exactly what I mean? Make sure to listen to this weeks episode. I keep it brief so that you can get to work. Oh, and if you happen ...…
Az Olaj 2016-os szereplése után újra van magyar csapat a BL csoportkörében. A Falco csapatkapitánya, Váradi Benedek a Podcast vendége! Előtte pedig Tóth Norbi meséli el, milyen volt számára az első Olaj-mezben játszott bajnoki.By tripladupla.
Comedian and podcaster Jared Freid brings his ~male energy~ to the pod this week. Per usual, we’re taking your burning questions and chatting about going from friends to more-than-friends, starting a relationship long distance, blowjob tips and butt stuff (with a short tangent for our restaurant recs), and figuring out what the hell to do with ...…
I was unable to fulfill my commitment to the in person author event I planned back in February with B.L., so here's the next best thing. Our schedules finally lined up for us to discuss We Are Immeasurable, Her Butterfly Diary, what's next, and more. Tune in for this candid conversation with this bomb a** author!!! As Always,Happy Reading and H ...…
This week on the podcast I am sharing THREE questions to ask yourself daily. These three questions are so vital and will transform you in a way that just might surprise you! What are the three questions? I'm so glad you asked. Listen to this weeks episode which I purposely kept short so that you had time to sit with the three questions. Listen ...…
13 October 2019 – Neil Robertson This episode we are joined by 2010s Snooker World Champion, 3 time World number one and the first player to make 100 Century breaks in a season (amongst many other trophies and accolades). Neil talks us through his journey with Warhammer 40K and how his work life affects his hobby. You can follow Neil on twitter ...…
This week we’re headed to Fredericksburg, TX with friends for a Wine Tour, courtesy of San Antonio’s own Craft Cruiser Tours. In an earlier episode, we talked with Dan Ward, owner of Craft Cruiser Tours (http://CraftCruiser.Tours) and learned about his local brewery tours, but this time we head outside of the Alamo City for a bit of the grape. ...…
Anda Dávid az Olaj utánpótlásból tavaly Oroszlányba szerződött, ahol szereplője volt a közel 30 év után feljutó oroszlánok csapatának. Az átigazolásról, a másodosztályból feljutásról és még sok másról beszélgettünk az OSE első hazai meccse után.By tripladupla.
A discussion among a unique group of K12 leaders in CA building a brand-new middle school with future pathways at the center of their design. Kristin McKenna Director of College and Career Readiness Madera Unified School District Kristin McKenna is the Director of College and Career Readiness for Madera Unified and ...…
‘Malicious damage’, salvaged cardboard and roller derby. This month we hear stories of libraries as sites of creative rebellion. Contains some explicit language and imagery.By The British Library.
The incredible Robin Arzon, VP and head instructor at Peloton, joins me for this week’s episode. We’re taking your questions about division of labor in a relationship, deciding to take a big business leap (you need to hear Robin’s perspective on motivation and discipline), discomfort with a partner’s drinking, and building friendships with cowo ...…
Episode 121 – Company of Legends 19 Review 00:00:00 – 00:16:00 – Intro, News and Hobby Progress 00:16:00 – 00:57:23 – Company of Legends Day 100:57:23 – 01:02:52 – Closing the Show This episode did feature a full run down of my games at Company of Legends but unfortunately there was a snaffu in the saving process. It has only happened a few tim ...…
Howdy, y’all. We’re back after our #SeptemberHiatus and we’ve got a great show for you. Our guests this week are Ernesto Rodriguez, Associate Historian, and Angela Wolfgram, Director of Living History at The Alamo. Our subjects this week are Living History, Cannon Fest, and upcoming events at The Cradle of Texas Liberty. For your own living his ...…
Bonus Episode – Models For Heroes This episode is slightly different, Mark Frost joined Graham from the Edge of Empire podcast to talk about the Models For Heroes charity. Rather than interview Mark myself I asked politely and am now sharing their episode with you. So if you have listened to it already then you will not be hearing anything new. ...…
This week on the podcast I am talking with Jordan Gill of Systems Saved Me and we are talking about all things "systems." For starters, what are systems, why they matter in your business and how to simplify how you approach and get started with setting them up in your business. Jordan breaks it down plain and simple and I know that you are goin ...…
Dr. Christopher Emdin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University; where he also serves as Director of the Science Education program and Associate Director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education. He is the creator of the #HipHopEd social media movement, a ...…
This is a BONUS EPISODE published during our #SeptemberHiatus featuring our friends at SeaWorld San Antonio and Chuck Cureau, Director of Public Relations. Our conversation covers topics ranging from his personal experience as a Beluga Whale, Sea Lion, and Walrus Trainer and SeaWorld’s 36,000+ animal rescues, to Howl-O-Scream and the kid-friend ...…
Nem ilyen kezdésről álmodtunk... Frank Áron és Szarvas Gábor az U20-as meccsről beszél, Jakab Máté és jómagam pedig a 20 pontos zakóról. Simon Balázzsal felidézzük a Szolnokon eltöltött időszakát és ifjabb Knézy Jenő is a podcast vendége volt. Kiderül, szokta-e olvasni a netes fórumokon felé áradó kritikákat.…
Writer, Creative Ambassador and Editor, Simon Doonan, tells us about his love of The Flight from the Enchanter by Iris Murdoch (1956)‘I defy you not to get lost in it.’ Writer, Creative Ambassador and editor, Simon Doonan, tells us about his love of The Flight from the Enchanter by Iris Murdoch (1956).…
My guest this week is comedian and podcast host Remy Kassimir. (Go listen to How Cum and We Really Love Island—you won’t regret it.) We’re covering everything from gaslighting to cheating to masturbation as we answer your questions about inappropriate social media use in a relationship, what to do when a friend is making bad decisions, and how ...…
Edified Equity Podcast Episode 73: A Review of Harvard’s 2019 State of the Nation’s Housing!Show Notes:Welcome to the Edified Equity Podcast!My Name’s Dino and Here we will focus on all of the unique Benefits associated with being a Passive Equity Investor in an Apartment Syndication.You can learn more about, and follow, us on the Web, iTunes, ...…
A NAGY KOVÁCS PÉTER KÉRDEZZ-FELELEK A TI KÉRDÉSEITEKKEL! A Tripla-dupla Podcast 5. részében az Olajbányász csapatkapitánya hallgatói kérdésekre válaszol.By tripladupla.
This week's episodes may be one of my all-time favorites. I'm answering a listener question about how can you grow a successful business when you have life priorities that come first. Essentially, where, and how, does business fit into your life. I'm sharing five things that help explain why it is very much so possible to prioritize your life w ...…
As I continue on my personal growth journey, I'm making a conscientious effort to read something to help with my personal growth. In July, I read Humble the Poet's book Unlearn. There are so many ideas presented that spoke to my soul. Listen in as I give my take on his somewhat sarcastic viewpoint with a hip-hop spin on life. As Always, #HappyL ...…
Az utolsó felkészülési meccset hazai pályán játszotta az Olajbányász a Kecskemét ellen. Jakab Mátéval a meccs előtt, Szarvas Gáborral a meccs után beszélgettem a felkészülésről és a mérkőzésről. Pallai Tamás elmondta miért nem játszott és Wittmann Krisztián lett a podcast első "külsős" vendége.By tripladupla.
Jo Encarnacion, known as Go Fit Jo online, is a health and wellness coach who’s bringing her honesty and wisdom to the pod. We start with updates from listeners whose questions we’ve answered, then dive into your questions about making the decision to have kids, fear of rejection and inadequacy as a working woman, rediscovering intimacy in a lo ...…
Episode 121 – Pre Company of Legends 00:00:00 – 00:19:34 – Intro 00:19:34 – 01:15:50 – Michael comes on to chat CoL01:15:50 – 01:20:30 – Closing the Show Teespring store: If you want to support the show then consider purchasing from Element Games. Don’t for ...…
Do you desire consistency, structure and focus in your business? Because I know that you want a thriving, growing business I already know the answer is YES YES YES!! This week on the podcast, I am teaching you the four steps to get you just that-- consistency, focus, and structure in your business. This 4-step framework that I share with you is ...…
15 September 2019 – Chuck Moore, Warhammer Hero Chuck is a prominent figure in the AoS twitter community as well as running AoS events at NOVA and helping organise the Americna AoS scene discussions with GW as well as running a blog and other things. You can find Chuck on twitter: @Strengthhammer_ Or his blog here: https://blog.hammerstrength.c ...…
DID YOU KNOW? We’ve launched a second podcast called Beyond Disability Texas to help special needs families and other caregivers, like ours, find and learn about resources available to them in the State of Texas. To do that well, we’re taking the month of September to focus on that launch. BEYOND THE RIVER WALK WILL BE BACK IN OCTOBER. This who ...…
A Tripla-dupla Podcast legújabb részében Jakab Mátéval beszélgettem a tavalyi szezonról, a légiósok kiválasztásának műhelytitkairól, az edzőmeccsek tapasztalatairól, de szóba került az NBA és Vojvoda Dávid is! Jó szórakozást!By tripladupla.
Libraries can be places of creative and intellectual sanctuary, refuge, hope and companionship. We step into the British Library’s Reading Rooms, visit a hidden library in Syria and meet people in Swansea forming connections through reading.By The British Library.
My guest this week is Danielle Prescod, style director at BET and former Nylon Magazine intern (it’s relevant, I promise!). We’re discussing your questions about being a woman in the workplace and navigating a toxic office environment, how to handle bad dates (no ghosting required!), and being a supportive sibling in the midst of difficult fami ...…
Over the past eight months, I set a giant goal in my business, served in my group coaching program, stayed home full time for most of my son's first year and STILL had time for growing my company with a naptime schedule. I had to niche down and FOCUS in order to get longevity and success within the limitations I was working. This past year I ha ...…
Edified Equity Podcast Episode 72: Hanging 10 with Hunter Thompson: Full-time RE Investor, Founder PE Firm, Podcaster, & More…!Show Notes:Welcome to the Edified Equity Podcast!My Name’s Dino and Here we will focus on all of the unique Benefits associated with being a Passive Equity Investor in an Apartment Syndication.You can learn more about, ...…
A Tripla-dupla Podcast második részében a Szolnoki Olaj szurkolói egyesület elnökével, Barcsik Tamással beszélgettem a családi napról, az új vezetéssel való kommunikációról és még sok minden másról.By tripladupla.
Hannah Berner, comedian and host of the podcast Berning in Hell, joins me to take your—wait for it—BERNING questions. We chat about a woman who hates her engagement ring (and what completely off-base gifts mean for a relationship), learning how to say no and set boundaries, and what to do when you want more out of a casual hookup. Connect with ...…
Edified Equity Podcast Episode 71: Multifamily IRA Investing - Why & How With Jay Goldblatt!Show Notes:Welcome to the Edified Equity Podcast!My Name’s Dino and Here we will focus on all of the unique Benefits associated with being a Passive Equity Investor in an Apartment Syndication.You can learn more about, and follow, us on the Web, iTunes, ...…
Episode 120– Dalaan Prime 00:00:00 – 00:21:20 – Intro 00:21:20: – 01:29:46 – Dalaan Prime Recap 01:29:46 – 01:32:58– Closing the Show If you want to support the show then consider purchasing from Element Games. Don’t forget you can use the codes for extra crystals, mine is GRE259 You can also support the Patre ...…
This week on the podcast I am keeping it short and to the point. I'm talking about the ONE thing that stops us from growth and profitability-- PRUNING. This episode is a must listen and will challenge you by sharing the one thing it takes to actually prune in your business (and life). Today's episode is sponsored by my upcoming LIVE class, The ...…
A Tripla-dupla podcast első részében az augusztus utolsó napján megtartott ankéton elhangzottak mellett meghallgathatjátok Tóth Norbertet és Juhos Leventét, hogyan tapasztalták meg a Szolnokra szerződést és megszólal a talán legígéretesebb szolnoki fiatal, Pallai Tamás is.By tripladupla.
Angela, Donovan and Kevin recording at Freetail Brewing Company. Our guests this week are Donovan Thomson and Angela Gonzales of SATX-Rated. SATX-Rated is a resource about San Antonio that is equally helpful to locals and visitors alike. From food and drinks to hidden gems and unique experiences, SATX-Rated has compiled "Experience Maps" in ove ...…
Will fate bring life back to a love from College Days? Check out my final thoughts on Kay Blake's first novel, Don't Blame Me. Another independent author out her doing her thang! I love being able to support and tell others about talented indie authors. Your thoughts on this book just might coincide with mine or maybe not. Either way, tune in! ...…
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