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Join us this fall as we delve into the principles and practices of Morning Time. With both experts in their fields and mentor-moms, we will discuss everything from how to choose the right books for a wide age range, to how to memorize a poem, to how to get them to sit still. All your burning Morning Time questions answered right here -- every other Tuesday.
Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization. Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organi ...
Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization. Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organi ...
Basket Case
Winner WNBL Media Awards Best Radio Coverage 2016/17 Season.First posted Thursday nights it changed with the fixture to Tuesdays during the 2017/18 WNBL season. It began 16 October 2014. It's an interview show about WNBL. A bit of basketball talk, a bit of chat. Previews of the round to come, long interviews, and reflections on the previous week.Follow @TheCaseBNE & FB @BasketCasePod or check our website
Back to the Basket
Back to the Basket is a weekly NBA podcast hosted by Wahaj, Richard, and Kevin. Tune in and listen as they dive into the wild world of NBA basketball - headlines, hot takes, Grade A twitter beefs, and everything in between.
Friend Basket
A basket of beautiful friends chopping it up about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (aka anything under the sun!! cordless phones, ariana grande, oreos, the lion king, YOU BE THE JUDGE ;D)more episodes here bby --->
Basket Boys
Welcome to the Basketboys Podcast. A podcast hosted by Andrew Hoyler and Daniel Knox about all things NBA. Join us each week as we break down games, discuss notable performances and fire hot takes.
Knitting Pipeline
the knitting show with a celtic flair
Out From The Basket
Sermon By: Pastor Frankie Mazzapica
Hear the real stories of real people who have experienced mental illness, managed it, and continued forward in life
Dwight and Scott are two crazy kids who watch the wackiest television shows and movies to get to the bottom of what they weren't feeding the writers.
Basket Cases Podcast
Get it if you ain't got it!
Basket of YEGs Logo
Each podcast, Troy Pavlek digs into the basket and cracks one open, discussing local politics and other stories around Edmonton
Podcast by Bits Bases and Baskets
This sparkling collection of 7 short stories by Ferber includes some that are considered her all time best like The Woman Who Tried To be Good and The Maternal Feminine. Writing for and about women, Edna Ferber touches the very heart and soul of what it means to be human; to make good choices and bad; to be weak and strong. This was a very popular book when published in 1913 (Summary by phil chenevert)
Ball Don't Lie
Approfondimenti tra il serio e il faceto di ciò che avviene durante la settimana NBA e le curiosità che girano attorno il mondo del basket professionistico americano.
James is the king's gardener and he deeply enjoys caring for and cultivating flowers. He teaches his daughter Mary many principles of godliness through the flowers. One day Mary is falsely accused of stealing, and the penalty is death. Through many trials and hardships, Mary learns of the goodness of God, the blessing of praying for her enemies, how to consider her trials as a joy, and true forgiveness. (Summary by Abigail Rasmussen)
A personal podcast about my everyday life and my varied interests such as cleft lip and palate, classic comedy (from Charlie Chaplin to the Smothers Brothers), being a liberal Christian and learning about other religions, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, music (classical, rock, jazz, ragtime, soundtracks, etc), pc gamer, history buff, being married and raising my daughter, playing some indie music, and whatever else I feel is interesting to talk about.
RTL - Rebound
De Basket Magazin, all Freideg, mat Virschau op de Weekend, Commentairen a flotten Analysen
De Basket Magazin vun der Télé, mat Analyse vun de Matcher, Youth Corner, Portaiten a Reportagen
Benny Loafers
We discuss all things (slap) FOOTBALL
De Basket Magazin vun der Télé, mat Analyse vun de Matcher, Youth Corner, Portaiten a Reportagen
Podcast ACB
Tertulias Podcasteras de la ACB
Joy Productions podcast on growing big beautiful hanging baskets
Listen as your host Dave Ang Takes you though the whole Season only on The Sports Stuff . com
OpenGym Podcast
OpenGym is an unscripted podcast centered around girls grassroots basketball.
Audio ministry of the senior high youth group at Calvary Chapel of Webster, 770 Basket Road, Webster, NY 14580.
We're talkin' about
Il trait d’ union tra mondo collegiale e basket professionistico.
First website for worldwide basketball news and day to day basket rumors and transactions.
Basketcase is a podcast about the FX TV show Baskets. Emily Barr and Hudson Rhotenberry discuss each episode and laugh along with the listeners. We can be found on Twitter @basketspodcast and on gmail at
Audio ministry of the senior high youth group at Calvary Chapel of Webster, 770 Basket Road, Webster, NY 14580.
Audio ministry of the senior high youth group at Calvary Chapel of Webster, 770 Basket Road, Webster, NY 14580.
Nick Farah Podcast
The fresh tracks in my basket that are getting me excited currently, mixed together every month. Prog + Techno with an afterhours twist
19 Menit Podcast
19 menit ngoceh di podcast ngomongin berbagai hal, mulai dari basket hingga sepakbola atau dunia nyata hingga dunia maya, pokoknya berbagai hal. Dalam bahasa Indonesia.( Instagram: )
Detroit Pistons beat writer Vince Ellis and his special guests discuss and debate the issues surrounding Deeee-troit Bask-et-ball and the NBA overall.
CourtSide Diaries
We are a collective of basketball writers based all around the world who share the passion of writing about every aspect of the sport - from the most glamorous highlight to the anonymous kid throwing a ball to the basket under the night sky - that decided to come together and create an online space where the culture of basketball will be discussed, analysed and celebrated.CourtSide Diaries are our journals.Oh, yeah, and we are focusing in Europe, mainly. Sorry US, you are already getting too ...
The Winnow
A podcast from The Post and Courier about dining in the southeast and beyond. Hosted by Hanna Raskin and Robert Moss.The show is released every Wednesday in conjunction with the food section. Unlike the printed page, though, it has theme music: To hear more from The Bluestone Ramblers, visit the name: The Winnow reflects the show's primary objective, which is to focus on the stuff that really matters. But it's also a tribute to Charleston's history of rice prod ...
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Join me on A Knitter's Trip to Ireland with Celtic Journeys. Helen Stewart of CuriousHandmade will be our guest knitter/designer! Travel dates are May 13-24, 2019. Travel Information is on and Celtic Journeys. It is also in the Knitting Pipeline Group on Ravelry. I hope you consider joining us! Paula…
Scott and first-time guest Derrick Brown talk about the big summer bomb of 2013, Disney's "The Lone Ranger." These boys are baffled by the porcelain legged cameo of Helena Bonham Carter, the wimpiness of the Lone Ranger, and Johnny Depps offensive Native American portrayal.Check out Dwight's other podcast "No Refunds." (http://norefundspodcast. ...…
We’ve reached the final episode of the Kid’s Organization Series. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this mini-series so far and found the advice useful when it comes to organizing your bedroom – or mini apartment as I like to call them! In previous episodes, I’ve talked about organizing your clothes, closets, and rearranging the furniture in your bedro ...…
Scott watched Meteor Man and he is at a loss for words. Him and guest Matt Sinclair try to wrap their heads around the superpower of agriculture, and a wasted Wallace Shawn performance.Check out Dwight's other podcast "No Refunds." ( Also check out Scott's podcast "Kurland On Film." ( ...…
James London from Chubby Fish joins us to talk about the trials and tribulations of trying to open the restaurant. Why did it take so long? What could Charleston be doing better? Speaking of seafood, Hanna explains why the idea of oyster season is out of date and you can now confidently enjoy them year-round. Theme song by The Bluestone Rambler ...…
Nintendo teases future collaborations. Blizzard raises millions for cancer research. Cosmic Ghost Rider impresses. A comics legend passes. MLB and NBA updates and much more on the Bits Bases and Baskets Podcast. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for listening!
Knitting Pipeline is 8 years old! Thanks to all of you for supporting the show by listening and sharing. I have learned so much from you and plan to continue as long as I feel I can produce a good show. I finished Reiko by Melanie Berg from Quince & Co Shawls 4. This shawl was a joy to knit! My husband joined me at the end of the episode to sha ...…
On this week's show, the guys talk about the drama surrounding Carmelo Anthony along with potential destinations, followed by Lonzo Ball's injury leak, recent free agency news (including Zach LaVine, Kyle Anderson, Tyreke Evans, Brook Lopez, Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, Clint Capela), summer league observations and overreactions, and a whole lo ...…
Il podcast più diretto in vacanza dell’anno presenta: LeBron to LA: La firma di LeBron ai Lakers cambia il panorama della NBA. Circa. Free Agency: Commentiamo le varie firme che ci sono state in questa estate, quelle più significative e quelle più sorprendenti A cura di Francesco Tonti (Timme), Nicolò Ciuppani (Nick), Francesco Andrianopoli (Fl ...…
Tim Carman of The Washington Post joins Hanna and Robert to talk about a new law that might lead to the end of tipping, plus the controversy over Red Hen refusing to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Theme song by The Bluestone Ramblers ( (The Post and Courier).
We’re continuing our Kids Organization Series and following up last week’s topic of redesigning your bedroom with an episode all about cleaning out your closets and organizing your clothes – it’s exciting stuff, I know. But don’t worry, a closet clean out doesn’t take as long as you might think. As you continue to improve your organizing skills ...…
Nintendo says they've got more up their sleeve. Crash sells great on the Switch. SNK and Darius Collections are coming to Switch. Nintendo announces new 2DS themes. A misslle is launched in Fortnite. Funko announces a new cereal line. Grand Theft Auto Online gets hacked. NBA free agency madness. A Wal Mart exclusive is our book of the week? Tha ...…
On this week's show, the guys talk about the free agency deals that have gone down so far including Paul George, Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza, Fred VanVleet, Will Barton, and Kevin Durant, followed by Kawhi trade rumours, DeMarcus Cousins rumours, LeBron speculation and then the breaking news of his signing with the Lakers (recorded later and added ...…
STATION! Scott and his Brother-in-Law Cole are watching "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" for Summer flopbusters. They're baffled how it did not do as well as it should. They also can't stop doing Frank Welker impressions.Check out Dwight's other podcast "No Refunds." ( Also check out Scott's podcast "Kurland On Film." ( ...…
Il podcast più ascoltato da LiCantropo Ball questa settimana presenta: Attualià: Paul George e gli altri accordi già confermati Fanta-Free Agency: anche quest’anno ci siamo inventati l’andamento delle trattative. Ed è finita male come sempre A cura di Francesco Tonti (Timme), Nicolò Ciuppani (Nick), Francesco Andrianopoli (Fleccio), Davide Rosa ...…
Gëschter Owend huet déi Lëtzebuerger Basket Nationalequipe am Kader vun der Pre-Qualifikatioun fir d’Europameeschterschaften 2021 géint Portugal gespillt. Mat 58 – 80 ass d’Defaite méi däitlech ausgefall wéi dat nach am Aller-Match de Fall war. De Guy Seyler mécht eng kleng Analyse vun der aktueller Situatioun:…
On this week’s podcast, I kick start the 3-week Kid’s Organization Series. It’s for kids between the ages of 7 and 21 – so whether you’re still in school or preparing to graduate from college – this series is for you! I tried something a little different this week and recorded my podcast on video, too. If you would prefer to watch this episode, ...…
The boys are back to discuss Nintendo's Labo related contests. The comic book industry taking back mainstream shelf space. A fortnite mode for beginners, the NBA draft and much more. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for listening!
Virginia Willis, Chef and cookbook author, joins Hanna and Robert to talk about the "Global South". Theme song by The Bluestone Ramblers ( (The Post and Courier).
Scott & Dwight are talking about one of the most expensive films ever made, "WATERWORLD." They're talking Costner, Hopper, and Jean Triplehorn or as we call her in the basket "J TRIPLE-H." Find out why Scott hates the film and Dwight tolerates it!!!Check out Dwight's other podcast "No Refunds." ( Also check out Scot ...…
Il podcast ferito a morte dalla legge Bosman questa settimana presenta: Draft: 3 giorni dopo, riepilogo di tutte le scelte con opinioni varie ed eventuali Season Review: alla ricerca di crepe nel regno dei Golden State Warriors Dibattito: i SuperMax fanno bene o male alle squadre di provincia? Kawhi Leonard c’entra qualcosa? Come è fatta la cat ...…
On this week's show, the guys talk about the 2018 NBA Draft, including which picks were the biggest steals and surprises, followed by a preview of the upcoming NBA Awards show, a news update on Melo's opt-in and Dwight's potential buy-out, and a whole lot more! Hit us up on Twitter @BtotheBpodcast or e-mail your questions to BacktotheBasketPodc ...…
Living through renovations, natural disasters, and moving can be a very stressful and disorganized time. Your house is turned upside down in the blink of an eye and before you know it, you’re stepping over stacks of books on your way to the bathroom and the dog is snoozing on top of a box labeled, “The GOOD China” – just thinking about it gives ...…
La diretta del (primo giro) del Draft NBA 2018, con il commento live a tutte le scelte e e gli scambi della notte. Con la partecipazione dello staff di Ball Don’t Lie, Michele Berra, Francesco Ruggeri, Daniele Morrone e Lorenzo Bottini.
I finished a few projects while attending the Mason-Dixon Summer Getaway at Shakerag in Sewanee TN: Tchaikovsky Hat by Helen Stewart/CuriousHandmade and Close to you by Justyna Lorkowska. My husband joined me at the end of the episode to discuss yogurt making. Recipe in the show notes. Kindly sponsored by Quince & Co and KnitCircus Yarns. I am ...…
On this week's show, the guys play out a mock NBA draft lottery and talk about who might miss the cut, followed by recent trade rumours, an "Entry Pass" news segment featuring Dwight Howard traded to the Nets, more Kawhi drama, and the state of the Raptors, closing out with a game of "What's Weirder?" between Nick Young's relationship with coca ...…
The Boys check in on Nintendo's E3 presentation. News from Microsoft and Square Enix. Pokemon Go gets some major updates. Marvel Rising: Alpha #1 from Marvel Comics is our book of the week. An NBA free agency preview and much more on the 152nd episode of the Bits Bases and Baskets Podcast. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for listening!…
We discuss the first three episodes of Season 1 of the FX TV show Baskets. Including "Pratfalls" where we discuss how these episodes inform later episodes!
Friday Workboxes will increase your productivity in your "work" just like the Sunday Basket® does for your home. This podcast was originally a Facebook LIVE. You can watch the video here. Check out all the Organize 365 Friday Workboxes here. Join the Organize 365 Newsletter to stay on top of new products as they launch. And follow Lisa on Insta ...…
Il podcast in cui nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge e tutto si trasforma questa settimana presenta: Attualità: cosa sta succedendo tra Kawhi Leonard e i San Antonio Spurs Finestra sul Canile: la trama si infittisce. #TasteTheProcess Season Review: Boston Celtics e Cleveland Cavaliers, lo sconfitto sogna e il vincitore si dispera A cura di Franc ...…
My second big announcement from the Organize 365 National Convention is the exciting news that we are going to have Paper Organizing Retreats! That’s right, you can literally pack up all of your paper into boxes, travel to Cincinnati, and organize your paper during a productive weekend retreat with key members of the Organize 365 Team – how awe ...…
A special Father's Day Episode! Scott welcomes his Father, Jon Kurland on to the show. They're talking about the only known film to be written by Dr. Seuss. They talk about the bizarre set design, flamboyant costume, and performance of Hans Conried. Not to mention the true horror story of what happened to all the child actors on a hot sound sta ...…
On this week's show, the guys premiere the "Entry Pass" news update segment (Bryan Colangelo wrap-up, Nick Nurse hired by the Raptors, "one-and-done" rule memo) followed by LeBron speculation, Kawhi's trade request and potential destinations, and a game of "What's Weirder?" featuring the Warriors championship parade, Kuzma/Lonzo "beef" and LeBr ...…
Why do hotel architects hate coffee machines? Will the “manager’s happy hour” be the new continental breakfast at hotels? Plus: don’t call it a “mocktail,” so called zero-proof cocktails hold potential so why are there so few of them? Theme song by The Bluestone Ramblers ( (The Post and Courier).
Just because you live in a small home doesn’t mean your storage space has to be limited. Over the years, I’ve received A LOT of emails on the subject of maximizing storage space in small living spaces such as studio apartments, condos, and tiny houses. In fact, I received this email from an Organize 365 fan named Amy just the other day and want ...…
Many ears ago, Erica helped me become a better DJ. She worked her entire career in the state of Florida, inducing 20 years of morning radio success in Orlando. We discuss radio and how she ended up being fired over refusing to endorse a product.(Please pardon my mic quality. It recorded hot and I didn't want to redo a real conversation)…
We share out thoughts on every E3 conference. A surprising behind the scenes change at DC. Dazzler #1 from Marvel Comics. Wrap up the NBA finals and much more on the 151st episode of the Bits Bases and Baskets Podcast. Thanks for listening!
Scott welcomes his close friend and future upcoming Boy Meets World podcast co-host Malorie Savran to talk about Rock of Ages. Scott and Malorie share their hatred for Alec Baldwin's singing voice, how different the film would be with J.K Simmons, and their love for Russell Brand.Check out Dwight's other podcast "No Refunds." (http://norefundsp ...…
Il podcast sorbetto questa settimana presenta: NBA Finals: una rapida passata di scopa anche da parte nostra NBA draft: chi sale e chi scende, a 10 giorni dalla notte del draft Finestra sul Canile: dinamiche di coppia 3.0 spiegate bene grazie alle Kardashian Season Review: Philadelphia 76ers, compreso il bigino del Colangelo Gate, e Houston Roc ...…
It’s finally time to talk about the NEW Friday Workboxes! I’ve worked on the Friday Workboxes for a very long time (and by that, I mean three years), so I feel like they’re more than ready to go out into the world and start changing people’s lives! If you want to take a trip down memory lane with me and travel back to around two years and four ...…
The Organize 365 National Convention was the experience of a lifetime, and I was so happy to meet all of you in person and reveal two of the biggest secrets that I’ve kept for what felt like forever! I’d like to thank everyone that attended. It meant the world to me to have you all there and it was fantastic to meet you all! If you attended the ...…
Japanese steakhouses are a uniquely southern tradition and we've got all the surprising details. Plus, another surprise: the origins of country ham. Theme song by The Bluestone Ramblers ( (The Post and Courier).
Remember all the things we were speculating on in the previous episode. It's all true! All of it. The next iteration of Pokemon is officially revealed. More E3 leaks related to third party games for the switch present themselves. Mega Man 11 gets a trailer and a release date. Mario Tennis Aces shows it's depth in the recent demo tournament. We ...…
Scott & Dwight add the 1993 cult classic "The Last Action Hero." The boys talk about how awesome Arnold is in this film. The decent acting of young Austin O'Brien. and how A film about Dinosaurs destroyed this at the box office. This might be the most fun the boys will have this summer.Check out Dwight's other podcast "No Refunds." (http://nore ...…
Il podcast che alla legge della savana preferisce quella della banana questa settimana presenta: NBA Finals: analisi di gara-1, con un occhio sul resto della serie Conference Finals: un passo indietro per capire come e perché Houston e Boston si sono fermate a un passo dalla gloria Finestra sul Canile: quando il bigamo del gruppo è quello Seaso ...…
With summer literally on our doorsteps, preparing your kids for the new school year is probably the last thing you want to think about – and I don’t blame you! You’ve got your vacation planned and you’re ready to start enjoying your summer break. BUT there’s just one little thing that you have to do first – clean out your child’s backpack! It d ...…
Rodney Scott wins at the James Beard Awards and had plans to bring his BBQ to Birmingham. Plus, drag brunches are a bit hit in Charleston but what does this mean for the local LGBTQ community? Theme song by The Bluestone Ramblers ( (The Post and Courier).
Knitting Pipeline Eagle Crest Fall Retreat 2018 November 7-10, 2018 Link to Registration form Eagle Crest Camp and Retreat Center (A Ministry of the Salvation Army) is located in rural Washburn IL, along the hilly bluffs of the Illinois River. Eagle Crest is easily accessible by car, about a 30 min drive from Washington IL or Peoria. The addres ...…
Summer is meant to be a relaxing time of the year filled with fun activities, holidays, and warm afternoons spent soaking up the sun on the beach. However, summer is my least productive season (and I’m a productivity NUT, so that’s saying a lot!). Things just don’t get done and, before you know it, the summer has ended and all you have to show ...…
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