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Belly Up Podcast
Welcome to the Belly Up Podcast! This is a podcast that features things related to the world famous music venue located in Solana Beach, CA - our friends, touring artists, people that make us laugh and everything in between. To check out who is playing the club:​llyup.​com. To download albums and singles from past artists:​llyupl​ Your hosts are: Meryl Klemow, Show Promotions Manager. Meryl enjoys podcasting, green juices, cheese and round animals like manatees. Say hi ...
Berlin Belly
Berlin Belly - the food podcast from Berlin, featuring conversations with the fantastic women working in the Berlin food community! The Berlin Belly podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Rushe. berlinbelly.comAvailable on Podcast app for iPhone; iTunes; Stitcher for Android and Soundcloud.Contact:
A podcast covering the entire second world war from beginning to end.
Bellies to BirthCast
The Bellies to BirthCast will guide you through the pinnacles and pitfalls of pregnancy and natural childbirth with expert interviews, helpful tips and inspirational stories spanning birth beyond the basics, homebirth, VBAC, waterbirth, cultural childbirth practices, new baby care, breastfeeding, and more so you can make informed decisions for your family. We invite you to join us for an empowering experience.
Montly in-depth interviews with Nadira Jamal and her geek-tacular guests
Fire in My Belly
Fire in My Belly is an art history podcast created by Catherine Graffam. This show sheds light onto significant as well as forgotten LGBT+ artists throughout time, unearthing queer history in the visual arts. LGBT artists have shaped the way we create art today, but their stories have been flattened by straight narratives. Let’s work towards fixing that!You can support Fire in My Belly through patreon @
Belly Baby Mom
Hello! We are Shereen & Eleonora - Mothers to 3 kids each and we LOVE everything to do with pregnancy, birth & Motherhood! Between us, we are trained in Birth & Postnatal Doula support, Hypnobirthing Education, Baby Massage, Rebozo, and we host exciting and unique pregnancy & motherhood events & gatherings such as our successful Movie Nights & Pregnancy Circles.Join us through the Belly Baby Mom podcast - a safe place where mamas, mamas to be and birth workers can share, connect and inspire ...
Hungry Squared is a free and clean weekly audio podcast about the nerdy side of food: food science, food history, and food design. Plus, we love to solve your relationship problems as they relate to food in our segment called Food Fight.
Podcasting "old-school" belly dance vinyl from the 1950's through the 1980's!
More Than Steps Podcast:Geeking out on how the dance works, one coffee run at a time.
Casus Belli Podcast
Podcast by Casus Belli
Belly Dancing has been my life, my passion and my personal art form and continues to be an inspirational journey with many dynamic elements. Traveling the Silk Road is about this journey with the hope that sharing stories and experiences with other dancers, artists and women will help them achieve the level of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction from the dance as well as enrich their personal dance journey as performers and women as well.
E.D. Bellis
America's Healthcare Challenge w/ Sean McGuire is a talk show and podcast covering healthcare policy and how it affects insurance, Medicare and employee benefits. Previous guests include US Senators, Members of Congress, Public Policy architects, Washington reporters, industry experts and live calls.
Learn analytically, so you can dance creatively
Belly Dance Life
All insights into belly dance lifestyle
Belly of the Beast
Veteran Bay Area sports journalist Ray Ratto brings you a weekly high-level sports betting podcast on NBC Sports Bay Area. Make sure you check in with the experts before placing your weekend bets...
Belly to Belly
This podcast is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the newbie, hailing from Long Island, NY...Jimmy! and introducing the veteran, hailing from Manhattan, NY...Brendan! This podcast brings you into the world of wrestling, from current events, to talking histories of wrestlers, events, and matches. WWE, NJPW, ROH, Impact, theres nothing these guys won't cover and their passion and knowledge for sports entertainment knows no bounds. Enjoy the contrasting perspectives of the industry fro ...
Loz n Belly
GLC's Managing Director Lawrence Staden and Chief Economist Steven Bell give their views on the markets.
Plead The Belly
A podcast about criminals who are women.
Beer Belly Sports
Semi pro of Sports Talk shows
Belly Up Show
Welcome to The Belly Up Show! Imagine wandering into a bar in any city in the world. You say hello to the bartender, order a drink and survey the scene. Once you get settled in you strike up a conversation with those around you. That's The Belly Up Show. It's all about unedited, unadulterated and absolutely uncensored conversation about sports, the days activities, some politics, maybe a little religion (or lack thereof) and generally anything that comes to mind. Above all, The Belly Up Show ...
Beer Belly Podcast
Just some dudes who love beer and to talk about it. Each week we will highlight current beer news and a Brewery.
Knee on Belly
Knee on Belly is a Jiu-Jitsu and MMA podcast covering the latest news in an easy to follow format. I am a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and actually live and breathe combat sports.
Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level and interviews the most interesting people in the bodybuilding and fitness world. (For more information, visit his website at
Point Hammered
Point Hammered is a podcast dedicated ostensibly to tabletop war games. This podcast is intended for people who are into war games, want to be entertained, listen to random somewhat interesting BS, or just want to share in our monthly nerd conversation. This podcast isn't intended for children. Warning: It does contain a fair amount of foul-mouthed tom-foolery.
This podcast is made available primarily for my belly dance students to listen to classical, pop, and folkloric Arabic music. However, I encourage anybody interested in world music to give a listen. It's great for dancing as well!
Sound of Istanbul
Even if you lived in Turkey or traveled to Turkey for vacation or business, I'm hoping this music will pleasantly surprise and entertain you. There is so much ethnic and social diversity in the world. Freedom, social justice and human rights aren’t enough to bring happiness to people. Every social or ethnic community has a need to love and be loved. What I say sounds like Bob Marley's ideas but it isn't all that different from the principles of Kemal Ataturk (founder of modern Turkey) or wor ...
Turbulence Training Podcast
Sounds to Grow On
The CKUA Radio Network presents Smithsonian Folkways: Sounds to Grow On, a new 26-part series featuring the original recordings of the Folkways Collection, now a cornerstone of Smithsonian Folkways Records' vast catalogue. Hosted by Michael Asch, the only child of Folkways Records' founder Moses Asch, the weekly one-hour program debuted Sunday, January 18th, 2009. This series, researched by Robert Wiznura, is a co-production of The Smithsonian Women's Committee, Smithsonian Folkways Recordin ...
Words for Granted
Words for Granted is a podcast that looks at how words change over time. Host Ray Belli uses language--more specifically, individual words--as a way of making connections among history, culture, religion, and society.
A variety show about table top gaming and the hobby. We cover 40k, age of sigmar, infinity, guild ball, and many others.
A little about myself and what I do! I'm a practicing 3rd degree Alexandrian/Progressive Witch under Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. a pipe carrier in the Sun Bear Tribe (I'm Sicilian and Native American),Reiki Master,Tarot reader and teacher,spiritual counselor,owner of a metaphysical shop in Cornwall NY named Brid's Closet.The purpose of the show is help people understand what Wicca, paganism, and earth based religions are all about and to get rid of all the misconceptions that Wicca has. We ...
YIP Podcast
Your source for all things bellydance!
She Writes: the video podcast on dance composition for belly dancers
Bellydance Talk Radio is hosted by Meagan Mayada Hesham along with fellow bellydancer co-hosts and resident Arab Man, Will. We bring you the latest bellydance news, reviews, and interviews, as well as candid talk on all the controversial hot topics in the bellydance world, bellydancer tips and tricks, music suggestions, listener questions, and so much more!
Create a healthier, flatter, and more joyful belly (and LIFE!)
Is the Truth About Abs by Mike Geary the right choice for your weight loss? Read my Truth About Abs review.
TVP Session Videos
Animoto music videos featuring images from Tanya Villano Photography.
Shimmy by the Sea
This podcast reports on the happenings of a belly dance/boating community. We are a dynamic mix of women learning, laughing and sweating together who share a love of the sea and dancing.
Women Of Worth
Women of Worth is a podcast where Worthy Women founder, Audrey Bellis explores what it means to live and lead in integrity with women who exemplify it through their business, leadership, and community activism.
Captivating Rhythms and Soulful voices from Cairo, Beirut, Riyad, Baghdad. Featuring belly dance, pop, and traditional arabic music.
Talk Fit
Like to talk fitness? Do you need inspiration to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals? Then you have come to the right place!
Taktaba in Low-Res
Dance can be thought of as variations in space, shape, time, and energy. Whether you create your choreography in advance or improvise it, how you use them defines your dance. Join me as I explore elements of these four themes. This is the low-resolution version, made available for easier downloading. For the higher-res version that will play on your iPod, go to, or search for Taktaba in the iTunes Music Store.
First Timers
Two first-time moms share funny stories about blowouts, belly laughs and all the other "firsts" in parenthood!
Great conversations with random people, about interesting topics, at the bar of an English pub. So belly up to the bar for a good drink and another great night in the Old Sheepdog Pub, with the Barfly Confessional.
Female of the Species
A podcast about the sisterhood of science. A healthy mix of issues facing women in STEM, good solid chit chat, and belly laughs.
What can you expect from Trout Porn? We want to be your one-stop podcast for your fly fishing needs. Atypical podcast, we are. Think about going fishing with your best buddies; we are them. We want to drop knowledge that you can use next day, bank-side, all while spending an hour plus of your week laughing nonstop with our Trout Porn Nation podcast crew. We want you to walk away with more knowledge related to gear, goods, locales and technique(s). You name it, we're talking it over the best ...
Behind Enemy Lines is a national Award-Winning radio show / podcast broadcasting live out of the belly of the Democratic beast - "The People's Republic of" New York City that airs on WNJC 1360 AM - Philadelphia's Renaissance Station as part of the Conservative Commandos Radio Network as well as across premium networks across the internet.The show highlights national politics with a conservative spin from "insurgent" Republicans fighting for every scrap they can get! Guests from the world of ...
Shimmy Cast
Podcast for dancers and fans of Middle Eastern Dance.
Females in Fine Fettle is where conscientious women entrepreneurs, and women livin’ like a boss, come to learn about balancing their personal and professional wellness with ease. Dr. Michelle is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Chinese Herbalist. Through dynamic, quirky and occasionally irreverent discussions with Denise Pasquinelli, a functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, they cover topics that help you find the bala ...
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Iana Dance Podcast OMG! This is beyond what you ever dreamt to receive as tips and insights into an artist’s life. Jillina Carlano is back on the podcast and this time she is taking us on a tour across her health and nutrition secrets! How food can benefit your dance? What to eat before and after shows? Is there a healthy way to pump up your en ...…
3 Strategies for Approaching Unfamiliar Music This episode is brought to you by the newest member of the Belly Dance Geek Team, Heather Wayman. In my high school years, I was a band geek. I played flute, piccolo and keyboards. But when I first started to belly dance, I didn’t know a thing about Arabic music, its structure or where to find it. F ...…
In this special series of podcasts, I start breaking down the “Top 10 Fitness Challenges” that men who are a little bit older with busy, productive lives face when trying to master their training and eating habits and improving their physical appearance. More importantly, I tell you effective and efficient solutions to your biggest challenges. ...…
In today's episode we are going to be diving deep into the topic of our health - and how having a healthy body, mind and spirit is the ultimate form of wealth. Michelle and I both fiercely believe that our health and wellness creates the foundation for all that we do in the world. When our energy levels are out of whack, our brains are foggy, o ...…
Iana Dance Podcast It's our 30th episode!!! And I have with me such a talented and adorable dancer, Marina Shishkova! She is the winner of the Golden Crown "Randa" 2017, Miss Europe 2016, and a long list of other competitions. This girl has 370 medals and 10 crowns under her shimmy belt! Want to know her "secret sauce" of preparing for contests ...…
Sam's surgery luckily falls on a wedding-and-funeral-free weekend. Evie and Max argue vehemently over topics that are seemingly impossible to be vehement about. Early bedtime is a (mostly) stay-at-home mom's saving grace. Please subscribe to our show and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! It really does help, we swear! You can follow us on Facebook ...…
It’s not a competition. Belly dance is a lot like cooking. You can follow a recipe (a choreography), or add a pinch of this and a dash of that (improv). Both approaches use the same ingredients. Whether you plan your dance in advance or create it in the moment, you’re still using the same moves, principles, and inspiration. So as long as you un ...…
This month, we’re tackling the theme of Wealth + Worth, and how this topic is intimately related to our health, and in this week's episode, we’re going through our Funky 5 on the personal, interpersonal, professional, societal and spiritual level. Astrologically, We’re in Leo season - which is that lion energy - warm, driven, admirable - royal ...…
Solo talk tonight because my guest list has taken a hit due to some water in the walls. I talk about doing your part when out in the wild. DON'T LITTER, you guys! I don't want to pick up your stuff, but I will if it means the great outdoors are clean. We have limited resources in this world and I want my kids to see the same sites that I have s ...…
And were back everyone! What a harrowing month of July. We are still not out of the woods yet but we are getting there slow but surely. James unfortunately is having some crazy issue with his vocal cords and will be out until further notice. He is recovering well and will be back soon but until then he gave us the middle, err thumbs up to press ...…
Sam’s baller status expires after just 20 minutes and Angie is (regrettably) resentful. Evie’s future-mom-of-many status expires after she learns about vaginal birth. This episode is dedicated to Molly … you’ll quickly learn why. Sorry, Molls! Please subscribe to our show and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! It really does help, we swear! You can ...…
Iana Dance Podcast Lebanese Simon was born and raised in Northern Lebanon. Currently he resided in Houston, but his passion for oriental dance brings him all across the globe. Simon reveals his story of falling in love with belly dance in the early years of childhood, and the multiple obstacles that he had to face on the path to his dance dream ...…
Subjectification is a unique linguistic process by which a word evolves to reflect the subjective viewpoint of the speaker using it. For example, the word "very" used to mean "true," but over time, it lost its objectivity and merely became a way of emphasizing subjective points of view. In this episode, we explore this process in a broad sense ...…
I tell you everything you need to know about earning an impressive six-pack set of abs now that you're a little bit older and manage a busy life. I tell you everything that you DON'T need to put a lot of importance on so that you're more efficient with your willpower, focus, energy, and time. If you want to earn a six-pack set of abs but you do ...…
Losing streak Lois Update Lois' son, Braden Riess, spoke to a media outlet, saying something happened and his mother just snapped. He described her as a loving caring mother, always putting her children first. He also revealed that she had burned up a $500,000 inheritance from gambling. As for her case, prosecutors in Florida decided to seek th ...…
In today's super special episode, Michelle interview's the Canadian-based company called Youtrients. This is a revolutionary lab who specializes in mapping out genetic pathways in order to identify our weakest links and give us tools to positively influence our health. You can learn how to use specific lifestyle, food and nutrient recommendatio ...…
Guest Joanna is so cool that her kid stopped napping just to spend more time with her. If that alone doesn't convince you to listen, the moms also cover unreliable toddler narrators, potty-training clingers and kid-whispering swim coaches. Please subscribe to our show and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! It really does help, we swear! You can fol ...…
Iana Dance Podcast This week we are mixing belly dance and folklore worlds, and specifically, explaining why they are so closely connected. Nada El Masriya, native Egyptian dancer, explains how much folklore influences belly dance, and why you can't be a successful belly dancer if you don't study traditions and culture. Also, get ready to disco ...…
We are going to flip the tables and ask you to A some Q’s in today’s episode. We have some playful self-inquiry, writing and visualization exercises for you! Tune in here!
Will Evie’s girly hand-me downs not jive with Ayla’s masculine energy? Will Max ever put on his own shoes? The moms debate these burning issues and more. Meanwhile, John Lovitz breaks Angie’s phone and Julie almost breaks Ben Stiller. First Timers Promo Please subscribe to our show and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! It really does help, we swea ...…
We are back with Barbara Harper! If you have not yet listened to part one of this two-part episode, then go ahead and tune in to episode 12!Barbara Harper is a leading voice for childbirth and maternity care reform, an author, educator, midwife and internationally recognized expert on the use of warm water immersion for labor and birth.In this ...…
Big news over the last few weeks. Johnny has retired after almost 18 years of working as a Software Engineer. Rodge talks Tohaa and Combined Army, and plays some Oregon Trail. Johnny shares his new Lets Play channel on YouTube info. Plus a bunch of other stuff. Visit our Patreon to help us out:…
Disaster planning for veil mishaps No matter how much you practice with your veil, sometimes your veil just isn’t going to cooperate. But that doesn’t have to ruin your show! As we talked about back in Episode 21, the first step is keeping your cool. Step 2 is to regain control of the veil. So how do you do that? Our new team member, Heather Wa ...…
Iana Dance Podcast Wow, wow, wow…. This is a discussion that had to happen a long time ago, and I’m very grateful and happy that we got a chance to talk about all those subjects with amazing Meher Malik. She is such an incredible artist who stands up for her beliefs, choices and rights, as well as inspire many women around the globe and particu ...…
The word "the" is the sole definite article in the English language. It's also the most common word in our language. However, for such a grammatically fundamental word, its history isn't as straightforward as one might think. Old English had a whopping twenty different forms of the definite article, all of which collapsed into the single, versa ...…
We are delighted to have Daryl Bosshardt of Redmond Inc on today's Part 1 episode. He tells us about the background of salt, the history and science behind salt, and how the sea bed of salt was discovered in Redmond, Utah and how Real Salt came to be. We shout-out a listener whose wife loves cast iron, chat about Pourfect measuring cups, and ge ...…
This week we interviewed a super creative entrepreneur named Marlee Grace. She is an improviser and writer living in rural California. And she works with improvisation as a method for navigating being alive and making work through movement, quilting, writing, and podcasting. She facilitates classes and events for her own work and for others. Sh ...…
Tested out a new wiring setup this time around, so I had to call my boy James to see how it worked. We talked about his upcoming back country fly fishing trip. Its a few days and they are taken in by horse so there are some logistics to it! We talk about equipment, camp essentials, and beaver fever. Not the type of fever you get when you are ex ...…
Sam one-ups Julie’s sleep screams with sleep assault. After Max proves to be an all-star traveler, Angie makes a blood pact to repeat the trip every summer. Evie is fed up with Don’s potty mouth. NASA her a#$! And, the moms reminisce about 4th of July's of their youth. Please subscribe to our show and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! It really do ...…
Iana Dance Podcast Today we are traveling on a time machine to the times of Golden Era Belly Dance! Orit Maftsir talks about her dance story and the inspiration she got from old Egyptian movies, and how she transported that Golden Era atmosphere to the modern belly dance scene. We also discuss differences in the trading process of belly dancers ...…
Cross-Training Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse Episode 63: My guest, Farha, will talk about the value of cross-training in various Middle Eastern oriental and folk dances, regardless of your chosen style. Get the recording As dancers, we have all heard that cross-training is beneficial. But we usually think of cross-training in terms of studying tra ...…
Welcome to our new format and to the guys from the Word on the Main Street Podcast on this week's episode. We chat with Sean, Bryan and Cooper all about what Walt Disney ate in the early days before and after Disneyland opened, cool Disneyland food history, and some insider tips if you're headed to Disneyland. These guys are our Disneyland expe ...…
This week, we’re taking a deep dive into creativity and play as it relates to our chakras! In this episode we will explore what a chakra is - and what it has to do with your health and well-being. Then we will dive deep into two chakras that support our ability to create, play, and express our creativity to the world. This is a fun one, so be s ...…
In this crossover episode, Steve and I discuss the linguistic influence of the King James Bible and some common English idioms that have Biblical etymologies.
3 tips from Heather Wayman When Belly Dance Geek® first offered Rock the Routine back in 2012, online belly dance courses were almost unheard of. These days, finding online courses is easy. But getting the most out of them is still tricky. That’s where Heather comes in… The newest member of the Belly Dance Geek® team, Heather Wayman, has a lot ...…
On this episode Jason, Eric and James delve a bit deeper into the new release of Age of Sigmar. We also take a look at James weekend adventure to a Con in St Louis and the shenanigans that took part. Eric talks a bit about the new Infinity Nomads release, The Tunguska. Ri ...…
In today’s very special episode, in her cozy and warm hotel room, we sit down for a lovely and inspiring chat with Barbara Harper, a leading voice for childbirth and maternity care reform, an author, educator, midwife and internationally recognized expert on the use of warm water immersion for labor and birth.Barbara is a true guardian of Gentl ...…
Did you know the key to parkour is yelling “PARKOUR!”? Have you heard the stereotypes about Presbyterians turned Atheists? Did you get “ground” in the 90’s? Guest, mom and sister abuser Shauna explains it all on this hilarious episode. Please subscribe to our show and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! It really does help, we swear! You can follow ...…
Iana Dance Podcast This conversation only gets better and better as it unfolds! Oscar Flores is a world-known belly dancer who teaches and performs all around the globe, but I bet you have no idea even about half of the projects this artist is working on. Here are only some of the topics that we've discussed in this episode: - His incredible st ...…
5 things your introduction needs to accomplish. About a year ago I released the very first episode of More Than Steps, Get the Hell Off the Stage. In that episode, we talked about the need to make the last few moments in your show count. But your introduction is just as important! Just like you need to warm up before dancing, your audience need ...…
It's our 100th Hungry Squared Podcast episode! We are here with Ike and Lee to look back on the last couple of years, talk about about our favorite moments and episodes, and announce some awesome giveaways because we want to say thanks and that we love you guys! Go to for the show notes and all the details on the giveaways ...…
Happy July! This month, we’re diving head first into the theme of Creativity and Play, so we're kicking off the month with our Funky 5 to share ways to integrate creativity and play into our personal, interpersonal, professional, societal and spiritual lives, so be sure to tune in.
OK, here is a nice and short episode talking about various subjects that are floating around in the Fly Fishing world. Plastic bottles, hoot owl fishing and how to keep the fish safe, warm water alternatives when the temps are too high. And I definitely don't talk about the 50/50 movement. We'll save that topic for a panel discussion in the upc ...…
The -ly suffix is a contraction hiding in plain sight. It is cognate with the word "like," and indeed, it literally means "like." "Sadly" is sad-like. "Madly" is mad-like. Amazingly, both "like" and "-ly" derive from a root word meaning "body or corpse." Over the course of this episode, we try to make sense of this semantic evolution.…
On this week's extended episode, we interview Ned Adams of Dutch Oven Daddy and he gives us all the details of cast iron in America from Griswold, Wagner Ware, and Lodge. He then gets practical and we talk about how to season a piece of cast iron and what to do when the cast iron looks old, gunky, and rusted. Plus, we're having a giveaway on th ...…
Local dad and resident “poopsmith” Phrai Freed joins the moms and opens up about the time his scrotum was opened up. Someone is leaving poop on Angie’s doorstep. Spoiler: it’s Angie! Julie sadly succumbs to the neighborhood parking bully. Please subscribe to our show and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! It really does help, we swear! You can foll ...…
This week we hit on 3 ESSENTIAL areas of health that could be affecting you ...without you even knowing about it! Ditching the dieting cultureThyroid issues and overcoming Hashimoto'sAdrenal fatigue and overexercising. Juicy - yes?! And this conversation is so jam-packed and juicy because, both myself and fellow nutrition health geek Lauren Gay ...…
Moulids Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse Episode 62: My guest, Sahra Saeeda (Sahra C. Kent), will talk about Egypt’s Saints Day Festivals. Get the recording Many dancers long for the opportunity to travel to the lands of the dance and some are lucky enough to be able to make a trip (or several!). But it can be difficult to know how and when move away ...…
Iana Dance Podcast We always start somewhere! This episode is a compilation of different stories from our guests on how their belly dance journeys began. From going into belly dance with a clear intention of learning dance skills, to a surprising mistakes that led them into this world... Some got inspired by pop-music culture, some by fitness b ...…
In today’s episode we’re answering YOUR questions about creating and cultivating boundaries, both in your life, and in your body! We will touch on the barriers that protect the gut and the brain, the importance of feeling your feelings to protect your health, and approaches for making these boundaries stick.…
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