Best Bonkers podcasts we could find (Updated May 2019)
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Enter The Void
A podcast about films that are just completely bonkers.
A podcast about literature and history. Every week Linnea Hartsuyker, Jessica Hatch, Manik Hinchey, and Reidan Fredstrom read a piece of literature and discuss its literary merits and historical context.
Fortnightly(ish) podcast delving into incredible, macabre and bizarre stories from historical newspapers. Violet and Jim are two amateur researchers based on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Violet in London and Jim in New York, and every couple of weeks or so they get together to discuss the stories, poems and letters to the editor that they’ve found in the archives. Whether it’s global headline-making stories completely forgotten today or unusual reporting of famous events, it’s always guar ...
Two White Muslims
Branded as "Bonkers" the Two White Muslims share their unique and witty banter discussing the World and everything in it!
Quirky Mysteries, Screwball Fantasy and Sassy History
Teen Girl Talk
Teen Girl Talk joins siblings Franklin and Susie Cota as they joyfully make their way through a menagerie of media made for teens. We're talking movies, books, tv shows, music and more! Laugh and cry along with the Cota siblings with some bonkers teen media! Too old to be teens, too funny not to listen to.
Do you enjoy Orson Welles-esque things, dramatic plays, improvisational comedy, or classic niche shit that will make you seem even cooler than you already are? Following the Hollywood tradition of re-do, re-make, and re-vive, we scour the internet for classic radio plays from the 1930's to the 1970's and have actors perform them once again! But that wouldn't be fun enough right? Cause lets be honest, some of them are going to be more enjoyable for the "I wish it was like the old days" genera ...
Nikki in Wonderland
Alice on the adventure or bonkers like the Mad Hatter?
Sucker Punch
All things and Combat Sports: The Sucker Punch podcast speaks on a variety of topics; everything from MMA to current events. It is hosted by a couple of weirdos who revel in how truly bonkers the current state of the world has become. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Anderson Cooper brings you highlights from CNN's premier nightly news program AC360.
Welcome To Business
A Podcast where we (Austin, Matt and Taylor) build a world of goofy business ideas, find out that Kickstarter has some bonkers projects, and talk about yellow mustard.
Tall Poppy
Tall Poppy brings you interviews that invite a new paradigm of leadership. Emerging voices that inspire and empower a human-centred style of managing people and projects, leading companies and countries. Tall Toppy rises above, sticks her neck out, risks being chopped down. Hosted by Tathra Street, a leadership consultant who is committed to bringing you fantastic interviews, no hype, just real conversations. While it seems the world is going bonkers, we’re talking about what it’s going to t ...
Kitchen wisdom and friendly chat from two friends who love to bake
Journalists Jeb Lund and David J. Roth step away from the the anxieties of the real world and step into the gentle, cornball, consequence-free fantasy world that exists only on the Hallmark Channel. Every week, give or take, we discuss a different Hallmark original movie—from Christmas cheer, to wedding jitters, to bakers who solve murders—and break it down into recognizable components of angels, moms, moppets, themed sweaters and mountains of dinner rolls, and try to make sense of the momen ...
Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford are together on their award winning podcast, discussing current events, past events, other things and things we haven't thought of yet.
It's not just crazy talk, it's Psychobabble - the official free audio podcast from YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. Listen each week as he and his bestie Korey Kuhl bring you a half hour of unfiltered gossip sessions, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before.
"Very Good TV Podcast" offers Indiewire's weekly examinations of the best stories, shows and trends across television — plus our heartiest recommendations of what new content you should be watching.
Pitch Invasion
Chris Wittyngham discusses the latest news in the world of soccer, with a focus on Miami
Hang with Impractical Jokers writer John Szeluga and artist/Wahoo Skiffle Crazies member Chris Sorrentino for hilarious uncensored booze-fueled conversations between two nerdy dirty dads.
This is the official blog for the Bonkers Podcast.
"Stoner fiction" doesn't even begin to cut it. No Dragon Press is a bonkers stoner fantasy/sci-fi adventure. Written and read for you by Maggie Gibbs. Intended for audiences over 21.
Bunker Buddies
We're all magical wizards! Andie (raised a prepper now TV writer) and Ben (user experience tech design, Hyperloop One, Jaguar Land Rover) use their real life experiences while staying open and vulnerable in hopes that if your life brings you zombies, real or metaphorical, you'll be leveled up for battle and know you're not alone! We are your Bunker Buddies. Let's Grow! Bunker Buddies is a show all about survival that was founded by Travis McElroy and Andie Bolt back in 2014. Now, THERE IS NO ...
Try Hards Podcast
A women’s rugby podcast! Not exclusive to women, or about women’s rugby, but a fresh female take. England World Cup winner Nolli Waterman, and rugby broadcaster Laura-Jane Jones will be talking you through both the women’s and men’s games, and taking you on their adventures in the sport.
Twisted are a Glasgow based Events organization, Hosting Hardcore and Hardstyle parties since the 1999. Parties Twisted are responsible for include Darkside, InfeXious, Motormouth, Reactor, Wonderful Days and Ibiza Goes Hard.
Semi Pro Poddy
A weekly podcast covering everything about semi professional football in Victoria Australia
Tragic School Bus
The Tragic School Bus is a comedy podcast about classic cartoons and kid's tv shows of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and today
Your Property Podcast, is brought to you by Your Property Network Magazine, the UK’s leading magazine for active property investors. Whether you are an experienced property investor or just starting out, our informative podcasts will build into an invaluable audio library available to you anytime, on the go. Your hosts Ant Lyons and Angharad Owen will be talking to some of the UK’s most knowledgeable property investors and discussing hot topics each month giving you the knowledge and inspira ...
Jersey Gal Speaks
It seems like the whole world has gone bonkers! lets bring some sanity back.
A Brit and an American explore their beleaguered baseball fanhood and discover nothing all that groundbreaking about life itself while they're at it.
A Brit and an American explore their beleaguered baseball fanhood and discover nothing all that groundbreaking about life itself while they're at it.
Can a spaceship go crazy? Well, yes it can if it has a brain. And the new MG (magnetogravitic drive) experimental robot space ship does indeed have a 'brain'. Completely bewildered as to why the first six models of their supposedly perfect new ship model, the MG-YR, nicknamed the McGuire, have gone totally bonkers after activation and before they could ever be used, the company has called in the services of Daniel Oak. They suspect sabotage of course. Daniel Oak is the hard boiled private in ...
Greenlight is a bonkers stream-of-consciousness podcast where I ask filmmakers, producers, comedians, and anyone who makes stuff how they get themselves and their products out there.
TV Conference Call
Three sisters have regular conference call to discuss all things TV - hilarity ensues.
Fantasy Ball Bag
Hosts Will Cooper & James Boughen are Fantasy Football bonkers and they know how much it means to be crowned mini league champions. Maybe they can help. We discuss all things FF; who to buy or sell, mind games, tactics, injuries, handsome players (what?), we do it all. So tune in and get in touch if you want to chat about the noble sport of Fantasy Football. If you want to get in touch email
Tim and James D'Elia talk NBA fantasy basketball; it's fantastic.
Check out Chris Brandon's new Podcast! Bookings:
Each week Josh tests a new Pet Battle team in World of Warcraft and puts together a guide that shows you how to get the pets and win battles with them. Join the WoW Pet Battle Crew and conquer the world, one critter at a time.
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Chris is joined by FOX Sports' Fernando Fiore, who MC'd the Inter Miami stadium demolition today at Lockhart Stadium, to talk about his history as a supporter of soccer in Miami. Then, we get into an absolutely insane midweek of soccer. We break down 17:20 Tottenham's comeback against Ajax 26:45 Liverpool's comeback against Barcelona 38:45 Man ...…
Episode 13 - Hume are average in the league but bonkers in the cup, Heidelberg make it 5, Will talks to the FFA board of directors and we discuss goalkeepers in hats.By Semi Pro Poddy.
Think you know pizza? Think again. This week we're joined by professional pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener of Really Dough? and Scott's Pizza Tours. Recorded at Kesté Pizzeria in NYC.By Super Live Adventure.
Pres. Trump Fires Back After Pelosi Gets Under His Skin - Again; Pres. Trump Goes On The Defensive After Pelosi Says He's "Crying Out For Impeachment;" Pelosi Tonight: I'll Be Happy To Work With The "Extremely Stable Genius" When He Starts Acting More Presidential; Pres. Trump Calls Himself A "Stable Genius" And Asks Staff To Vouch For His Calm ...…
Chris and Ted give an update on the multiple stadium sites Inter Miami are pursuing, including the latest news at Overtown. Plus, they discuss an ESPN report that Luis Suarez could come to Miami within the next year. They also delve into the final day in Germany and Spain, the forthcoming final day in Italy, the FA Cup Final, and much more.…
Enjoy the witty banter of the Two White Muslims as they discuss the topics of the day and generally set the world to rights. Comedy with an Islamic twistBy Two White Muslims.
Pelosi In Letter To House Colleagues: Pres. Trump "Had A Temper Tantrum For Us All To See; Sen. Stabenow On Pres. Trump: I Don't Think He Does Well With Strong, Smart Women;" Judge Upholds House Subpoenas For Pres. Trump's Financial Records; Second Judge This Week To Rule Against President; Pres. Trump: "I Don't Do Cover-Ups;"Judge Upholds Subp ...…
A first loss for Avondale, South Melbourne turn it up to literally ruin someones wedding, mid season review and Will admits he has average wedding plans.By Semi Pro Poddy.
The Impeachment Inquiry Inquiry; White House Not Backing Down In Battle With Dems; House Dems Subpoena Former Trump Advisor Hope Hicks And Ex-Chief Of Staff To White House Counsel McGahn; Wash. Post: Draft IRS Memo Says Pres. Trump's Tax Returns Must Be Given To Congress Unless He Invokes Executive Privilege; Sources: Mueller's Team Wary Of Spe ...…
Today, Tyler and Korey celebrate Mr. Ratburn coming out of the closet, they wonder what other iconic characters from their childhood were definitely queer, and they discuss the YouTuber drama and how they plan to create their own.​By Tyler Oakley, Korey Kuhl, and Cadence13.
Michael Cohen Told Lawmakers That Pres. Trump's Attorney Jay Sekulow Knew Cohen's Testimony On Trump Was False; Judge Orders Trump Accounting firm To Hand Over Records To Congress; Pres. Trump May Pardon Accused Or Convicted Warm Criminals; Trump Admin Blocks McGahn's House Testimony Tomorrow Claiming Former White House Counsel Has Immunity; Fe ...…
Ah, Paris, and SUMMER VILLA (2016), and time to ask: How's the writing going? ... THEME ... Who's a medical model, by the way ... Expecting swill, getting a delightful soufflé ... Moments of silence ... The Expositional Challenge ... He's a thicc lad ... Plot wrap-up ... Jean-Luc and The Butcher ... Bill DeBlasio, Child of the Corn ... The Demo ...…
Three-day weekends and festive "Dads and Grads" celebrations are on the horizon and Andrea and Stefin want to know what you’re baking up for the start-of-summer gatherings. Take inspiration from the back catalog with the August 2017 "Potlucks & Picnics" month, then connect on the Preheated Baking Podcast Listeners group on Facebook to let us kn ...…
We discuss Batman and Batman Returns, TV and movie goofs, junk food and fast food, plus we share our listeners’ Game Of Thrones finale predictions to see if they were right!By Super Live Adventure.
The Try Hards had a week off but now they're back to reflect on Nolli's stint at the Champions Cup Final for Channel 4, LJ brags about business class and there's a bit of chat about league structures, play offs and club identity.
AG Barr Fueling "Spy" Theories In Russia Probe; AG Barr Says Public School Know If Officials Put "Them On The Scale" In Russia Probe; Barr On Russia Probe: Some Explanations Don't "Hang Together;" Flynn Contacted GOP Mueller Critic While Cooperating With Special Counsel; Too Many Democratic Contenders For WH?; While Cooperating With Mueller, Fl ...…
Enjoy the witty banter of the Two White Muslims as they discuss the topics of the day and generally set the world to rights. Comedy with an Islamic twistBy Two White Muslims.
U.S. Claims To Have Images Showing Iranian Freighters They Believe Are Carrying Missiles; Attorney General Barr Says He Will Not Stop Mueller From Testifying Before Congress; Pres. Trump Unveils New Immigration Plan, Ignores Most Complicated Issues; Newly Unsealed Evidence Shows Michael Flynn Helped With Mueller's Obstruction Investigation; Jud ...…
Sam and Curtis Discuss Episode 6 of Game Of Thrones And How John Snow Is Horrible With Women. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Alabama Governor Signs Near-Total Abortion Ban Into Law; Alabama Abortion Doctors Could Face Up To 99 Years In Prison Under New Law; New Alabama Abortion Law Does Not Include Exception For Rape, Incest; WH Counsel: Dems Have No Right For "Do-Over" Of Mueller Probe; Nadler: WH Thinks Pres. Trump Is A "King"; Probe Won't End; Are Iranian "Threats ...…
How have we got this far without discussing anything by the original film surrealist, Luis Buñuel? Well, today we rectify the situation and discuss not one but four films from the Spanish exile / expatriate moviemaking legend. In this episode, your hosts examine the previously promised UN CHIEN ANDALOU (1929), THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL (1962), an ...…
This week we're slurging through The Last Summer a movie about a bunch of terrible people doing boring things. Wowzers, this movie is bad. Meanwhile, Suesie is just done with it. Frank talks about how George Clooney is going to enter a love triangle with him and the Cryptkeeper. Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill. Please rate, review ...…
A very interesting week of football around the world as Dandy City get off the bottom of the table, Calder United running away with the WNPL, Bransen wears a vegan kit and FFA Cup round 6 fixtures.By Semi Pro Poddy.
Episode fifty-three of The Tragic School Bus, a podcast where Sage and Sarah review, rate, and revisit children’s TV shows both classic and modern.She’s a little girl from Hawaii and he’s an alien experiment, and together they make the world’s most adorable duo. That’s right folks! This week we revisit Lilo and Stitch the Series! Join us for su ...…
Barr Answers Pres. Trump's Call To "Turn The Tables On Mueller Probe; House Panel Investigating Claim Pres. Trump's Lawyers Helped Obstruct Russia Probe By Shaping False Testimony; One-On-One With Sen. Bernie Sanders; Iowa Farmers Impacted By U.S. Trade War With China; NY Times: White House Reviews Plan Against Iran That Could Send 120,000 U.S. ...…
Chris and Ted react to Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas saying the club has narrowed down their list of Designated Players to 8 or 9. Then, we discuss Manchester City winning the title, give our Premier League grades, assess the Bundesliga title race with 1 game left, and talk about the increased pressure in MLS.…
We are back after a short break. Get ready for episodes every other week. This week Matt gets defensive about onomatopoeia, Taylor gets healthy, and Austin gets his writing and recipes together. Catch us on for more business action!If you have a business you would like to hear send us a tweet @welcometobiz…
What are some of the things Tyler and Korey never had when they were kids? They're going to tell you! They'll also get into what inside jokes they'd commemorate with Christmas ornaments, the Met Gala's campiest outfits, and they recap episode four of "Amazing Race."By Tyler Oakley, Korey Kuhl, and Cadence13.
Ex-Deputy AG Rosenstein Blasts Former FBI Director James Comey As A "Partisan Pundit;" Ex-Deputy AG Rod Rosentein To Former FBI Director James Comey; "Speculating About Souls Is Not A Job For Police And Prosecutors;" Rosenstein Fires Back At Comey Days After Ex-FBI Director Said Fmr. Deputy AG Was "Not Strong Enough" To Stand Up To Pres. Trump; ...…
Sam Shares His Thoughts On UFC 237 & Bellator 221 This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Hey Buddies! Welcome to the arena. The place where you've come to push the boundaries of the world around you with confidence. If you're at a point in your life that you're feeling the criticism of those sitting on the sidelines more than the support of those in there fighting the battle with you, we're here to support you. We're talking all ab ...…
We don't want to talk about it. Except we do. Liz and Ben will dearly miss HBO's iconoclastic comedy about American politics, for all of its nuances and all of its outrageousness.By Indiewire.
It’s the second week of Made it Myself Month and the dynamic duo are up with a review of the Life Changing Crackers … did they live up to their name? (Well, Stefin did learn a new vocabulary word, and Andrea may have developed synesthesia!) Then it’s on to a slightly less healthy, but perhaps no less crucially important homemade treat — Stefin’ ...…
Laura Bruij Williams returns for the 2019 Mother's Day Special!By Super Live Adventure.
WH Asked McGahn To Publicly Say Pres. Trump Never Obstructed Justice; NY Times: McGahn WAs Asked At Least Twice And Declined; WH Asked McGahn To Say Pres. Trump Never Obstructed Justice; Ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn Rebuffed Request To Say Pres. Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice; Source: Pres. Trump Was Upset McGahn Refused To Say The Presiden ...…
Hey Buddies, This episode we're diving deep into the latest works of Graham Hancock! He's written a new book, America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization, and we're diving deep into the world of archeological dogma. We're talking LiDAR in the amazon, thinking outside the box, and continually exploring new possibilities! Come for the jo ...…
This week Saracens, England and Team Bin Juice STAR Bryony Cleall has joined the Try Hards to chat about her life as an identical twin, her former life as a centre, and things get deep when she tells Nolli & LJ about the psychological side of injury and coming back from it.
House Judiciary Votes To Hold Attorney General Barr In Contempt; Nadler: "We Are Now In A Constitutional Crisis;" Senate Intel Cmte. Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. Over Russia Probe, First Known Congressional Subpoena Of Pres. Trump's Children; CNN: Senate Intel Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr; Nadler: "We Are Now In A Constitutional Crisis"; Senate Inte ...…
Hoo boy we really go into the weeds during this episode. But that's what happens when we watch a good movie. On this week, we're covering the Perfect Date! A movie about a young man renting out his services as a date for any occasion. This of course causes problems further down the line because he's kind of a jerk. Also on this episode Suesie h ...…
It's podcast time, when TRUE LOVE BLOOMS (2019), and: We're resolving tension ... Baby arms ... So overdetermined it might be ironic ... Old Tampa actors ... THEME ... A Tampa Bay Hallmark movie! ... Authentic St. Petersburg ... You! The Tampa Kid! ... St. Pete skyline ... America's Most Floridian Hallmark Podcast ... BJ's Holocaust museum ... ...…
Enjoy the unique, witty banter of the Two White Muslims as they discuss the topics of the day and generally set the world to rights. Comedy with an Islamic twistBy Two White Muslims.
New York Times Obtains 10 Years Of Trump's Tax Info.; Shows The President Paid No Income Taxes 8 Of 10 Years; NY Times: Obtains 10 Years Of Pres. Trump's Tax Info.; NY Times Obtains 10 Years Of Pres. Trump's Tax Info.; He Lost More Money Than Nearly Any Other Taxpayer; NY Times: Tax Info. From 1985 to 1994 Shows Trump's Businesses Were In Far B ...…
Upon listening to a podcast about Mary Anning, the famous fossil collector, I heard a familliar name: William Buckland. I spoke about Buckland during my episode entitled: That Time The French King was Cannibalized. The story, probably untrue, is that Buckland was handed the mumified heart (or part of it) of King Louis XIV from France. Buckland, ...…
Treasury Department Denies Request For Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Source: Pres. Trump Was Expressing His Opinion About Mueller Testify, Not Saying He Would Stand In The Way; Dems Worry Pres. Trump Won't Give Up Power If He Loses In 2020; Hundreds Of Federal Prosecutors Sign Letter Stating That Trump Would Be Charged With Obstruction If Not Pres ...…
We have a sit down with Johnny Warren medalist and current Adelaide City player to talk about what it was like growing up in Argentina. His move to Australia, playing in a vibrant and attacking Adelaide United team. Playing in Asia and Riding motorbikes through Africa and Europe to train kids on the street before finally talking about his time ...…
It's a Very Good TV Podcast first: An Oscar winner as a special guest! Also, Liz and Ben LEFT THE OFFICE to visit Adam McKay at his home in Los Angeles, where we got into McKay's role behind the scenes on HBO's "Succession." Secrets are revealed! Laughs are enjoyed! Fun is had!By Indiewire.
May is Made it Myself (MIM) month! But before diving into homemade crackers, Pop Tarts, power bars and even Oreos, Andrea issues a cautionary tale about baking in a kitchen that’s not your own, and a hilarious (and delicious) recap of treats Preheated Listeners have taken through airport security. (Just how many travelers are taking fully decor ...…
The first 40 minutes are spoiler-free, then it's all about Avengers: Endgame and the Battle of Winterfell.By Super Live Adventure.
April Hiring Strong, Jobless Rate Falls; Pres. Trump Talks To Putin For More Than An Hour, Doesn't Bring Up Cyberattack On 2016 Election; Unemployment Falls To 3.6%, Lowest Since 1969; Is A Strong Economy An Uphill Battle For Dems In 2020?; Former Dem. Campaign Managers: Throw Trump An Anvil; House Judiciary Chairman Threatens Attorney General ...…
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