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Best Bursell podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Bursell podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Social critic-at-large Charles Bursell presents podcasts, radio art, and commentary in a variety of formats and genres ranging from one-on-one conversation to full company experimental audio improv. Current podcasts include "Conversations with Charles Bursell" and "Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre"
Liz Manashil and Alrik Bursell discuss independent filmmaking, everything from writing, producing and directing to working as crew. But this is not just a podcast about "making it," it's also about struggling with rejection, self-doubt and everything else that comes with pursuing a career in film. Follow along as we forge our own way through the industry and talk to guests who are also making it happen.
Every Thursday, Noam shares valuable insight into the world of micro-budget filmmaking, geared towards true DIY filmmakers looking to get out there and create their own films.
A monthly show where host, Creator K, and guests share stories, music, and art that you might not know about, but should - because sharing is caring. Send us questions/stuff that you've been digging lately at letsshowandtell1@gmail.com
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New Year mulligans, Iran plan, cookie etiquette, and dodging death. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
We are back with another Speed of Life centric episode of MMIH, this time Liz Manashil sits down with two of her producers Pardis Sullins and Josh JD Compton to talk about the producing of their film Speed of Life!By Alrik and Liz
This week Liz and Alrik talk to Liz's production designer on her second feature film, Speed of Life, Marcie Maute! Marcie tells us about how she brought the two timelines into existence, working on a tiny budget and much more!By Alrik and Liz
This week on the show, filmmaker Shaun Colón takes us on a deep dive into the world of documentary filmmaking. We chat at length about his debut documentary feature: A Fat Wreck - a 3 year long DIY project that found incredible success with film festivals and fans alike, even generating interest from the Sundance Institute. Building off of this suc…
Next Generation Football podcast host Shauyan Noorfeshan joins Creator K on the show for episode 21 to talk about how he fell in love with the game of soccer and took that love to a new level by creating the Next Generation Football Podcast, as well as the qualities necessary for budding projects to have that will set them apart from others. In par…
This week we are back with the second in a series of updates from the set of The Alternate! This time co-host Andrew Schrader is joined by Alrik to talk through the audio logs for days four and five of the shoot!By Alrik and Andrew
You’re probably not a radical, but you should be. Plus, an addendum to last week’s year/decade review. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
This week we are going to share with you the first in a series of audio logs I recorded during Principal Photography for The Alternate! For this first update co-host Andrew Schrader goes through the first three days of production logs from The Alternate!By Alrik and Andrew
This week Alrik and Liz are excited to have Polish filmmaker Bartlomiej 'Bart' Skupien on the show to talk about his journey making short films in Poland and why he prefers to write all of his films in English and how he's managed to pull that off!By Alrik and Liz
2019 year in review, looking back at the 10's and looking ahead to the 20’s www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Jack of all trades Camden Stacey (musically known as "Shhh") joins Creator K on the show for episode 20 to talk about music - both making it and teaching it - and the Chicago-based project, Reset Presents, he is a part of and what they’re all about. We also continue some of the chatter from last episode about freelance life - the importance of bala…
This week Alrik and Liz welcome production designer Rob Riutta to the show to talk about designing the eleven feature films he has under his belt, what goes into the art department and is process for the production design for Alrik's film, The Alternate.By Alrik and Liz
Host Charles Bursell talks with singer/songwriter Peter Donalds and plays songs from his album “Small Town Christmas” www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
The wannabe crime boss will face an impeachment trial. Democrats have chosen a narrow path, but the country, and history, would have been better served by throwing the book at him. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Returning to the show this week is Alex Ferrari of the Indie Film Hustle podcast. Alex has been educating filmmakers for years through a multitude of platforms, and has just written a new book that truly takes things to the next level: Rise of the Filmtrepreneur. The film industry has gone through a massive change over the past few years and most f…
This week Liz and Alrik welcome back multi-hyphenate writer, director, author, podcaster and indie film podcast mogul Alex Ferrari to the show! Alex talks to us about his newest book, the Rise of the Filmtrepreneur!By Alrik and Liz
The Media Bias chart, the “I don’t care” philosophy, prayers for Jimmy Carter, and The Ten Commitments. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Creator K joins Creator K for episode 19 to talk freelance life - benefits, struggles, and the overall hustle. In part 2, K shares his experience running a Ragnar relay and what he learned about himself while doing it, as well as a few others items y'all might dig. Show notes containing all links to the guest and items discussed will be in the Soun…
This week Liz Manashil and Alrik welcome Writer/Director Jennifer Reeder to the show to talk about her career as a director and her newest film, Knives and Skin which hits theaters and VOD on Friday December 6th!By Alrik and Liz
This track was produced for Riverwest Radio, Milwaukee to be aired during their on-air fundraiser. It is the first of two half-hours.By Charles Bursell
This track was produced for Riverwest Radio, Milwaukee to be aired during their on-air fundraiser. It is the second of two half-hours.By Charles Bursell
Hunters, Hamilton, Fascists, (ok) Boomers, and dime store Oprah. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
On this Turkey Two-Fer we start off with L. Jeffrey Moore and Alrik talking with LA Based Actor/Writer/Producer Bruce Nachsin about his path as a filmmaker, making action shorts and his Super Hero shorts Dark Specter and Dark Specter 2!By Alrik and Jeffrey
On our second part of our Turkey Day Special co-host Winnie Wong and Alrik chat with filmmaker, musician, writer and director Dominic Mercurio! Dominic talks to us about his work in music videos and returning to filmmaking after an eight year break!By Alrik and Winnie
A motley collection of guests perform a First Thanksgiving pageant then hit the table for turkey and talk on politics, gender, food, death, memes and more. Also, there’s too much hollering in the world. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Multidisciplinary artist Ben Bursell (musically known as "Ache") joins Creator K on the show for episode 18 to talk about how skateboarding was the driver of his desire to create art, how he balances multiple forms of expression, and how important it is for creatives to make things simply for the fun of it. In part 2, Ben brings in a product that h…
This week special co-host Samiat Salami and Alrik talk to writer/director/producer Dave Bundtzen about making horror short films and his strategy to make his filmmaking profitable! This and much more on this weeks Making Movies is HARD!By Alrik and Samiat
Climate crisis, white supremacy, and economic injustice. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez connect the dots and lay out their vision. Writer/activist Naomi Klein opens. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Economic injustice, a dire climate warning, and the end of Tr*mp. Resetting The Log’s mission topics. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
This week Liz and Alrik talk to actor turned writer/director Alex Wolff about growing up in front of the camera and discovering himself as a writer/director as a teenager which lead him down a five year journey to get The Cat and The Moon made!By Alrik and Liz
Musical artist Rilla Force joins Creator K on the show for episode 17 to chat about his new album "Fiesta", how he found his sound, trusting the universe, more. In part 2, Rilla shares his Sega memory card that, sparked a larger conversation about his roots and inspirations, as well as the importance of setting and raising bars in the arts. Show no…
Radio theatre, a Halloween jam, new poetry, an old ghost story, and conversation on the meaning of the Scary Season. (Spoiler alert: your greatest fear is also your deepest desire.) The full company joins host Charles Bursell for this special Holiday podcast. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
This week, my guest is Brad Raider - a fellow LA based filmmaker who made his debut feature Kensho at the Bedfellow on a budget of $250,000. Over the course of our chat, Brad speaks at length about his fundraising process which uniquely leveraged his meditation community to bring his vision to life. We also talk about his challenging production pro…
Andrew Schrader and Gavin Murray join Alrik this week to talk about the Just Shoot It Live show they all went to the night before and to grill Alrik on how he feels about the crowdfunding campaign for The Alternate which now only has 3 days left!By Alrik and Andrew
Turns out we were wrong: Dylan really can sing, autumn leaves shouldn’t be raked, and Trump’s really going down this time. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
This week, I’m joined by Alrik Bursell - co-host of the very popular Making Movies Is Hard Podcast. Alrik is currently in the midst of fundraising for his upcoming feature film - The Alternate - an ambitious sci-fi film he’s been developing for 5 years. Over the course of our interview, Alrik and I talk about the fundraising process at length. Topi…
Matt, Oren, Alrik and new co-host Liz Manashil sit down and talk about a variety of topics including why we podcast, Liz's film Speed of Life, Alrik's film The Alternate and we even have a little talk about the first cross over episode from 3 years ago!By Alrik and Liz
Ranking the Dems, predicting the ticket, and pondering Anarchy. Chucky Bucky critiques the pub crowd. Uncle Chuck recites poetry. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Musical artist Visionnaire joins Creator K on the show for episode 16 to talk about what visionnaire means and how we look at artist's identities in general, how we as a society listen to and digest music, and V's "bloom." project along with the messages within it. In part 2, Visonnaire shares the music video for his track "Lift" and how it all cam…
This week co-host Andrew Schrader and Alrik talk to writer Michael Molina who is a staff writer on Nickelodeon's The Casagrandes! Michael talks to us about starting in sketch comedy in New York, making his first feature film and moving to LA to write!By Alrik and Andrew
Most indie filmmakers are guilty of overlooking the importance of sound, but my guest this week - Woody Woodhall - is here to change that. Woody is an acclaimed post-audio engineer, owner of LAPPG and Allied Post, and has played an instrumental role in hundreds of television and film projects. Over the course of our discussion, Woody outlines the m…
Family farms are a gazillion times better than Big Ag. Also: a better world through better jokes. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
This week Liz and Alrik talk to local independent filmmaker Eduardo Castrillo about his life of making features, from making his first feature in college to getting paid by a distributor to make a feature, we cover it all!By Alrik and Liz
The OJ Trial, Monty Python, Che Guevara, war, FOX, Poe and more. This week in history with commentators Chuck and Chucky. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Bossman at music label Sundae Sauuce, Travis George, joins Creator K on the show for episode 15 to talk about what it was like when he realized music was at the center of his future, and what Sundae Sauuce is all about/how good it feels to connect with people through the platform. There's also naturally some ice cream chatter, so buckle up. In part…
This week special guest host Andrew Schrader joins Alrik to talk all things The Alternate on this very special episode of MMIH! Also Alrik gives his pitch for why you should join The Alternate Team and support the Seed and Spark Campaign!By Alrik and Andrew
This week my guest is Zach Lipovsky, the co-director of the theatrically released feature film Freaks, which stars Emile Hirsch and Bruce Dern. Zach and his partner Adam were able to successfully raise financing for their script, attach A-list actors, land a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and sell their movie for $2,000,000. O…
Defeating climate crisis requires the overthrow of Capitalism, the restoration of democracy, and radical individual lifestyle reform, all of which have huge upsides. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
This week special guest host Alex Kellerman joins Alrik to talk to Davey Williams, an American actor who moved to China and spent 10 years acting in Chinese films, commercials and TV, then came back to Hollywood tackle his career in the states!By Alrik and Kellerman
What would Howard Zinn think about Ken Burns’ “Country Music”? Also: How Milwaukee can save the world in 2020. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
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