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Christmas Past
Christmas Past is a podcast that tells the stories behind your favorite holiday traditions.
Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas! Santa has his sack just packed full of old time radio shows. And if you are good, Santa will be podcasting these heart warming and family fun shows directly to your download. This is a wonderful gift to give to your loved ones.
Christmas Songs
Favorite Christmas Songs to warm your Christmas gathering around the fire or family holiday event
A Christmas Carol
The classic ghost story by Charles Dickens, abridged in 9 episodes.
A short audio show celebrating the happiest time of year all year long
Christmas Creeps
Christmas Creeps is dedicated to reviewing holiday films and specials all year round in search of the true meaning of Christmas. New episodes released twice a month.
“A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, biting, clutching, covetous old sinner” is hardly hero material, but this is exactly what makes A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens such an unforgettable book and its hero, Ebenezer Scrooge such an extraordinarily enduring character. In the book's celebrated opening scene, on the night before Christmas the old miser Ebenezer Scrooge sits in his freezing cold counting house, oblivious to the discomfort of his shivering young assistant Bob Cratchit. Scrooge ...
Laughing All The Way
Join the festive fun as a dysfunctional family battle their way home, towards the festivities and each other. Comedy Drama by Dafydd James, Rachel Tresize, Philip Ralph, Kevin Dyer & Niall Griffiths.
Do you love Christmas music? Do you love Celtic music? Subscribe to the Celtic Christmas Podcast. You'll enjoy hours of great Christmas music and entertainment from many of the best indie Celtic musicians online. You'll be rich with holiday spirit and a wealth of Celtic Christmas craic for your holiday pleasure.
Acoustic Christmas Songs, Music and Carols to accompany your holiday or xmas activities. Perfect to set the mood while you bake cookies or visit with the family during the Christmas Holidays
Though carols are traditionally associated with Christmas, this was not always the case. “Carol” comes from the French word 'carole' which means circle dance accompanied by singing. It was part of any festivity and gradually came to be associated with holidays like Christmas. In England, festivities were banned following the Civil War and Protestantism, but many song writers and Protestants wrote musical works to be sung at Christmas and these were referred to as “carols.” Today, Christmas a ...
Listen to talk with musicians about their Christmas albums
In pursuit of the true meaning of Christmas, Loree Stark and Rob Bricken hunker down and watch all 33 of 2017's brand-new, original Hallmark holiday movies. Expect tiny Vermont towns, several tons of fake snow, and 33 adorable but seemingly mismatched couples finding love.
This year's LibriVox selection of traditional Christmas carols, hymns and songs in English, French, German, Greek, Italian and Ukrainian. We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.English:All Children are on Christmas Eve - Words & Music: Rev. Charles L. Hutchins (1838-1920). Angels from the Realms of Glory - Words: James Montgomery (1771-1854); Music: Henry T. Smart (1813-1879).Angels We Have Heard on High - Words: French Carol, trans. James Chadwick (1813-1882). Music: 'Gloria' French ...
A collection of Christmas-themed short stories, intended to warm the heart and share with the family. Each story or poem in this collection is unique: some make us pause to consider the meaning of Christmas, others entertain and make us smile. So curl up in front of a blazing fire and be transported back to Christmases past. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
Midlife Christmas
Join us for a tale of friendship, foes, and football! Space! Suburbs! Songs! Midlife Christmas is the world's premier seven-part-Christmas-themed-musical podcast, and you're only letting yourself down by not listening to it.
Christmas carols
Christmas carol podcasts from a Christian radio program "Songs of Hope" in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The radio station is Southern FM 88.3.
Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean old miser, is given a second chance to do right after being haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve in this Dickens classic. The Christmas Carol Audio Book.
Christmas Stories
Delight in fun and heartwarming memories of the holiday with Christmas Stories by Focus on the Family.
Fifteen short stories by Antoinette Ogden from French and Spanish writers of many times. - Summary by david wales
A new episode every day from December 1st through the 24th: an Advent calendar audio adventure!"You’re listening to WXMAS North Pole Radio. Jolly Snowspice here. THIS JUST IN: Christmas is coming! Time for the Pole's annual mission to the World Below. And for the first time in 862 years, the journey to visit kids from the four corners of the Earth is changing guard! But when the entire mission is put in jeopardy, can it be completed in time to save Christmas? Tune into WXMAS right here every ...
Jazz Christmas
Jazz Christmas tunes for your holiday gathering from Strings Attached
Christmas Carols
Favorite Christmas Carols to warm your Christmas gathering
The classic Christmas story of an old miser and the astonishing effect a series of ghostly visitors has upon him. This version has been read in a whisper and is perfect for night-time listening in a quiet room. The low volume is intentional! - Summary by Cori Samuel
This collection includes 40 different Christmas carols collected and read by Douglas D. Anderson, the creator of The Hymns and Carols of Christmas website, a public-domain collection of Christmas music containing over 2,600 hymns, carols and songs.
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
All things holly, jolly, and odd-ly.
Once a month, a completely improvised broadcast direct from the North Pole. Find out what really happens at Santa's Village the rest of the year! It's not all about Christmas and making toys! It's like Welcome to Night Vale meets Christmas, but improvised. Created by Grant Baciocco (The Jim Henson Company, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Wet Hot American Summer), Jayne Entwistle (The Good Place, Maron, Big Love) and Chris Sheets (The Concessionaires Must Die!, Night Of The Alien).
This year's Christmas collection of short stories and non-fiction, a play, poems, and bible readings features readings in English, Bulgarian, French, German, Italian and Swedish. Cast list for The Christmas Dinner:Mother Goose: Bev J StevensGrandfather: Ray KasperGrandmother: Ronelle SpiegelFather: J KorthMother: Maria KasperWalter: Beth ThomasGertrude: Kimberly KrausSanta Claus: Phil ChenevertNarrator: MaryAnn SpiegelEdited by: MaryAnn Spiegel
A Christmas Carol
Includes A Christmas Carol adapted for kids Humbug !
Family Christmases are potential death traps. These are story of how we manage to survive each year.
Hope you like Christmas beacons this is about Christmas
Many librarians have felt the need and expressed the desire for a select collection of children's Christmas stories in one volume. This book claims to be just that and nothing more. Each of the stories has already won the approval of thousands of children, and each is fraught with the true Christmas spirit. It is hoped that the collection will prove equally acceptable to parents, teachers, and librarians. (Summary from Book Preface)
Christmas Lesson Plan Playlist of Mini Minstrels Songs - for use alongside the Mini Minstrels book 'All Aboard - Through the Seasons with Mini Minstrels' available to purchase from
Magical radio unwrapping the real festive spirit as seen through the eyes and heard through the voices of children from all over Ireland.
SunsetCast Media System
This multilingual Christmas Short Works Collection for 2010 contains public domain short stories, essays, poems and scripture passages in English, German and Portuguese.
The World's Funniest Christmas Ringtones from Hahaas Comedy. Personalize your iPhone with any of Hahaas 10,000+ ringtones, text tones, alerts and alarms. Search HAHAAS in iTunes. Happy Holidays.
Christmas Concert in the Park 2013 - Party at Tamar. A potpourri of popular band music and choral pieces, including the flute showpiece Carmen fantasy, much loved choral works The Holy City, Amazing Crace and The Heavens are Telling. Together with a Christmas Medley specially arranged by Bill connor.
A gentle reminiscence of a fictional country doctor as the year is drawing to a close. Unlike city doctors, the personal and professional life of a country doctor are closely intertwined. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
“Clearly he was one of those rare beings who can radiate energy standing still and convey the impression of impetuous force without motion, a trick of the eyes, a refusal to sag…. King saw her first as she started across Cherry Street from the far corner, a slender figure moving with grace and assurance through the dangerous procession of motor cars, still handled in the South as new toys,…” What is the secret that may keep these two, meant for each other, apart?Book quote and David Wales
Are you tired of chasing and running after worldly stuff at Christmas? Isn’t it time that we focus more on Christ than the “more, more, more”. Join us this joyous season as we go back to a time of a simple Christmas.
Christmas Is Coming!
Remember as a child smelling the tree and seeing the gifts pile up under the tree? Christmas is coming and the expectations are high. What does Christmas promise?
Christmas Science Lectures
Bah & the Humbugs, America's premier satiric Christmas rock band, presents their annual Christmas Eve podcast for your enjoyment. Sit back with some eggnog and your favorite elf and enjoy the Humbugs' unique brand of holiday cheer and coal-in-your-stocking, laugh-until-you-hurt Humbugs songs.
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In this delightful story ”The Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation” by Annie Fellows Johnston the Little Colonel, Lloyd Sherman. together with her friends Betty, Kitty and Allison are starting the schoolyear at a new school, Warwick Hall, a Boardingschool for girls in Washington. They find it a wonderful and stimulating place, make many new friends and have many experiences and also adventures there. But Lloyd comes down with high fever shortly before Christmas, and while home on Christmas Va ...
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The summer is here and the World Cup has kicked off in Russia. Andrew & Alex are back to talk about all the action from the tournament including some of the big surprises so far through 6/17. Check out the latest from Javier's trip to Russia while he follows Peru. Follow the guys on twitter/insta:@ghostgoalpod@andrewpassaro@asmoss92@javiair…
Comedian, actor and author Sarah Colonna (Chelsea Lately, Has Anyone Seen My Pants?, Life as I Blow It) stops by the podcast to talk about playing an alcoholic pageant mom on the new Netflix show Insatiable, Clutch Women (the line of stadium regulation size handbags she created as a clever response to the NFL's strict policy about bags), her ma ...…
It’s that time of month where Cory!! and Joe talk about what is in Previews and let you know what they are interested in for comics coming out in September! How, the recording software didn’t much care for Joe, so after about 15 minutes, it stopped recording. SWEET CHRISTMAS! WHAT WILL CORY!! DO TO SAVE THE EPISODE! You’ll see…. They also talk ...…
It’s that time of month where Cory!! and Joe talk about what is in Previews and let you know what they are interested in for comics coming out in September! How, the recording software didn’t much care for Joe, so after about 15 minutes, it stopped recording. SWEET CHRISTMAS! WHAT WILL CORY!! DO TO SAVE THE EPISODE! You’ll see…. They also talk ...…
Welcome To The Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast In this episode of the Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast Jeremy welcomes back co-host Paul to discuss the 15 key things to consider for your online business for peak season. For Jeremy and Paul peak season is Q4 from Cyber Week to Christmas and the season is expanding. Jeremy and Paul discuss why planning ea ...…
This time of year, it’s like Christmas for gamers as the annual E3 conference took place this past week, and the group here at YJGF is here to tell you all about it. Listen to Dan, Brandon, and Jarret as they cover Microsoft’s Xbox E3 briefing and give you their take on the announced games […]
In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss summer fires, seven hours of mowing, men & wedding readiness, more inappropriate remarks at the museum, a new variation on poop from little Joseph, wielding the power of bad words, the incongruity of a Snapple banner, mini-dumpsters, not recognizing people, the bad energy of chain ...…
The Bob Siegel Show is a weekly call in radio talk show. Bob and his guests discuss religion and its relationship to politics and popular culture. The Bob Siegel Show airs every Sunday from 6:00PM - 7:00PM PST. Listen to shows live online at ...…
The Bob Siegel Show is a weekly call in radio talk show. Bob and his guests discuss religion and its relationship to politics and popular culture. The Bob Siegel Show airs every Sunday from 6:00PM - 7:00PM PST. Listen to shows live online at ...…
The Bob Siegel Show is a weekly call in radio talk show. Bob and his guests discuss religion and its relationship to politics and popular culture. The Bob Siegel Show airs every Sunday from 6:00PM - 7:00PM PST. Listen to shows live online at ...…
Post: 6-17-18 Christmas gave us the birth of Jesus; Easter gave us his resurrection. What does Pentecost give us?
Deemed by the guys a little too niche for a regular episode, in this Doctor Who Show Presents... Dave takes Rob on a short trip through the Virgin New Adventures (1991-1997), and to a lesser extent, the Virgin Missing Adentures (1994-1997), with a mention of the Featuring Bernice Summerfield line of books (1997-1999). A future episode will see ...…
This week was E3 and its like Christmas all up in the mother! I talk about my impressions and kingdom hearts, because its wonderful and i love it. fight me!Twitter: me electronic letters telling me how right i am about kingdom hearts!: Yourbrainontom@gmail.comTime Codes:2:00-EA4:00-Microsoft22:00-Bethesda 24:00- ...…
Football Christmas continues with mean old father Suarez, a little Ronaldo-shaped elf powered by tax evasion, and a funny goal for Iran!
ORIGINAL AIR DATE DECEMBER 20th, 2017 2017 Year In Review The Real Housewives Christmas Tree & Show Recaps Atlanta Airport Blackout The Most Striking Photos of 2017 Congratulations to Anna Kournikova & Enrique Iglesias On Twins! Top Earning Celebrities of 2017 Lebron James Equality Sneakers Jeff Lewis Candice Bar Luxe Life Please have a wonderf ...…
Losing Spunk Episode # 51 In this episode of Care Giving for Dementia, I talk a little bit about the time I got stuck in Atlanta, Georgia airport when I was 14/15 years old. The trouble I had trying to catch the plane from Atlanta, Georgia the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania just to come home for Christmas one year. And the fact that I would probably s ...…
This week in my history episode I decided to take a look at J.R.R. Tolkien, who while not influential or known specifically for his faith it was his faith that played an important role in his life and his works. The Christmas Story collection I was talking about is “Letters From Father Christmas” and can … Continue reading "J.R.R. Tolkien"…
We start off with our first foreign film review. We brush over those naught mommies during Christmas time, robots, and asking Alexa questions. There are some celebrities that have a darkness inside them and if we missed anyone that sticks out to you let us know who we missed on our Twitter @PodcastFairly. What happens when we are both losers. S ...…
Twentieth episode of Gaggle of Geeks and Blake and Sophie discus the return of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984. No rant this week but Blake gives us his top Sydney Film Festival picks and Sophie defends Christmas movies (a tad early in the season). Also if you're a keen girl in games, get in touch! We're looking for a regular contributor. Ema ...…
Tom and Tim discuss Band of Brothers Episode 6 – Bastogne. The episode covers Christmas of 1944 when Easy Company and the rest of the 101st Airborne were besieged in Bastogne, Belgium, facing cold weather, low supplies, and regular Nazi attacks. Download or Subscribe! Download MP3 Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Google Play Subscribe via RSS ...…
Tom and Tim discuss Band of Brothers Episode 6 – Bastogne. The episode covers Christmas of 1944 when Easy Company and the rest of the 101st Airborne were besieged in Bastogne, Belgium, facing cold weather, low supplies, and regular Nazi attacks. Download or Subscribe! Download MP3 Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Google Play Subscribe via RSS ...…
On this episode, we ask the question: What's the Weirdest Comic Book in Your Collection?Before we dove into all of the responses, however, Wes gets an education from Matt on the mid-'90s UK sensation that is Mr. Blobby, as well as th eimportance and seemingly arbitrary nature of the illustrious Christmas Number 1. Join us!…
this week we are joined by “christmas” and he helps us break down this weeks WWE shows and gives his expert opinion on the military obstacle course that was built for lashley
Shana Nissenbaum is an educator, a builder, a community organizer, and a non-profit founder…and that’s just the start of a long list of the many ways she spends her time to make Richmond a better place. In this conversation we cover a lot of ground including Shana’s work empowering women through power tools via Women’s Workshop Richmond, how sh ...…
On this "Jon Carter Classic", The race to replace retiring Senator Orrin Hatch's Seat between Mitt Romney & Mike Kennedy is in full swing with minimal "mud slinging" which is a nice change from 'The Norm" with Timmy's paper on some of the qualities it takes to be in politics and one day President! Plus Twister's reminder about doing your civic ...…
On the Tuning In 100th episode spectacular, we wrap up the body-switch two-parter by dunking on “Dreamland II”, then The X-Files gets really, really weird in “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”. iTunes RSS
Aside from your birthday, Father’s Day is one of the few days during the year where you can truly relax – only if you play your cards right. Learn from Glen and Craig how to make this Father’s Day the best ever! Join us for the advice and stay for the banter. You are not alone! Father’s Day Fast Facts (Courtesy of Hallmark): Here are the top ei ...…
When opportunity knocks, Sammy Pratt answers the door. This week, producer Sammy steps up and puts Walt in the Hot Seat. What questions will he ask? Listen and learn.Sammy Pratt is a 20-year old Phoenix Native. Recently he has completed his freshman year at the University of Arizona. He is studying both business economics and management. After ...…
Welcome back to December 1982 for issues 37 to 40 of IPCs Eagle. This month – it’s a Spanish themed Christmas, as Dare, Streetwise, and transparent tearaway Tim go continental, Doomlord goes Intercontinental, and the Collector flies in the face of mediocrity.
Episode 5 features Edmonton based metal artist and sculptor Slavo Cech. We met at Slavo’s studio & shop in Edmonton in the first week of June. Our chat ranged from Slavo’s start making Christmas decorations, to his architectural metal work, his fine art metal sculpture, to his brush with royalty, both Hockey & British. Bison at sunset. © Slavo ...…
Zach Barney knows what it’s like to receive a well timed and profound gift. Throwing out a joke hashtag on a random social media site will usually get you some likes and shares, but every now and then someone goes above and beyond by responding in an unexpected way. When Zach jokingly attributed his stomach woes and headache to Christmas treats ...…
There's an actor in LA who says he can't get work because his "johnson" is too big. Marcus talks about his own, and Sandy remembers "D**ks of Christmas past."
Want to be a better, healthier, more productive person? Looking to gain more purpose in your life? Want to have a greater impact on those people around you? Interested in leading a happier, more fulfilling life? If so, you’re not going to want to miss this episode of BioTrust Radio where we reveal 9 life hacks that can literally transform you a ...…
Taylor and Hema are BITTER about birthdays. Topics covered include: birthdays near Christmas, gifts, parties, cakes, and horrifying deaths for small rodents.
Welcome to Episode 10 of Rapfest Radio, hosted by Backpack Beatz! This week's guest is Florida emcee Erick Dayz! We talk about failing, finding balance as an emcee, and his “Trenchday” campaign!Check us out EVERY Wednesday. Like, subscribe, and comment on iTunes!! Rapfest Radio, where #WeControlTheAirwaves. #PushingTheCultureForward@therapfest ...…
Good quote, bad quote. We like ourselves lots. Meet the world's second perfect person. Glenn Beck's sad testimony. Original Air Date December 24, 2007, Part 2. Downloads are made available for personal use only. Use for commercial or broadcast purposes must be approved prior by Living Waters.
Bonus Episode! With Derrick out of town, Luther catches up with podcast guest and friend Alonzo Malvarez, a fellow millennial who shares some of his thoughts on past topics such as "Millennials And The Sacred" and "What Happened To Christmas?"
Christmas is a time for all the radio, television, and internet shows to crank the christmas tunes. They bring nostalgic memories of simpler times with our families. This music has lasted generations. We discuss our favourites.
It's right before chrismas and all through the HOUSE OF MOUSE. ME and SHERIDYN and her roommate SARA watch too many Christmas movies. Its a holiday over load and we just pour forth out emotions and thughts as we tread through 5 holiday classics.
"Rabbit seems to forget that the shirts he uses for painting, Julie has gifted him for Christmas.... Here how it goes down.... Also Final Word !!"
. | Public Release Download. Thank you for sharing with a friend. Background Music for the Solo DJ / Talk show HostCasper and Justin wants to Reach Millions. Please Help!Offer Comments, I want to hear ur Opinoion. For more hip hop beats and instrumentals please see URL .Watch Justin LIVE via Youtube Channel Now offering FULL 4 ...…
Thank you for tuning in to Episode 139 of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. Full show notes with photos can be found at This week's segments included: Off the Needles On the Needles Brainstorming From the Armchair Knitting in Passing In my Travels KAL News Events On a Happy Note Quote of the Week Thank you to this epi ...…
A look at Silver City, New Mexico’s historic downtown and its restored movie theater. Courtesy Silver City MainStreet Silver City MainStreet fosters economic development in Silver City, New Mexico’s historic downtown. The organization does this through collaboration and promotion of downtown events, improvements to and preservation of the histo ...…
Find us at and on Twitter @thechristmaspod! Send us comments and Christmas Advice questions at thechristmaspod at gmail dot com!
Diva Tech Talk interviewed Monsoon Strategy Partner, Pam Metivier, Co-Creator of STEAMTeam ®5, a children’s series to get girls excited about STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. Pam considers this not just a series but “the beginning of a movement,” that tells the stories of five girls who use science, technology, engineering, ...…
10 Facts about Grief and GrievingBy Dr Bill Webster One reason that we often find grief such a difficult challenge is that we have never learned what to expect. The following facts will help you understand some crucial truths about grief and grieving and how we can work through the process to find healing. 1. Grief is normal. Grief is not a dis ...…
Hello all the people in the world! It’s me, Glen Thinks Stuff! Today is a beautiful day and I’m thinking some things! On this here podcast I hit my “you is dumb wall” talking about consciousness. I also talk about starting my Christmas shopping and last but not least, positivity vs negativity! It was a fun one! You guys and gals are the best! Peace…
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