Best Christmas Carol Collection podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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This collection includes 40 different Christmas carols collected and read by Douglas D. Anderson, the creator of The Hymns and Carols of Christmas website, a public-domain collection of Christmas music containing over 2,600 hymns, carols and songs.
The LibriVox community wants to bring you a special treat for the 2009 Holiday Season. Here is a collection of 30 traditional Christmas carols performed in a variety of styles by our wonderful volunteers. Enjoy!
LibriVox volunteers bring you this year's selection of 25 sacred and secular carols and Christmas songs, in English, German and Latin.
The LibriVox community wants to bring you a special treat for the 2006 Holiday Season. Here is a collection of traditional Christmas carols recorded by our wonderful voluteers. Enjoy! (Summary by Linda)
This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for August 2013.
LibriVox volunteers get into the festive spirit to bring you this year's selection of carols and Christmas music - both sacred and secular.
This year's Christmas collection of short stories and non-fiction, a play, poems, and bible readings features readings in English, Bulgarian, French, German, Italian and Swedish. Cast list for The Christmas Dinner:Mother Goose: Bev J StevensGrandfather: Ray KasperGrandmother: Ronelle SpiegelFather: J KorthMother: Maria KasperWalter: Beth ThomasGertrude: Kimberly KrausSanta Claus: Phil ChenevertNarrator: MaryAnn SpiegelEdited by: MaryAnn Spiegel
"What's Your Favorite Movie?" is a fun, breezy podcast celebrating our favorite movies! Interesting conversations with movie lovers about the movies they hold near and dear to their hearts! A collection of unique and fun segments round out each episode.
This collection includes 40 different Christmas carols collected and read by Douglas D. Anderson, the creator of The Hymns and Carols of Christmas website, a public-domain collection of Christmas music containing over 2,600 hymns, carols and songs.
A selection of poems, short stories and other prose for the Christmas season in English, Finnish and German.
SQPN: All Shows
A collection of all the SQPN shows
Many librarians have felt the need and expressed the desire for a select collection of children's Christmas stories in one volume. This book claims to be just that and nothing more. Each of the stories has already won the approval of thousands of children, and each is fraught with the true Christmas spirit. It is hoped that the collection will prove equally acceptable to parents, teachers, and librarians. (Summary from Book Preface)
Books and Authors
This podcast features Open Book and A Good Read. In Open Book Mariella Frostrup talks to authors about their work. In A Good Read Harriett Gilbert discusses favourite books.
The full collection of all Never Shut Up podcasts, including The Spindash, Horse Power Comicast, and Straw Hat Quarterly.
Virtual Sheet Music's Mp3 files give you an enjoyable way to discover the high quality digital sheet music repertoire and audio files offered on the Virtual Sheet Music website. These Mp3 files are not real recordings, they are made by high quality sampled instruments and are intended for educational and informative purposes only. Visit our website to find corresponding Mp3 accompaniment files to play along with your computer or iPod.
50 K-POP for Driving
LA Theatre podcast and review bringing attention to the talented Los Angeles Theatre Community.
Each year celebrates Christmas with specials series, special episodes of our regular series and special one offs. All these Christmas special are now found here in one easy to access feed! NOTE: Most of our specials and series use adult language and themes and are not recommended for children and should be considered NSFW.
A collection of classic, old-time radio dramas as presented on the SmorgShow Podcast.
All the latest Vinylmation news from
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show series
Take me down to the Paradise Towers with the 7th Doctor and Mel. Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss the penthouse highs and sub-basement lows of this classic Doctor story about cannibal grannies, homicidal Roombas, and big-hair girl gangs. The post WHO109: Paradise Towers appeared first on…
Good friend of the show and resident Star Trek expert Grant drops by the WYFM studios to chat about gangster movies, Deadpool, CBS All Access and of course their new show Star Trek Discovery. It’s a wacky time in the neighborhood in this episode of America’s favorite movie podcast!
7.8 out of 10 - Above Average! January 11-27, 2019 The Long Weekend is a play about two couples spending a long weekend together in the country. We discover the two friends’ spouses are having affairs, and the audience witnesses what happens to the characters due to their choices.…
7.3 out 10 - An Average show! January 18th - February 10, 2019. Murder on the Nile is set on a river cruise in Egypt. Nine characters get on the boat with different reasons for being there and bring their personal dramas aboard the ship. When the drama unfolds someone is murdered, and the character Canon Pennefather, a pr ...…
As season 2 of Star Trek Discovery premieres, Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss the first episode, Brother; how it sets a new lighter tone for the series; some of the clues and callbacks to earlier Trek; and where this season might be headed. The post SST032: Brother appeared first on…
A special programme celebrating the breadth and power of writing from the Caribbean
Humans have always looked up and wondered what effect the stars have on our lives. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli look at astrology and the claims that influences our lives and provides glimpses of the future and what Christians have believed about it historically. The post MYS023: The Mystery of Astrology appeared first on…
Headlines for the week ending January 18, 2019: Go inside the first episode of 'Project Blue Book' with Aidan Gillen and the cast | SYFY WIRE Netflix’s Lost in Space Season 2 gets new characters 'Black Panther' star Letitia Wright says faith led her from a "very dark place" The Pope’s Elephant: The Story of the Papal Elephant Buried Underneath ...…
Our panel of Dom Bettinelli, Joanne Mercier, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss a new study on who spreads fake news online and the latest circus of consumer tech at CES. The post TEC002: Fake News and CES appeared first on
1. 이하이 - 한숨 0:00 ~ 4:382. 에일리 - 저녁하늘 4:40 ~ 8:253. 아이유 - 밤편지 8:27 ~ 12:404. Zion.T - 꺼내먹어요 12:42 ~ 15:255. 소유&권정열 - 어깨 15:28 ~ 19:106. 아이유 - 무릎 19:13 ~ 23:577. GOD - 촛불 하나 23:58 ~ 27:248.소유&기리보이(Feat.기현) - 팔베개 27:27 ~ 31:069. Simon Dominic,Gray&One - 맘 편히(Comfortable) 31:09 ~ 35:2210. Mad Clown & #Gun(Feat.거미) - 비행소년 35:23 ~ 39:2211. 워너원(WannaO ...…
01. 제이레빗 - 웃으며 넘길래02. 바이브 - 소주 한잔 하자 친구야03. 옥상달빛 - 없는게 메리트04. 이한철 - 슈퍼스타05. 전혜선 - 지지마06. 틴틴파이브 - 청춘07. 체리필터 - Happy Day08. 이상은 - 비밀의 화원09. 이재학 - 샴페인을 위하여10. 페퍼톤스 - VictoryBy (
수고했어오늘도하루의 끝 (End of a day) - JONGHYUN0:00 - 4:35 외할아버지 Grandfather - 정진우 Jung JinWoo13:32 - 16:40 안아 줄게 - Standing Egg47:10 - 49:59 북두칠성 - 로이킴 ROY KIM1:05:16 - 1:08:54 수고했어, 오늘도 Cheer Up - 옥상달빛 OKDAL29:52 - 32:11 노력해볼게요 I'll try - DAY643:28 - 47:09 To My Youth(나의 사춘기에게) - Bolbbalgan4(볼빨간사춘기)32:13 - 35:53 응원 - 곽진언55:23 - 59:20위로 Soothe (feat. 준 ...…
지친하루, 조용한 위로가 필요할 때 힘이 되는 음악 (2018-06-12T01:35:03.000Z)By (
옥자 MUSIC 구독하기 : 주시는 좋아요와 구독엔 좋은 컨텐츠로 보답하겠습니다!00:00 앨리스 - 윤하03:28 위로의 여신 - 바닐라 어쿠스틱07:26 Beautiful Day - 브런치12:01 혼자라고 생각말기 - 김보경15:35 That's Nothing - 커피소년19:44 Song For Me - 박정현24:22 다가올 내일을 향해 - 플라워27:34 아마추어 - 이승철31:26 To Me - 김범수35:58 돌멩이 - 마시따 밴드처음부터 끝까지 이어 들을 때 가장 듣기 좋도록 구성한 곡 순서입니다! 추천해주시고 싶은 테마가 있으면 언제든 말씀해 주세요! 원 ...…
Welcome to Melbourne, Australia, where three Catholics, Lindsay, Gerry, and Caroline, discuss Catholic news, faith, science, music, apps and more from an Australian perspective. The post COZ001: Introducing the Catholics of Oz appeared first on
In the 2nd part of their look at the recently completed season of Doctor Who, Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha rank this season's episodes from worst to best, look at what the US and British ratings say about the future of the show, discuss the fan response the changes this season, and then look forward to next season. The post W ...…
After getting a special call to learn more about St. Andre Bessette of Montreal, Deborah Schaben and Sandy Garayzar undertook Le Chemin des Sanctuaires Montréal pilgrimage between the Oratory of St. Joseph and St. Anne de Beaupre. Come with them to find out more about this special saint and his pilgrimage. The post PIL004: Walking with St. Andr ...…
Fr. Cory Sticha, Angela Sealana, and SQPN co-founder Greg Willits talk about the magic of tidying up and organization. Plus Greg catches us up about his current apostolates and work, and the origins of SQPN. The post LTK034: Let’s Talk about Tidying Up and De-Cluttering appeared first on
While we waited for Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery to arrive, we were given the appetizers of Short Treks. Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss these short films, including some hidden layers and surprising secrets. Plus news of Star Trek 4's cancellation. The post SST031: Short Treks appeared first on…
8.8 out of 10 - A GREAT SHOW!!! Jan 11 – Feb 3, 2019 1776, the electrifying musical about the founding of America. Featuring a contemporary cast, this Tony Award-winning smash begins with a deadlocked Congress – sound familiar? Its attempts to adopt the Declaration of Independence are boiling over in heated confrontations.…
Oyinkan Braithwaite, Books as clutter, Kafka's legacy, True crime in fiction
Oyinkan Braithwaite, Books as clutter, Kafka's legacy, True crime in fiction
In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed he was employed at Area 51 to reverse-engineer UFO engines. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss Lazar's claims, including a new documentary in which Lazar says the government is still trying to silence him. The post MYS022: Bob Lazar and Area 51 appeared first on…
Headlines for the week ending January 11, 2019: How to Download Thousands of Classic Books and Movies That Just Entered the Public Domain Star Trek 4 has been 'shelved,' new report says | SYFY WIRE 'Star Wars' Trailer: Galaxy's Edge Teaser Debuts, but Still No 'Episode 9' | Inverse China’s Chang’e 4 lunar probe sends first photo of far side of ...…
In this first episode of The Secrets of Technology, Dom Bettinelli, Joanne Mercier, and Fr. Cory Sticha talk about why it's time for a Catholic podcast focused on technology. They discuss their own backgrounds and their outlook for where the show will go. The post TEC001: What are the Secrets of Technology? appeared first on…
Now that Season 11 is complete, Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha look back on this Doctor Who season and their own hopes for it and come to conclusions about how good it was. This is the first part of a two-part conversation. The post WHO107: Looking Back at Season 11, Part 1 appeared first on…
Happy New Year! Ed South presents his annual list of Favorite Movies he saw in 2018!
As the Christmas season continues, Fr. Cory Sticha and Dom Bettinelli talk about Epiphany, what it is, and some traditions surrounding it, including gift giving and house blessings. They also discuss the US bishops' special retreat as well as Picks of the Week. The post LTK033: Let’s Talk about Epiphany appeared first on…
Welcome to the Secrets of Technology from Starquest, your weekly look at the world of technology from a uniquely Catholic perspective. We’re not your usual tech news. The post TEC00: Welcome to the Secrets of Technology appeared first on
The Next Generation episode "Clues" is an old-fashioned mystery involving lost time and Data acting strangely (again). Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha dig into the clues and mysteries of this TNG story. The post SST030: Clues appeared first on
9 out of 10 - An Exceptional Show! January 5-20,2019 Estranged brothers Frank and Jesse reunite to plan a kidnapping in a squalid motel room on a hellish day in Barstow. When day turns into night and their hostage is brought out of the trunk, the siblings find their troubles have just begun.…
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