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A weekly look at the news, the views and the people behind the Manx countryside and farming industry with Simon Clarke and Kirree Kermode.
Farmer and nature lover Chris Skinner shares wildlife recordings and answers questions.
Bringing you the best from across the American Countryside.
Sermons from Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Updates, insights and analysis from the UK’s foremost rural campaign group. We’ll be talking about shooting, hunting, politics and all manner of other issues of interest to rural community.
Sermons from Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Bringing you the best from across the American Countryside.
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Arlington Countryside Church in Arlington Heights, IL. Our mission is to be a loving community where ordinary people experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.
Lessons from the Men's Ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
A Church Where Friends Become Family
Jesus as deliverer, king and incarnate creator
Lessons from the Youth Ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Countryside Baptist Church of Mansfield TX
Lessons from the College ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Lessons from the Women's Ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Lessons from the adult Sunday school classes of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
The latest news from the team behind BBC Countryfile Magazine. To find out more, visit
Farming Today
The latest news about food, farming and the countryside
This is the first podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away. Available on Itunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Youtube, TuneIN
Scotland Outdoors
Your free, weekly, pocket guide to the Scottish outdoors. A flavour of the countryside in 15 minutes! From BBC Radio Scotland
Meet the Farmers highlights the realities of running a farm in the UK. The episodes each profile a different farm, looking at the enterprises and interviewing the people who work on them.It’s about highlighting the realities of farming life, the good times and the bad, as well as farmers’ hopes and fears for the future.
Clare Balding joins notable and interesting people for a walk through the countryside
Open Country
Countryside magazine featuring the people and wildlife that shape the landscape of the British Isles
FWi Podcast
Farmers Weekly interactive brings you a monthly podcast including features such as 4wd and tractor test drives, agricultural news analysis and other farming-related goodies.
Resonance 104.4fm's weekly radio show (and podcast) devoted to the art, science, politics and transcendental pleasure of cycling, in London and beyond. Presented by Jack Thurston the show has been running for more than four years, and has so far covered the intersections of cycling, culture, society and creativity from a variety of perspectives. From Tour de France to roller-racing, from Brompton commuters to bicycle messengers, from Kraftwerk to hip hop, from urban design to countryside tri ...
Exploring Israeli literature in English translation. Host Marcela Sulak takes you through Israel’s literary countryside, cityscapes, and psychological terrain, and the lives of the people who create it.
Rural Radio
Podcast feed for Rural Radio at
Interviews with people leading green initiatives in London
Yorkshire Farming
BBC Radio York look at issues affecting farming and the North Yorkshire countryside.
Country Focus
Programme serving everyone living in the countryside and tackling the issues affecting them. With rural, farming and environmental news
Yeah, Let's Go There travels around the world to the biggest cities and most remote countrysides, seeking stories we haven't heard before-- stories that shock and inspire-- from travelers and locals alike.
Road Trip
A six-part audio fiction about a paranoid man travelling through the New Zealand countryside on the run from something dark and sinister.
Noise is one of the forms of pollution that characterises industrial societies. Many forms of noise in the urban environment, including traffic and aircraft noise, can cause significant harm in varying degrees. So just how much noise are you exposed to? The tracks in this album explain the measurement and control of noise and look at how motor engineers and road researchers are trying to cut down on noise pollution from transport. Lastly, two audio tracks featuring Dr Shahram Taherzadeh and ...
Diagonal Walking
Follow author Nick Corble as he sets about walking an ambitious new route slicing through the heart of England at a 45 degree angle to find out what makes England tick. Listen as he plans and researches the route, and then as he sets about walking it, and get behind the scenes of the writing of a new travel book. Of interest to walkers, writers and travellers - whether actual or armchair. Take Nick up on his offer to 'Walk With Me', either virtually using any of the social media channels he ...
A thrilling spy story, a children's adventure, a charming portrait of early twentieth century life in London and the countryside and a heart warming family tale are all combined in this classic of children's literature The Railway Children by E Nesbit. The book has remained on the list of the best-loved children's books ever since it was first published as a serial story in The London Magazine in 1905. Later, it was published in book form and won acclaim from critics and readers across the w ...
Three years ago, Hoshner & Ambika quit their jobs to travel and explore India through its people, history, cultures and communities. On the reDiscovery Podcast they speak about their experiences on the road in India, some challenging, others hilarious and take us on a journey from the untouched and varied beauty of its countryside to the bylanes of unknown village and towns, showing us along the way an India we didn’t know existed.
Newton's Dark Room scours countryside and cosmiverse to bring you the best in multi-media storytelling.
Observations about nature in the Philadelphia countryside
The Word Unleashed
Tom Pennington is Pastor-Teacher of Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas and featured teacher on The Word Unleashed.
Mount Olympus is an episode by episode review of the smash 90s television programs "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and its spinoff "Xena: Warrior Princess," which still enjoy unparalleled cultural relevance today! Or ... at least they do in the hearts of our hosts. Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, and friends (along with fan favorite Bruce Campbell!) stomp, fight, and flirt their way through the New Zealand countryside - and we break it down week by week.
From the master of the psychological horror genre comes this brilliant collection 12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe. It features some of his classics like The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat and The Cask of Amontillado which are supreme examples of his craft. The Black Cat is a truly horrifying story of a death-row confession of guilt by a serial killer. The much loved family cat becomes the agent of his destruction and inevitable descent into crime and madness. Another superb story is The F ...
Rick Steves' Iran
Join Rick as he explores the most surprising and fascinating land he's ever visited: Iran. In Rick Steves' Iran you'll discover the splendid monuments of Iran's rich and glorious past, learn more about the 20th-century story of this perplexing nation, and experience Iranian life today in its historic capital and in a countryside village. Most important, you'll meet the people of this nation whose government so exasperates our own. To learn more visit At www.rickste ...
Six Cold Feet
Six Cold Feet is a fiction podcast telling the story of River's search for his missing sister Harmony. As River travels across the countryside searching for clues about her disappearance, we start to realise that both the town he is from and River himself have plenty of secrets of their own. Written by award-winning writer J.M. Donellan and performed by a cast including Jessica McGaw, Melanie Zanetti, and Tom Yaxley this series will leave you pondering long after the final episode sings thro ...
One dark and stormy night, a stranger arrives in West Sussex at a village inn. He is heavily clad in an overcoat and his face is wrapped in bandages. He takes a room at the inn, but refuses to socialize with anyone. He stays cooped up in his room all day and night, working with strange chemicals and apparatus. Suddenly, strange events begin to happen in the village. Mysterious burglaries and fires break out, culminating in a destructive rampage across the peaceful countryside. The stranger i ...
Pleasant non-fiction journey into the backwoods of the New England coastal countryside by the first president of the Connecticut Audubon Society, circa 1900. (Summary by BellonaTimes)
The most current lectures given at L'Abri Fellowship in England.This branch of L'Abri Fellowship is located in the beautiful countryside of Hampshire about 50 miles southwest of London in the village of Greatham. L'Abri (French for “the shelter”) does not fit neatly into any categories of description. You could say it is a community built around homes that offers hospitality through the act of welcoming strangers. L'Abri was born fifty years ago in Switzerland when Francis and Edith Schaeffe ...
"The storm had descended swiftly, sweeping in suddenly from the sea, driving across the downs to the hills at high speed, blotting out the faint rays of a crescent moon and hiding the country-side beneath a pall of blackness, which was forked at intervals by flashes of lightning." - Book's opening sentence
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Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith with the Scotland Outdoors podcast.
Caz Graham hosts a discussion on the subject of intensive livestock farming with a panel of experts. What might look like cramped and cruel living conditions to some, often pass every health and welfare check with flying colours. But some consumers don't always feel comfortable about the way we keep animals on farms. Farming Today reports from ...…
Imagine you unearthed the bones of an animal and had little idea of what you found. Now imagine making up a tale about the creature and traveling the nation to tell its story. That’s exactly what happened just south of St. Louis…
Ivor Ferguson from the Ulster Farmers' Union reacts to Theresa May's Brexit proposals and explains why friction-less borders are so crucial to the future of farming.Theresa May has announced that the Government is going to introduce the first dedicated Environment Act for more than twenty years. Sandra Bell from Friends of the Earth gives her r ...…
Helen Mark explores landscapes of the future, of the imagination and of the past, at the Great Exhibition of the North, which is centred in Newcastle and Gateshead. It's a three-month celebration of the impact of northern England's creators, inventors, artists and designers. Helen meets environmental artist Steve Messam to hear his sound sculpt ...…
Writer Jonathan Gornall has attempted to row across the Atlantic twice. On the second attempt he nearly drowned but his relationship with the sea has continued. Today he spends his time at Pin Mill in Suffolk where he has just built a small sailing boat for his daughter and he hopes the boat will teach her to love the sea too. Helen Mark meets ...…
It’s one of the world’s most popular varieties of fruit and we have it because one farmer couldn’t get a nasty spout to go away. It’s a story that will take us to two state fairs before a delicious taste is discovered…
The second stop on my recent road trip was to Jim Shanks' farm in the Scottish Borders, near Hawick. Jim is a dairy farmer but is also heavily diversified and grows 300 tonnes of red tomatoes each year as well as having a biomass boiler and anaerobic digestor connecting the whole system, cleverly using the … Continue reading ‘Meet the Farmers’ ...…
A momentous meeting has been held at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Washington DC about the future of cell-cultured meat. We hear from a British livestock consultant, based in the US, who believes we're on the cusp of a significant change in global food production.Lab-grown protein has captured the imagination and investment of Bill ...…
Farms come in many shapes and sizes, raising crops, livestock and many other combinations. But in central Arkansas, there is a centuries-old farm that has been raising an unusual herd that people just keep coming back to see…
All this week we're looking more closely at what is termed 'intensive farming'. A recent newspaper article talked about American style intensive beef feedlots in the UK. The article said units of herds of up to three thousand cattle at a time were being held in grassless pens for extended periods. Anna Hill was given exclusive access to one of ...…
Adi Keissar, an Israeli poet of Yemenite descent, is the founder of the popular Ars Poetica, a project which initiated a new wave of Mizrahi poetry for the masses in the form of readings combined with Middle Eastern music and dancing. Keissar received the Bernstein Literary Award for her first book Black on Black (2014), and the Ministry of Cul ...…
And this week its just Meg and Lucas to watch Disney's Hercules! Listen to them review this....mid-tier? movie that all of us remember as 'Oh yeah, there was that time Disney made movies that we didn't watch' Also a listen to them savage (lol) the music of Tarzan! Mount Olympus is an episode by episode review of the smash 90s television program ...…
The Queen Mary II, the largest and most luxurious ship to ever sail, recently left Britain for Ft. Lauderdale. That voyage had ironically increased the passenger list on her predecessor that hasn’t left the dock in over thirty years…
Farmers plough through crops to stop a large fire spreading across fields, towards a pig unit.A new study is warning that any trade barriers post-Brexit could seriously affect imports of dairy products. Following the hot, dry weather a shortage of fodder for livestock is taking hold across the country.As part of this week's look at intensive fa ...…
People started telling us how they were helping feed the blackbirds in this hot weather.
Bob Ketterling never set out to be famous or have others recognize his deeds. He just wanted to do something nice for his community. But drive into this town today and you’ll quickly see what people thought of Bob. They painted it on their water tower…
Repeated warnings by the British soft fruit industry that there will be a lack of suitable labour to pick this season's harvest are now coming home to roost. Farming Today reports from Scotland where a valuable crop is lying rotting in the field. All this week we'll be looking at intensive farming. Is a small traditional mixed farm with Jerseys ...…
In this funding for Welsh farmers post-Brexit, a loss of habitat threatening beetles that rely on dead wood and photographing the beauty of our countryside.
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