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The Countryside Hour
Farmer and nature lover Chris Skinner shares wildlife recordings and answers questions.
A weekly look at the news, the views and the people behind the Manx countryside and farming industry with Simon Clarke and Kirree Kermode.
Bringing you the best from across the American Countryside.
Lessons from the College ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Lessons from the adult Sunday school classes of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Lessons from the Women's Ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Lessons from the Men's Ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Sermons from Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Sermons from Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Classical Music Podcasts from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Costing the Earth
Exploring man's effect on the environment and how it reacts, questioning accepted truths, challenging those in charge and reporting on progress towards improving the world.
A podcast about all things Pagan, delivered monthly from a little blue house in the Australian countryside with a generous helping of music, mirth and misadventure.
A thrilling spy story, a children's adventure, a charming portrait of early twentieth century life in London and the countryside and a heart warming family tale are all combined in this classic of children's literature The Railway Children by E Nesbit. The book has remained on the list of the best-loved children's books ever since it was first published as a serial story in The London Magazine in 1905. Later, it was published in book form and won acclaim from critics and readers across the w ...
E Cycle Travel
Come along with us as we travel on our ebikes to unique locations and share with you the best trails to ride, places to stay and local places to eat.
Félix Blume is a sound artist and sound engineer. He currently works and lives between Mexico and France.His work is focused on listening, it invites us to live sonic experiences that enable a different perception of the surrounding. He uses sound as a basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, working with communities, using public space as the context within which he explores and presents his works. He is interested in myths and t ...
Intelligence Squared is the world’s leading forum for debate and intelligent discussion. Live and online we take you to the heart of the issues that matter, in the company of some of the world’s sharpest minds and most exciting orators. Join the debate at and download our weekly podcast every Friday.
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Join Ben Faulks for the assembly series for children aged 5 - 7 - including a story, song, a reflection / prayer and opportunities for discussion.
Welcome to chasing the DREAM, and Waking up from “The NIGHTMARE”! On this podcast you will get a front row seat for your ears to listen to the journey of Kevin and Jenny giving up a Cush lucrative family business to chase a dream of freedom and self-reliance. We are on a Journey to open our own Brewery, homeschool our three kids in the Countryside of North Carolina, renovate a old Travel Trailer, and achieve personal Liberty on this crazy road.
Country Focus
Programme serving everyone living in the countryside and tackling the issues affecting them. With rural, farming and environmental news
A two year old toddler Kou speaks freely. Episodes from Tokyo, and other beautiful countryside of Japan.
Welcome to random thoughts with Grant i we talk about random things we will have a Grand old time with everything so enjoy and subscribe you wont regret it! :-)
RSA Events
The RSA hosts one of the world’s leading public events programmes, delivering over 100 lectures, talks, screenings and debates a year.These events provide a platform for our most exciting public thinkers, and encourage intelligent exploration of today’s most urgent social challenges.Our public programme welcomes speakers from across the world and across disciplines – all united by a belief in the power of ideas to inspire and motivate social change.All of the audio files are recordings of ta ...
Arts & Ideas
The best of BBC Radio 3's flagship arts and ideas programme Free Thinking - featuring in-depth interviews and debates with artists, scientists and public figures.
Clare Balding joins notable and interesting people for a walk through the countryside
Wannabe Famous
This programme contains podcasts of segments from books, and pages and posts from my website Megan Publishing Services
This is volume 1 of 2. One of the most quirky, eccentric and endearing heroes to ever be depicted in fiction, the chivalrous Don Quixote is sure to capture hearts while bringing tears of laughter to your eyes. If you've never encountered the Knight from La Mancha before, get set for a delightful sojourn through the Spanish countryside, across the fertile countryside of Central Spain. Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was an immediate success when it was first published in 1605 and ...
Tides of History
Everywhere around us are echoes of the past. Those echoes define the boundaries of states and countries, how we pray and how we fight. They determine what money we spend and how we earn it at work, what language we speak and how we raise our children. From Wondery, host Patrick Wyman, PhD (“Fall Of Rome”) helps us understand our world and how it got to be the way it is.
Expat Focus
International relocation tips and advice from for anyone moving overseas - we cover speaking a foreign language, expat healthcare and insurance, international education, currency transfers, taking your pets and more.
Travel Brigade
All Things Travel
Over to You
Talk back to the BBC and challenge the programme makers.
Business Matters
Global business news, with live guests and contributions from Asia and the USA.
News happens while you sleep. Marketplace Morning Report gives you a head start, with three updates throughout the morning. Host David Brancaccio shares the latest on markets, money, jobs and innovation, providing the context you need to make the smartest decisions. And from London, host Anu Anand presents Marketplace Morning Report from BBC World Service to bring you up to speed as the global economy shifts. It's the world perspective you need, from two trusted sources. Marketplace Morning ...
A young, but not too brilliant writer is conscripted by a ne'er-do-well friend to help out on a chicken farm in remote Dorset. While traveling to the country, the writer encounters a lovely young girl and her academician father on the train. He is delighted to discover that she is reading a copy of his latest book. In the countryside, he also discovers that the professor and his daughter are neighbors. However, over dinner one night, he gets into an acrimonious debate with the elderly schola ...
Diagonal Walking
Follow author Nick Corble as he sets about walking an ambitious new route slicing through the heart of England at a 45 degree angle to find out what makes England tick. Listen as he plans and researches the route, and then as he sets about walking it, and get behind the scenes of the writing of a new travel book. Of interest to walkers, writers and travellers - whether actual or armchair. Take Nick up on his offer to 'Walk With Me', either virtually using any of the social media channels he ...
Rick Steves France (Beyond Paris) is a collection of "Travel with Rick Steves" radio interviews featuring travel tips and lessons from Rick and the expert teachers who guide Rick Steves' tours around France. Whether you're heading off on your own or taking a guided tour, Rick Steves France (Beyond Paris) will help you enjoy the richest and most meaningful travel experience possible. You'll also find a wide array of related travel information on France at
All Saints High Wycombe is the Anglican parish church for the town.A place for our whole community to encounter God.
Are you a creative? A maker, a doer, an (over)thinker, an entrepreneur who gets their energy from within, who enjoy their time alone, and who is most creative when working solo? That's exactly who this podcast is for. My aim with The Creative Introvert Podcast is... • To help fellow creative introverts find their inner superpowers • To teach the skills and methods I’ve found useful to get your creative work out • To showcase other inspiring creatives who will reveal their challenges and how ...
Swordnut Radio
Tabletop RPG actual play and discussion. D&D5e, Inspectres, FATE, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu and more
Can't get your Loren & Wally Morning Show in the morning? Download the Loren & Wally Morning Show Podcast and listen to Loren & Wally, whenever you want!
Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha and Maria Maxit of Maxit Flower Design co-host a podcast for the floral industry, where you can hear floral industry friends sharing their stories and discussing anything and everything related to the flower business.
Global 3000 – DW’s globalization magazine looks at the issues that are moving us today, and shows how people are living with the opportunities and risks of globalization.
If you've read and loved Anne of Green Gables you will surely be delighted to follow Anne's further adventures in Anne of Avonlea. In this sequel, we find Anne Shirley teaching in Avonlea School though she continues her studies at home with Gilbert Blythe. Lucy Maud Montgomery first published the best selling Anne of Green Gables in 1908. Enthused by the amazing success of this account of a young orphan girl who arrives by mistake on Prince Edward Island, Canada, the author followed it up wi ...
Meet the Farmers
Meet the Farmers highlights the realities of running a farm in the UK. The episodes each profile a different farm, looking at the enterprises and interviewing the people who work on them.It’s about highlighting the realities of farming life, the good times and the bad, as well as farmers’ hopes and fears for the future.
Scotland Outdoors
Your free, weekly, pocket guide to the Scottish outdoors. A flavour of the countryside in 15 minutes! From BBC Radio Scotland
The real life of running a business and being a parent can be overwhelming! This podcast is for you biz mum or mum dreaming about your own business as Susanna, entrepreneur, mother of two interviews successful women every Monday who share their business journey with you. She tells you as it is as a parent and gives you insight of running her own business and family life. She talks about mistakes and her learnings, her guests open up about their biz mum life, goals, inspirations and more. Fol ...
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The Countryside podcast 20th November 2018By (Catherine Nicoll).
Ted Howard, community wealth building visionary, shows how we might dramatically expand the vision and reality of democratic political economy.What kind of economy is suited for living inside a democracy? How might we redesign our local economies – from the community level up to the national – in order to produce more equitable, inclusive and s ...…
Climate change is hard to depict. Polar bears on melting ice caps are far away from everyday life and the data is often complex and confusing. So could art in its broadest sense help us to understand the implications of global warming and environmental degradation? Tom Heap takes a look at how the creative community is responding to what is arg ...…
What’s a safe meal to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner? The first two recreational Marijuana shops open up this morning . LBF is trying to clear her house of evil spirits. We spin the Wheel of Meat. Katie Thompson from WCVB calls us live from the new dispensary in Leicester. Find out what you should buy your kids this holiday season from a toy ex ...…
(Markets edition) The housing and tech sectors are slowing down, indicating the economy is more "healthy tortoise" than "hare." Plus, a lot of Americans — nearly half, according to a recent survey — are feeling the pressure to give that awesome gift this holiday season. And 10 years after the government bailed out the auto industry, a two-tiere ...…
When Tom Hoy was a newspaper man in Washington D.C. he had the thrill of covering two of the most influential men of the twentieth century…Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. He sat down with us and recounted some of those memorable stories…
The billions of dollars donated to charitable organizations highlight the disparity between those who can give and those who can give much, much more. Chinese President Xi Jinping forges a trade relationship with Rodrigo Duterte and other Filipino leaders, despite warnings from the U.S. And how is the American auto industry faring 10 years afte ...…
(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service… French automaker Renault is holding an emergency meeting to decide whether or not to keep chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn in his post after his arrest in Japan. What does the ongoing fallout of the executive’s financial misconduct allegations mean for the future of an industry alliance between major gl ...…
The global car industry is reeling from the arrest of Carlos Ghosn - Chairman of Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors and Renault - over claims of financial misconduct. Ashvin Chotai is Managing Director of Intelligence Automotive Asia.China’s President Xi Jinping starts a two-day visit to the Philippines today – BBC correspondent Howard Johnson explains ...…
The residents of Atimonan, a coastal town in the Philippines, are resisting the construction of new power plants. Coal is still the main source of power generation in the country, where green electricity plays only a niche role.
A special edition made up of items recorded in recent weeks on location at Chris's farm.
Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin talks to C4 broadcaster Jon Snow about the qualities that make truly great leaders - those who summon their talents to enlarge the opportunities and lives of others.In today’s polarized world, stories of authentic leadership in times of apprehension and fracture take on a singular urgency, offering es ...…
How many calories will you consume Thanksgiving? Brian's son became a social media sensation at the Celtics game. What did Loren think of Hamilton? Millennials are pranking their moms with the microwave challenge. The Wheel of Meat makes its triumphant ruturn. All this plus Men from Maine, Dirty Laundry, Three Things, Win a Grand in 60 Seconds, ...…
(Markets edition) Alabama's booming auto industry braces for a potential downturn as the U.S.-China trade war continues. Nissan's "rock star" chairman is out following alleged financial misconduct. And as America preps for Thanksgiving dinner, how the ubiquitous green bean casserole is faring in this economy.Today's show is sponsored by Wasabi ...…
Is your dream to live, or continue living, in France? It is possible as a non-EU citizen, without needing to get married or become a student to make it happen. American Allison Lounes lives in France. She runs the website Paris Unraveled, and she helps people to navigate French administration - like visa applications - in a way that’s much less ...…
What the heck is confidence, really? Your confidence is made up of three areas: 1) Self esteem This is our judgement of how valuable we are, and how comfortable we feel being our self. So you can imagine low self-esteem statements are things like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I don’t deserve this awesome thing’ and you can also see it when people r ...…
His pictures have appeared in newspapers and books from coast to coast and around the world…and even though you may have never heard of his name, you have certainly heard of the people who’s lives he covered…
Nissan plans to fire its "rock star" chairman following his arrest in Tokyo over alleged financial misconduct. Undocumented immigrant children in one Arizona school district face an uncertain future as funding for instruction dwindles. Plus, how the term "Black Friday" wasn't always about post-Thanksgiving shopping. And how self-driving cars mi ...…
(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service… E.U. ministers are meeting today to debate any changes to a draft agreement for Britain’s departure from the bloc. It's happening just days before U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is due to fly to Brussels for further talks even as her leadership future remains in question. We’ll take you to Scotland ...…
Nick's head's been down knocking the book of the walk into shape. In this podcast, he brings listeners up to date on all the various processes involved in the writing and editing of the manuscript, as well as some of the feelings and frustrations involved. A must for any aspiring writer - or for anyone interested in the Diagonal Walking project.…
Getting organic traffic to your website does not need to be hard. I talked to SEO expert Belinda Irvine about how you can improve your website functionality with few simple tricks and some of these tips you can implement right away. Belinda is experienced SEO and digital marketing expert who works from small businesses to multi national compani ...…
Farmers warned to watch out for cyber scammers, restoring heritage furniture and the ancient drink set for a modern, sweet success
In the wake of the US mid-term elections, listeners wonder how to achieve balance in a highly divided US political climate. Newshour’s editor responds.Plus your thoughts on the BBC World Service’s coverage of Armistice Day and the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.Presenter: Rajan Datar.Producer: Howard Shannon,…
Euan visits an Iron Age broch and a 1960s nuclear bunker, and Mark rides a battery train.
Despite cabinet departures, UK Prime Minister Theresa May is sticking to her Brexit plan. Whilst some big British businesses are coming out in favour of the proposals, we gauge reaction from elsewhere on the continent with Ian Talbot, chief executive of the Irish Chambers of Commerce, and Ilja Nothnagel, head of international trade at the Germa ...…
In this episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast we were joined by Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House Director of Communications for a whopping 11 days. He was interviewed by Josh Lowe, Deputy Editor of Apolitical, for a wide-ranging and often outrageous discussion on the Trump presidency this far.…
In this episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast we were joined by Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House Director of Communications for a whopping 11 days. He was interviewed by Josh Lowe, Deputy Editor of Apolitical, for a wide-ranging and often outrageous discussion on the Trump presidency this far.…
Joel loves Thanksgiving, because it falls right around his birthday. He isn't happy that his family is going out for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Joel's wife, Debbie, wanted to get him with a Brian Bell Buster. We called Joel from a made up restaurant that will be serving what the Pilgrims ate on the Mayflower! Who wouldn't want salted cow to ...…
We talk Patriots with Scott Zolak, voice of the Pats, on Football Friday with Zo every Friday at 8:40 on Loren & Wally Show. Check out Scott Zolak's new book If These Walls Could Talk: New England Patriots. Have the Patriots played a worse game in recent history? Is time creeping up on Tom Brady? Where's Brady's head? Bonus: A special Thanksgiv ...…
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