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Courage & Clarity
These spirited conversations give us a peek behind the curtain and share what it really takes to earn an independent living doing something you love. Add one part grounding inspiration to one part tangible tactics and you've got this podcast: a unique way to catch insights that really work from successful female entrepreneurs. These real, honest stories will help you find the courage and clarity to go after what you love!
Fear & Courage
The Fear and Courage Podcast tells the stories of military service members, law enforcement officers, and first responders. These experiences are intense and in many ways foreign to the majority of people. The show includes stories with intensity, unique experiences, personal impacts (positive and negative), and lives changed for the better or worse as a result of a career of service. By telling the impactful stories of education, training, operations, traumas, victories, career paths, and f ...
Voices Of Courage
Ken D Fosters’ Voices of Courage Show is more than just another radio program! It will take you on a journey to find your courage, breakthrough your limits, and master your destiny. No kidding! Ken has brought together the most Courageous People on our Planet who will inspire greatness with you and change your life for the better. In fact, if you are a regular listener, you will soon see the unseeable, know the unknowable, and do the impossible. You Will: * Be Inspired * Be Courageous * Beco ...
In this podcast Cheri provides ideas and tools to help listeners develop the courage to push past roadblocks and achieve their greatest victories. Cheri Ruskus is a Business Coach and Author, best known for her “Victory Letter” she sends out each Monday morning. Through working with thousands of small business owners over the course of 30+ years, she is able to effectively help others develop a strong business mindset for the modern world.
Welcome to Courageously Go!Where we will venture into places we’ve been afraid to go…Women of the world,We are going to start a movement-A movement towards courageWhyBecause when we choose courage, make courage our compass and move in the direction towards courage, wonderful things begin to happen for us – we become confident, experience more joy and the freedom that comes from living a heart-led authentic life.Our mission is this: to encourage and support every girl and woman on her path to ...
Jono Fisher hosts inspiring conversations with remarkable people. The highs, the lows and what fuels a kind and courageous life. Be inspired as we dig deep into what matters most with best-selling authors, artists, scientists, celebrities, business leaders and wisdom teachers.
Trish Blackwell
Coaching your confidence and courage to that you finish what you start and contribute to the world in a way that matters.
This podcast is committed to inspiring, encouraging, and coming along side you to help you increase your courage, self-confidence, and capacity to live out your destiny.
“I do not wish to treat friendships daintily but with roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass beads or frost-work but the solidest thing we know....” is how Ralph Waldo Emerson saw the ties of friendship in one of his essays titled Friendship, more than a hundred years ago. This and other interesting essays are included in Essays First Series by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the distinguished American philosopher and writer. Apart from writing, he was also a very gifted and popular p ...
Tutored by Aristotle, compelled to ascend the throne at the age of 20 when his illustrious father was assassinated, driven by a passion for expanding the borders of his tiny kingdom, Alexander of Macedon was one of the most towering figures of ancient history. He is brought to vivid life in this gripping volume by the American children's writer Jacob Abbott. In his short but eventful life, the young Macedonian king went on to rule over one of the most powerful and largest empires in the anci ...
The podcast that helps you break free from the bondage of self-doubt, self-sabotage and small thinking. Pour truth into your mind with The Confidence Podcast so that you can live the calling God has put on your heart with more courage and confidence. You have purpose, a God-given one; it’s time to rise up, shine brightly, think on what is good and contribute to the world in a way that matters as you life life a beautiful, confident and abundant life.
Your Creative Push is the podcast that pushes YOU to pursue your creative passion, even though you have a busy, full-time life. Twice a week, Youngman Brown interviews artists, musicians, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and other inspirational creative individuals in an attempt to get them to inspire you to put aside your excuses and START DOING WORK. Each artist opens up to YOU, revealing the things that hold THEM back on a daily basis, and how they FIGHT THROUGH IT. They then gi ...
The Collage Creative podcast is weekly interview show dedicated to uncovering the motivations, daily routines and practices of women and men who are living life on their own terms. They may do this through a business they’ve created or they may simply choose to live differently in some way. What I hope to learn is what gave them the courage to say the heck with it, I’m doing it my way. We will delve into their routines, habits, favorite books, podcasts etc. On the flip side, we’ll talk about ...
There's More
A place to explore spirituality, creativity, transformation, relationships, courage, letting go, waking up, and everything else that matters in our day to day lives as we experience, become, and create more.
A sailing memoir written by seaman and adventurer Joshua Slocum, who was the first person to sail around the world alone, documents his epic solo circumnavigation. An international best-seller, the book became a great influence and inspiration to travelers from each corner of the globe. Additionally, Slocum is an example that through determination, courage and hard work any dream can easily become a reality. Written in a modern and conversational tone, the autobiographical account begins wit ...
Each and every one of us has an unlimited inner wellspring of spiritual power. You have the ability to transform, create, and heal anything upon which you set your heart and mind. Join intuitive channel and spiritual teacher, Sarah Hall to learn how to uplift all aspects of your life through spiritual empowerment. Enjoy weekly guided meditations, spiritual discussions on a multitude of topics, and a chance to call in to receive messages from the Angels on your spiritual journey.Sarah Hall is ...
Interviewing experts and guests who have the courage to pursue their vision, purpose, passion, are achieving success, making an impact and making a difference and who are inspirational role models.
Since the dawn of time there has existed an elite warrior class. Those with the courage and the will to achieve victory have always set themselves apart. Today, these warriors can be found not only on the modern battlefield, but also in the sports arena, in the boardroom, and in the classroom. Join Doctor Mike Simpson, former Special Forces Operator and highly regarded expert on both combat trauma and combat sports medicine as he takes you inside the Mind of The Warrior. Doctor Mike Simpson, ...
Caregiver support broadcasting network. Learn ways to improve your own lifestyle by listening to real life stories of courage and survival. Listen to experts in the field of self-help and care-giving.
Each in-person, in-depth conversation celebrates extraordinary women who are living life with courage and conviction, following their own unique paths. Hosted by women's travel expert, Beth Whitman, episodes dive into a wide range of topics including travel, adventure, wellness, nutrition, athletics, spirituality, the arts, entrepreneurship and more.
Women Who Went for It! is a bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Certified Whole Person Coach and Career Change Agent, Sara McArdle. The show features inspiring chats with successful industry changers who share how they found the clarity, courage and motivation to step into a deeper vocation and a life of meaning and fulfillment. We hope you'll see just how many before you have GONE for it—and they're eternally grateful that they took the risk!
I bring to you, with a huge heart and an abundance of energy and passion, my process and journey of my body of work. Weekly insights of how I build, create and grow my projects. Messages, talks and interviews to get us on track and aware of our journeys, our paths and our talents. Building a community of strength, empowerment and self awareness. Making 'kindness' cool. Living and breathing optimism and positivity. Helping support each other rise, and elevate, to our own respective greatness. ...
We talk Raleigh, Carolina Hurricanes, North Carolina FC, NC Courage, and anything else that happens in the area.
International yoga leader and creator of the LYT Method, Lara Heimann, investigates the modern evolution of yoga from her background as a Physical Therapist and neurodevelopmental treatment specialist. She passionately explores the core values of her groundbreaking yoga method: smarter movement patterns, kindness to ourselves and others, compassion for all beings, finding the best way through inquiry, the courage to change, discipline to grow, and taking a stand for what we believe in.
Joyful Doctor
Welcome to the Joyful Doctor Podcast!The Joyful Doctor, Dr Caroline Walker, interviews a host of inspiring doctors from around the world.Listen in for inspiration and amazing tips on how you can be more joyful - whether you work in medicine or not!You'll hear stories of triumph and disaster, courage and vulnerability, despair and joy... with a healthy dose of realism and medical life experience thrown in - enjoy!For a list of free support resources for doctors please visit:www.joyfuldoctor.c ...
THEY TRIED TO BURY US is a weekly podcast hosted by Egyptian-born comedian Tamer Kattan and his mother Kity. Being the son of a Muslim father and a Jewish mother left Tamer struggling with notions of identity. It’s that exact struggle that Tamer and his mom dive into as they sit down with guests to hear about their American origin stories. “They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds” is a Mexican saying an elderly neighbor shared with Tamer to encourage him to never, ever give up. ...
Career Yoga
This podcast, hosted by Narkis Alon and Amalya Duek, talks about self-fulfillment in the 21st century; In our shows we share tools, opportunities and insights for our career journey. We host courageous people, that are successful inside and out, and they honestly share about their desires, challenges, fears, and greatest wins regarding their career journey.In the same way people choose to practice yoga so they become healthier, stronger, focused and happier- we practice "career yoga" for rec ...
The Iliad by Homer
A divinely beautiful woman who becomes the cause of a terrible war in which the gods themselves take sides. Valor and villainy, sacrifices and betrayals, triumphs and tragedies play their part in this three thousand year old saga. The Iliad throws us right into the thick of battle. It opens when the Trojan War has already been raging for nine long years. An uneasy truce has been declared between the Trojans and the Greeks (Achaeans as they're called in The Iliad.) In the Greek camp, Agamemno ...
Between The Posts was created for soccer coaches, parents, goalkeepers, and fans. On all our soccer focused podcasts we seek to offer listeners solutions for many of the struggles that we see coaches, keepers, and parents going through each season at the youth developmental, club, collegiate, and professional levels. This podcast offers an expert perspective on the many technical, tactical, and psychological aspects facing youth sports and the leaders (coaches) that train our next generation ...
Succeed with Soul
Certified career and lifestyle coach Natasha Lindor shares actionable strategies with a spiritual twist so you can ditch everyone else’s opinion, gather the courage to own who you really are and be more than your job title.
Better Leaders Better Schools is a world-class podcast created for you --the current school administrator, emerging leader, and educational influencer. Each episode Daniel Bauer interviews top school principals as well as industry leaders to unpack their leadership insights learned via their experiences and mistakes. Discover how to create a winning school culture, focus on the essential, and lead with courage and integrity. Learn how to build relationships, leverage data, and maximize your ...
As a toxic relationship specialist my mission is to bring hope, healing, and FREEDOM to those whose lives have been affected by toxic relationships and emotional abuse. Living in environments that are not healthy for you can cause this type of abuse to be accepted as “normal”. TRUTH IS...ITS NOT NORMAL... ITS TOXIC! “ Learn to not only recognize a red flag when you see one but also have the courage to choose yourself and and move forward in a life that is free from the control of others.
Marsha is a Life Adversity Coach specializing in coaching, speaking and workshops to assist people in finding their clarity, confidence and courage again.
Your Inner GPS
Empowering you to use your own Inner GPS to remove the shadows and blocks in your life so you can be clear enough to make the powerful choices with courage, peace and boldness. Being able to teach this to you is a privilege and both my mission and my passion. Your Inner GPS Radio is about teaching tangible life practices that give you a unique opportunity to participate and create ground breaking changes in your life every single day.Zen Cryar DeBrucke is a master teacher, business adviser a ...
Una Drake
NEW SHOW YOUR JUICY LOVE WITH UNA DRAKE Co-hosting with Dr. Pat MonthlyHosting - Every 2nd Monday 12pm pt / 3pm et Your Juicy Love with Una Drake helps you find the dynamic, life-affirming love yoursquove always wanted, but didnrsquot know was really possible. Follow Una as she explores how to find juicy love, even under unique or challenging circumstances. Una Drake believes relationships are the perfect crucible for spiritual growth. She will explore how Sacred Union practices can transfor ...
Conan the Barbarian is employed by one of the civilized countries to help in it's push to claim lands from the primitive Picts. The Picts are not excited about the idea however. Old gods and mythical creatures are called up by the Pict witches to contest the invading army and Conan finds himself battling for his life amid the blood thirsty hordes that include saber-toothed tigers, 40 foot long venomous snakes and a demon from another dimension who is intent on crushing him. The huge dog Slas ...
From Maui With Aloha
Step outside the box and live your dream. We are dedicated to the people who are following their dreams and changing their lives, featuring the music of breaking new artists every month who are following their dream. Experience their stories, their passion, their struggles. Through sharing their personal and sometimes intimate adventures, we hope to impart the same spirit of hope and courage to you. May we all know the true meaning of personal happiness on our individual Journey to Gold. Liv ...
SecondWind was created as a resource for change. It is a source to shine light to your darkness by hearing other women talk about their Defining Moment to transform their lives... to hear about their fears, doubts, discouragements and joys. So tune in today and listen to the defining moments that changed their lives and began their brighter tomorrows! SecondWind is a widely listened to radio show with 300,000 plus listeners.
Welcome, we are thrilled you popped into our neck of the woods. Life in 22 Minutes is a podcast interviewing courageous people that inspire, give hope and bring a smile to your face in only 22 minutes. Our goal is to help you realize you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.
Learn the lessons of military history by looking at the great battles through the lens of the Principles of War. Part of the enduring nature of war, all good Generals follow the 10 Principles of War. The great Generals of history have the ability to know which of the principles are most important at the decisive moments of the campaign. We study the great battles to draw the lessons on strategy, tactics and leadership.
The Flop House
A comedy podcast examining the worst in recent film. With your hosts Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington.
Dear Sugars
Radically empathic advice
Los Gatos United Methodist Church
Each week, experienced entrepreneurs and innovators come to Stanford University to candidly share lessons they’ve learned while developing, launching and scaling disruptive ideas. The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series is produced by Stanford eCorner during fall, winter and spring quarters. ETL is supported by the venture capital firm DFJ.
Beyond the Darkness
Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.
Delphic Wave
There is a wave of awareness permeating our world. The awareness of oneness, the awareness of wellness, the awareness of what it truly means to be whole and healed; the consciousness of 'self' within 'other'; the truth of being held by Source, our Divine Mother. It is subtle, yet profound, deep and all encompassing. It flows within us, rather than around us. It is divine intervention on a cosmic scale. It is time. It is real. It is grace, in magnitudes beyond imagination. It is what we have ...
Our listeners say, “If TEDTalks met Oprah you’d have the Unmistakable Creative.” Eliminate the feeling of being stuck in your life, blocked in your creativity, and discover higher levels of meaning and purpose in your life and career. Listen to deeply personal, insightful, and thought-provoking stories from the world’s leading thinkers and doers including best-selling authors, artists, peak performance psychologists, happiness researchers, entrepreneurs, startup founders, artists, venture ca ...
The One You Feed
"This podcast saved my life"- Amy W Conversations about Creating a Life Worth Living. Open minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.
Jocko Podcast
Leadership and Discipline
Thought-provoking videos about life and being human, with ideas from business leaders, psychologists and researchers speaking onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
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show series
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Joshua Slocum.
1 pm PT/4 pm ET on Bombshell Radio - it's another chance to savor "Just Another Menace Sunday" with Dennis "The Menace"! Hour 1: "We go deep into the archives for Conversations with Dan Ackroyd and Eric Carmen of the Raspberries talking about the 2004 opening of the House of Blues Cleveland! Hour 2: New Melodic Rock 'n Roll f ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Joshua Slocum.
More great books at
Michael Steger is a professor of psychology and founding director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose at Colorado State University. For more than 15 years, he has researched how people flourish by living a meaningful life. Michael has published more than 100 scholarly journal articles and book chapters, as well as three books. He was recently ...…
E49: What Is Love? "Love is a term used liberally, but applied sparingly."-Courage Molina Many of us have a self-centered view of love in relationships. We evaluate whether or not someone truly loves us based on how they treat us or how they make us feel and we measure whether or not we love them based on how we feel about them. Courage unpacks ...…
Empathy is the key to learning and understanding what people are going to do and how they are going to react to situations before they even do it. All too often we become stuck, because of difficult people, bosses, friends, co-workers etc frustrate us to the bitter end. But the problem is that we all live on our own head and in our mind, we bel ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Joshua Slocum.
More great books at
Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Bombshell Radio​ Addictions and Other Vices Podcast​ ADDICTIONS AND OTHER VICES​ Today 8am -10 am 3pm-5pm EST EST Repeats Saturday 3am-5am 3pm-5pm EST And Sundays 8am-10am and 8pm-10pm EST #NowPlaying #indie #rock #alternative #Synthpop #indierock #community #radio #BombshellRadio #DJ #Addi ...…
Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Bombshell Radio Thursdays 2pm-3pm EST Repeats Fridays 1am-2am EST & Sundays 11am-12pm EST Stereo Embers Magazine Alex Green #Interview w/ #StereoEmbers, #podcast, #RadioShow, #AlexGreen, #Alternative, #NewMusic, #Nowplaying , #BombshellRadio, #Axiom, #The Twilights, #LittleRiverBand “ ...…
Today’s conversation was sparked by an incredible student of mine; a former Marine that now teaches yoga, and hopes to bring it to others who have served. I absolutely adore how positive he is, and the wisdom he brings to each conversation we have. In the military, he mentioned that they say, “adapt, adjust, evolve,” and I love that because it ...…
Jeanne Robertson joins us today for some laughs!
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Joshua Slocum.
More great books at
Message #20 in our series, Heroes and Underdogs
Got any feedback and comment for the episode: Go here: Have a question or feedback from this episode? Love to hear your voice and feature you on the podcast. Go to to get featured on the show (through recording your question and feedback) Can't wait to hear from you! -- Appl ...…
Want powerful tips to move through your fears, work toward your dreams, and live without having to wonder what could have been? Richie Crowley has them for you. He faces his fears head on now so that he won't have to face regrets later. In this episode he shares his incredible journey and how his determination and views on death led him to foll ...…
Jonathan Helser joins us today sharing a testimony about his story of becoming the musician he is today. Amazing story!
There’s a lot of talk about love around Valentine's Day. Finding perfect love. Keeping love alive. Yet at the heart of what is required to enjoy deeply loving relationships is the ability to be loving toward ourselves. So this Valentine's, consider how you could be more loving of yourself. In particular, how you can extend inward a little more ...…
Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)Bombshell RadioTHURSDAY'S Radio Hootenannybombshellradio.comRegular Time Slot: Thursdays 3pm - 4pm EST Fridays 3am-4am EST #RadioHootenanny #Radioshow #DJSkip #Alternative #Indie #Rock Radio Hootenanny Our show menu for Thursday February 14th and then beyon ...…
THURSDAYS THE HEART GOES BOOM New show THGB 0092! with host Alex Green The Heart Goes Boom on Bombshell Radio Thursdays 1pm-2pm EST 10am-11am PDT Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Repeats Friday's 2am-3am EST And Sundays 12pm-1pm EST #TheHeartGoesBoom #Dj #AlexGreen #Alternative #PostPunk #Rock #IndieRock #Radioshow #Coconu ...…
Bombshell Radio 4pm-5pm EST Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Ska Party Radio Repeats Friday 4am-5am EST air times & more #skasome #ska #BombshellRadio #dj #Canadian #SkaPartyRadio Bombshell Radio 4pm-5pm EST Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Ska Party Radio Repeats Friday 4am-5am EST air times & more # ...…
Legends return and so does the Live Lounge Brand new material and interview from EBM heavyweights Nature of Wires, expect some darker tones on tonight's synth sesh Featuring music from Absolute Valentine, Siblings Of Us, Vernian Process, SOMBRE Moon, This Human Condition, Binarypark, Gunship, LEBROCK, PASTEL GHOST and LAZERPUNK from Electric Dr ...…
Thursdays 8:00am-10am EST PLAYING TRACKS BY BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, URIAH HEEP, GOLDEN EARRING, VANILLA FUDGE, MOUNTAIN and more. #psychedelicrock, #progressiverock, #hardrock ,#classicrock , #rock When in the early 70's psychedelic rock met with progressive rock, but with the strength and exuberance of hard rock. 1. The Revenge Of ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Joshua Slocum.
More great books at
Today 8am-10am EST 8pm-10pm EST Saturday 8am-10am EST This week on Bombshell Radio we Time Warp into 1990 Part 4 two hours of selected tracks, This is Addictions and Other Vices 574 - Time Warp 1990 Part Four #Rock ,#Classics ,#AddictionsPodcast ,#Timewarp, #Pop , #90's , #HipHop, #Radio , #ClassicRock , #BombshellRadio…
Bombshell Radio Jazzamatazz Double Header Today 2pm-4pm EST 8pm -10pm BST 11am-1pm PDT Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) SYCOPHANTIC SOUND SOCIETY A musical kaleidoscope of 23 groovy,funky,jazzy,quirky,far-out & fun tracks. A genre juggling journey into sound. Volume 60. Enjoy the trip :) #funksouljazz #raregroove #funky #g ...…
Bombshell Radio Jazzamatazz Double Header Today 2pm-4pm EST 8pm -10pm BST 11am-1pm PDT Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) PLANET OFHIP-HOPCRISY 18 Funky breaks, samples & rhymes from the rappers,groups & pioneers of hip-hop's golden era. #OldSchoolHipHop #HipHop #Rap #OldSchool #Hip-hop/Rap #electro #breaks 1 Erase Racism Ko ...…
The Menace's Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday Bombshell Radio Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 1pm-2pm EST 10am-11am PDT 6pm-7pm BST #classics #pop #rock #classicrock #themenacesattic #bombshellradio This Week – Episode #882 (02/09/2019) This 7” Edition Will Be A Collectable For Some Of You And Others Will Say, “Really, Wh ...…
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