Best Deaf podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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A weekly upload of Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville's sign language interpreting ministry. Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville is a church located in Ontario, Canada. The sign language interpreting ministry can be experienced live during our 11:15am service every Sunday. Visit to find out more.
Rock School
Dr. Joe Burns and Beth West host an insightful and energetic showcase of the music, history and culture of rock-n-roll
Hear directly from the people whose work in genomics is shaping the way we think about science and our world. Listen as leading scientists discuss the impact of genomics with the Illumina Scientific Affairs team. Download or subscribe to our recurring podcasts.
A podcast about future trends, technologies, and their implications for the world. Coming to you from all over the world.
Apostolic Forum / Podcast
Awesome interviews with fascinating people.
Basically I believe nothing or nobody is solid or genuine. Everyone is out for self an I wanna talk about it so she can get to the bottom of it
Earshot - ABC RN
Earshot presents documentaries about people, places, stories and ideas, in all their diversity.
Cum Town
Official Podcast of the Cum Boys. Hosted by Nick Mullen (@nickmullen) and Stavros Halkias (@stavcomedy), two PROFESSIONAL comedians, folks. Also featuring Adam Friedland (the girl of the show).
The entertainment industry is brimming with interesting people who are responsible for your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. Join Vox’s critic-at-large Todd VanDerWerff every Thursday as he speaks with the very well known, up-and-coming and need to know folks responsible for the most exciting projects in art, entertainment, and pop culture – diving deep into their influences, inspirations, and careers in a frank, uncensored fashion. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
The Free Music Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free and legal MP3 downloads. Our Song of the Day podcast features handpicked tracks including live in-studio recordings and Creative Commons releases. Every MP3 you discover is pre-cleared for certain types of use that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws, ranging from downloads to use in videos and remixes. Visit for more information about individual tracks and artists.
Only Human
Only Human is a show about health that we all can relate to. Because every body has a story.
RNZ: The Panel
The Panel features a range of panellists from across the opinion spectrum, together with expert phone guests.
Interviews and discussion with a personal and often humorous touch. With guest presenters plus Kate Monaghan and the Ouch blog team. Ouch is available exclusively online.
A weekly podcast by Josh Pigford, founder of Baremetrics, on his journey growing a startup.
The Alan Cox Show
The Alan Cox Show 24/7 is a twisted talk show in Cleveland, mixing news, pop culture, interviews and general nonsense hosted by Alan Cox w/ co-hosts Bill Squire, Erika Lauren, and fan favorite Poundcake.
RFI goes behind-the-scenes of one of the week's major stories.
MCU Rewind
Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Rewind. The podcast that rewatches, reviews, and responds to every movie, show and one-shot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Ground-breaking real-life stories that speak to you about your life, your world, and your issues. Reece Parkinson gets in-depth with documentaries made to challenge your thinking.
Accessibility Minute is your weekly look at Assistive Technology — those clever tools and devices designed to help people who have disabilities with vision, mobility, hearing, or other special needs.
Parenting Today's Teens With Mark Gregston
A casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment.
The SOS Podcast
The most honest hour and change of your day - once a week
S.E. Cupp brings her distinct outlook and a searing honesty on contemporary issues, with a focus on the white-hot intersection of politics, the media and policy.
This half-hour Bible study program teaches you practical Bible study tools. Verse by verse you'll discover how to observe God's Word, interpret its meaning, and apply its truth to your daily life.
Rebel On The Radio
Ben Cooling and Ryan Curtis discuss…….well whatever they want! With no real direction it’s going to make for an interesting ride! There’ll be a bit of news, some music a
OUR show is a radio show in Orlando, FL that broadcasts from Rollins College on WPRK 91.5FM Saturdays from 5-7pm playing all types of music with a focus on HIP HOP. Whether HOMEGROWN or Global, Unheard or Well known, if it is DOPE, it gets play on OUR show! | | |
The Album Club
A deep dive into some of the best albums ever made with a history of the artist, recording of the album, cover art, a track by track analysis and a discussion of what happened next.
The 405 Exchange
The 405 is an award-winning Music & Culture magazine based in the UK. Check us out at
Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.
The latest feed from Trinitarian Bible Society on
HealthRedesigned is a weekly conversation on building digital products for better health and wellness, presented by Hanno.This podcast is an outlet for changemakers in the health and wellness industry to share how they're harnessing the power of design and technology to build life-changing digital products. This is health, redesigned.
Level Up is a show devoted to game development. The episodes will cover a wide variety of topics such as current news and events in gaming, deep dives with a game industry insider, and tutorials for developing your game. To learn all about developing games on Xbox or Windows, see Ready to jump in and start developing right away? See
Giving respect and voice to people with special needs
This began as an experiment in using Soundcloud to podcast, but I've had former parents ask if I had a regular preaching gig somewhere or if my chapel messages were ever online. Well, now they are!
KDNK News covers local, regional, and statewide issues.
Northside Podcast
The latest sermons/messages from Northside Baptist Church in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Only Human
Only Human is a show about health that we all can relate to. Because every body has a story.
New Vibrations
New Vibrations is a podcast featuring brand-spanking new tracks by indie artists from all over. These babies are hot off the press, not more than a few weeks old -- some aren't even officially released yet! Listen to get the exclusives and to give your eardrums a treat.
The latest feed from Emmanuel Community Church on
Rock Sound Podcast
Welcome to the Rock Sound podcast! Here each and every Friday, we’ll be bringing you all the latest news, reviews, gossip and chat from the worlds of pop-punk, emo, metalcore and everything in between. Oh, we’ll also have exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the Rock Sound universe EVERY week, too. Prepare to be SHOOK.
PetInsider is your direct source for everything you ever wanted to know about pets. Each episode, host Loni Edwards, founder of The Dog Agency, will speak with an exciting new guest to discuss a unique animal-related topic. You’ll hear from innovators and experts, animal rights advocates, celebrity pet owners and so much more! Whether you’re a pet parent, or just a little pet crazy, PetInsider has you covered. We get it. We’re obsessed, too.
The latest feed from Millbrook Presbyterian Church on
Each week features a recording of one electronic sound for five minutes.
Heywire presents personal stories from young Australians and the conversations that shape their communities.
We were born to burn with blazing passion for Christ. Come hear truth that fans the flames, shatters the shackles and sets captives free!
Emmy award winning news & sports journalist Ed Berliner is "The Man in the Arena", welcoming in guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, human interest, music, and whatever else catches his attention. Excellent guests, stimulating no-holds barred conversation with fascinating people and topics. Rock On, True Believers.
The Defender Podcast is a ministry of Lifeline Children's Services where we seek to equip the body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children and families. We hope this podcast will provide encouragement, inspiration, and ways to connect with others who have a heart for the orphan.
Hello! When do we get to really talk about working with clients in a meaningful way? Where can we hear personal stories, some funny, some sad? Who will inspire us with career ideas? Listening to Work is an interview series with a rotating panel of diverse, mostly self-employed people. Discover the humanity in our work and in ourselves.
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Student Story: Sidney Conflict can harden the hardest heart—but love can melt the coldest of fronts. This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston gives five reasons why developing a closer relationship with your teen can nip a discipline problem in the bud before it becomes unmanageable. If you listen on a mobile phone or tablet, plea ...…
The dreadful feelings around moving a loved pet to a better place, India and Indigenous performers unite over climate change, finding new people online for friendship and nothing else, and a 39 year old theatre program giving women inmates a chance to self express.
From homelessness on the riverbank, to having a million people come view his paintings, this is the story of an immensely creative man who lived hard, painted every day as though he was on a mission, and died too soon.
Perry Will leaves Colorado Parks and Wildlife this month after 43 years to take Bob Rankin's seat as representative for Colorado's 57th District. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh recently met with Will for an in-depth interview. In Part 1, they talk about about his experience as a wildlife manager and how that will inform his new role.…
It’s not that long ago NASCAR was one of the most powerful sports in America, even perhaps one day rivaling the NFL and MLB as the most popular spectator sports. For a time, they were right on the precipice. Then, BOOM. Dropped right off the ledge and now trying to rebuild. But is it simply too late for these good old boys? Ed Berliner is joine ...…
"A kick in the gut" is how Actor Jack Binstead describes his initial response to news that daughter Daisy has osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones) like him. But now he thinks differently. Pippa Bolton and husband describe themselves as having learning disabilities - Pippa joins us to talk about the six month fight to be allowed to bring her ...…
God is a God of love, to be sure. But He is also a God of Righteousness! Precept Ministrys Kay Arthur shows you why that righteousness demands judgment.
Ryan and Ben embark on a completely unplanned show and sometimes these are the best. An odd start with a very brief chat about Valentine’s Day and a dating show, then Ryan takes Jennifer Aniston on a date to celebrate her induction into ‘50+ Fitties’…..Ben has band news in the form of a White Parker tour date and also his hopes regarding a rece ...…
Past, present, and future with KT Tunstall.
The Mayor of Northern French town Feuquieres has issued a ban on excessive dog barking to curb what he calls "canine noise pollution". Dog owners will be fined 68 Euro for prolonged or repeated barking.
No-buy is a new trend, where people attempt to not buy anything for a year for better finances and wellbeing. Many do it in a effort to reduce, reuse and recycle or to de-clutter a la Marie Konda.
The creators of a new advanced artificial intelligence system have decided not to release the research to the public as it may be too dangerous. Open AI created the model - a text generator - which can write fake news stories.
In a Guardian piece today it's argued that tattoos may finally be coming uncool. Despite being seen on many celebrities, and more people than ever before are getting them, some wonder if the body art may have jumped the shark.
Question of the Day: What tattoo do you have?
Another neighbourhood issue firing locals up - are you allowed to block the park outside your house, to save the spot for yourself? An outraged resident went to the Howick local board about people reserving parks illegally.
Is Auckland traffic and congestion out of control? Yesterday was an example, clogged after work on a hot sunny evening due to crashes and breakdowns.
President Donald Trump will declare National emergency so he can bypass Congress to fund has border wall on the US Mexican Border. Senior Democrats have slammed it as a gross misuse of power.
Question of the Day: What tattoo do you have? In a Guardian piece today it's argued that tattoos may finally be coming uncool. Despite being seen on many celebrities, and more people than ever before are getting them, some wonder if the body art may have jumped the shark. But perhaps, as fashion trends change so do tattoos. We ask the panelists ...…
President Donald Trump will declare National emergency so he can bypass Congress to fund has border wall on the US Mexican Border. Senior Democrats have slammed it as a gross misuse of power. Security and geopolitical analyst Paul Buchanan, director of 36th Parallel Assessments, explains the constitutional issues at play and the purported crisi ...…
When you're shopping for your Burberry, Gucci and Prada at US department store Barney' can now add cannibis products to your list.
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.
Would you drink recycled waste water? A Family Outing - 20 years on. Modern Dilemma: the adults-only wedding.
When the Cleveland Browns signed Kareem Hunt to a contract, all Hell broke loose as people were incensed that the guy who assaulted a woman was brought back into the NFL. But why aren’t more women upset at this turn of events, and what does Colin Kaepernick have to do with it? Join Ed Berliner and Joe Casale for their controversial takes on why ...…
Parents are often gravely concerned about their teen’s behavior. The ugly dust ups can cause the whole family to spiral out of control. Hi, I’m Mark Gregston… with Parenting Today’s Teens. When there’s conflict in the home, it’s important to figure out what’s behind the behavior. We cannot discount the sin and turmoil of an out-of-control teen… ...…
Believing Gods Word and the gospel is really a matter of life and death. But to non-believers, death means something entirely different from the Christian understanding. Precept Ministrys Kay Arthur discusses life after death, as she continues a series in Isaiah called, Judgment-But Hope.
Yesterday I wasn't feeling great, mentally. I had a level of anxiety I hadn't felt in a long time that started in the morning and really persisted through the night. I can't pinpoint it to any one specific thing. It was more the sum of a dozen small things. I felt like I hadn't been leading the team well through a big product change, parenting ...…
chelsea clinton EXPOSED for being anti jewish anti semite, wants to kill all jews. chelsea PROMISES new holocaust if hillary electedBy Nick Mullen.
Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Jacklin to discuss her forthcoming new album.
An Auckland cafe has been accused of promoting violence against women for their sign which said: "On Valentine's Day open the car door for her. After Valentine's Day open the car boot for her."
An Auckland woman says she was accosted on a bus and the bus driver did nothing about it. The woman has laid a complaint with Auckland Transport, calling on them to train their drivers better.
The Guardian reports the birds are in unbelievable decline with some colonies disappearing altogether over the past few decades. But there is little public awareness around this, and very little sympathy.
Question of the Day: How do you respond when sellers knock on your door?
Power company Genesis Energy to great fanfare in 2014 stopped door to door selling - saying that its research suggested that New Zealanders didn't like the practice.
The National Party has released a new ad, criticising Kiwibuild. But it's been slammed on social media, with many calling it patronising and a classic case of 'mansplaining'.
The garden landscaping of the future might have to change along with the changing climate. A Nelson resident has credited a fire wise garden, as helping save his Redwood Valley Home from the massive fire.
The Parliament Finance committtee had to be unceremoniously cancelled with MPs on both sides trading bards on whose fault it was.
Power company Genesis Energy to great fanfare in 2014 stopped door to door selling - saying that its research suggested that New Zealanders didn't like the practice. Consumer NZ research backs that up, with 70 percent of people find door to door sellers intrusive. The panelists tell us how they react when sellers knock on their door. Question o ...…
The Parliament Finance committtee had to be unceremoniously cancelled with MPs on both sides trading bards on whose fault it was. A labour MP was sick and his replacement was late, so National Mps stood outside, preventing a quorum from being obtained. We speak to former MP Chester Borrows about what goes on in these meetings and whether this b ...…
In London...the Save a Crust campaign has been launched.
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.
Heywire explores overcoming loss, town survival, and beating ice addiction in its 2019 Regional Youth Summit.
If you had to limit five non-negotiable battles in your home… what would they be? Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens. Mom, Dad, it’s critically important to choose your battles wisely. So, let me share a trick. Sit down and think through the most important conflicts with your teen. Identify the issues where you refuse to budge ...…
The book of Isaiah contains some of the most exciting prophecies in all of Scripture! These prophecies speak loudly to us today. Precept Ministrys Kay Arthur continues a series in the book of Isaiah called, Judgment-But Hope, looking at the fall of Babylon.
Of course we're still sharing brand new tracks that have either JUST been released or aren't even out yet. But this week I decided to make sure to choose the more romantic songs for you and your sweetheart to love each other too. ❤️💘❤️💘❤️Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!❤️💘❤️💘❤️ xoxo - Intro01:23 ...…
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