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Discovering Jazz
Larry The Radio Guy and the listener discover jazz together.
A home for familiar & upcoming Jazz artists.
Fabric Softener
Claire and Isabella present Fabric Softener: bring you the freshest hip-hop, soul, jazz, and more. Discover new tracks and breaking artists through the eyes of this smart, passionate duo. Fabric Softener gives listeners a new take on music journalism, and leaves them with that “fresh out of the laundry” feeling. Subscribe now!
3rd Streaming
Coined in 1957 by Brandeis University professor Gunther Schuller, “Third Stream” is a term used to describe the synthesis of classical and jazz. Join DJ Gary Chew to discover some Third Stream sounds for yourself.
WGLT Music Podcast
WGLT's Music Director Jon Norton interviews big names and emerging talent from the music world as their travels take them into Central Illinois. Discover eclectic music spanning blues, rock, jazz, and more.
Explore and discover sounds of cool jazz
Explore and discover sounds of cool jazz
No Haste Podcast
We love esports, we love gaming and we love Dota. For all those who share our passion and even those who don’t, we created a podcast series to discuss everything and anything about our industry. With a passionate fanbase spanning the globe, esports is a mysterious and wild universe. We’re looking to portray its charm, its nature, share its stories and discover the people that grow it. Welcome to No Haste podcast.Special thanks to Jazz Hop Cafe and Saib for allowing us to use their wonderful ...
DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is his craft, introducing listeners to the BreakThru bands of today paired with throwbacks you may have yet to discover. He loves how we are only a few clicks away from abounding international music talent. But from listening apps to genius algorithms, there's still a place for the hand ...
Percolator is a collection of new music with classics in-between. Freshly mixed by STUPA, our goal is to present new exciting tracks for you to discover.
Live and Improvised
Welcome to this new podcast focusing on live and improvised musics. We’ll hear rock, jazz, Hindustani, and other styles from around the world. Relax with some old favorites or discover some new ones!
Jazz It Up !!!by Simone Vimercati An eclectic mix of timeless new, old and classic sounds with one thing in common: Jazz Music. This is the aim of "Jazz It Up !!!".A selection where Jazz is mixed but without borders and limits of time and genres, which often bring this music to be a niche's phenomenon for experts and purists.During this appointment, I give you a cocktail of pleasant and good quality music that goes from instrumental to vocal jazz, from soul to funky, from latin to rare groov ...
Podsafe Music and discussion about the music industry. Rock, Hiphop, Instrumental and Jazz...PodTracks is the place to discover new podsafe music.Plus, you get to take part in the music discussion and you can send in your own comments for the podcast.PodTracks. Discover Music
A life lived backwards, with events happening in reverse order forms the strange and unexpected framework of one of F Scott Fitzgerald's rare short stories. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was published in Collier's in 1927 and the idea came to Fitzgerald apparently from a quote of Mark Twain's in which he regretted that the best part of life came at the beginning and the worst at the end. Fitzgerald's concept of using this notion and turning the normal sequence of life on its head resul ...
French Vibes
Discover FRENCH VIBES Podcast! our monthly show dedicated to French music. Tune in to our 30 minute podcast in English, presenting the crme de la crme of French artists abroad! Each show will focus on a genre: electro/urban, world/jazz, classical music, or pop/rock/chanson. FRENCH VIBES Podcast is produced by the French Music Export Office in partnership with MOBILOM and FLAM.
Front Row
Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music
Ray Move - Podcast
Rayo Morin AKA Ray Move born 19 of July of 1979. Is a Dj since 1995 and Dj/Producer/ Remixer 2013 Beginning of his career in 1995 with Backbeat/ Hardcore Styles. In 1999 he discovers new musical concepts putting more work into Chill Out, Lounge and in Jazz-nova styles. In 2002 he starts to find interest in House, Deep House, Funky House, Soulful House, Nu Disco , Tech House and Minimal House In 2013 he begins going full on creating his own tracks with his own Electronic Essence transmitting ...
The best new music on CD Baby
Follow artist Travis Knights as he takes you on an adventure through time, rhythm, and dance.
«Rap Is What We Do, Hip-Hop Is How We Live» — sang KRS One. «Yo Is What We Listen» — add we after years.DJs from the Yo channel have done a great job. Here you’ll find a great variety of hip-hop styles, from almost forgotten genres such as Freestyle or G-Funk to actual Crunk or Live Looping. From radio R&B songs to the uncompromising strings of explicit lyrics bursts in the Hardcore Rap or Horrorcore styles. On Yo everyone can discover someone worthy of respect.
Tom Cast: It's like the radio, only shorter! Join Tom Hoyle on his highly eclectic adventure through the world of independent web released music. Each week, Tom presents a radio show styled podcast, showcasing the talents of artists across the globe, ranging from dubstep to jazz, electro to folk, acoustic singer song writers to ambient dark wave. It's all here, just tune in to discover your new favourite music. Tracklistings available at Twitter: @thetomhoyle
Hosts Jonathan and Steven pick an artist, then listen to and discuss each of that artists studio albums.
At The City College of New York, research and scholarship advance every day on issues of crucial importance to people throughout New York City and across the world. In this series hosted by CCNY President Vincent Boudreau, meet faculty, hear firsthand about their research and, in conversation with outside experts, discover how that research is forging new solutions to real-world issues like poverty, homelessness, mental health challenges, affordable housing and disparities in health care.
Jamilia Jackson aka “Jazze Jazz” was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. She is no stranger to the beautiful mountains of this wonderful state and its performance stages. She has performed poetry for public dignitaries, participated in stage plays both in school and in the civic arenas, and occasionally she was involved in radio and television. She was also actively involved in numerous community activities throughout the Southern Range from the late 1980’s until her senior year in high ...
Curious City
Ask questions, vote and discover answers about Chicago, the region and its people. From WBEZ.
Don't Be So Dramatic, the podcast that talks to different people in the entertainment industry and discovers what their job involves and how they got there.Hosted by Rachel Baker, each episode delves into the career and thoughts of a person in film, theatre, dance, marketing, managing and many other areas.
The Guitar Channel
From Steve Vaï to Pierre Bensusan via Paul Gilbert and Nuno Betencourt, The Guitar Channel will let you discover the many facets of this instrument with interviews and gear soundseeings.
Grimm-Tech 24/7
LABELS:- Lets Techno Records- Affluenza Records- Subwoofer Records- Ushuaia Music- MTZ Noir Records- Pure Dope Digital- Dead Groovy Music- Strohm Records- Dog&Man- JPM recordings-etc.....Bookings: ' Grimmaldika ' is a project and statement from the brain of ' Nick Kipigrock '.Since a very young age already fascinated by music & entertainment. Growing up with classical music, jazz & blues as well as groups of the 60 's/70 's, there was always one or another asso ...
Welcome to the Life in the Carolinas Podcast. Our show features a blending of stories that are primarily based on the syndicated TV show, Carl White's Life in the Carolinas and newspaper columns written by Carl White. Like Carl often says, "It's never a bad time for a good story!" The podcast is hosted by Carl and features specials guests as they share the stories behind the stories. All too often we simply do not have enough time to share everything we would like during broadcast. This podc ...
The Free Music Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free and legal MP3 downloads. Our Song of the Day podcast features handpicked tracks including live in-studio recordings and Creative Commons releases. Every MP3 you discover is pre-cleared for certain types of use that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws, ranging from downloads to use in videos and remixes. Visit for more information about individual tracks and artists.
Live performances and conversations in which artists talk about their work, their process, and themselves. Genre-blind but open-eared. Hosted by John Schaefer.
Podcasting from Portland, Oregon in full stereophonic sound, the CD Baby Rockabilly podcast is here to help you discover rockabilly artists, songs, and albums, both new and old, from all around the globe. Fans of Stray Cats, Wanda Jackson, Eddie Cochran, Charlie Feathers, Bill Haley & The Comets, Social Distortion, 1991 Morrissey, and early Sun Studios recordings from Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash know this classic genre, which merges early rock & country sounds in a timeless s ...
Bite of Courage
Bite of Courage is a podcast about ordinary people aspiring to live their best, most authentic life by overcoming vulnerability and fear. It's about finding our courage and sharing our stories so we can be who we're truly meant to be, and discovering in the process that we're a lot more similar than we are dissimilar.
Please come along! As of April 2019, #WiseGirl has rebranded as #ReRooted and can now be found with new podcasts posted every other Friday on Ram Dass's Be Here Now Network at: on my website podcast still sits at the intersection of mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, the creative arts and social justice. ReRooted: Unearthing Our Natural Radiance, And Remembering The Roots We ShareWelcome to ...
Musikklub Mehrspur live video podcast coproduced with DBC GmbH - Discover from the center of Zurich the new generation of music -
THE DJ BE EXPERIENCE DJ BE (Diversifiedsound / ATL House Notes / Celebrate / Afro*Disiac Live Radio / 4Deep) Home Base: Atlanta, GAStyles: Deep Soulful Afro House + Lounge & Soul.Much can be said of a DJ that plays to win. A DJ, much like a point guard running his team’s offense on the court, brings their A game to any environment, home court advantage or not. This is the playing field for one of Atlanta’s “hardest working house music DJs.” DJ BE, AKA BEasy, electrocutes the atmosphere with ...
Jitterbug Jukebox
Jitterbug Jukebox is a podcast hosted by Duke Skellington and Professor Watson focusing on the subculture of the swing era music from the 1920s to 1940s and also its current state of electro swing which is being produced in the UK and around the world. We focus not only on the music but also on the culture; fashion, interviewing current artists as well as learning more about historical musicians and their place in time.Marshall Watson AKA Professor Watson:Marshall Watson is a professional Sw ...
Begin your classical adventure! In 10 minutes or less, you'll discover new (or new to you) classical music with lots of trivia along the way. Join us online at!
A podcast featuring bands discovered mostly on bandcamp and occasionally other artist/music sites. With intent to spotlight great low cost and free music of an eclectic genre range. Headquartered in Visalia, California. Also available on Stitcher and itunes.
Living in Hi-Fi
Living in Hi-Fi is a podcast about records, released every Monday. Like many record collections, ours has come together from various places: some vinyl we inherited from family, some we sought out and bought on purpose, but most of our records we fished out of dollar bins at thrift stores or dug out from deep in the crates at record stores. We love music so much that we’ll buy just about anything that looks interesting. We’ve discovered a lot of really awesome music that way and we want to s ...
Captured from the continual mystery stream discovered in the fall of 1961, our mission is to post 60 minute fragments, as frequently as possible (depending on the signal), from this not too distant satellite of unknown origion located on the dark side of the moon.Here's what you can expect: Hazy overcast explorations, episodes of vaguely familiar audio clues to the past, and overheard comments via an experimental format known as iF: Irregular Frequency.Relax. For the next hour, consider this ...
Hello! And Good News
A podcast highlighting the people, places, and current events that are affecting the world in a positive way. Each week Hannah sits down with a different performer/comedian and unveils to them all of the best (and silliest) news she's discovered. Let’s be honest, the bulk of our news tends to highlight the absolute worst dang stuff going in the world. A lot of it is fear based, repetitive, and goes straight bummer-town. This is not to say that being aware of these events isn't valid or impor ...
The Jersey Arts Podcast presents in-depth, one-on-one conversations with the liveliest and most intriguing personalities in New Jersey's arts scene. From the casts of hit shows to critically aclaimed film producers, from world renouned poets to classically trained musicans, from groundbreaking dance visionaires to cutting edge fine artists, our podcast connects you to what's happening in your local arts community.
Masspike Miles
Miles Wheeler, named by his father and extremely talented jazz musician, after the musically inclined great Miles Davis, need I say more, but its only fair to the world that Masspike Miles’ history become exposed. Miles was born into a family of true talent from every aspect of the entertainment industry, early into his childhood, consistancy from the family tree, showed up again and that is when the birth of Masspike Miles came into play.. Miles born December 31, 1980, in Sacramento,Califor ...
DJ Divago
Originally from Switzerland, Divago has traveled the world and been inspired by many different cultures and musical tendencies. More than sixteen years ago, he moved to New York City where he discovered the exciting Manhattan nightlife and its extravagant fusion of styles. Getting to know various Djs of the hippest clubs of New York City, he quickly got hooked to the art of deejaying. During those years, he also developed a new passion for Electro-World Music and its fusion of melodies and i ...
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It seems to be increasingly hard to find good second hand vinyl jazz albums at low prices through thrift stores or used record stores. But I found some, and I finished listening to them. I play at least one track from each. They include albums by Shorty Rogers, Pat Martino, Peggy Lee, Jeremy Steig, The Steve Kuhn/Sheila Jordan Band, Jack Teagar ...…
…By Dj Kosta One.
…By Ночное Движение.
A bountiful harvest of discovery and throwbacks today in The Listening Booth with DJRePete including some folk harmonica twang via the new record by Hiss Golden Messenger, electro beat crossover with Molly Sarlé of Mountain Man fame, and we dive into the vault for some rediscovery with anthem banjo via Judah and The Lion as well as [dunkelbunt] ...…
…By DJ MEXX83.
…By «Ладо» Студия звукозаписи.
…By DJ Garage / DJ Гараж.
There is much concern about the loss of biodiversity. But what of the linguistic and cultural ecosystem? It is thought that half of the world's 7,000 languages might not survive into the next century. Stig Abell talks to Chris McCabe, editor of Poems from the Edge of Extinction, an anthology of poems from around the world in languages under thr ...…
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