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It may be 2018, but, when DK Vine is on the beat, we'll be reporting the latest news about Donkey Kong, Rare, and Playtonic as if it were 1994. And truthfully, you'll have to excuse us for thinking it's still the 1990's, what with the caliber of games coming our way. Rare's biggest title ever, Sea of Thieves, comes out in March. Retro's finest game ever, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, returns for the Switch in May. Playtonic, fresh off of Yooka-Laylee, is waiting to make their next mov ...
Soul Donkey Music
Join Rodney Marable and friends for a uniquely eclectic blending of jazz-influenced soulful deep house music.
Donkey of the Day
Charlamagne Awards the Donkey of the Day!
Donkey Votes
Current affairs and politics podcast for those who aren't into current affairs and politics. Follow us on twitter:
A conversation between writers and editors about their work, the page, and process with host Victoria Taylor.
Contact us at donkeypunchpodcast@gmail.comJoin the Facebook group
A classic of travel writing, this book recounts Stevenson's adventures on an extended walk through uplands and mountains in south-western France. Humorous on his own failings as a traveller, and on his travails with Modestine the self-willed donkey, it is also an exploration of peasant life in an area marked by the violence of the wars of religion. This version includes the fragment "A mountain town in France", originally intended as the opening chapter, but often omitted and published as a ...
Comedian Jonny McGovern hosts CELEBRITY DONKEY PUNCH, a warped look at America's Finest Journalistic Efforts...CELEBRITY MAGAZINES! Skewering the tabloids coverage of all the bad behavior, drugged up antics and fashion crimes of all your fave celebrities including Madonna! Taylor Lautner! Britney Spears! John Travolta! Oprah! Miley Cyrus! Whitney Houston! The Kardashians! and more! Plus: The Bulge Report! Cover of The Week! and "Oh No She Didnt" Feaaturing Nadya Ginsburg. Written by Jonny Mc ...
mashups, bootlegs, remixes, etc....these mixes are for demonstration purposes only. mad props to the original & mashup artists for their hard work!This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States
Chad McCanna and Hyle "Slush" Russell deliver a bi-weekly serving of Donkey Kong Universe-based comedy, dragging their multinational gaggle of cohorts through the process. Featuring news on upcoming games, trivia contents from throughout DK series history, and award-winning* segments like Great Moments in DKU Audio, you're guaranteed to love it!***not true**not a guarantee
A podcast covering the "Donkey Kong Universe" collection of games, from Donkey Kong Country to Banjo-Kazooie to Super Smash Bros. and more. Features news, recurring features, two yanks, and a perpetually masturbating Englishman.
The Preaching Donkey Podcast helps preachers communicate better. Discussions on what works and what doesn't in preaching. Practical tips and tricks to improve your preaching skills
Donkey Con Artists
The latest and greatest in games & interviews with those who make them. Hosted by Patrick Shanley, Edmund Arnold and Collin Codega.We are on Itunes! Subscribe today!**For interview requests or general inquiries please contact or
News, politics, Europe and music!
Night of the Living Donkey is a kayaking film, the first of it's kind... a horror movie! Zombie movie to be exact. This podcast is a video preview of the movie that is available on DVD.
This is the official Podcast for Donkey Punch Central. What is DPC? It's Justin and Tyler... and they mostly make videos at In this podcast... you will laugh, you will cry, you will get angry. Basically Justin and Tyler talk about anything, be it sports, music, movies, video games, politics... you name it.
Honestly probably the worst podcast on the internet.
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In this episode, we discuss the effects of the curse of knowledge and why most pastors are plagued with it. (more…)
Charlemagne crowns Bette Midler donkey of the day after a too-brief investigation of Kavanaugh infuriated Midler and she tweeted, “Women, are the n-word of the world'”.
81-year-old, Hellmuth Kolb, tries to buy a little girl from her mother in Walmart.
Charlamagne crowns Donald Trump Donkey of the Day after mocking Dr. Christine Ford's accusations regarding Brett Kavanaugh's alleged assault.
Charlamagne crowned Drew Hughes as the "Donkey Of The Day" for his recent arrest. Drew Hughes is a 22 year old man from New Jersey who called for a Lyft after robbing a bank with a steak knife.
Val O'Connell is a trump supporter from Bozeman, MT, who claims that men groping women without consent is no big deal.
Charlamagne crowned Lindsay Lohan as "Donkey of The Day" for a recent altercation she was in with a parent from Syrian.She went on Instagram live while accusing Syrian refugee parents of trafficking their own children.
Charlamagne crowns West Gate School in Port St. Lucie Florida after firing a teacher for giving students zero's after failing to hand in assignments.
You might have heard about Brawlout, that indie Smash Bros.-inspired game by Angry Mob Games. You might not have heard that Yooka-Laylee have been added to the game as fighters. Seeing as how Brawlout is now Donkey Kong Universe, on this episode Hyle and Shane discuss all of the ramifications: where it fits within the lore, what it means for Yo ...…
New York Man Threatens 11-Year-Old Over Game Of Fortnite
Florida Man Says He Was Masturbating In Public To Calm His Anxiety
Life! Death! Resurrection! Marital turmoil! Artifact smuggling! Top gun cockpit piloting! Which video game character exemplifies all this and more? Why, it's obviously the short-sighted mole from off of Banjo-Kazooie. Recorded during Hurricane Florence, the added element of danger makes this episode EXTRA SEXY. Just how old Worm Breath likes it!…
Doney Con Artists Podcast hosts Edmund Arnold and Collin Codega give their final reactions to Spider-Man PS4. Collin and Eddie talk their love for the game, debate whether it should be considered GOTY, and reveal speculations and hopes for Spider-Man 2.
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge has turned 15! The Game Boy Advance midquel set between Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie is beloved by some and dismissed by others, but DK Vine has always had nothing but adulation for its bizarre ways. Go back in time with us to 2003 as we pick up our GBAs and go back in time to 1998, so that we may go back in tim ...…
The Donkey Con Artists welcome staff writer Craig Batory to the podcast this week! Craig gives his impressions of the 'Battlefield V' beta. He also goes in-depth about his thoughts of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta. Come listen to Craig's thoughts on their new Blackout mode.
For a special Talk Like a Pirate Day episode, go back in time to witness the very first attempt at a Kongversation "podcast" in the Russell family. Discover that the more things change throughout the years, the more they stay the lame...By DK Vine.
I have it on good authority that Soul Donkey Music can be very helpful when coping with rush hour traffic. Love and happiness, Rodney Marable a.k.a. The Soul Donkey window.podcastDatabb4c8b8d72d234 = {"title":"Soul Donkey Music","subtitle":"an auditory experience for the mind body & soul","description":"Soul Donkey Music is a long-running a ...…
We are (kind of) back! Co-hosts of The Donkey Con Artists Podcast Edmund Arnold and Collin Codega share their love for the new 'Spider-Man' game for PS4. They give their spoiler-free reactions to what they have played this year. They love it so much that they are calling it a contender for the game of the year.Sorry for the audio issues towards ...…
The second major in-game event for Sea of Thieves, Cursed Sails, has now been raised. Following their completion of the story and all nine battles, Hyle and Jeff discuss what it's added to the ever-evolving tapestry of Sea of Thieves.By DK Vine.
Not content with leaving the K. Rool in Smash discussion to just the previous episode of the Kongversation, Hyle invites Thomas and Eric, the "Kremling Kampaigners", to the show for even more geeking out. How do the pair now feel knowing they were partially responsible for this revival of the beloved character?…
On Wednesday the 8th of August, it happened. Or rather... it Kaptained. King K. Rool was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Hyle and Josh "The Geek Critique" Wallen try to collect themselves for the most momentous event in Donkey Kong Country fandom since Returns was announced some eight years ago.…
Cons of The Roundtable Episode 1: Collin and Edmund react to the Nintendo Direct. Super Smash Bros Galore! Collins sounds excited, Eddie not so much.
In this episode, we share the story of Preaching Donkey and show you along the way how you can build a successful online platform around your passion. Mentioned in this episode: Michael Hyatt’s book on building a platform: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World All links referenced can be found in this article: How to Build an Online Platform i ...…
Tired of the sorry state of Shark Week, Hyle sets out to fix things by offering his own shark-based programming in the form of a Kongversation episode. He and David talk about the sharks of the Donkey Kong Universe, getting into some heated debates about the science behind Snacker, what exactly a Chomps entails, and other pressing maritime issu ...…
Georgia lawmaker resigns after dropping his pants, using racial slur on television.
A Breakfast Club Listener is being awarded Donkey of the Day due to him telling everyone Xxxtentacion is not really dead
Bannon: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would ‘be proud’ of Trump’s boost to blacks and hispanics
“You can’t ever reach a man if you don’t speak his language.” — Malcolm X We hope you are experiencing a wonderful summer! Here is some music to drive the experience. Love and happiness from Rodney Marable a.k.a. The Soul Donkey window.podcastDataff3695df09830e = {"title":"Soul Donkey Music","subtitle":"an auditory experience for the mind body ...…
Mario Tennis Aces is the newest from Camelot Software Planning, but it's also their best game in years. From the perspective of Donkey Kong and Rare diehards, the Kongversation takes a look at what makes Mario Tennis Aces so magical.By DK Vine.
'Fortnite' earned over $300 million in May, while 'Pokemon Go' came back in a BIG way, what does that mean for the video game industry as a whole? Eddie, Collin and Pat weigh in.
Banjo-Kazooie turns 20! As we already did our Banjo-Kazooie Spotlight episode back in Season 1, let's instead focus on B-K's enduring legacy. Why does a 3D platformer released two years in the Nintendo 64's lifespan still resonate so strongly with gamers and developers today? Hyle and Jeff, as well as numerous Kongversation listeners, weigh in ...…
E3 is over and done, but we still have a bunch of exclusive thoughts and experiences from the show to share. Since Kongversation famous Kongversation caller Mametchi was at E3, we thought we'd also have him on to do the same. What happened when Mametchi met Rare? What happened when Sea of Thieves stormed Skull and Bones? What about when Hyle an ...…
Every preacher has physical tendencies that unintentionally distract the audience. Speakers can easily find themselves neglecting to pay attention to their body language and physical habits because they have to remember what to say … and everyone is watching. (more…)
A man had police test his meth. He wanted to ‘press charges’ against his dealer, police say.
Tekashi69 Takes Chief Keef's Baby Mama Shopping At Gucci
Continuing our E3 2018 journeys, Nintendo's relatively underwhelming Nintendo Direct didn't dissuade us from giving the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a chance. We played it on the show floor, with Mitchell going competitive and Hyle doing non-competitive. What do we think? Do we think any more newcomers will make it in? And, most importantly, ...…
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” — English Proverb Love and happiness from Rodney Marable a.k.a. The Soul Donkey window.podcastDataca6d9637089152 = {"title":"Soul Donkey Music","subtitle":"an auditory experience for the mind body & soul","description":"Soul Donkey Music is a long-running audio p ...…
Hyle and Mitchell attended the Xbox Briefing today as the Sea of Thieves content updates for the rest of the summer were revealed, as well as the revival of Battletoads for 2019. Also included in the episode is the annual discussion of our E3 lodging, as well as a surprising discussion about the OTHER games Xbox had to offer. Which one did we i ...…
It's looking to be a fairly substantial year for the Donkey Kong Universe at E3. With confirmed appearances by both Donkey Kong and Rare, Playtonic keeping mum about potential announcements, and the eternal mystery of what Retro is up to, Hyle and his E3 2018 cohort, Mitchell Wolfe from off of Super Jump, look at what DKU fans can expect this t ...…
The first major in-game event for Sea of Thieves, The Hungering Deep, launched on May 22nd. After spending an amazing eight hours playing it last Saturday, Hyle and Cameron report back here with their experiences.By DK Vine.
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