Best Dumpster podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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What is it like to be a long-suffering fan of a team that is arguably the worst in the history of sports franchises? Greg and Keith take a deeper look than most at what makes the Cleveland Browns so terrible. Twitter: @CLEDumpsterFire
The entire world is a mess and so are your hosts Day and Lars. Join us in our discussion as we attempt to sort ourselves out.Send us questions/feedback: Day Hutchings Lars Schweighauser Dumpster Fire is hosted by Day Hutchingsan ...
Movie Dumpster
The Brain Dumpster Podcast is a sanctuary for free thought and creative expression. Hosted by Tylor Jones
Tippy Southcloud was once a majestic forest creature who roamed the woods happily and freely. Then suddenly she was displaced from her home and tumbled by the depths of humanity -- only to find that her spirit had become akin to a dumpster kitty. Anxiety and depression at the state of mankind made life a challenge. But she begged enough table scraps and saved enough money to eventually buy a 76 Scotty camper that is in ROUGH SHAPE. But hopefully it will be her ticket back to freedom.
Film Dumpster
A semi-weekly podcast with the latest film reviews and movie news.
I use words spoken & written as my medium my life is the canvas and I am the story being sculpted. Join me on my absurd adventures ADELANTE!
We're Digital Dumpster Diving! We check out obscure free content in video games and movies, hoping to find something that might be worth your time, but even if we fail, you can laugh at our attempts.
Flail Forward is an RPG Design podcast by a group of amateurs. Some would describe it as a dumpster fire, but it's an entertaining dumpster fire.
We take deep dives into garbage films. Learn a little, laugh a little, live a little.
Dumpster Fire Radio
Podcast by Dumpster Fire Radio
How do we survive in the age of Trump? Kamau and Hari are here for you. In season 2 of Politically Re-Active, comedians and longtime friends W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu navigate the dumpster fire that is the US political landscape. The hosts answer questions and separate fact from fake news with help from today’s most fascinating artists, activists, writers, journalists and political thinkers. Join Kamau and Hari as they discuss how to move forward, how to be an active part of the resis ...
Murder We Wrote
In October of 2015, 22 year-old Susie Sievers vanished from the town of Moonpark, Arizona. A week later, two wrists and a leg were found in a dumpster behind the Circle K. For two years, the murder has remained unsolved. Lawrence Davies, an almost-award-winning journalist, and his producer, Casey Palmer, have stumbled on a cold-case in one of the hottest places on earth.
Dick Flicks
The podcast where dude movies are torn to shreads, thrown in a dumpster, and lit on fire.
Sitting Down With Stand Ups, a podcast featuring local Detroit comedians and beyond, hosted by local Detroit comedians. Includes interviews, games and plenty of content just outside "water cooler" talk. All the things you've wanted to say to your bosses, spouses, exes, parents, annoying neighbors, shithead friends, their kids and hell even your own damn ungrateful ass kids gets said here freely. EN-FUCKIN-JOY!!!!
Atomic Rubbish
A dumpster fire of current events, pop culture, and news.
Ladies Who Lovebomb is your glittery pink field guide to making life better during these dumpster-fire times. By that, we mean lovebombing: sending out love to smash a problem. Every other week, host Jill Hilbrenner talks to one amazing lady who’s creating positive change — empowering women to make a difference in their communities. And each episode, our guests make activism more accessible, with practical tips to stand up, spread kindness and spark change.
A dumpster fire of a gaming podcast.
What Else Happened?
Bypass the news cycle dumpster fire and join Rewire.News managing editors Kat Jercich and Regina Mahone as they deliver the stories of the week you actually need to know about every Friday on What Else Happened?. Part of the Rewire.News podcast network.
Out The Wazoo
You know that itch you were too nervous to scratch in public? Well fret not my friend, for we three gentle-people provide a service to those in need. We embrace a world where free speech is held hostage with our deepest and most disturbing curiosities...In an experience best described as indescribable, we cover the topic of life itself. We ask the questions that you're too squeamish to ask, and deliver answers so bold they're practically facts. We are three human beings who burned our filter ...
BLUE Eyed Monster is a podcast of narrative and none narrative lies and whispered sweet breads aka short fiction and sketches. In the the grand tradition of looking at your shopping list and not recognising your own hand writing or getting lost changing trains on your daily commute, BLUE EYED Monster asks the important questions, questions like: Blue? Eyed? Monster? …You unlock a door with a key you found in a jacket left behind in the last corner bar in the world.... ...behind it is the per ...
Poorly Summarized
Mike and Justin discuss the Donald Trump dumpster fire, trending social media clickbait, stupid memes and weird art.
Weeaboo Wednesday
The world is just a dumpster and we are filthy trash people fighting over which piece of refuse is the best. Tune in and leave your brain at the door for weekly reductive critiques at anime, manga, and really anything thing else we find in the trash bag.
Resume Energy
Intuitive Career coach who inspires, motivates, encourages, and directs job seekers, in this DUMPSTER economy to find their HEART centered employment.
Poorly Summarized
Mike and Justin discuss the Donald Trump dumpster fire, trending social media clickbait, stupid memes and weird art.
Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers are on tour. We're going to attempt to upload a semi-daily diary of the Tour Because Awesome. Shenanigans, songs, awful puns, waffles, dumpster diving, more waffles...should be fun.
Betsy auditions for the role of her dreams...gameshow contestant and goes dumpster diving for perfume with her apprentice. Christmas is coming people, Kris comes face to Adam's apple with Kathy Griffin. A show in front of an audience at Portable Media Expo, now we know what it feels like to be podcasting exhibitionists.
Poorly Summarized
Mike and Justin discuss the Donald Trump dumpster fire, trending social media clickbait, stupid memes and weird art.
The Sookie Nation Podcast is an hour long show brought to you by YouTuber Omegle Legend Pervert Pete along with his sidekick FHG Jason, who bring you the funniest discussions on everything the internet has to offer. Nothing is off limits, from hot topics of the week to the most absurd questions a human can think of. They will offer their advice if asked, but dont ask unless you have an adult nearby. Pervert Pete is the legend of Omegle who was out one day and found Jason next to a dumpster. ...
Ute Talk Podcast
Ute Talk Podcast: Providing unbiased opinions on all things Utah Football and Basketball. Join us weekly as we breakdown games and discuss what lies ahead.
Yo Videogames
A commentary on gaming lifestyle: its history, its news, and all things hype!
Pebkac Podcast
Discussing tech tales, tech news, and random musings in-between
Chris Laxamana invites special guests to recall the old jobs they had before reaching their current careers. Listen as they share stories and advice based on their horrible, embarrassing, or awesome experiences working for 'The Man.'
Fire Drill
Join hosts Gwen & J on FIRE Drill podcast where they interview guests with epic side hustles, real estate investors, early retirees, online business owners, and other inspiring people rocking financial independence. Travel hacking, Mr. Money Mustache, and all things Early Retirement are broken down into simple, actionable steps for the average person. Step up your money game and renew your money philosophy with firedrill podcast.
Risky Business
Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.
Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of ‘The West Wing,’ Lawrence O’Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. Join him every weeknight.
Josh, Dave, and Michael discuss anything and everything PlayStation, with other gaming, TV, and movie conversations as well. We're even joined by guests occasionally!
The Bearded Vegans
The Bearded Vegans finds hosts Paul and Andy in a discussion dissecting all things vegan. News, reviews, interviews and in depth discussion of issues within the vegan community are regular features of the show.
.Sports talk from the point of view of a Father, Husband and sport Enthusiast who loves talking sports and nothing but sports. The content is fresh, honest and very entertaining.
Not just another Heroes of the Storm show / podcast. Hosted by podcasting vet, Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger and Beau Schwartz. Weekly, on the frogpants network. Heroes of The Storm is our business!
No Script, No Fear, All Opinion
Knit 1 Geek 2
Knitting and all things geeky
Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to Got questions?
Comedian Jessica Michelle Singleton brings on guests of varying demographics and asks them extremely ignorant questions as a way to educate people who have questions but are too afraid of looking stupid to ask them.
Each week, join Michael J. and guests as they discuss outrageous hypothetical situations.
Podcast by Christopher Fisher
The best gymnastics podcast on the web.
A Power Rangers centric show. Each episode breaks down the series, the tech, the rangers, the tools and the franchise as a whole.
Wrestle Me
Award-winning comedy writer Marc Haynes has watched every single Wrestlemania. Broadcaster Pete Donaldson hasn’t. Join them both every week as they subject the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment to the kind of scrutiny that ruins them entirely. A hilarious and surprisingly insightful look into some of the most preposterous, glamorous and over-the-top sporting events the world has ever seen – from Hulk Hogan and Mr T at Madison Square Garden way back in 1985 to Roman Reigns and The Un ...
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Tonight on The Last word: Nancy Pelosi blocks Trump's State of the Union address in the House until the government shutdown ends. Michael Cohen postpones his public testimony citing “threats” from Trump. And Kamala Harris’ sits down with Rachel, Lawrence discusses her campaign for president with Joy Reid. Barbara Res, Jack O’Donnell, Barbara Mc ...…
This week we bring interviews and impressions for Trials: Rising and Far Cry: New Dawn. In What We’re Playing we have impressions for Future Grind and old TV show video games.By
In this episode we talk about Matthew 11 and Jesus' use of counterfactuals to make a point.
Pete can't believe Gold-ust is getting away with that spelling, and Marc can't understand why a pan-sexual wrestling policeman isn't a positive step for the US police. if you wanna write a love letter to Ken Shamrock's sister - and you can find us on Twitter @wrestlemepod.
This week, Paul and Andy bring you their long-awaited review of Eating Animals, the documentary adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s bestselling memoir. Ten years ago, the book was responsible for turning many people vegan. They’ll see if the film version lives up to the hype of the book. You can always reach The Bearded Vegans by emailing TheB ...…
Gary Smith, Matt Fondiler, Mike Dawson, Caelan Biehn, Nate Adams and I are racing at the watercooler. We talk about getting stabbed, ice fishing, and wrestling.Beer: Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout (Thanks KC!)HUNGERDOME SHIRTS: to my other podcast Kevin's Cryptids here: https://itunes.appl ...…
Have you ever renovated a house yourself? Garrett and Cathy have. In fact, they’ve renovated 6 properties! Garrett and Cathy came up with the idea of fixing up their own house when Cathy got laid off in 2009. Since then, they’ve been working hard buying houses, fixing them up and then renting them out to tenants. They are now stay at home paren ...…
Tonight on The Last Word: Giuliani continues to change his story on Trump’s involvement in Trump Tower Moscow negotiations. McConnell is bringing two bills to a vote in the Senate, one supported by Trump, the other supported by Pelosi. And new reporting that “The Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett sought to arrange a meeting between a Trump advi ...…
Saints vs Ram, I break down the real reason the saints lost, is not just the blown call by the refs folks (1:00-9:00). The Goat Brady/Bellicheck prevail over youth as they return to the super bowl for a record third straight time (9:18-17:55). En Fuego Headlines are back reacting the hottest headlines- Tim Tebow gets invited to spring training ...…
Today we're talking pets, Day has a new cat, Lars has a sweet rat and Thomas has some great cat stories! We end the episode with a quick music checkup but don't worry we talk music a bit more in the next episode so hit subscribe and we'll talk to you then. :)Find Thomas Hutchings: ...…
COLLEGE GYMNASTICS (03:36) SEC excitement won the day on Friday. We ask: is there actually a way to make wins and losses matter in college, or is it just a nice idea? Plus, Ruby's shriek of joy, Alexa Al-Hameed's Tkatchev, the Priessman/Hundley friendship featurette for people with feelings, Finnegan being all Finnegan, and Baumann being all Ba ...…
Former NWA World Champion, fellow WWE Hall of Famer and THE HARDCORE LEGEND Terry Funk joins Steve on this classic episode of the podcast. Be here as Terry reflects on Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Graham, Ric Flair as well as the personal toll that being NWA World Champion took on him. Also, Steve gets the low-down about the wild night of hi ...…
Tonight on The Last Word: Giuliani contradicts Trump’s statement that he had no business with Russia during the 2016 campaign. Trump lashes out after Democrats reject his offer to fund the wall for temporary protections for some immigrants. Plus, Kamala Harris announces president run as fellow presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand barnstorm ...…
Alex Stamos co-hosts this week’s episode. Topics discussed include: DNC says Russia tried to own its servers in November 2018 South Korean Defence Ministry owned Lazarus Group busy in Chile West African banks suffer multiple intrusions Michael Cohen admits rigging online poll for Trump Nine charged over SEC hack More USG SSL certificates due to ...…
If you have any questions, comments, or free-floating hostility, you can email us at: flailforwardpodcast@gmail.comOr yell at us on Reddit:reddit/r/flailforwardOr tweet us on & Instagram @flailforwardFind us on the internet:Fred - Naur - Say somethi ...…
The PEBKAC duo brings on the pain! TESLA's answer to ICEing, RCS coming to Pixel, Marriot is getting sued, Shane got PWNed...and so did you, and Fortnite gets hacked! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Dave, Marcco, Melanie, Jess the intern and Anthony Slanda welcome Owosso area show runner Connor Barnes. We talk about possible Trump outcomes stemming from the wall fiasco, Connor tells us about his dark relationship with his father twisting his comedic wants and his Valentine weekend show at the Avenue in Owosso. We go over some hate mail, we ...…
This week: Dave spends an excessive amount of time bragging about Chango. Hamberders! Why did a dude shoot semen into his arm? Dave watched Letterkenny. The guys talk about the NFC and AFC Championship games.
The boys talk with Alex and Dylan about roller skating, smoking drugs, how to be chill, shitty internet videos, gas explosions, animal fights, Shaggy vs Goku, and which animal you would have sex with.
The boys talk participating in riots, tax evasion, being on fire, explosions, being old at concerts, white rappers, getting choked out, and oral sex restrictions.
Guest: Joseph SaboIn this episode we discuss the article Why I am Not an Open Theist
In this episode we have our very own Calvinist contributor, Clem Fandango, present the Calvinist case against Open Theism.
Tonight on The Last Word: The Special Counsel's Office has disputed parts of a BuzzFeed report that claimed Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress but we don’t know what part. Many experts suspect much of the story is true. Lawrence explores what lessons can be learned from reporting in the Watergate era. Plus, Trump will make an announ ...…
Tonight on The Last Word: The Special Counsel's Office has disputed parts of a BuzzFeed report that claimed Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress but we don’t know what part. Many experts suspect much of the story is true. Lawrence explores what lessons can be learned from reporting in the Watergate era. Plus, Trump will make an announ ...…
Tonight on The Last Word: The Special Counsel's Office has disputed parts of a BuzzFeed report that claimed Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress but we don’t know what part. Many experts suspect much of the story is true. Lawrence explores what lessons can be learned from reporting in the Watergate era. Plus, Trump will make an announ ...…
After a quick reality check in we are visited by our resident weeb Thomas Hutchings who quizzes us in a game of "Real or Fake?". If you're curious about the title send us a question at any of the links below!Find Thomas Hutchings: ...…
Gary Smith, Matt Fondiler, Caelan Biehn, and I can see clearly now at the watercooler. We talk about soda water, Vitamin C, and being sick.Beer: Stone Tangerine Express IPAHUNGERDOME SHIRTS: to my other podcast Kevin's Cryptids here: ...…
Another cross platform game for the PS4, EA’s troubles with Star Wars, Bungie and Activision get a divorce, along with a ton of written reviews, and a PS Nation World Tour in #AskPSNation.By
The guys start with their quick hitters, talking about Utah's 40th victory in a row over BYU and progress in other non-revenue sports (also when will the Lady Runnin' Utes be ranked this is RIDICULOUS) Then they discuss football in depth, giving their full assessment of the Ludwig hire, picking over Utah's incoming transfers and some late signi ...…
Snow Plowing and Law Firms This week, Yvgenii joins Michael to about removing snow and starting sketchy law firms. Hosted by Michael Michael on Twitter Michael on Instagram Michael on Twitch Michael on Cotton Bureau Guest and Producer: Yvgenii of Floor3Media Yvgenii on Twitter Yvgenii on Instagram Yvgenii on YouTube Yvgenii on Patreon Floor3Med ...…
Paul Heyman has done it all in wrestling - announcer, booker, manager, photographer, promoter. There was even that time he arm-wrestled Missy Hyatt! On this classic episode of THE STEVE AUSTIN SHOW, Steve sits down with his former manager in the Dangerous Alliance to talk about breaking into the industry as a ringside photographer, becoming a b ...…
We're back for another bite-sized chunk of Wrestlemania 15. Marc tries to summon Boyz II Men with a bit of singing, and Peter becomes Peter Pan-Pan. Oh, and Butterbean ruins everything! if you wanna get knocked the spark out - and you can find us on Twitter @wrestlemepod.
Today we talk the scummy ish that happened in the last week. From Randy Pitchford to the dangers of some creep at ALA. Let's go!
This week The Bearded Vegans are discussing a number of news stories that have caught their interest. Topics include a ruling that almond milk can officially be called “milk”, CCTVs in Scottish Slaughterhouses and a meme providing alternatives to “anti-animal language” that has momentarily blown up the internet. They also do extensive follow-up ...…
Managing your own Etsy store is a great way to get some sweet monthly passive income. We talk to Amy, who manages her Etsy shop full time and has scaled her shop to both wholesale and retail clients. Amy fell in love with design and opened her Etsy shop the minute she graduated. From there she started off with vintage clipart, and the moved tow ...…
CONTEST: Prize: University of Denver hat, shirt and sweatshirt. How to Enter: Tell us why you love Denver gymnastics and use the #DenverGymCastic on Twitter or Instagram. Deadline: Sunday, Jan 20th at midnight Pacific. Do I have to be a Club Gym Nerd member? No! Open to all. IN THE NEWS The Rhonda debacle: Michigan hires, then fires, Rhonda Fae ...…
How did you connect to a time sharing computer in 1972? Teardown of the Texas Instruments TI Silent 700 model 745 terminal with acoustic coupler modem. Forum HERE
His Lordship William Regal makes an appearance on this classic episode of the podcast. Steve and William are old running buddies back from back in early 90s WCW. Join the duo as they talk about William's introduction into the British wrestling scene, trying out for the WWE very early in his career, getting into WCW, favorite all-time matches an ...…
Hey Idiots!! Madison Shepard RETURNS to the podcast to discuss all things MIXED! She is half white, half black, all amazing and she answers SO many questions about it and how that part of her identity effects how she fits in the world around her. This was a super informative episode with lots of silly moments. Enjoy it! Follow Madison on Instag ...…
This week’s podcast features Patrick and Adam talking about the week’s security news, including: Huawei staffer arrested for spying in Poland Conviction in DPRK SWIFT hack against Bangladesh central bank El Chapo used Flexispy to spy on mistresses and staff NSO group on charm offensive Iran hijacking DNS entries, conducting PITM with DV certs K ...…
Fred apologizes for his voice, he was still getting over a cold.If you have any questions, comments, or free-floating hostility, you can email us at: flailforwardpodcast@gmail.comOr yell at us on Reddit:reddit/r/flailforwardOr tweet us on & Instagram @flailforwardFind us on the ...…
My reactions to the tale of two sophomores between Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball (1:27-8:45). Luka Doncic keeps taking the NBA by storm and making a reputation as clutch player (8:47-13:17). Take away and reactions from the NFL divisional playoff round and predictions for the AFC and NFC Championship games (13:41-26:40). The Duke Blue Devils domina ...…
This week the guys get together to discuss: The Wall, immigration and national security. Ted Cruz's weird beard NFL playoffs and the Cowboys choking again The Bird Box challenge Dave's liver
Dave, Marcco, Melanie and D+ rated sound guy Anthony Slanda welcome Flint area comic Ace Armstrong. Dave tells us about a near miss on an indecent exposure charge in Ohio, Ace gives us the genesis of becoming a keyboardist and how growing up in Kansas as a preacher's son evenly scrapped his dirt road into comedy. We go over some hate mail, we g ...…
Thomas and Shane bring another West Coast-er on the show to rant and rave about all kinds of CES 2019 announcements! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Dave scores a HP R1500 G3 rack mount Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from the dumpster. Teardown time! Forum:
Gsry dmith, Mat Fondiker, Caelan Biehn, and I are bkinnd ar rhw qRWEXOOLWE. QW Rlk VOUR BWINF NLINDFOLSWS, QWeinf aqwRPnra . amd jamdomg pver nanoesbeer " MGEL CITY PILSNERBy
Super Bowl Parties and Restaurants Yvgenii’s back to talk with Michael about Super Bowl party plans. Then, they build several new restaurants. Hosted by Michael Michael on Twitter Michael on Instagram Michael on Twitch Michael on Cotton Bureau Guest and Producer: Yvgenii of Floor3Media Yvgenii on Twitter Yvgenii on Instagram Yvgenii on YouTube ...…
My reaction of the current offensive streak James Harden is on (1:30-7:15). Wild card playoff reactions and NFL divisional playoff predictions (7:40-21:25). Reaction to Jean Okerlund passing and his impact on wresting (21:30-27:39). Subscribe to the Podcast and leave us your comments!! See below for social Media links, and all the platforms whe ...…
Grant and Joseph start with quick hitters, touching on some upcoming rivalry games and developments in non-revenue sports. Then they dive into the offensive coordinator search, evaluating the resumes of Harding, Sarkisian, and Ludwig; three guys generally considered as frontrunners for the gig. Finally, they turn to Utah Basketball, returning h ...…
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