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Peace With Endo
Naturally managing endometriosis through diet, lifestyle and mindful thinking.
Endo Warriors Podcast
Podcast by Endo Warriors Podcast
Endo the Road - Healing My Way Podcast
Surprisingly, we know very little about endometriosis, what we do know is that it's a condition where tissue which normally lines the uterus grows in other parts of the body. Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women Australia wide.After the Thinkergirls aired their 1 hour endometriosis special, 'Endo-Hour', one of the Thinkergirls, Stacey June, discovered that she too has suffered from symptoms of Endometriosis.On this podcast we will document the journey of healing those symptoms fo ...
The Uterus & The Duderus: A Podcast About Endometriosis
Join Nik and Paige as they "lol" through the topic of Endometriosis. Each episode discusses a different aspect of the chronic illness, Endometriosis, and Paige's journey through her illness. Hear advice, personal stories, and resources to know more about, or treat Endo.
These are live mixes from the "GO!" DJ's, recorded during each month's installment. Featured DJ's include ENDO, FRANK(E), CONCISE, BABY BUBBA, PLANN.B, and ANALOG. ENJOY!
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An Unguarded Heart to Heart
Did you know that 1 in 10 women are living with endometriosis? I am the 1 in 10 with endometriosis and for the first time I am sharing my story with the world. March is endometriosis awareness month and on this special episode I get to speak with Jillian Schurr, board member of The Endometriosis Coalition, and an endo sister who is fighting thi ...…
The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Podcast - Music For People Who Are Serious About Music
NEW FOR MARCH 15, 2018 Another Life - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard - Vol. 334 I swear that I knew you . . . 1. Everybody's Coming To My House - David Byrne Buy From iTunes 2. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (unplugged) - Midge Ure Buy From iTunes 3. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (live) - Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Buy From iTunes* 4 ...…
You can't go on to Instagram these days without seeing a picture or story of a gorgeous sparkling crystal. Crystals are big these days, and it's easy to go and buy a couple without knowing why, except for the fact that they look really, really pretty in your bedroom. You might have heard of terms like 'crystal healing' or 'crystal therapy' and ...…
Today’s movie is “Silence” (2016), the historical drama from Martin Scorsese based on the novel by Shüsaku Endō. The novel was previously adapated in 1971 by Masahiro Shinoda. The film follows two Portuguese Jesuit priests, Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Garupe (Adam Driver), who are sent to Japan to proselytize and to check out the rumored ap ...…
F's Podcast
Når man rejser meget, så oplever man jævnligt forskellige episoder, som ikke gør rejseoplevelsen bedre. Vi har spurgt en del frequent travelers om hvad de irriterer sig over hos deres medrejsende og det taler vi om i denne episode af vores podcast. Emnet skal ikke ses som en kritik af medpassagererne, men nærmere som en reminder til os alle sam ...…
Pod De Deux » Pod de Deux podcast episodes In this episode, Jessica was in Havana, Cuba interviewing Marta Ortega, a dancer with Acosta Danza. Acosta Danza was formed in 2016 when international ballet star, Carlos Acosta retired from a highly regarded 30-year ballet career with the Royal Ballet and moved back to C ...…
Cannabis Connection World Podcast
Episode 8: Cannabis Class we learn about HB 764 passing in the House of Representatives recently. This particular bill adds PTSD & Chronic pain to the list of qualifying diseasesCannabis Connection Interview: I speak with Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, M.D., MPH, FAAFP, MOR an expert on the Endo-Cannabionoid System. She exp ...…
Cannabis Connection World Podcast
Cannabis Class: Learn about THC & CBD and how they act as fuel for brain cells in the Endo-Cannabinoid SystemInterview: Dr. Felicia Dawson, Endo-Cannabinoid System and why the business of medicine lead her to close her practice. Cannabis Chronicles: @TheCannimedic
Listen to Best Sellers Free Audio Books of Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense
Escuche este audio libro completo gratis en Título: La forma de las ruinas [The shape of the ruins]Autor: Juan Gabriel VásquezNarrador: Juan Sebastián AragónFormato: UnabridgedDuración: 18 hrs and 49 minsIdioma: EspañolFecha de publicación: 01-16-18Editor: Audible Studios para Penguin Random House Grupo EditorialCat ...…
Agradece a este podcast tantas horas de entretenimiento y disfruta de episodios exclusivos como éste. ¡Apóyale en iVoox! La ha creído muerta en dos ocasiones, y tendrá que matarla una tercera, o dejarse matar por su mano. Odiará hacerlo. Pero no lo evitará, porque es la única forma de volverla a ver. Lo hará por ella, lo hará por la hija de amb ...…
Discover Popular Authors Free Audio Books of Science & Technology, Psychology & The Mind
Escuche este audio libro completo gratis en Título: Inteligencia intuitiva [Intuitive Intelligence]Subtitular: ¿Por qué sabemos la verdad en dos segundos? [Why Do We Know the Truth in Two Seconds?]Autor: Malcolm GladwellNarrador: Edson MatusFormato: UnabridgedDuración: 7 hrs and 23 minsIdioma: EspañolFecha de public ...…
The tobacco companies were on quite a streak, for many years: Anytime someone sued, the tobacco companies won! Then, the states began suing and things changed – the tobacco companies lost! We then saw a similar situation develop with guns – but money and power intervened – and now we have the situation happening with a prescription opioid. Laws ...…
Karsten & Richard om livet
Vi testar att göra en podcast om livet. Vad som händer, vad vi tänker och vad vi gör. Plus en dos med hur- och varförfrågor. Det här avsnittet handlar mest om olika nya teknologier för handel och transaktioner med pengar. Men också något om hur man kan befästa beslut genom handling.
It's week 10 folks and we've got a full house! Side hustles, teeth-scraping victories, and the reveal of the End O' Year Punishment! And some say, if you listen real closely, you can even hear a
Stacey recently had her laparoscopy surgery for her endometriosis and we take you behind the scenes to see how she was thinking and feeling before the surgery. This weeks podcast also takes you through the full unedited audio of Stacey as she preps for her surgery!
So Geremy's still gone, but that's okay! The show must go on! Although it's safe to say our show had a couple of hiccups as well... but that's okay! The show must go on! (I mean... the show happened. We saw it.) Our Heavyweight champion Hiroyuki Endo got in on the action while the two hoping to get to Endo tried to have a match. Meanwhile, we s ...…
We are past the halfway mark! This week we discuss the unstoppable scoring machine that is the Tuffs, dish out some much deserved Stank, and get one step closer to revealing the end-O-season punishment!Talk/Question/Yell at us here - @DirtyWetPod
It's a short one today as Geremy is out... on assignment? I mean, he's trying to get in the ring with Bobby Ford Duncan, so I guess that's some kind of project he's working on? Either way, we've still got a whole lot of action to break down, including a tag-team qualifier, a series match, and a non-title match featuring our Heavyweight champion ...…
Lecturas: Éxodo 22, 20-26 Salmo 18, 2-4.47.51 1 Tesalonicenses 1, 5-10 Mateo 22, 34-40 Jesús no vino a abolir el Antiguo Testamento, sino a cumplirlo (cf. Mt 5,17). Y Él, en el Evangelio de hoy, revela que en el amor –a Dios y al prójimo- está el cumplimiento de toda la ley (cf. Rm 13,8-10). Los israelitas devotos habían de cumplir los 613 mand ...…
We chat with Dr David Rosen about how to talk to your partner about Sex when theyre dealing with Endo. Stace shares her story
1) Robert R. Hardy - Sensus(GMJ Remix) [Superordinate Music] 2) Navar - A Trip Through Canggu [Edge] 3) Rafa'El - Life Goes On(Matias Chilano) [Soundteller Records] 4) Morttagua & Gaby Endo - Urania(Gai Barone Remix) [Timeless Moment] 5) Nikko.Z - From the Past [Dopamine Music] 6) Rick Pier O'Neil - Twanged(RPO Part 1) [RPO Records] 7) MUUI - M ...…
Thanks for tuning into Slideways Sessions with Tim Penner. Subscribe on iTunes to be sure you’re up to date with the newest episodes! iTunes:[Track List Below]If you like what you hear, be sure to follow me to stay up to date with the latest music! You can also hit me up on Twi ...…
SONIDO DE LA GLORIA El Señor ahorita está manejando en su vida una idea, una circunstancia que está viendo, y hay algo que se está sobreponiendo a eso, una visión más aguda que se está sobreponiendo a eso, y que si usted se pone a prestar atención a lo que está a su alrededor, no lo va a lograr. Po ...…
Vector Wresting's 2nd PPV is upon us! We have 3 championship matches, a few grudge matches, and many duos clashing in this mission to crown 3 champions. Will Endo successfully defend his Heavyweight title? Will Cross finally get his hands on the Flyweight title? And will Kanmuri regret vacating that Flyweight title for a shot at the Openweight ...…
Stace sat down with renowned Nutritionist and founder of 'A Healthy View' Michele Chevalley Hedge to talk all things nutrition and how stace can look at treating her endometriosis through her nutrition! They discuss staceys health history, her misdiagnosis as IBS and the changes she'll make to help heal her endo! Discover more about Michele her ...…
Mike left the U.S. with his wife and kids to learn Spanish and build a church in Spain. I asked which beliefs survived the journey and which didn't ... and hope listening like this evaporates borders. Special thanks to the musician, Dana Boulé. Join the Observer Effect Kiva Team→ Subscribe in iTunes→ “One of you spoke words of warm consolation ...…
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