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Radio 4's forum for comments, queries, criticisms and congratulations
The Songwriting Podcast: A show for songwriters with songwriters talking to other songwriters about the craft of songwriting
Follow the new adventures of Feedback, the champion of SciFi Network's 'Who Wants To Be A Superhero...?' now featured at Darker Projects. Matthew Atherton takes superheroism to a new level as he dons the mantle of Feedback and joins his Tech Support in a series of original superpowered tales crafted to awaken the Hero in all of us.
Positive Feedback is a podcast about climate change, denial, and everything in between. The show is produced and hosted by journalist Graham Readfearn.
Positive Feedback Loop! We discuss tech, history, and culture and we have fun disagreeing with each other. ;-) Co-hosts: Luis, Ray, and Steph. Find us on Twitter:!"Lost episodes" (episodes we've removed):Ep.38 (Watercooler chat - mind-reading robots eat your money)
Feedback Junkies
Collaborative Scale
Feedback is a monthly music show, with Canadian musicians Damien Broomes and Brian 'BL' Lee. We discuss popular music trends and life as a part-time musician making music.
Music focused podcast where a couple of 30+ year old ex-indie kids try to reconnect with the scene.
Feedback Force
The video game analysis and discussion podcast of the #Ndefender community! New episodes bi-weekly.Theme music by Everett (
First Friday Feedback, a monthly podcast hosted by Cannon Financial Institute's Executive Chairman Phil Buchanan, is dedicated to answering the questions posed by listeners of sister podcasts, Monday Morning Mojo and The Cannon Curve.
Currently I am trying to keep my production chops up and explore new music and talent in music. Most of the time I will try to keep the podcast under 5 mins. But am working on interviews with local artists that may be a full hour.
Forced Feedback
Forced Feedback is a weekly podcast about gaming and current video games news. Includes the 3 regular presenters; Captain Wizard, Freckled Moon and The Orifister.
Hardcore, Punk, and Metal Concert videos and Interviews.
Teachers: Improving the content of feedback
In these short episodes Colin offers tips and advice to students on how to improve their Pastel Pencil Art and tackle difficult subjects.
WSAU Feedback
We get Feedback from the people around Central Wisconsin about the important topics of the day.
Generation Feedback
Adam and his ex-punk rocker mother Lynda talk music and recall some unbelievable true stories from their past.
Faith Feedback
We are a podcast dedicated to discuss real issues and pursue biblical answers to them. We grow and learn together in every conversation as Christ followers. He is our hope and foundation, and has given us all sufficient answers in the Word of God, He, in His sovereign grace, put together.
WDG Presents: The Feedback is a digital industry podcast featuring expert voices from WDG, a DC-area digital strategy, design, and development agency. The podcast will feature topics ranging from sneak peeks into agency life to the latest trends in supporting your digital presence in the modern world. The Feedback is here to provide enterprise-level commentary with wit, insight, and storytelling. Because we aren't an hour-long, unedited podcast; we are a group of industry thought leaders fro ...
Every Friday evening Chris Kenny takes a look at the biggest stories of the week and gives his feedback – and wants to hears yours as well on the open line.
Reel FEEdBack
Join host Kevin Dawson for Reel Feedback, where he sits down in conversation with people from the music, TV and movie industries about their inspirations, their process and and what is it like working with big names on big projects.
Feedback Podcast
The audio music review. In-depth show coverage and exclusive interviews with New York City's emerging underground bands. Sponsored by Beyond Race Magazine.
No Feedback
Securing the bag! New Year New Me. Leave some things in ‘17 pls 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
Your feedback, film reviews and general chit chat
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Brian sent us his pastel pencil landscape asking for help with contrast. To read the transcription and view Brian's picture click here:
Kimberley writes in asking for advice on backgrounds and fur. Read the transcription and see her work here:
Star Wars:Episode IX, Rogue One, Solo, Blade Runner 2049, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z, Concept Artist Jon's list of credits is mighty impressive, and he talks to host Kevin Dawson about his work on these and more. Hear the stories of how he was involved heavily in creating the zombie pile up the wall in World War Z, t ...…
We did it, guys! We came back from the brink of disaster and discussed the HECK out of this game!
The team shares tips on the different ways you can start a song. Starting from a bass line Starting with a beat Starting with chords Starting with a lyric or melodic hook Guitarists Picture Chord Encyclopedia Listen to the show The post ...…
Colt Jarvis and Rebecca Bernier-American Cancer Society and breast cancer survivor respectively-Discussed the process of getting diagnosed with breast cancer and the toll it can take on someone, as well as the upcoming walk to raise awareness.
We're back from hiatus and taking a deep dive into The Cramps.
News editor for BBC News and Current Affairs James Stephenson joins Roger Bolton to discuss how BBC Radio should be covering man-made climate change. As new presenters are announced on Radios 2 and 4, listeners react to the choices. And podcast fans love Intrigue: The Ratline but can it work as well for a radio audience? Members of staff are be ...…
Listen to the full show podcast of Friday Feedback with Chris Kenny for October 12
Ginette Bott-Utah Food Bank-Discussed the food banks ongoing efforts to provide food to hungry kids and families, as well as the urgent need for support and volunteers during the busy holiday season.
Dawn Wright and Sonya Reece Mansfield-Shriners Hospitals for Children-Discussed the various programs and charitable opportunities the organization provides to help kids with disabilities be able to live full and complete lives, as well as warning signs of scoliosis.
Jessica Ferguson-KZHT Morning Host-Discussed the numerous advancements women have made in the field of broadcastingm as well as all the new emerging opportunities that are coming into the field.
Brian Besset and Scott Reid-DEA agent & Assistant Attorney General respectively-Discussed the various ongoing efforts to combat the opioid epidemic going on in Utah, as well as steps being taken to prevent someone from getting addicted.
Gabe and Justin discuss the Me Too movement and modern feminism
The inaugural first full episode of The Feedback covers the first consideration of a digital agency's relationship with a client; the sales process. Ab, Vajaah, and Dario walk you through some of our favorite client stories and how sales, strategy, and design work together to move from "love at first sight" to "going steady" in our client relat ...…
Eric Walker is a singer/songwriter from Toronto and a member of the blakeley walker band. He was a founding member of the Toronto Songwriters Association which has met the second Saturday of the month for the past 17 years. We talked about: playing Harry Belafonte songs on the ukulele writing a song with 47 chords master songwriting teacher And ...…
Adrienne sent in her first pastel picture requesting some advice on how to make it appear more "real". To read Colin's advice and see her picture, click here:
Listen to the full show podcast of Friday Feedback with Chris Kenny for October 5.
The Daily Telegraph's Sharri Markson is the first guest for weekly segment The Week in Review.
Six-time winner and Fox Sports commentator Mark Skaife previews the weekend's race with Chris Kenny.
Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg joins Chris Kenny to talk proposed GST changes.
In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it can be difficult to balance personal and professional relationships within the workplace. However, when an advisor is able to find this balance, true loyalty and trust are established. In this month’s episode, Phil is joined by long-time friend and Executive Vice President, Jeff Cobb, to discuss ...…
One of our members Michelle requested some advice on putting white fur/hairs over the dark colours using pastel pencils. To read the transcription of Colin’s advice click here:
WELL THIS EPISODE IS KIND OF A DUMPSTER FIRE, SORRY Y'ALL. At least it's appropriate since we played Donut County, which is a game about stealing people's trash! Good save.
Toronto native Marlon Chaplin returned to Song Talk Radio following the release of his new album, The Circle. He was joined by Sintja Baba for a live performance of Take Me There. Patrick Ballantyne filled in for Bruce – thanks Patrick! We talked about: The recording process, and pre-production Starting a song with a simple melodic hook Writing ...…
Shaun of the Dead, The Descent, Braindead, Eden Lake, horror films with very different agendas, but all needed grue, gore and top-notch make up FX. This week's guest talks to host Kevin Dawson about working with Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, Peter Jackson, Neil Marshall and more across his fascinating blood-soaked career in prosth ...…
In this episode, we talk about attention. Have our attention spans gotten longer or shorter or stayed the same? What distracts us? How does the future of marketing impact our attention? Can AI lose attention, or is AI attention limited? What are the dimensions of attention? Is attention quality tied to the quality of our relationships? Cultural ...…
Hey, you know what's up by now. Some music talk, some anime talk, some workout talk.
Maybe you didn’t ask for it but we did it anyway – the 90’s song draft – this time with Canadian songwriters. Blair Packham sat in for a sick Bruce, Vanessa joined the gang for her song picks, and much fun was had. Of the many writers of the Great White North, here are a few highlights: Alanis Morrisette The Tragically Hip Bruce Cockburn Tal Ba ...…
Paul, who is one of our members, sent in his picture of the Two Pretty Birds for some advice. This is one of the bonuses to joining our membership. Paul writes:"Hi there, just finished the course “Two Pretty Birds” which are Black Masked Love Birds. I reduced the size to A5 as this is nearer the actual size of the birds and looks cuter. I also ...…
Welcome to the episode where I'm an idiot and forgot to upload the episode whoops. We played a video game! We talked about a video game!
3 time Oscar-nominated for his audio mix work on Superman, Aliens and Passage to India, Graham's list of credits stretches across 6 decades. He talks to host Kevin Dawson about clashing with Kubrick, chatting with Walt Disney, and working closely with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner, James Cameron on Aliens and much more in this latest episode.…
Colin shares advice for one of our members Bob for drawing a picture of a King Charles Spaniel. See the picture and read the transcription here:
Colin Offers Advice for Laura on her Barn Owl picture. Read the transcription here: is available to members of CBA, click here to learn more:
Virtuoso harmonica player and singer-songwriter Harpin’ Norm Lucien joined us to talk about two of his songs and why you need many, many harmonicas, ideally on a Batman-style utility belt. Sherry Jacoby filled in for Neel – thanks Sherry! We talked about: how to write simple songs that are also nuanced and have substance starting your songs wit ...…
While technology has made it possible for employees to communicate with each other through a multitude of channels, it has also made it more likely for information to be misconstrued. With employees in the office from different generations as well as employees working remotely, the chances for miscommunication are high. In this month’s episode, ...…
Songwriter Richard Hunting and songwriter guitarist David Meirovich met at the Songwriters Meetup and started to work together. Listen to the show: What we talked about: Collaborating strategies Artist website: https://ww ...…
What defines an influencer? The Present: How much do influencers get paid? How do you become an influencer? What is more effective for advertising: macro-influencers or micro-influencers? The dark side of influencer marketingThe Past: The history of influencers — Ancient Rome, Coco Wine, Vaudeville, etc.Commercial: DinnerSmashThe Future: AI inf ...…
One of our members Kimberley is doing a picture of a cute Rough Collie puppy and asked for advice on which pastel pencils to use. Kimberley writes:"HelloI would like to draw a friend’s Rough Collie Pup but a little unsure on which colours to use for the forehead and the face.Is Colin able to give me a bit of an idea on which pencils to use? Tha ...…
Jessica Strong-Primary Children's Hospital-Discussed the various dangers and risks posed to children by bodies of water and the need for supervision whenever a child wants to play in one, as well as general water safety tips and advice to ensure a safe summer season.
Gabe and Justin talk about race and how the church should respond to the current controversies surrounding the issue
An introduction into the story of the inception of a new digital agency podcast. Listen in how one coworker's fiction podcast became the inspiration for a narrative-driven podcast about agency life in digital design, strategy, and development. Music sourced from the Free Music Archive: Ketsa, Scott Holmes, Joao Pocoito Learn more about WDG and ...…
Composer, singer-songwriter, and piano virtuoso Jeff Alan Greenway joined us to talk about musical modes — what they are and how they are used in songs. Jeff went through each mode and sang a well-known song live with his piano. Listen to the whole show: ...…
Welcome to the episode where we discuss movies, bureaucratic despair, and lamp punching.
What are some popular conspiracy theories? Can a conspiracy theory be proven wrong? How have social media propagated conspiracy theories and what are the implications for free speech? Should communication platforms limit or block conspiracy theorists? What is your favorite conspiracy theory?
While the usual format of host Kevin Dawson and guest takes a small break, this minisode features clips from some of the previous episodes over the last few months. Art Directors, Make Up Designers, Producers, Sound Engineers, Costume Designers and more talk about their work with Ridley Scott, Edgar Wright, David Bowie, Ricky Gervais, Foo Fight ...…
How does church government work and exactly what is it? Justin and Gabe giver their answer on our newest episode!
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