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Best Fillmore podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Grace Word
Fillmore Christian
The weekly teachings from Fillmore Christian Church in Fillmore, MO. Most teachings alternated between Andy Barnes, Ken Mohn, and Wakefield Hare.
A weekly audio tour of the counter-cultural West, visiting obscure moments in musical history along the way. History lessons and readings, New Age visionaries, mid-'60s folk rock, psychedelic meanderings, poetry and sound collages, art/synth and post punk, ethno-honky jamz. Each week special.Host Erik Bluhm was the editor of Great God Pan magazine (“the Champion of Californiana”) through the ‘90s and West Coast Fog may be seen as an aural extension of that venture.
Quick Question with Soren and Daniel is a comedy podcast from the former editors of Soren Bowie and Daniel O'Brien. With new episodes every week, join Soren and Daniel in answering life's deep and also probably shallow questions.
Weekly sermons from Bethel Baptist Church in Fillmore Indiana by Nathan Couch
Recorded live every Sunday morning at Unity in Naperville, with Rev. Kitty Benson.
Road to Understanding
KSL is hitting the road - the Road to Understanding. Our television, radio and website resources are crossing the state of Utah from all directions to find out what issues matter to you, what you're proud of, and what you wish we knew.
Unity pioneered radio broadcasting nearly a century ago, and host Bob Brach now shares original radio transcripts from the Unity Archives with Truth students worldwide. Hear the words of Charles Fillmore, Ernest Wilson, and other legendary Unity teachers in the context of what was happening in the world in that era.Download the transcript.
Blue Balls NYCFC
You've got Blue Balls! How lucky for you. Check in every week for rapturous pod talk on all things NYCFC. Hosted by Harlemites Jake Beckhard (@jakebecknation) and Trey Fillmore (@treyfillmore).
Fillmore's Crossing is a raucous and hilariously brutal setting for LCP DnD's first foray into actual play. Strap on your iron and let's ride.
Kid Friendly History for Kids and parents.
Tender Knob Radio with Metro Matt on Listen to show archives, or tune in live Sunday 6:00 – 8:00pm. is a San Francisco-based community radio station. Our mission is to support emerging and underground artists and bring the Bay Area music scene to the world.
J.R. and Jon are friends. J.R. has never seen Star Trek, while Jon is a fan. Now that J.R. is watching it all from the beginning, they're discussing it all.
Donna & Steve
Donna Valentine, longtime music radio DJ and dog lover, enjoys spending time uninterrupted in her multi-level home. TV Personality Steve Patterson, a millennial father of three, thinks there’s no such thing as too much cologne. He calls her “Crazy Aunt Donna,” and he calls himself, “Stevie Boy.” She ignores him. It’s the “Grammar Police,” aka “Donna & Steve,” as heard 9-12n CST weekdays on myTalk 107.1 FM radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Morgan and Jesse, two jaded "adults" discuss cartoons of the past and present, harshly judging children's entertainment and trying not to look like creeps in the process.That last part can be harder than it seems at times.
This podcast contains the messages in the Christianity 101 series delivered on Wednesday nights at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
Independent New York City Football Club coverage. The NYCFC Nation Podcast’s goal is to provide an accountable sources of news, updates and articles relating to New York City FC. Previously known as the NYCFC Fan Podcast we also provide fans the only place to voice their opinions and reviews about the team.
This podcast contains the sermons covering the Book of John delivered on Sundays at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
This podcast contains the sermons covering the Book of 1 Corinthians delivered on Sundays at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
This podcast contains the sermons from the book of 1 Timothy delivered on Wednesdays at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
This podcast contains the sermons from the book of Revelation delivered on Sundays at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
This podcast contains the sermons from the book of Joel delivered on Sundays at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
This podcast contains the messages in the series "The Grace Filled Life" delivered on Wednesday nights at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
This podcast contains the sermons delivered on Sundays at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana regarding the topic of church polity.
Spiritual Healing Works
Unity had its beginning with the spiritual healing of cofounder Myrtle Fillmore. In this archived program, Rev. Sherman continues to research the very latest, cutting-edge discoveries in this area and incorporates them into his work. His interviews feature colleagues including some of the most noted leaders in spiritual healing and energy medicine.The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoug ...
This podcast contains the sermons from the Acts of the Apostles delivered on Sundays at Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, Louisiana.
The Washington Post's Presidential podcast explores how each former American president reached office, made decisions, handled crises and redefined the role of commander-in-chief. It was released leading up to up to Election Day 2016, starting with George Washington in week one and ending on week 44 with the president-elect. Hosted by Lillian Cunningham, the series features Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers like David McCullough and Washington Post journalists like Bob Woodward.
Galhalla Podcast is a scifi lady-centric biweekly podcast hosted by Elisabeth Fillmore, staring one special guest every episode. The first episode every month is about a scifi related cultural artifact, and then the second is a discussion of the book of month.
Pretty, charming, but impoverished Sally Nicholas' humdrum life is turned upside down when fate decides to step in. In this breezy, romantic comedy, PG Wodehouse delights readers with his portrayal of a charming young American girl who unexpectedly inherits a fortune which changes her life forever. The story follows Sally's fortunes and is told in Wodehouse's typical humorous style and keeps the reader thoroughly entertained to the very end. First published in 1921 as a serial in Collier's M ...
Parkway Hills Church of the Nazarene in Chula Vista California
Sounds and Visions
Buck and Kincade
"Buck and Kincade" with Buck Belue and John Kincade airs weekdays from 12pm to 3pm on 680 The Fan, WCNN-AM.
Ebon Flow Podcast
The Kid Hartha Experience EP is now available on iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Plus, Spotify, and Bandcamp.Visit for exclusive content not found on Soundcloud!
Cruel Runnings
Stories and performances of Cruelty - Artaudian and otherwise. Hosted and created by Jake Beck + Serena Berman, and produced by Artilliers.
Friends conversing about music, food, film, photography, radio.
Preface by W.S.B. Mathews: I have here endeavored to provide a readable account of the entire history of the art of music, within the compass of a single small volume, and to treat the luxuriant and many-sided later development with the particularity proportionate to its importance, and the greater interest appertaining to it from its proximity to the times of the reader.The range of the work can be most easily estimated from the Table of Contents (pages 5-10). It will be seen that I have at ...
STS9 Podcasts
Since forming in Atlanta, GA over 15 years ago, instrumental electronic rock band STS9 has experienced an unceasing meteoric rise to the forefront of the international music scene. STS9 is Hunter Brown (guitar/sequences), Jeffree Lerner (percussion), David Phipps (keyboards/synths) and Zach Velmer (drums) and Alana Rocklin (bass). From headlining stages at America’s largest festivals, to selling out shows around the country as an acoustic set-up in legendary opera houses or as an electronic ...
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Katy Perry has a new song called Harleys in Hawaii and we really like it. The new concert venue in Minneapolis has some great acts booked already. Ingrid Michaelson is doing a Stranger Things themed album. Weezer did a good deed for a fan who inspired them. Is it okay to have a favorite child? The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Television Bo ...…
Jesus set the example for servant leadership as he washed the disciples' feet. He calls us to be a church of servants. After Judas was sent out, Jesus used Passover elements to talk to his disciples about his coming suffering and death. Communion is a opportunity to remember his sacrifice for us and also to affirm our commitment to abide in him.…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy P. G. Wodehouse.
Thom and Igmut leave the orc camp to go on an egg hunt. ----------------------Website: Check out our merch at! Want to hang out and even play D&D with us? Join our Discord server! You can also follow us on Twitter: Ins ...…
Facts About Abigail Fillmore! Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray "Minima","Path of Goblin","Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Jimmy Murray.
The New York City Football Podcast is BACK, this time joined by Trey Fillmore of the Blue Balls Podcast. The boys discuss the massive win for NYCFC over Atlanta United, nearly securing their supremacy in the East. They also discuss New York City FC's playoff chances, potential venues for playoff matches, MLS experts off the mark NYCFC predictio ...…
WE DID INFINITY TRAIN NOW THIS!By Saturday Morning Cartoon Podcast.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy P. G. Wodehouse.
We are fixated on Lambchop. We have our Riddler for the new Batman movie. We have some deep Batman discussions. When does your social life pique? What is the worst age? The best whistling songs. What is a useless item you carry everywhere you go? We play a game of What's in Donna's Purse?By Donna & Steve.
Donna educates us on radio. We learn a new millennial term. Flashback Friday! The Bee Gees, The Buggles, and Madonna. Jennifer Lawrence is engaged to a man named Cook and we had no idea she was even seeing someone. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: TV shows that take place in Washington DC. What is FUBU? Why don't presidents have facial hai ...…
The band is back together! Steve was in Washington D.C. and tells us all about it. He was flirting with the secret service. Some people have extra ribs and some people have ribs as keepsakes. Ketchup on rice is a thing. What does Pinocchio mean in Italian? Netflix is going to start cracking down on shared accounts. Donna still has her Jersey ac ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy P. G. Wodehouse.
Lizzo is being accused of plagiarism. There is a Breaking Bad pop up restaurant. Donna and Kelli are afraid of very similar things. Why are scrunchies back? The latest with Matt Lauer. We are wanting to read Ronan Farrow's book Catch and Kill. Megyn Kelly is calling for an external investigation into NBC. A guy on a train saves the day. What ar ...…
Kelli Hansen is in for Steve today! Ryan is back from his trip to St. Cloud and had a great time. Kelli tells us about her trip to Seattle. Her daughter Quinn got her ears pierced and it went okay. Donna is nearly done with Breaking Bad and finished To Kill A Mockingbird. Neil Patrick Harris got caught up in a sea urchin attack. Falconers can b ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy P. G. Wodehouse.
Happy Spooktober! Chris has taken over as GM, as we play NOT DnD, but Savage Worlds! In this ghostly adventure, three new recruits have successfully passed their tests as ghost exterminators and are sent out to investigate a mystery at an old hotel in Canada. ---------------------- Want to hang out and even play D&D with us? Join ...…
Sneak peak at the new movie 'Bombshell." Apparently, a lot of people keep "this" by the side of their beds. How much do you pay your babysitter?? And, Elton John on Jimmy Kimmel.By Donna & Steve.
New music and music news, Jennifer Aniston makes waves on Instagram, and the Oxford English Dictionary adds some interesting new words.By Donna & Steve.
According to science, the most beautiful women in the world are... Plus, Jessica Lange's new book of photos taken along Highway 61, and, a kid gets in trouble for using Alexa to do his homework(!)By Donna & Steve.
Donna saw Joker and gives her full unspoiled review. How much money do people waste on impulse purchases? We take a listen to the latest trailer of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Confessions: What is a secret you have kept from your parents? A dead Irishman has a good sense of humor.By Donna & Steve.
Pharrell Williams speaks out about his song Blurred Lines and regrets it now that times have changed. Chris Stapleton and The Brothers Osborne have teamed up for a new song and we take a listen. Donna recaps her first experience at US Bank Stadium for the Vikings game. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: celebrity relations. Steve's diet plan ...…
Donna is back and brings us stories from her staycation. She is having even more car issues, went to the Vikings game, and made a fire in her driveway. Steve was screwing around at The Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Yell at your coffee to keep it warm. JD Salinger's old job. The Queen has a rubber ducky. Disney is went all in for Disney+ on Twitter ...…
What is a secret you have kept from your parents?By Donna & Steve.
The New York City Football Podcast is BACK with our returning guest and NYCFC Nation stats man Roddy Russell Jr., joining us from all the way in Seoul, South Korea. We discuss our potential play off opponents and prospects, the pros and cons of Citi Field and whether it can truly be considered homefield advantage, the MLS Awards, and who would ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy P. G. Wodehouse.
Ryan watched El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story on Netflix and gives his full review. How businesses get black listed. What is your most magical memory from a theme park? The best socks for kids. We remedy a mistake that was made on Friday.By Donna & Steve.
Ryan saw Lizzo on Friday night and gives his full review of her as well as The Armory. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are releasing new shapes for Christmas. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: actors who have portrayed The Joker. You can now buy Elaine's home from Seinfeld. The best student loan app.By Donna & Steve.
Elizabeth Ries is in for Donna today! We start off with some spirited conversation on real estate words, cranberries, and no go zones on our body. It's officially cold. What the colors of the worlds passports mean. David Harbor hosted SNL this past weekend and we get a full recap. Human and animal creatures will become a reality. A Rhode Island ...…
Facts About Richard M Nixon! Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray "Minima","Path of Goblin","Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Jimmy Murray.
THE FIRST SPOOKY MONSTER CARTOON PODCAST OF 2019!and for realism, Morgan actually recorded this in a dingy dark basement.By Saturday Morning Cartoon Podcast.
Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist 1407′57″ (Downtown) Dancing by Yacht on Single (DFA LLC) 12′25″ Why by Honey Dijon on The Best of Both Worlds (Classic Music Company) 13′39″ Genesis by Justice on Justice (Ed Banger) 17′28″ D.A.N.C.E by Justice on Justice (Ed Banger) 19′10″ Robot Rock by Daft Punk on Human After ...…
God sovereignly calls a people to Himself for His gloryBy Fillmore Baptist Church.
The Hollywood Reporter did a great article about Will Smith how he has gone from being a top billing actor to his movies bombing to back to being on top. A list of weird things people do. When was a time a friend went above and beyond for you? Amber Rose's baby has a unique name. A Cure for cervical cancer?…
A new music Friday! Camilla Cabello, Harry Styles, Sam Hunt, Black Eyed Peas, and Charlie XCX. Pringles is making a splash in the food world. What makes a Pringle? The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Breaking Bad. Donna is excited to see the Vikings game over the weekend. Steve doesn't know what to do with the kids. Ryan is going to see Lizzo ...…
Happy first snow of the year! Steve experience true friendship last night after a toilet situation at his house. What did the Lamborghini's used to make? What are Swiss Army knives called in South Korea? What was the first video to have a billion views? Steve friend Ron Johnston joins the show to talk about his costume Instagram challenge that ...…
Matt Lauer has released an open letter responding to the rape allegations against him and we discuss the latest on the story. We read an interesting email in regards to the subject. Kurt Cobain's sweater is up for auction and we want to know if you have any entertainment memorabilia? Trace Atkins wrote a theme song for Breaking Bad.…
Throwback Thursday! Elvis Presley, The Carpenters, Bette Midler, and The Police also a special treat for our work. Brie Larson is really pushing for an all female Marvel Movie. The ultimate teen survey. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Scandinavian celebrities. What are the most googled Halloween costumes this year? Listen to full albums t ...…
Donna had some car trouble this morning and shares the benefits of the cul de sac life. Steve said something really silly on Twin Cities Live yesterday. Detroit and Saddam Hussein have an odd relationship. Breath in the air in Tasmania. Where are the penguins? Anna Becker from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association joins the show and we tal ...…
Donna does pretty well this week that we even get a bonus song as a prize.By Donna & Steve.
Conrad Mbewe tells about the life changing power of the grace of GodBy Fillmore Baptist Church.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy P. G. Wodehouse.
Joker is getting every review under the sun but will it be nominated for an Oscar? The Irishman is jumping through a lot of hoops to win an Oscar. What are the stupidest things couples fight about? The Millennial X Games! Miranda Lambert loves Carrie Underwood. Jimmy Carter does not stop working.By Donna & Steve.
We are making the prediction that cell phones will pretty soon not be allowed at concerts. There is this new cell phone security pouch. There are some people who handle cell phone use better than others. We sort through some emails we forgot to get to. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Abbey Road. We are starting to spread rumors about our ...…
It's another great example of Minnesota weather this week. Donna is going to consult her farmers almanac to get to the bottom of the weather. Farmers have the best relations apparently. Horses are pretty funny. We listen to comedian Nate Bargatze tell his horse story. A continuation of blue whale trivia. Donna is back to watching This Is Us and ...…
A decisive victory in this week's game.By Donna & Steve.
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