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A comedy podcast for deviants and nerds. Shayne and Noelle discuss all things geeky and also talk about things that are let's be honest here, kind of freaky.
Freaky Fandoms
The Freaky Fandoms podcast, hosted by Andrew and Deborah Hawkins, where we discuss the freaky movies, games, music, art and more that we're fans of!
Each month we podcast an exclusive mix from one of our Freaky All-Star Residents. Subscribe at the iTunes store to be first to hear them each month.
Freaky Franchise
Two sisters bring a fresh and female perspective to the world of horror commentary, using humor, guestsperts, and a social conscience. We'll explore film franchises that left their mark—for better or worse—on teenagers and pop-culture for generations.
All kinds of oddities right here. Mostly audio pieces that I have worked on. Enjoy!
DJ SY8K brings you the hottest EDM on the planet by the best DJs and producers in the madness \O.o/
Podcast by Freaky J
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Deborah and Andrew review and talk all about the 1990s Stephen King horror movie 'Sleepwalkers'. It's gross, uncomfortable and extremely innapropriate. Enjoy!
Shayne was on a plane so your fav babe to jerk it to, Rachell joined me on this weird episode. I quizzed her about serial killers, world history, and Post Malone.
It's been one year since that fateful summer (well, since the fateful summer one year after the original fateful summer) and even a radio sweepstakes win isn't enough to stop Julie from worrying. Did the Fisherman follow Julie and her friends to the Bahamas? Or is she seeing things that aren't there? Spoiler alert: it's not that hard to figure ...…
This week, Deborah and Andrew talk all about one of the most controversial games in history. Night Trap is the game that created the "M for Mature" ESRB rating along with Mortal Kombat and DOOM. Join us as we discuss everything about this fun, cheesy, FMV "Slumberparty Slasher" horror movie of a game!Follow and support us on Patreon ...…
Hey this was never supposed to happen.
Summer may be coming to an end, but our coverage of this Summer-themed franchise has just begun! Join us as we visit a quiet coastal fishing town, where 4 teenagers accidentally kill a man and then sloppily cover it up. We'll talk about why you should never ever try and hide a body, and why, if you're going to hide a body, you definitely should ...…
This week, Deborah and Andrew talk all about the mind-bending epic anime 'Paprika'. Join us for a trip into the dreamscape of one of the greatest Japanese animated filmmakers as we discuss Satoshi Kon and his final film. It's all about Paprika on this episode of Freaky Fandoms!Follow and support us on Patreon ...…
It's gonna get even weirder
Deborah and Andrew talk about the Puppet Master franchise and the new film out now. It's a Full Moon, killer puppet-filled episode on this week's Freaky Fandoms!Follow and support us on Patreon here:
We're ready to wrap up the Sleepaway Camp franchise! Join us as we discuss the major themes in this franchise, as well as issues of transphobia in horror films. Our dad will stop by to talk about his experience as a camper and a counselor, and tell stories about two different people whose names we have to bleep out. We'll also talk about crop t ...…
We have made it to modern times and there is less small pox but things are not really 'better'
This week, Deborah and Andrew talk about director Tim Burton and his career as a filmmaker and visionary. We break down our thoughts on his films and fan base while also talking about his lesser known works. We're talking everything from Vincent to Dark Shadows on this week's Freaky Fandoms.
We make it to Utah! Now it's time to kill pioneers and fuck every girl we can find till the United States gets mad.
This week, hosts Andrew and Deborah Hawkins talk about Alice: Madness Returns. We discuss the game, plot, story, design and our thoughts on gameplay and boss fights. Part 1 of many.Support American McGee at
Time to pack up your sleeping bags, because sleepaway camp is finally coming to an end. In the final chapter of this franchise we go back to the beginning: original director, original cast (as much as possible), and the original presence of irrational anger throughout the film. Join us as we talk about how this film fits into the Sleepaway univ ...…
We actually read for this episode that's all about fundamentalist Mormons that totally aren't a cult *wink wink*
This week dark artist Shane Izykowski guests on the show to talk about his artwork and process as well as modern horror and influences. Join us for some great discussion on the SF and LA dark art scenes along with the recent resurgence of great horror at the cinema.Check out Shane Izykowski's work at the following:www.shaneizykowski.comwww.inst ...…
We hurt your feelings and talk about being at Skankfest.
Deborah Hawkins guest spots for the third time in a row to discuss horror movie marathons. It's a Friday the 13th horror exctavaganza, this week on Freaky Fandoms!
Have you ever thought to yourself: You know what would make a great 4th movie in a franchise? Taking scenes from the first 3 movies and combining them with about 15 minutes of new footage, none of which makes any sense. If so, it's your lucky day, because it turns out that that's exactly what this movie is. Join us as we try to figure out what ...…
Learn about sugar gliders on this weeks episode!
Andrew is joined again by Deborah to talk all about the 2016 cult movie 'The Greasy Strangler'. Join us as we talk about this disgusting film!
Andrew is joined by Deborah Hawkins for a discussion on the film SPECIES. We talk the movie, fanbase and the involvement of H.R. Giger in this sci-fi horror classic
We're more than halfway through the franchise now, and this time Angela wants to go to camp SO bad that she murders a 17-year-old girl and steals her identity. Angela manages to snag the girl's spot at Camp New Horizons, a summer camp where kids from all economic backgrounds can learn to be friends (spoiler alert: they don't). Join us as we tal ...…
Dani and Hawkins are back, baybee, and this week they're talking about Werner Herzog's infamous 2009 Bad Lieutenant sequel/remake, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans! It's Nicolas Cage at his Cagiest!
Sorry about the sound issues everyone. Our producer (Shayne) messed up. It's almost like he never went to school or learned any of this and makes it up as he goes along.
We're back at Sleepaway Camp, and even though it's a totally different camp this time, the killer is the same. So much the same, in fact, that she hasn't changed her first name, despite being only a short distance from where she killed numerous people. Join us as we dissect this film and talk about why Angela's motto of "If your morals are stro ...…
Hawkins talks with special returning guest, filmmaker and dark artist Mike Correll about the fun subject of Haunted Houses and attractions. Check out more from Mike Correll at the following ...…
Shayne is leaving to New York so Noelle does the right thing and forces them to record without a plan several days early. Enjoy us being dummies.
This week Hawkins talks with dark artist Apryl Dickerson about inspiration, her influences and her artwork. Check it out!Find and follow Apryl Dickerson
Were you excited for a summer camp slasher series? So were we, but it turns out that there are some pretty rough topics in this franchise that we were really not prepared for. Join us as we follow Angela through her terrible time at summer camp, try to figure out who the killer is, and discuss the film's highly problematic twist ending. We'll a ...…
House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and the people who love them; this week on Freaky Fandoms!
Members of the press can contact us at to break the poo poo story.
Dani and Hawkins talk all things Constantine on this week's Freaky Fandoms!
Here we are at the end of another franchise. Join us as we try to come to conclusions about the big questions this franchise raised. Why do these movies hate moms? What's going on with the timeline? What does it say about our culture that everyone waits until the very last minute to show someone else the video? We'll also talk about the Hays Co ...…
Shayne and Noelle try to Florida man and the episode gets really Florida really fast!
Shayne is dying but we can't be stopped.
Dani goes one-on-one with the infamous "Raging Boll", director Uwe Boll! We talk about everything, from Bill Cosby to classical literature. We're always a bit NSFW, but this one's definitely not ok for the kids/work/your grandma. More from Uwe at: http://www.uwebollraw.comMore from us at:…
Special returning guest Chet Zar joins Hawkins to discuss the band DEVO. De-evolution is real!
Noelle and Shayne get way weirder than they should have on this episode that was supposed to be about Magic the Gathering.
Dani and Hawkins are joined by Mikey Bonez of Slasher Radio to talk about secret horror gem THE LOVED ONES.For show notes, comments, and more, check out http://www.freakyfandomspodcast.comFor more from Mikey, check out
There's a whole new world of technology out there in 2017, and Samara's ready to take the jump to digital. Not only that, she's also going to college! Join us as we follow her through the tumultuous world that is a mysterious "Modern Biology" class trying to prove the existence of the soul, and talk about why absolutely none of this makes sense ...…
This week we take a quick stop in Bat Country to talk about all things Hunter S. Thompson!
Shayne and Noelle talk about Noelle being murdered for a long time before educating each other.
We're talking all things Bill & Ted for this week's Freaky Fandoms. Dani & Hawkins dive deep to discuss the movies, the music, the fanbase and all the crazy licensing and merchandise that came out when Wyld Stallions was most excellent. Join us as we talk about our these excellent dudes and the chance that we'll someday get to see Bill & Ted 3: ...…
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