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Hemp Radio
NEW PODCASTS ARE BEING POSTED​WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS!Even though HempRadio was recently robbed. Read details below...HEY IT’S PatiCakes! IT'S FEBRUARY AND NEW PODCASTS ARE BEING POSTED! WE ARE BACK - BIGGER, BETTER AND STRONGER, EVEN THOUGH HEMP RADIO WAS NOT OFF TO GREAT START FOR 2018!November/December sucked!! My car was hit, sprained my foot, my indoor cats got fleas - but worst of all our recording equipment was stolen over the holidays! Yeah, that’s what I said also!!So we ...
Hemp Happy Hour
Josh Hendrix, owner of Hendrix Hemp - a licensed hemp producer in Kentucky - and Director of Business Development for CV Sciences, discusses all things hemp with his guests from around the emerging US hemp industry.
CBD Hemp Life
Podcast by CBD Hemp Life
Discover the world of Hemp with our Optimal Hemp podcast. During our podcast we will speak with hemp advocates and brands from around the world. We explore subjects ranging from Hemp for Health, Industrial Hemp, Hemp Clothing, Sustainability and more more. New Shows will be available each week! Visit: for more information.
CBD Hemp Experts
CDB Hemp Experts are active consultants and educators to the CBD Hemp Industry. Their Fun Podcasts features stories from both Experts as well as interviews with end users of products. One day you'll hear from a surgeon, then the Hemp Farmer, then a soccer mom that has her family getting amazing results using CBD. Listen and Enjoy.
Blue Ridge Hemp
We are focused on empowering individuals through wellness, education, and by creating access to products, services, and opportunity! We create CBD products from Hemp and AWESOME podcast!
A podcast series which looks at the history of hemp in Ireland. Episodes will occasionally look at contemporary topics and feature interviews with individuals from the Irish hemp industry,
Achieve peak performance in everyday life. Learn mindset, diet, supplement and fitness regimens from the brightest minds and strongest athletes in the world.
Hemp Health
Healthy Plants. Healthy People. Harvested by, Hemp Health brings to light to the fast-growing hemp industry . Hemp Health is devoted to helping individuals and families better understand the significant benefits which will help improve your lifestyle naturally.
Facts about the hemp and marijuana market in 🇺🇸
Lets Talk Hemp and The 422 prodcast co-hosted by Morris Beegle & Rick Trojan brings entertainment, perspective & a quest for truth about cannabis/hemp.
HempAware Radio
Expanding upon and spreading awareness about the Benefits, Uses, History and Future of the God-given Cannabis Hemp Plant!
Hempire is a weekly show dedicated to exploring the non-psychoactive side of the cannabis plant. Hemp was once a cornerstone of the American economy and is currently used in over 25,000 products including paper, textiles, construction materials, health food, and fuel. Tune in and discover all there is to know about this wonder crop that is now making an historic comeback.
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville is a live weekly 30-minute podcast of news, analysis, statistics, polls, science, and interviews concerning marijuana legalization worldwide.
NORML SHOW LIVE (HD) is your high-definition source for the latest in marijuana law reform news from NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Your host, NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville brings you news, interviews, music, comedy, and analysis you can't get anywhere else in a weekday talk radio program.
Sowing the seeds of cannabis and sounding the praise of our favorite plant. It's time to Hempresent! Our radio resident Hemposapien, Vivian McPeak will present a weekly platform for guests and listeners to Hempresent about hemp and cannabis from the legal, activist and reformist route.
Check out our website! http://WWW.LOGOSMEDIA.COMLogos Media podcast with host Jan Irvin. Gnostic Media is now Logos Media - open-source, independent media that pulls you outside of the box and into the heart of cognizance itself. Topics of investigation include: education and the 7 liberal arts (the trivium and quadrivium), the mystery schools, mythology, theology, shamanism, entheogens, archaeoastronomy, politics, economics, and much more.By bringing together leading academic and independen ...
This podcast series exposes how one man's personal agenda restricting narcotics led to the proliferation of opioids and the prohibition of cannabis. Find out by tuning in to Episode 1 and follow along as we unfold the untold cannabis conspiracy. New episodes are released on Monday mornings.
Project library of poetry, podcasts, arts n' crafts, community sparking, + wandering and wondering elsewhere
Get Beyond The Buzz
What’s all the buzz about? It’s about host Susan Cromer and her guests as they discuss the multiple benefits of medical cannabis, CBD and hemp. Listen in as industry professionals separate fact from fiction and guests share their real-life stories of how cannabis, CBD and hemp products have improved their quality of life. It is all about health not the high!
This is the official radio network for Coffee Party USA. Our shows are listed at: shows have audience participation from all over the country. All are hosted, researched, and produced by Coffee Party volunteers.
Podcasts of Freethought Radio, a division of the Freethought Media Network. Truth-telling, revolutionary independent media hosted & produced by founder Ali Salaam. "Independent music, independent talk, independent minds." Official site: or Although copyright laws are bulls**t, I would rather not get sued for actions that are not my own, so unauthorized duplication of the musical content of the podcasts, whether in full or any segment of ...
Breaking Ground with the Stanley Brothers podcast covers the plant-based health revolution through politics, science, spirituality, and medicine, starting with cannabis and going beyond. Navigating unknown terrain from ancient shamanism to cutting-edge innovation and research, from challenging prohibition to changing laws, from individual battles to community triumphs, Breaking Ground explores what we think we know about the healing power of nature and how we relate to it.
St. Louis Missouri, Gateway to the Legalization.Grassroots Radio Active Marijuana’s Mission1. G.R.A.M.’s Purpose: Informing Missourians about cannabis’ benefits opposed to prohibition’s harms, highlighting and humanize the cannabis consumer, and inspiring citizens into taking action to repeal marijuana prohibition.2. G.R.A.M.’s Business: Providing relevant news, accurate information, scientific research, thought provoking interviews, alternative frames of mind, and leadership to activate Mis ...
Logbuch Legalisierung
Regelmäßige Neuigkeiten aus der Welt der Hanf-Legalisierung. Gründe gegen die Prohibition, Presseschau und wichtige Fakten.
HNEN - Hempfest News and Education Network - Educating the public on the potential benefits offered by the cannabis plant.
All things hemp and business.
The Earl of Podcast is just a conversation. We don't really know what we're going to talk about until we get going.
Tuesday Snacks
In light of the Tuesday Snacks lifestyle of truth seeking, conscious consumerism, hemp & cannabis loving, and exploring consciousness itself, this podcast dives into all things alternative and mind expanding!
We are the voice of and for the legal marijuana and hemp financial sector. We interview CEO's and leaders of publicly traded companies related to American and Canadian Cannabis. Our show is our opinion and not meant to solicit the purchase or sale of any security. Make your own have to hit buy or sell!
Snake's Takes with Jake Plummer features the 10 year NFL veteran's insight on the sports world, including interviews and insight with the top news makers. Snake's Takes is produced by 5280 Sports Network and is presented by CW Hemp.
ELEVATE THE STATE. Host Eli Harrington and interviewees will regularly discuss cannabis politics, hemp, medical marijuana, the cannabis industry, and the leaders shaping marijuana legalization and culture in Vermont and around the entire world. Visit to learn more about the state's cannabis network...
Not for your traditional podcast listeners, but if you can tolerate a little unedited and unscripted shannanigans. This podcast is suited for you! The podcast is set in an Audio Log format, as it will be a day to day log of my online business ventures. There will be discussions on past business experiences as well as current. Discussions about thought process, motivation, business, and all thing digital. There will also be "geek out" sessions where I bring on co-host to talk about video game ...
Hey, it’s Melissa from RMJETdesigns. This is the place I share my knowledge & experience on various topics including Industrial Hemp, Aromatherapy, Creativity, Finding Flow, The Simple Life, Natural Living, and more! Join me!
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show series
Join us as we speak with a special guest Sarah Swain running for Attorney General of Kansas! From her public page, "Equal Justice As Attorney General, I will work tirelessly to ensure equal justice for all Kansans. I will work with local law enforcement agencies and provide oversight, accountability, and transparency in all cases." "ENDING CANN ...…
Finding the correct content to learn from can be a challenge. Sometimes, you get tempted to try materials that's put in front of you. I recently saw an ad on LinkedIn and it made me realize I need to keep getting the word out there. You don't have to pay a tremendous amount to get started as an entrepreneur or a digital marketer. I saw a colleg ...…
Paticakes returns to one of her favorite places, Huntington Beach with Magic Mark & guest Jennifer Magee of Essential Magee. Essential Magee, CBD infused Products are made with great love and the intention of bringing hope, relief from pain & other ailments, improving sleep and general well-being. Essential Magee products are made by hand in sm ...…
Perfectionism continued and a minor drop shipping update.
Keep learning and keep doing. It is as simple as that. Stop with the perfectionist excuses, nothing is perfect, but keep striving. Figure out your "why" and not "how." When you figure your "why" it will not matter "how."
The return of Ben Greenfield! Ben is one of the best trainers and biohackers in the world. We discuss how to cook the best steak on earth, hunting, and stem cells for longevity. Ben Greenfield on Instagram Twitter Facebook and Youtube Connect with Kyle Kingsbury on Twitter and on Instagram Get 10% off at Onnit by going to Onni ...…
Travis Chesnik on Cannabis vs. Cancer III; Danny Danko on cultivation changes since legalization; The only real solution to the problem of diversion - legalization.
Josh Hendrix is back at Lexington Community Radio today talking hemp with Trey Riddle of Sunstrand LLC, who hosted a press conference with Senator Mitch McConnell last week and was the first ever guest on the Hemp Happy Hour. They chat about the press conference and the meeting they had beforehand with the Senate Majority Leader and what Trey a ...…
I might have my first potential consulting gig thru court! Listen to how I did it. Exciting opportunities lie ahead!
Just listen. A lot of knowledge bombs in this one. Gotta a court date.
Join us as we speak with California defendant and dispensory owner Jay Moon and Friendly Manitoba chapter leaders How to Grow a Support Team and More! It is board of directors election time again! Defendant's Peggy and Glenn Keeling Craig Cesal joins us from Terra Haute FCI
Whether it's the holiday blues or a Monday, we all get lazy. Information overload can also be a detterent as well. These minor things can knock you off track in your journey as an entrepreneur. Put your head down and stay focused! Move the progression needle even if it's a by a centimeter.
Today on Hempresent our host is joined by Tim Pate Oregon hemp broker, and SHF core. Since 2013 Tim as been a member of the Administrative Rules Committee for Industrial Hemp for the State of Oregon. 20 years on Mainstage at the Seattle Hempfest. 7 years on the TV show Cannabis Common Sense. 7 years with Hempstalk as Event Coordinator or Stage ...…
The return of Paul Chek! We dive into what's happening to our soil, the importance of eating organic, and much more. Check out Paul's Blog, Youtube Channel and the Chek Institute Website Paul Chek on Facebook Twitter Check out the Primal Pattern Diet Purchase Paul's book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! Connect with Kyle Kingsbury on Twitter an ...…
Paticakes and her bud Graceman invited friends in for their first Dab experience!It was so much fun & I think we have new Dabbers in the Dab club. Dab-adaba-do!We love hearing from you so send us an email at or call us at 714-287-0329.
Social media is an extremely powerful tool when used correctly. I discuss why social media is so valuable to all business owners as it is free marketing. I didn't understand the value of social media and what it can provide for a business. Don't make the mistakes I made a business owner. Take advantage of these platforms because this is where y ...…
Create your own experience if no one is willing to give you opportunities.
Josh talks about the solar eclipse, hemp, his recent trips, and this weekend's Moontower Music Festival in Lexington, KY. Original air date August 22, 2017.
Congressman James Comer discusses the 2017 Hemp Farming Act with Josh Hendrix, and then Rock House Brewing's master brewer, Jon Brown, joins us to talk about their new "Jon's Brown Ale," which is a hemp ale. Original air date August 15, 2017.
Josh talks about the Hemp Foods Cook-Off with Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation at Crave Lexington this weekend where hemp will be center stage along with great food, music, and fun for all ages. Original air date August 8, 2017.
Josh is joined by The Recovering Politician: Jonathan Miller who represents many in the hemp industry, and Jason Amatucci of Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition, both who actually worked with our representatives in DC to get this bill in motion. Josh Hendrix will also be joined by Annie Rouse of Think Hempy Thoughts for in-studio discussion.…
Josh is joined by Colleen Keahey of the Hemp Industries Association talking HIA Conference 2017 coming up in September and then is joined by star farmer John Clay Bollinger of Kentucky FFA Association to talk about hemp and the future of farming from a young persons perspective. Original air date July 25th, 2017.…
Brian Luftman, founder of American Farm Investors comes into the studio with Josh to talk about his unique business of using farmland as an investment tool for himself and others as well as his experience so far in the hemp industry and how he sees it playing a part in his business going forward. Original air date June 20th, 2017.…
Josh takes a break from hemp to talk horses with his good friend John Wilkinson of the Horse Network and then talks about his experience and involvement in Leadership Central Kentucky with Amy Carrington of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce. Original air date June 13th, 2017.
During a busy Hemp History Week, Josh sits down with Sarah Syed, Director of Marketing for CV Sciences and it's product lines, PlusCBDoil and Purified Liquids, to discuss marketing in the hemp-derived CBD space and how it's rapidly growing in the natural products category. Original air date June 6th, 2017.…
Kris Nonn of the NoLi CDC and Annie Rouse of the Friends of Hemp campaign and Think Hemp Thoughts join Josh again to discuss the hemp building workshop in Lexington, KY for Hemp History Week. Original air date May 22nd, 2017.
Former FDA investigator, Author of the Primal Power Method, and "going off the grid" expert Gary Collins joins the Hemp Happy Hour to talk about the emergence of the hemp industry and the full body health complex of hemp foods and hemp-derived CBD. Original air date May 16th, 2017.
Dr. Michael Lewis, Author of "When Brains Collide", and an expert on brain health comes on the show for a very interesting discussion about his experiences with traumatic brain injuries and how he sees hemp-derived CBD playing a role with his patients and many others who have joined the CBD evolution. Original air date May 9th, 2017.…
Josh talks Hemp History Week 2017 and all the upcoming events with Annie Rouse of Think Hempy Thoughts and Laura Sheehan of Full Circle Market. Original air date May 2nd, 2017.
Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner, Ryan Quarles, comes into the studio to discuss Kentucky's hemp program and why the Kentucky Department of Agriculture supports this new emerging crop with such great energy. Original air date April 18th, 2017.
Josh is joined by Chad Rosen of Victory Hemp Foods to talk about his journey to the hemp industry and how he sees the hemp food industry going forward with domestic production. Annie Rouse also sits in to talk about the Friends of Hemp Campaign. Original air date April 11th, 2017.
Josh sits down with Arthur Hancock (banjo and lead singer) and CJ Cain (guitar) of The Wooks to discuss the bands start and then their rise in the bluegrass world. The Wooks provide all the music for the Hemp Happy Hour and are great supporters of the hemp industry but this show is about music. Original air date April 4th, 2017.…
Laura Sheehan of Full Circle Market in Winchester, KY comes into the studio with Josh to discuss her experiences in the natural products market, Natural Products Expo, hemp products in her store, and how she came to be part of the CBD evolution.
Josh talks with Morris Beagle of the Colorado Hemp Company and creator of the NoCo Hemp Expo. They talk about NoCo 2017 and the emerging hemp industry in Colorado and the US. Then Joe Hickey joins in to discuss the hemp movement that started in the 90's in Kentucky with Gatewood Galbraith, Craig Lee, Dave Spalding and Andy Graves (The original ...…
Josh is joined by Kris Nonn of the Noli CDC and David Neville, creator of the Kentucky Dawg (hot dog made using hemp). Josh and Kris discuss the Noli CDC's hemp house project in Lexington, KY (first full size hemp house in the US built using Kentucky/American grown hemp), building with hemp, and the history of the neighborhood. Then Josh is joi ...…
Josh is joined by Daniel Michell of Seed talking hemp economics and trading, as well as Daniel Isenstein of the newly formed Hemp Highway of Kentucky to tell us about this cool new venture. Original air date February 7th, 2017.
Luke Storey is a former junky, turned celebrity stylist, turned biohacker, and all around spiritual gangster. We dive into all sorts of meaningful action items from temperature extremes to digging yourself out of addiction. Luke Storey on Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Check out the Life Stylist Podcast Connect with Kyle Kingsbury on Twitte ...…
Cannabis as the cause of illness is our topic as Vivian McPeak speaks with Alternative Model, Cannabis Enthusiast and Activist Damsel W. Dank. Damsel suffered from arsenic poisoning from ingesting bad cannabis and she explains how she has handle treating the problem which Vivian knows all too well based on his own personal health. She takes us ...…
Creating content cont. from a previous podcast. I will be adding blogging and writing everyday to my content creating process. I am by no mean a great writer, but practice, practice, and practice. Learn to be practical, be patient, and keep persisting! My 3 P's to success.
Why I am cancelling my audio book subscription. Too much research can keep entrepreneurs busy with tasks that may not benefit their business. There is a time for learning and there is a time to take action. Take Action and let your passion drive you.
UK Cannabis Social Clubs Chairman Greg de Hoedt on the granting of medical cannabis prescriptions for exceptional cases; Ngaio Bealum on his new Netflix series, "Cooking on High;" Rant: Five Years In - Kevin Sabet's Failed Predictions
Copywriting is a valuable skill that will allow you to successfully market your e-commerce store while also bringing you extra income on the side.
Building a business online cost a lot less than it did 10-15 years ago; therefore I encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to start. I have been thinking about drop shipping for a while now and here are is my scattered brain rant.
Legends and Myths of a Cannabis Defense - no mens rea, the straw man and the sovereign citizen defense - what works and what doesnt How to Grow a Support Team and More! It is board of directors election time again! Defendant's Peggy and Glenn Keeling Craig Cesal joins us from Terra Haute FCI
Former NFL Pro David Vobora and wounded veteran Blake Watson are on a mission to transform lives. Their organization, the Adaptive Training Foundation (or ATF), is a high impact non-profit that helps anyone with life-altering injuries find fulfillment through adaptive performance training. Listen in as Joel and Jesse Stanley hear the origin sto ...…
Paticakes talks with our favorite bud Chris & Kathy who is visiting from Massachusetts and stumbled into the new laws in California which will be going into effect July 1. Kathy was upset about the price difference between medical and recreational and the dosage difference! The government just can’t get it right..... the city, states, whatever ...…
Talking about cannabis program development, communication and implementation as Vivian McPeak speaks with Kris Morwood, the Director of Development of FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis United Standards).FOCUS offers a range of services to assist with cannabis program development, communication and implementation, ongoing management and evaluation. ...…
We sit down with Max Lugavere author of Genius Foods and break down the impact of diet on cognitive function, the science behind brain foods, and how to optimize your life through nutrition. Check out Max Lugavere's book Genius Foods Max on Instagram Twitter Facebook and YouTube Connect with Kyle Kingsbury on Twitter and on Instagram Get 10% of ...…
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