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The View
The View is the place to be heard with live broadcasts five days a week co-hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman. Weekdays 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EDT on ABC.
Fight Talk
I cover MMA fights that I find intriguing and deserve further analysis. I like to share my thoughts, opinions and hot takes. I strive for quality production and well thought opinions. #UFC #MMA #UFC229
Glowing Up
Esther and Caroline are on a mission to find their inner glowy goddess and share their findings about the worlds of beauty, health, diet and all things girly and glowy. Come glow up with them!
Nothing To Discuss
Lifestyle. Sports. Music. Politics?...And bullshit? There's not too many things to talk about in today's climate. Just friends with mics, with Nothing To Discuss...
Entreprenership can help you gain the kind of confidence to beat the soul-destroying jobsearch and find the type of jobs that you will love? Well best stop listening to any other selfhelp podcast then. As if you want to kick start your job search then the hugely popular, top rated podcast Join Up Dots is the real deal in career inspiration. A motivation packed, confidence boosting career podcast based on the words of Steve Jobs, and created for anyone with dreams to change their career and b ...
Jay Bird Watching
Welcome to the Jay Bird Watching. We are here to bring you all of your Toronto Blue Jays news in one simple quick Podcast. We like to make these shows perfect for your morning commute.We also bring you our most popular segments in our weekday show the #MorningMASH during the season. Throughout the year we have the Wednesday Wallop every other week. Not only do we have all this great recorded content but we will be live during select Blue Jays games. This way you can mute Buck & Pat to join i ...
A podcast from featuring in-depth conversations with classical music's leading luminaries.
Join Michaela for Music and New Age MusingsSharing insight, about transcedental topics. Featuring Great Music from great artists, as well as her own Songs.
Arizona High School, College and Pro Sports News
Your Health At The Crossroads - The Health and Fitness Podcast of Shawn McClendon
Date Card
Darling Jenna Vesper recap The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, The BIP, and her own sordid dating lives!!! Every week Jenna and friends will watch two hours of this beloved hot mess and then tell Bachelor Nation our real thoughts and feelings!!!! Like and subscribe and share!! Leave a rating if it feels right to you, we love you regardless! follow us on: Insta @datecardpod Twitter @card_date Email @jennawithasmile on all platforms Music:
Coach K and Joe Show
Indiana Sports Talk Radio featuring IU, Purdue, Big Ten, Jasper, Evansville, Indianapolis area and Indiana high school sports along with college, pro sports and hot topics of the day.
Welcome to Hot KoCode by the Fire. We’re hoping to get together every once in a while and just talk about anything and everything going on around us - mostly related to video games. There's not going to be a set structure to any of these discussions, bar a few topics we're all bringing to the table, but we take pride in our lack of organization. We can only hope you'll find some charm in our discussions, off-topic tangents, and emotional rants as we throw each of our two cents into the ring. ...
Hodge Podge Radio
Sometimes we need a wacky, crazy, uncensored view of the world! Hodge Podge Radio is just that! We cover current events and hot topics with a spicy new twist!E-mail: hodgepodgeradio@gmail.comAIM, SKYPE, TWITTER: hodgepodgeradio
The Undisclosed podcast investigates wrongful convictions, and the U.S. criminal justice system, by taking a closer look at the perpetration of a crime, its investigation, the trial, and ultimate verdict... and finding new evidence that never made it to court.
The Boston based podcast about the games that are ruining our sleep cycle! From Pokemon to polyhedral dice, we game and rant. News, reviews, and interviews. Tweet us @pokemoncast or visit us on the web at
Podcasting Talent
Healthcare Tech Talk is a show that discusses issues regarding technology used in the delivery of healthcare, including Healthcare Information Technology and Clinical\Biomedical Engineering Technology. Terry Baker and Kelley Hill, who spend their days in the healthcare environment, sit down on both sides of the table of healthcare technology. Terry comes with more than 20 years of implementing and managing technology, and Kelley brings a decade of perspective from clinicians who use said tec ...
The ETC Podcast
ETC Show's Eliot and Ricky talk to special guests and answer YOUR questions
Current research, papers and pop-culture about the immune system. Kevin, Matt and Kate tackle it all!
Podcast by Hour Truths Podcast
Dos madafakas ignorantes e irreverentes despotricando como nerdos sobre videojuegos, cine, comic, anime... y lo que les viene en gana en ese momento... Opiniones con bilis y vísceras.
Hot Topics
HOT SEXY STORIES designed to GET YOU OFF. This is audio sex at it's finest. Get your tool for play too, use offer code DIRTY50 for 50 percent OFF, Free Shipping, Free Hot DVDs, and a Mystery Gift at Gotta use that code DIRTY50. Subscribe and give us some feedback too.
I'm Sioux Peden.The name is a nickname from school days from my interest in the First nation - Native Americans.My father introduced me to country and blues at a very early age, so I began obsessing then.My first love is Americana but I like many genres.I love live music and also to hunt out new music and I hope to bring some of it to you.Join Sioux every second Saturday at 4pm on PlainsFM
Murphys Law
The only brother/sister radio show on the Melbourne airwaves!
Not A Paid Sponsor
This is the home of the N.A.P.S Podcast! Hosted by Anthony “Seasonedsalt” Hernandez!Bringing you up to speed on the latest news regarding MMA, technology, pop culture, and current events! We also bring in special guests from all over our various communities to talk about whats hot and whats not! (That is if I can stick to the script.....)I promise you will enjoy the show! Please like and subscribe thanks! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Hot business and mindset tips for girl bosses who wants to build the empire of their dreams! ✨💗
Split Six Media
The Split Six Podcast is a podcast where we split a six pack and talk about three different topics each over the course of one beer. Nick Wegela is the host and each week features a different guest to discuss the current events of the week.Follow Nick on twitter @NickWegelaInstagram @NWegelaFacebook @SplitSixMediaThank you for splitting six with us!
Furry-Muscle Cast
The main cast will consist Zak (Zak Rhyno), Jazz (Jazz Wolf), Max (Maximus Ursus), Schred (Schredded Wolf) & Tip (Tiptoe). The podcast will cover many different viewpoints, experiences, and subjects on fitness, health, and art. The purpose is to promote Furry-Muscle, the community, as well as its goals. (Promoting fitness, health, and art to individuals and the community to help them to flourish and grow.) The podcast will occur once a month with a time span of one to three hours. Want your ...
Hot Boi
Welcome to the Hot Boi podcast, where amazing things happen.
Friday Nights will never be the same, every week we will share a HOT new PASSIONATE story with you. Just the thing to bring your weekend alive. And our sponsor has a special offer, if you use the offer code FRIDAY at the checkout you get 50 percent off almost any item, FREE SHIPPING, FREE DVDS and a FREE Mystery Gift!
Two guys, one from the West and one from the Midwest talking about things they find interesting in the world.
This is a show dedicated to helping you become a better editor. Each week Story Grid Editors Jarie Bolander, Valerie Francis, Anne Hawley, Kim Kessler, and Leslie Watts analyze a film from one of the 12 Story Grid content genres and discuss it using the Editor’s Six Core Questions as developed by Shawn Coyne.
Weekly coverage of the top Jamaican news & entertainment stories featuring Christopher "Johnny" Daley & Andrew Hewitt
The Hot Metal Bridge Faithcast features sermons and dramas from weekly worship gatherings at the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition, you might stumble across recordings of other events, such as our monthly community forums hosted by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman. To learn more about our church, visit our website at
AAMBC Radio is a show stopper for all authors and is syndicated on a national on line radio show, reaching thousands of listeners. Launched in 2008 AAMBC has interview hundreds of authors and poets with the mission of exposing all talents. We’ve hosted greats such as Kimberla Lawson Roby, Mary B. Morrison, Mary Monroe, Rosalyn McMillan, and many great talents who have went on to make history. Every Tuesday tune in for our fun, sassy, and hilarious chat as we bring on guest to expose their la ...
The BSO Podcast
Welcome to the BSO Podcast! In this podcast, Kurt, Cameron, and Keegan will be discussing their weekly thoughts on the hottest topics in sports. Make sure to always take a listen. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Work Grind Hustle
Work, grind, hustle; stay scheming! Working hard every day to build new businesses and opportunities 😎 Tune in for hot tips and tricks on what I’m hustling on and where you can make $$$. No Gimmicks, Just Hustle
The Five By Five Podcast is about the things we geek out on and the people who create things that we probably should be geeking out on. Tune in every episode for talk about books, TV, writing, gadgets, music, film, and the many things we choose to spend our time on.
Welcome to my podcast :) Please tune in to hear interviews from some of your favorite artists !
Eating It
Two comics, Andy Forrester and David Tobey talk about great places to eat while on the road performing comedy.
Funny to the Moon
Funny to the MOON with The Big Funny and Da All Knowin' Samoan... The web's only SELF TAUGHT WORKING CLASS PODCAST created by Teina Manu and Travis Simmons aka THE BIG FUNNY. We discuss any topics. If you are a human that asks questions, debates, argues, thinks, researches, and loves new information, THIS IS THE PODCAST for you. No topic is off limits on Funny to the Moon live daily. THIS SHOW IS RECORDED WHILE TEINA REMODELS HIS HOME.
The most diabolical entertaining hot topic debate show in the entire universe!!! ...Or just Lobster N Shrimp the show where everything is a topic!
Artificial intelligence. Robotics. The Gig Economy. Globalization. The world is changing at a dizzying pace in ways that will have a profound effect on the economy, jobs and the flow of talent. How will firms cope with the changes ahead and what steps do they need to take today? Each episode features faculty from the world’s leading business school interviewing CEOs, technologists and experts on the bleeding edge discussing how to survive and thrive by managing the future of work.
Maine Milla
Maine Milla
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show series
Caroline and Esther and are back in the studio and talking to comedian Annie Lederman about fat injections vs butt implants, how to get a free purse from the supermarket and if you are supposed to wash your jackets. Annie also tells Caroline and Esther about her hemorrhoids. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Show Subjects: Smoking rate in Wisconsin hits all-time low. Scott finally has an item for last year’s new year resolution, Samsung’s curved 49-inch gaming monitor! Our Genuine Positivity Message is from Hans Christian Andersen. Hawaii Is Having an Invasive Species Crisis. Now some top Chefs are trying to help solve the problem by turning them i ...…
Week two of The Bachelor really forces us all to think about a lot of things...why are we here? Is being 31 too old for love? Can we be perfect pageant people all the time? How close is too close to set off fireworks? Fan favorite guest host Zoe Proval joins Jenna in this very vulnerable recap of Colton Underwood's journey. Insta @datecardpod T ...…
The Split Six Podcast is a podcast where we split a six pack and talk about three different topics, each over the course of one beer.BEER OF THE WEEK: Hellacious Rock by ShortsGUEST OF THE WEEK: Jeremy MeagherBEER# 1: SportsNFL Playoffs, Kyler Murrey, Detroit DreadBEER #2: EntertainmentT.V. ShowsBEER #3: PoliticsBorder Wall…
Shout out to all the truth tellers. Rhome and JB is back with another one. We got kinkswithkeke back with us as she's leaving and taking her talents to Ohio soon. Also Stan deezy is back as well as Mahia from the extra juicy podcast. A new comer arrives late and chop it up with us. listen to us talk*Starbucks needs for needle disposals*moschino ...…
In this episode we talk about R. Kelly and the victims under his spell.
Joined by Cameron Andrade, Kurt Zottl, and Keegan Burr, we discuss the latest January Transfer News and give our reactions on that, along with a player we all think our teams should get this transfer window! Become a supporter of this podcast:…
The Blue Jays have found a way to move Russell Martin to the Dodgers and get a few Minor League Talents heading back to the Jays. All the info on the trade and all the other recent Blue Jays News right here
Episode 133: The terrific hundred and thirty-third episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! January's PokeNews! Today (January 12) is Totodile Community Day. Next Saturday, January 19, is a special Feebas Research Day. With a chance of shiny! New Pokémon Go outfits, unlockable with Trainer Battle medals! Do you have what it takes to be an Ace Traine ...…
Show Subjects: AI-equipped cameras will hopefully spot wildlife poachers before they can kill. Australian police show up at home of screaming spider killer. Woman in Great Britain seeking lost goldfish Dave calling him Davo after the movie Finding Nemo. The Origin Story of Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. More about Steve & Scott The post #209 ...…
SPLIT SIX MEDIA PRESENTS: Seriously Let's Be Fucking Honest.SeriouslyLBFH is a new podcast hosted by Staci Hissong, where she explores life, business, mindset, and so much more in a totally upfront and authentic way.
Welcome parties are always one of the most memorable parts of joining a new group or organization. Get ready for some surprise and fun as our character have her sexiest and most memorable welcome party in her new sorority house. Do you want to have some sexy props for your sexy party? Adam and Eve is giving you a special offer. Visit their onli ...…
Show Subjects: Steve uses his Christmas Present from Scott and eats at the famous Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant Unseasonably warm weather breaking records in Wisconsin means Scott’s Christmas decorations come down early. Steve dances topless with a topless woman. Is it true he made better tips? Our Genuine Positivity Message is about nudi ...…
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden provide incite and a recap to the Toronto Blue Jays Off-season.
Things get really complicated this week as Anne pitches Cloud Atlas so we can all study complex nested story form. This 2012 film was written and directed by Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, based on the 2004 novel by David Mitchell. Each week one of the Story Grid Editors—Jarie Bolander, Valerie Francis, Anne Hawley, Kim Kessler ...…
Joined by Cameron Andrade, Kurt Zottl, and Keegan Burr, we disacuss the National Championship between Alabama and Clemson and also give our thoughts on the NFL Coaching Drama! Become a supporter of this podcast:
It was a three hour premiere ya'll!! (one taught me love. one taught me patience. one taught me pain.) On this episode Danika and Jenna try to regain consciousness after watching too much of The Bachelor! Colton Underwood's night one brought tears, puns, cringe, unexpected horny vibes, and a little bit of anger. Follow: Insta @datecardpod Twitt ...…
Caroline tells Esther everything about her recent trip to Mexico. Caroline talks about all of the great food, a visit to a rain forrest and the aftermath of eating crickets. Caroline and Esther also decide that walking is a valid form of exercise. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Happy New Year!!!!!! The boys are back and we're joined by @Akexplainsitall (IG). Together we talk about everything from*What are some goals for the New year?*Is safaree and Erica mena relationship fake?*Why Diddy getting killed because of Cassie new boyfriend*Is Nicki doing too much?*R.kelly document and more?For more content follow:https://ww ...…
Joined by Cameron Andrade, Kurt Zottl, and Keegan Burr, we give our predictions on all of the NFL Awards and also grade every NFL team based on their 2018-19 season. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Show Subjects: Scott Performs at the Abbey Resort in Fontana Wisconsin New Years Eve. January is feeling like January, winter is now here! Steve is finally back to doing his show “What Happened To Las Vegas Today” starting with Adam Hunter and Maroon 5. Service Dog Sally threatens to call her lawyer after she is told she can’t pet service dogs ...…
Infinite mind
Wear the costume of your own preference like our character, Victoria, as we will get another sexy performance in this week’s episode. Sit back, relax, and get ready to load off as you will listen to a performance that you wouldn’t ever forget. Do you want to have your costume for your own sexy performance-=? Adam and Eve is giving you a special ...…
Maine Milla Millaveli 2019 Freestyle
Joined by Cameron Andrade, Kurt Zottl, and Keegan Burr, we discuss the NFL playoff picture, if Liverpool can win the league, and the College Football bowl games. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Maine Milla Millaveli 2019 Freestyle
Maine Milla Millaveli 2019 Freestyle
It’s 20 minutes of brain-changing inspiration this time as Anne brings you a bite-size episode on how the Story Grid spreadsheet helped her write a better novel. Here on the Roundtable we're dedicated to helping you become a better writer, following the Story Grid method developed by Shawn Coyne. In these bite-size episodes we bring you some sh ...…
Esther and Caroline talk to Valerie Grandury, ethereal French Goddess slash founder of Odacité about French skincare, her raw vegan, non toxic lifestyle, and Valerie's incredible Parisian grandmothers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Show Subjects: Happy New Year from both of us to all of you! New year resolutions revisited. Scott Thomas DJ’s the new years eve family party at the Abbey Resort. List of unique objects dropped on New Year’s Eve countdown. Phrase Origin Story, White Sale. New Year’s Eve countdown More about Steve & Scott The post #204 – Happy New Year – Resolut ...…
Champagne wishes, 30 crying bitches. This week we look at the women vying for Colton Underwood's heart on the 23rd season of ABC's The Bachelor! Join mouthy broads Jenna and Danika every week as they recap the trash fire that is The Bachelor franchise...and our own sordid dating lives! Follow: Insta @datecardpod Twitter @datecardpodcast Art: Ka ...…
This video is sponsored by Trimino- protein never tasted so good. This video is also sponsored by Mr. Wild Fire, you can find this song at the end of the video next Friday! This is the BSO Awards! Joined by Keegan, Kurt, and Cameron, we discuss the best sporting moments from the year 2018! Become a supporter of this podcast: ...…
Episodio navideño al canto, damas y caballeros; y si esto se puede considerar un regalo —estirando nuestra imaginación hasta sus límites más extravagantes—, entonces sería el regalo más triste de la historia. En este episodio, como juegos de «««la quincena»»», tenemos Brawl Stars [iOS, Android] (Supercell, 2018) y Tetris Effect [PS4, VR] (Monst ...…
Hayden Godfrey and Adam Corsair discuss Toronto Blue Jays New Year's Resolutions. What little things could they do better in 2019 to get some more wins. Also news as Matt Shoemaker signs with the Jays
Show Subjects: Men in Black goes International and the trailer stars a fun reunion for Thor: Ragnarok fans. Mars orbiter sends a bunch of fantastic pictures back to Earth. Best Cities for New Year’s Eve Celebrations according to Fodors. We think they missed some but we both agree every one they chose is a city you should try to visit any time o ...…
Experiencing something new and different can be the key for a long lasting relationship. Well, it also applies to sex. Tune into this week’s episode and join Kendra as she dreams of and fantasize over her past lovers and compares it to the ecstatic and unique performance of her recent partner, Alex. You will certainly envy over the difference! ...…
Sioux's music picks to get you through the New Year!
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