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Welcome to IM Reasoning with your hosts Dr. Art Nahill and Dr. Nic Szecket, two general internists with a passion for teaching clinical reasoning. Join us for case discussions, conversations and interviews that explore issues important to clinicians and students, with a special focus on clinical reasoning, the once-mysterious process behind the remarkable abilities of the master clinician.
Gregory Schmidt
Internal Medicine / Healthcare Systems / Design / EHR / Technology
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It is embarrassing that healthcare does not assess its quality with the same rigour of other industries. Measure medical quality in real-time, in the real-world. #EHR #Quality #Patientsafety
At the airport I saw a gun appear on the x-ray scanner. Van Halen refused to allow Brown M&Ms on stage. Real-time quality checks are a critical part of any industry. #Lean #Quality #Patientsafety
Interoperability between clinical systems is long overdue, but it is not enough to drive the innovation we required in electronic health records. Ultimately, we require interoperability between the functional components within a clinical system. #EHR #Interoperability…
EHR Order Entry, Part 5 - EHR Design from first principles: the connect between orders and action. Why connection of order and action help create systems, and avoids fragmentation. #EHR #Design #Systems
Enjoy part 2 of our conversations about the racist patient. In this episode we have a conversation with professor of medical ethics, Dr. Phillipa Malpas from the University of Auckland.
EHR Order Entry, Part 4 - How does Knowledge & Orders connect? 1. Why orders exist - to turn knowledge into action 2. The different types of order tools to do this 3. The huge gap between order entry based on these first principles, and how it actually is done today ...…
EHR Order Entry, Part 3 - Order entry can be divided into two categories of tools. 1) Order Selection (Drug Selection) - many UX tools 2) Order Customization (Drug Customization) - a single UX tool Let’s look at this division in more details #EHR #Design #CPOE…
EHR Order Entry, Part 2 - Examples of order entry UX in medical records. Detailed order entry and order sentences Original Article #EHR #Design #CPOE
EHR Order Entry Part 1 - General requirements for a medication order entry system #EHR #UX #CPOE
Looking for a list of all healthcare worker occupations divided into official categories? There are at least 50+ large groupings of healthcare workers, and an additional 300+ occupational examples based on these International Classification Standards. Download the spreadsheet list at ...…
Ken Kocienda gives an inside look into Apple’s software development process during his 15 years at Apple. He was there during the release of Safari, iPhone, and iPad. The book is a must read for anyone who develops products or is interested in Apple. This post highlights some of my favourite themes from the book. ...…
5 minute lightning course on EHR User Interface Design. Covers first principles, foundational components, and the future of electronic health records. This was presented as part of the Lightning Talks session at the OpenMRS Conference in Nairobi, December 2018. #EHR #UX #OpenMRS…
A way to brainstorm, team build, and strategic plan in a very large group Original Article:
Join Art and Nic for a discussion about our experiences with patients who hold bigoted, intolerant, racist, and judgmental opinions about their providers and people in general.
Summary of 1551 ideas generated in one hour at the OpenMRS 2018 Conference. Original post with full details at - #OpenMRS #OMRS18
This is one of favourite episodes of all time. "All time" being since August 2015... Have we really produced enough episodes to justify a "rebroadcast"? possibly not, but we're doing it anyway. We're working on a couple of episodes that we'll have out in the new year, but we didn't want to let so much time pass without seeing you all again. Enjoy!…
Slides/text at Cool EHR user interface mockups - The Concept Electronic Health Record - April 2016 ----- The Concept Electronic Health Record (C.E.H.R.), was a project from a research block in second year General Internal Medicine residency. The project was present ...…
EHR workflows should be assigned in real-time, based on the patient’s issues and resources available. Article: #EHR #EMR #UX
Is this true? Confirming validity of Past Medical History data The truth of medical data rests on the ability to validate it against primary source material #EHR #EMR #UX #UI
Article: ---- Summary: “Do not believe anything you read in the patient’s chart - it is full of lies”. This was the first lesson taught to new medical students by our hospital’s most esteemed diagnostician. I have found this assessment generally to be true - both for p ...…
Join us for another installation of STC international, this time with a case from Adam Clements from Wisconsin.
‘Auto-populated data’ should be stored different from ‘Original data’ in electronic health records ----- Summary The auto-population of data fields is a key benefit of electronic medical records over paper. However, there are two issues that need to be addressed in order to minimiz ...…
Required fields can be the portal for garbage data to enter electronic medical records. Here are some ways to prevent that. SUMMARY 1. Why is this field required? 2. Workarounds on paper required fields 3. A rational approach to: required fields 3.1 Establish a high criteria to make a fi ...…
No desk space? Stack them vertically
Entrance complaint: "patient says his sports heart rate monitor is acting up” Article:
Is our peacetime today attributable in part to the collective memory of the horror of the past? Original Article:
#Navjunk = is excessive ornamentation of navigation systems that distracts from actually helping people find directions #navjunk is Edward Tufte's #chartjunk, applied to direction systems. #UX Post ends with example of an excellent hospital patient navigation system "The Route Navigation" at Radbound UMC Article: ...…
These floor arrows help patient’s escape from the medical clinic. Original Article:
An offline medical record is a lot more complicated than it first appears. Original Article:
“And now when the computer people move in… and the non-medical people move in, they can hardly believe what they see. And there is a crisis of major proportions.” Original Article:
The Top 50 Most Interesting Ideas of Exponential Medicine 2018. Original Article:
Summary slide / text available at: Exponential Medicine, Day 4 - Cool Stuff Summary (Nov 7 2018) A collection of the most interesting ideas and slides of the day. ----- Sessions / Speakers Exponential Medicine, Day 4 - Cool Stuff Summary (Nov 7 2018) NOV 7 Exponential Medicine ...…
Summary slide / text available at: Exponential Medicine, Day 3 - Cool Stuff Summary (Nov 6 2018) A collection of the most interesting ideas and slides of the day. ----- Sessions / Speakers Day Three Tuesday, November 6th Session 15: Exponential Organizations Salim Ismail Autho ...…
Summary slide / text available at: Exponential Medicine, Day 2 - Cool Stuff Summary (Nov 5 2018) ------------- Sessions / Speakers Session 6: On the Frontier of Biotech 6.1 Moira Gunn PhD Host, NPR's Biotech Nation and Technation Health 6.2 Andrew Hessel CEO, Humane Genomics a ...…
Summary of the cool ideas and slides from Exponential Medicine Day 1 Presentations, November 4, 2018. Original Article:
Good presentation, good upgrades to produce line. Original Article:
You can tell how much money was removed from the ATM based on the length of the cash-spooling sound. Original Article:
A quick chapter about hospital facility planning and design Original Article:
A high level overview of some consideration in designing inventory systems. Original Article:
Selecting a time zone in Google and Apple calendar is terrible. Original Article:
Summary: A helpful reminder the day before, to inform you that the first appointment is earlier than normal. Original Article:
Include a copy of the book’s skeleton outline with each Audible purchase Original Article:
This chapter is too old. Don’t read it. Original Article:
AMPATH Medical Record System (AMRS) Quick Overview How the AMPATH electronic health record helps patients, clinicians, clinics & counties, and researchers & industry. Prepared for Oncology/Hematology Conference 11 October 2018. Eldoret, Kenya Text / Slides:…
Another very brief chapter summary. Original Article:
A Markov Devision Process may help a situation of uncertainty that involves sequential decision making. Original Article:
Bed capacity cannot be assessed base on occupancy levels. As occupancy levels (utilization) increases, the queue grows exponentially. Original Article:
I left out the math, makes this chapter very short. Original Article:
“I will not be part of this charade anymore” - Chamath Palihapitiya Original Article:
This is by listener request! Art and Nic analyse what went wrong in the case of man who presented with sudden onset back pain.
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