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Hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper, State of the Union features interviews with top newsmakers on politics and policy - covering Washington, the country and the world.
CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.
Join award winning actor Jake Wood & his best mate, ex European Super Bantamweight Champion Spencer Oliver as they host the explosive new boxing podcast POUND FOR POUND.Each week Jake & Spencer will be joined by top names from the sport, alongside celebrity boxing fans. Tune in for hilarious, uncut and no holds barred opinions and analysis on the biggest fights & latest news from the boxing world.This is, pound for pound, your new home of boxing podcasts.
Country music star Jake Owen’s high-energy performances have thrilled sold-out audiences everywhere, scoring six Number 1 hits so far. Good Company is his place for laid-back conversations with friends and family about good times, music, and real life— Jake style.
I Jake Johannsen talk about things I am interested in with people I like. Hopefully it is funny and not too dirty but there might be a little swearing and some sex talk. Nothing Grandma can't handle.
Part private eye, part adventurer…all pulp hero. Set against a 1930’s backdrop, Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter is a tribute to the cliffhanger-laden, classic radio serials of yesteryear. Join Jake and his companions, Texas Holdum and Lucy Carter as they journey to the four corners of the earth to put supernatural evil in its place.
Jake in the Morning from 94.5 KTI COUNTY - Milwaukee
Do you wish you were smarter, successful, happier, had more confidence, enjoyed life, had better relationships, better health, lived your dreams, took some more risks, didn't mind failing, had a positive attitude, loved more, helped more, and just become more of who you should be? Then I suggest you join the other 100,000+ subscribers to find out how to reset your life. This podcast is basically self-help 101. Changing your life is hard, but if you really want to change you can just by findi ...
Real Talk with Jake Denning is a podcast where host Jake Denning talks to your favorite people in the music industry and beyond. What's the point? Have a real discussion.
A podcast where comedians tell true, "meaty" stories from their lives to inspire longform improv comedy. Hosted by Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour
Rising from the ashes of The Drunken Dork Podcast comes the show your guidance counselor warned you about! Featuring comic books, movies, booze and anything else we "geek out" to!
Part private eye, part adventurer…all pulp hero. Set against a 1930’s backdrop, Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter is a tribute to the cliffhanger-laden, classic radio serials of yesteryear. Join Jake and his companions, Texas Holdum and Lucy Carter as they journey to the four corners of the earth to put supernatural evil in its place.
1280 brings you the best in local and national sports coverage.
Jake Brown takes you into the world of sports without holding anything back. It's sports talk mixed with hot takes, debate, star-studded guests, occasional freestyles, beautiful women, and so much more. The one place you can get sports mixed with entertainment. It's brutally honest, entertaining, and eclectic. Buckle up.
Jake Dill
Listen to Jake Dill on ALT 98.7 FM weekdays from 7pm-11pm!
Jake Carney and team navigate through the latest and greatest in Alternative Health News as well as trending current events. They question the norm in hopes to open your mind to an alternative perspective on a variety of issues.
Podcast by Jake the Snake UNLEASHED
On his most recent album, "Peace Love Ukulele," ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro mixes jazz, rock, classical, traditional Hawaiian music, and folk, creating a sound that is technically masterful, emotionally powerful, and completely unique in the music world. Join Jake at this special event for a discussion about his music and then see him perform songs from his latest release.
It’s the Jake Robinson Sports Experience from the Let’s Talk Baseball Podcast Network. Listen in as Jake covers baseball like only Jake can. An honest, irreverent, comprehensive look at the greatest game in the history of mankind and the topical news that makes it go. This is the place where baseball never has an offseason. It’s the Jake Robinson Sports Experience on the Let’s Talk Baseball Podcast Network.
Jake and John Pod
Jake and John Pod about whatever we feel like! Generally this will fall under some nerdy category, such as movies, video games, and comics. Maybe some sports, if John has his way.
Modern Leadership: Magnify the Leader in You
Jake and the Bald man Is a podcast about the stupid things we do in our daily life. Mostly a story telling Podcast, but it will continually evolve.
Crashing Your Planet is a podcast about music. Jake McKelvie invites guests from various pockets of the music world to talk about their work.
Jake and Sakari are besties that are obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race. Give your ears a treat as they sashay through Season 10 each week. Don't forgot to subscribe!
Jake and Whit are fascinated by regular people making extraordinary changes in their lives. We want to know what motivated them embrace the discomfort of change and how they made the daily commitment to stick to it. How did they build an encouraging community and what role did it play in their success? Find out more at Interested in Personal Coaching? Check out
Making Music with Jake Haws is a podcast dedicated to the exploring the creative process of writing and recording music featuring original songs and guest collaborators.
Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve discuss their gripping new thriller, Prisoners. When his six year old daughter and her friend go missing, Keller Dover (Jackman) takes matters into his own hands as Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal) pursues multiple leads and the search gets more desperate. Facing every parent's nightmare, Dover goes to extreme lengths to protect his family. Moderated by Edith Bowman at the Apple Store Regent Street, in London.
Father and son team that focus on videogames.
Snake's Takes with Jake Plummer features the 10 year NFL veteran's insight on the sports world, including interviews and insight with the top news makers. Snake's Takes is produced by 5280 Sports Network and is presented by CW Hemp.
It's the 4th Quarter, 2 minutes to go. Time to bring out the playbook and march down the field. Erin Murray and Jake Turner break down the sports world. Any sport, unique takes and a passion for the local sports scene as well. Tune in!
The Legendary Brother Jake Edwards and his pal Canadian radio icon Gene Valaitis take over the 1040 airwaves every Saturday from 11am to 3pm with Jake & Gene delivering 4 solid hours of wildly entertaining sports talk radio where no subject is off limits.
Enhanced EDM Mixshow
A podcast where two people named Phil and Jake Dragash talk about things.
Listen to us live on Tequila Radio @
Jake Runnels talks to some friends in this free-flowing conversational podcast. Topics generally include but are not limited to: Philosophy, Religion, Habits, Discipline, Martial Arts, Psychedelics, and many more!
mutli-genre dj mixes
Jake Of All Trades
Every week Jake Rivas, Financial Advisor To Millennials, will hit the streets, coffee shops, and restaurants to get raw feedback from YOU about the real financial obstacles you are facing today. Jake will help you take the guesswork out of managing your money choices while curating and sharing the the best advice and insights into making smart money choices. Jakes Two Cents will help you navigate credit, financial debt, saving for the future, student loans, mortgages, travel, money, lifestyl ...
Jake Tha Wookiee
JAKE THA WOOKIEE!!! RRRAARRWHHGWWR!!! I talk Star Wars, comics, movies, beer, and whatever else I want to talk about!!!
Jake and Dad
Welcome to the Jake and Dad podcast, where amazing things happen.
Join us for this fun and informative new Podcast all about Sportsman Drag Racing!
Hi, I'm Jake and I'm Fat...but I want to get Fit. This podcast is an audio journal of my journey as I struggle with the Dichotomy of Fat Jake versus Fit Jake.
Listen to your dream job while you walk to class
A podcast with best friends Adam Jeanneret and Jake Williams talk about everything in geek culture. Movies, comics, TV, games
Jake Olson's Podcast
Filmmaker/Comedian Jake Lloyd sits down each week with a variety of guests in an attempt to unpack the human condition in this free-form conversational/interview podcast where transparency is key. Its not therapy but it IS therapeutic. New Episodes on Mondays! A part of the Dragon Wagon Radio independent podcast network! #ElaboratePod Elaborate is a part of the Dragon Wagon Radio podcast network.
The purpose of this podcast is to empower you to go from The Rat Race to Your Dream Life. Dedicated to being a source of support and inspiration on your journey so you live more confidently, passionately, and joyously.
Thus Spake Jake
Three morons on a quest to unearth the great truths of the human condition.
Production Company based in Portland, Ore.
Jake and Jake
This is a WCGR Radio Show. The topic for each week show will be Concordia Athletics. We hope you tune in. The show will be live on Thursday night starting at 10pm Ct. Feel free to call in at that time 708-488-4242
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Saudis need more time to investigate likely murder; Trump: "certainly looks" like Khashoggi dead; Biden hopes Dems don't impeach Trump right away; McConnell: GOP may try Obamacare repeal again after midterms; Dem. Senator touts support for GOP proposals in new ad; New poll shows deadlocked senate race in Tennessee; Dems: emails show Trump nixed ...…
Life is FILLED with events ...moment by moment they've been stacking up as long as we can remember. Whether consciously or subconsciously we assign a meaning to each of these events. As those meanings are accumulated and practiced, they become our story and that story determines what is possible for us. In this podcast, we will take a look at t ...…
Michelle Gomez is a self-proclaimed reformed corporate burnout and imposter syndrome survivor. She is an accomplished business executive with over 2 decades experience in the male-dominated transportation and logistics industry. Along the way she learned to address her own internal imposter and now helps high achievers, like you, to do the same ...…
Sources: Kushner role limited, but still involved, due to fear of backlash over relationship with Saudi Crown Prince; Pompeo: Saudis didn't talk facts on journalist's disappearance; Bloomberg: Dep. AG Rosenstein pushing Mueller to wrap up probe; Source: Michael Cohen willing to campaign against Trump for Dems; From insults to endorsements, how ...…
We discuss the most powerful guided meditation to attract what you want. This is law of attraction meditation. This is all about how to raise your energy to match the frequency of what you want so you can attract what you want into your life via law of attraction guided meditation. Here's how... Click here to read more.…
We discuss 3 THINGS YOU MUST GIVE UP TO MANIFEST ANYTHING YOU WANT IN 24 HOURS (THE SECRET) LAW OF ATTRACTION. You can manifest anything you want in 24 hours using the secret and the law of attraction. But there's 3 things you must give up to do so.
In life you need control. So what is it that you need to control in your life?
Ever wondered how many people watched Carl Froch’s huge KO of George Groves at Wembley Stadium? Nope? Well this week’s guest will certainly tell us how many! The Cobra, Carl Froch joins us to talk through his career and his current role as a pundit on the Sky Sports Boxing team... And of course we’re joined by Mr. Kuggy Bear himself, Kugan Cass ...…
Pompeo all smiles in meeting with Saudi King & Crown Prince; Senior Trump Adviser: President's response to Saudis may be "most consequential decision of his presidency"; Sen. Warner: Saudi story is constantly changing; Warner: Saudi Crown Prince showing authoritarian pattern; Sen. Warner: behavior of Saudis doesn't inspire confidence; Pres. Tru ...…
Description: Live from Glasgow at Blackfriars with returning guests Martin Walmsley (ImprovGlasgow, Hmm, Interesting Choice) and Hannah Rachel Cruickshank (Keeping up with Keeping up with the Kardashians) invite us to their stomping grounds to regal us with sequels to their vacation antics and school shenanigans. Martin's friends opt for an air ...…
We discuss 55x5 law of attraction manifestation techniques to attract what you want. It is called 55x5 or 555 manifesting techniques for the law of attraction. There are many videos out there on this so I wanted to share my thoughts on how to use the 55x55 manifestation techniques to attract what you want. Click here to read more.…
CHEC SET 1. Gallago – A Glass Half Full 2. Volkoder X Tough Love – Get On It 3. Alex Kenji – Swakoo 4. David Ricardo & Redux Saints – Hands Up 5. Late Replies – Accents Original Mix GUEST SET – NA
Trump: journalist must be victim of "rouge killers"; Trump: Putin probably involved in poisonings, but not in U.S.; Trump defends "love" for Kim Jong Un, despite atrocities; Poll: Biden leads field of potentially 2020 Dem nominees; Hillary Clinton: Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power; Trump doubts Mattis, says he doesn' ...…
On this episode, I speak with George Schmitz, drummer for Stick To Your Guns. The band is currently in its first week of their co-headlining tour with Emmure! Wage War and Sanction also are on this package. We talk about marketing a tour and how important repetition is, the #Hopebringers campaign and how you can get involved, and various other ...…
There's one secret manifestation teaching that nobody talks about. Everybody talks about techniques and all of these types of things. They're great and they're powerful for you to use the law of attraction, but there's one thing you almost never see a video on. Click here to read more.
First, Jake talks to Florida Senator Marco Rubio about Hurricane Michael, the effects of climate change, and the diplomatic fallout over the missing Saudi Journalist. Jake is then joined by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss healthcare, Trump's response to the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, and who will run for the Democrats in 2020. ...…
The Bro & Gene Valaitis; guests include Douglas Smith & Marc Crawford.
The Bro & Gene Valaitis; guests include Jeff Paterson & Lowell Ullrich.
Jeff Paterson says while Brock Boeser seems to be coming along for the Canucks he still has more to offer.
Ben Kuzma thinks Brock Boeser is starting to put it all together.
The Bro & Gene Valaitis; guests include Mitch Berger, Bowen Byram, Jon Price & Al Murdoch.
We discuss the hidden manifestation teachings and missing links to The Secret Movie and the law of attraction. What's important note is that The Secret is a mass market movie, so while it's very inspiring, it did not go into very important teachings, which essentially became hidden manifestation teachings. Click here to read more.…
Turkey releases U.S. pastor after two years; Saudis deny involvement in reporter's disappearance; Sen. Corker: I've read the intel reports on journalist's disappearance; Sen. Corker: I do believe Saudi gov't murdered journalist; Lawmakers demand Trump admin reveal what they knew and when regarding threats to reporter's life; Sen. Graham: if Sau ...…
We discuss how to improve your ability to use the law of attraction and communication with the universe. You must let go of this one thing to attract what you want. Click here to read more.
DOW plunges 1,000+ points in 2 days; Sources: after months of negotiating, Mueller gives questions to Trump; Trump lawyers preparing answers; Turkish officials: Saudi gov't executed Wash Post reporter; Trump: U.S. should not suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia; Trump in 2015: I love the Saudis, they buy apartments from me; Saudi Arabia denies an ...…
We discuss how to use this particular law of attraction affirmation to attract what you want from the universe, positive affirmations. There are certain tricks to using affirmations that help create success. Click here to read more.
"I love it when a plan comes together." - name that TV character. Whether it's building with instructions, driving with directions, or working out with an instructor, there is great freedom in taking action when the plan is already made. It quiets the mind chatter - the debate in our mind about whether or not to keep pushing forward. If you lov ...…
Kirk Barbera has recently sold most of his belongings, his townhome and decided to live in an RV. He's not retired. He's not crazy (we dont' think). He is a media producer who found RV life to be an optimal way for him to live. In the podcast Jake Rivas talks with Kirk to discuss what life is like in an RV and what are the financial considerati ...…
Rusty Shelton is the Founder & CEO of Zilker Media, the country’s premier PR & marketing agency for authors, thought leaders and brands. He is the co-author of Authority Marketing: How to Leverage 7 Pillars of Thought Leadership to Make Competition Irrelevant. He’s also the co-author of Mastering the New Media Landscape: Embrace the Micromedia ...…
*not necessarily in that order but you know. Whenever Thad and I get together it's tangent city of all sorts of wild sh*t
In this episode Jake and Zach recap the weekends huge events and welcome perennial hitter & Superbowl $100 k winner Sugar Shane Carr! Also a visit from Steve Riggins who tells about the wild happenings at the Muncie Ultimate 64 Little Guy Series Finale.
Hurricane Michael thrashes Florida with 155 mph winds, near Category 5 via Knit
Law of Attraction: How to ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE!! My story, advice, and experience (The Secret) We discuss how the law of attraction and words you should never use that are blocking you from manifesting what you desire. Click below to read more:
International grime star Bugzy Malone chatted to us about his great career, how boxing saved his life from the tough streets of Manchester and the part he played in getting KSI ready for his record breaking fight with Logan Paul. Our man Kugan was also back from his exploits in Chicago and gave us the rundown on the week’s news in the boxing world.…
Trump makes new remarks at White House on Haley's departure; Trump: "Ivanka would be dynamite" at U.N., but Trump mentions concerns of nepotism; Trump: Sen. Graham "really stepped up" in last few weeks; Trump: "we have many names" who could replace Haley; Rep. Sanford on Ivanka as U.N. Ambassador "are you kidding me"; Hurricane Michael expected ...…
Live from London Town, The MEAT performs a live show upstairs at the Horse & Stables pub with the London improv collective C3Something. Mariana Feijó tells a tale of a time she messed around with a ouija board, Vic Barry talks about the time her lungs collapsed while she was giving birth and Simon Feilder talks about his tainted memories of one ...…
This week on the podcast, I break apart a brand new song I recently wrote and recorded called "Moving On." This is my best attempt at making a radio friendly pop song, influenced by Justin Timberlake. Visit for lyrics, pictures and more info.
CHEC SET 1. Fort Arkansas – The Man with the White Violin 2. Tube & Berger – LUCKY SHOT Rene Amesz Remix 3. Luigi Rocca – The Answer (Original Mix) 4. Siwell – Axioma (Original Mix) 5. Mihalis Safras Green Velvet – Pez GUEST MIX N/A
New CNN poll: 51% oppose Kavanaugh's confirmation; New CNN poll: 52% believe women, 38% believe Kavanaugh; Poll: majority disapprove of how Dems, GOP handled Kavanaugh; New CNN poll: Trump approval rating slightly up at 41%; Trump: "I have a very good relationship" with Rosenstein; Trump: Democrats "tortured" Kavanaugh and his family; Trump: no ...…
We discuss 3 words that are blocking the law of attraction and preventing you from attracting what you want. These are words that are programmed into our subconscious and you may not even realize that you are using these words. Click here to learn more.
If you've wanted to reprogram the subconscious, manifest while you sleep, and use the law of attraction while you sleep by reprogramming your subconscious, then listen to today's episode. Click here to read more.
First, Dana talks to Maine Senator Susan Collins about her decision to vote yes on Kavanaugh and her vote's implication. Then, Dana is joined by the Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono to respond to Collins' and discuss what's next after Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. Next, our panel of Van Jones, Rick Santorum, Amanda Carpenter, and Jen Ps ...…
Jeff Paterson says while the NHL has come a long way in regards to fighting things in Calgary have ramped up to an old familiar level when it comes to potential revenge against Canucks Erik Gudbranson.
The Bro & Gene Valaitis; guests include Ben Kuzma, Marc Crawford & Jeff Paterson.
We discuss how to win the lottery using the law of attraction, win the lottery, how to use the secret to win the lottery, and reprogram your subconscious. improve your ability to use the law of attraction and communication with the universe to. Get The Universe To Give You What You Want & Attract ANYTHING Using The Law of Attraction. Click here ...…
Ben Kuzma is impressed by Elias Pettersson. He says the 19 year old is so well schooled someone should send his old Swedish coaches a gift basket.
The Bro & Gene Valaitis; guests include Mitch Berger, Barclay Parneta & Jon Price.
Mitch Berger says the glory days are long gone and over for the Seattle Seahawks.
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