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Mop Riding With Dwight is hosted by Dwight McClanahan. Tune in on Saturday Night’s at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST for some Mop Riding action as Dwight pranks left and right. Want Your Name On The Video !? Donate Here ! – or Wanna Chat ? Twitter – Prank Call Nation Facebook –
Discover a wondrously surreal world of magic, music, and mystery. This immersive, cinematic audio spectacle follows the adventures of a lonely, stage-struck janitor who is drawn into the larger-than-life universe of the Orbiting Human Circus, a fantastical, wildly popular radio show broadcast from the top of the Eiffel Tower. WNYC Studios presents a special director’s cut of this joyous, moving break from reality. Starring John Cameron Mitchell, Julian Koster, Tim Robbins, Drew Callander, Su ...
Janitor In A Fight
Keep people updated is regarding to other events going on around Indianapolis that will stand up for janitors across Indianapolis but also security officers as well
The setup thingy is asking me for a podcast description. This is a podcast. It's about homebrews on the Atari 7800. What more d'ya need?
Here’s a little story about a trio of janitors. Might have heard they worked at a well-known film school.They picked up a few things other than trash. They might hate your movie, or if drunk think it’s cool.Every now and then they get together for a lunch break. Trash talk some movie, or TV, or streaming.Rodney and Jason and Sean – they all clean halls. If you listen close you can hear kids screaming: Film School Janitors!2019 Music from YouTube Audio Library [Aka YAL]2019 Music provided by ...
Podcast by The Janitors Library
Art and Labor
Art & Labor chronicles the stories of social justice organizing within the arts. We hope to center the human cost of the “art world” and advocate for fair labor practices for artists, assistants, fabricators, docents, interns, registrars, janitors, writers, editors, curators, guards, performers, and anyone doing work for art & cultural institutions.
The only podcast ya pets like hosted by the only person no one likes.
Behind the scenes of Hollywood's hottest comedy show, Chocolate Sundaes, at the world famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood. Featuring Lani Crooks (Head Janitor), Ben "Big Teflon" Walton (Creative Director) and Die Hu (Marketing Coordinator & Photographer).
Everything Hertz
A podcast by scientists, for scientists. Methodology, scientific life, and bad language. Co-hosted by Dr. Dan Quintana (University of Oslo) and Dr. James Heathers (Northeastern University)
A science fiction novella depicting a thrilling cat-and-mouse game which plays out between a credulous young man and an interstellar safari leader, as the two take up an unanticipated adventure on the mysterious planet Jumala. Norton combines mind control, cunning schemes, interstellar travel, and alien intelligence in an action-packed adventure. The story unfolds with the introduction of Ras Hume, a pilot and Out-Hunter, who with the help of a criminal mastermind from the planet Nahuatl pla ...
Weekly Football banter from the Janitor's Closet a.k.a BenchWarmersFC's Studio. Follow us on: Twitter: @benchwarmersFC1 Instagram: @benchwarmersFC1 Facebook: BenchWarmersFC1 YouTube: BenchWarmers FC TV Email:
There's no politics at Our American Stories, just stories. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears.
Creepy TRUE stories of paranormal phenomena of all types. Ghost stories, UFO, cryptids and more! This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, Jim Harold's Campfire has been in production since 2009 with over 390 episodes. True ghost stories, hauntings, life after death stories and more. Hosted by Jim Harold.
Dark Ages
A High Fantasy Workplace Comedy Audio Drama Podcast
Actor/Improvisers Evan Harris and Jason Underwood, from Greenville, South Carolina, tell true stories, play invented games, & turn everything into improv scenes.
The Ninja Podcast With Kevin David
Slather cream cheese all over your Digiorno and get ready to get WOMPED cause everybody's favorite intern, Marissa Wompler (Jessica St. Clair) is throwing on the cans for her brand new school project podcast "Womp It Up!". Her teacher/mentor/co-host/former sniper, Charlotte Listler (Lennon Parham), will be there to DJ and divvy out love advice. Plus other special guest stars. Get a front-row seat to the madness of the Marina Del Rey lifestyle! Looking for the archives? All episodes older tha ...
Hops + Handshakes
A podcast focused on showcasing West Michigan local leaders and entrepreneurs. Interviews take place at local breweries and allows individuals who are doing awesome things for their business or community to share their stories to inspire others.
Eddie's Wall
Eddie’s Wall is a weekly series hosted by former professional snowboarder Eddie Wall. Eddie famously climbed up the pro ranks while working a night janitor job in Mammoth Mountain so that he could shred during the day. In just a few years, he became one of the biggest names in pro snowboarding, in addition to winning contests and putting out legendary video parts. Eddie is now a professional host and manages our @TWSNOW ( Instagram Account
(Written under the pseudonym, Arnold Fredericks.)Ruth Morton is a world-renowned film actress who seems to have it all: youth, beauty, wealth, and a viable career. But she soon becomes the target of a malicious stalker who begins sending her a series of cryptic threats. Dismissed at first, the stalker soon emerges as a legitimate -- and mysterious -- threat. She soon must call for the services of Richard and Grace Duvall, a husband and wife detective team who soon find themselves ensnared in ...
Scrubs Scrub Down
Line by line, episode by episode, season by season, we grew up totally addicted to this show - feeling empty each time a season ended and heartbroken the moment season 8 finished. We've become so addicted to this show each year we rewatch the entire series and have long chats about new things we picked up about Jd, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Dr Cox, Dr Kelso, Ted and The Janitor. This year we're recording those chats and begging for more addicted fans to be on the journey with us!
Freedom through Speech Radio (F.T.S.R) is a bi-weekly program dedicated to allowing anyone and everyone to have a voice through contributing to the discussion surrounding various timely and pertinent issues. Hosted by noted blogger and provocateur extraordinaire RiPPa of the blog The Intersection of Madness & Reality, community activist and academic Professor Max Reddick of the blog soulbrother v.2, and New York based attorney The Janitor of the blog The Urban Politico, you can always expect ...
Our production manager Duane Beeman with his latest pick!
Our production manager Duane Beeman with his latest pick!
Making it Up
Host Anthony Assaf invites people he finds funny to do improv scenes, play characters, or just screw around for close to an hour and puts it online.
Join El Groucho, Mr. Sunshine, and Dr. Procrastinator broadcasting from the janitor's closet in the League of Heroes HQ as they hide from and dish about the other super heroes and their lives as the "B-Team".
A Brooklyn/NYC radio moshpit/punk podcast with raw interviews, local 100% music and everything else.
Jen & Joy welcome you to Invigorate Radio, where they stick good stuff in your head!Follow us on all the things to get notified when we do our weekly Livestreams!Twitter @invigorateradio , on Instagram @invigorateradiojoy & @invigorateradiojen ! YouTube: : FaceBook
In a world where magic is real and monsters lurk in the shadows, the only hope people have for saviors are a pair of janitors. They’re not too pleased about it either, but they have experience in cleaning up messes Grace West: A general all around disappointment to her family, now making ends meet with a combination of crime scene cleaning and house flipping. She is as surprised as anyone to be making money from this unhealthy combination. Winterdawn “Poppy” Strongwill: A former child hero i ...
With over one billion dollars in closed home loans throughout my 17 year career as a mortgage loan officer, I have been through and seen every turn that life has to offer. Now, I am on a mission to take the knowledge I have learn as a person and entrepreneur, to Educate to Elevate. I know that if you take the steps to "Start Today" and positively affect and make change happen in your life, that you will absolutely "Win Tomorrow.” I am here to inspire and be inspired, to teach and to learn, a ...
YOUNG JAMES FROST just knows, deep in his bones, that he's a writer. He writes far into early mornings, after his wearying hours of scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors. He loves writing that much. But it's not only the joy of words that keeps him grinding; it's his desire to retire the janitor's mop. He sees being published as the key to living an improved life. James has another deep-seated conviction: that he's not good enough. He secretly longs to be accepted. However, the conventional ...
Giving you a nervous boner one post at a time...
The premise of the book is that everyone who has ever died (up until the time in which the book is set, which seems to be about the time of its publication) has gone to Styx. This does not appear to be the conventional Hell described by Dante in The Inferno, but rather the Hades described in Greek myth (both of which had Styxes): a universal collecting pot for dead souls, regardless of their deeds in life.The book begins with Charon, ferryman of the Styx (in The Inferno, he was the ferryman ...
The Legume Advisory Council is a reason to live again. The answers to life reside in the half-waking ramblings of tag-team janitors Esquire: Elliot and Jordan. Join us as we relate to you life’s newest oddities and contradictions. One part oddball humor, one part dry humor, and one part eating snacks, The Legume Advisory Council is your ticket to escaping the doldrums of everyday life, and live vicariously through the mundane lives of someone else. It only takes a couple listens to become a ...
Los comics y sus géneros, autores, personajes, épocas y estilos. Contado desde la Asociación Cultural de Amigos del Cómic de Extremadura (España - Spain)
CoachRB's Mentoring Podcast
KingEz is a Songwriter, Writer, and Graphic artist who likes to talk while he's working about philosophy, theology, music and art... So he came up with the genius idea of putting a mic in front of his face, so people think his talking is not crazy.
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Where we start with how Evan has no idea how to take a selfie..OR he takes the best kind..the sexy kind... THEN we talk that weird old age face app people seem to like for some reason. After that, Evan shares some dating stories and messages from some of his female friends proving that guys.... just..just don't. THEN we play another round of St ...…
(Segment 1) A Brief History in Air Conditioning, (2) A Worship Band And A Brothel: The Story of "God of this City", (3-4) How a Janitor Invented Flamin Hot Cheetos and Became an Exec at Pepsico, (5-7) Samuel Colt: The Birth Of The Revolver (b. 1814), (8) A Grave EscapeBy Our American Stories.
The Film School Janitors discuss Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. It involves mention of STD's and sporks on eBay. All usual content for LITTER BITS.By Film School Janitors.
After hearing some disturbing sounds more »By Dwight the Janitor.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
(Segment 1) The Bailey's Story: A Daughter, a Drug Dealer, and a Miracle, (2-4) Animals Among Us: How Pets Make Us Human, (5) Heaven is Beautiful, (6-7) The "Trader Joe's" Story, (8) Bible Understood: Tim Dunn Explains "Daniel in the Lions' Den"By Our American Stories.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
A terrifying nighttime confrontation with an entity, the Jersey Devil pays a visit and much more strangeness on this week's Campfire! --Obscura-- Obscura: A True Crime Podcast shines a spotlight on the darker things in life by taking a narrative approach to covering real murders, mysteries, missing persons, and more. Not for the squeamish and f ...…
(Segments 1-3) The Venezuelan Dissident Who Started A Company in America...And Raised $200 Million!!, (4) Tom Waits' Story Of A Song: "I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You", (5) Once Upon a Time..., (6-7) When A Marine Meets His Long-Lost Sister With Down Syndrome, (8) Invisible People: Homeless Family with 6 Children…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
(Segment 1) Ernest Hemingway's "A Day's Wait", (2) The Soulful Art of Lucious Spiller, (3-4) Hannibal, Missouri: The Town that Created Mark Twain, (5-8) Amazon Opens For Business (This Day in 1995): Bezos Tells All!By Our American Stories.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
(Segment 1-2) The Man Who Spent $35MM Fighting A $400k Fake Wine Fraud, (2) How to Fine-Tune Your BS Detector, (3) 50 Years Later, I Still Speak To My Teacher Almost Every Day, (4) 54 Things I Learned in 54 Years, (5) Brutally Honest Valedictorian Regrets Being Top of the Class, (6-7) Jack Marucci To His Son: You're Not Going to Be A Baseball P ...…
What is the meaning of life? What is trash? Are sporks stocks going to skyrocket?TOY STORY 4 may not have the answer to those questions, but this podcast answers the question of whether they should have made this or not. (It's answered by the Film School Janitors in case you didn't figure that out.)By Film School Janitors.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
Dan and James apply the pomodoro principle by tackling four topics within a strict ten-minute time limit each: James' new error detection tool, academic dress codes, the "back in my day..." defence for QRPs, and p-slacking. Here are links and details... James won an award James’ new error detection tool, DEBIT Academic dress codes P-slacking Th ...…
Dan and James apply the pomodoro principle by tackling four topics within a strict ten-minute time limit each: James' new error detection tool, academic dress codes, the "back in my day..." defence for QRPs, and p-slacking. Here are links and details... James won an award James’ new error detection tool, DEBIT Academic dress codes P-slacking Th ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
Rodney has a recommendation.Jay plays obstinate.Sean taps the table.Listen to some birds.Really... that's it.By Film School Janitors.
What do you get when you take a bunch of humans and a handful of monsters and crank it up to eleven? (Get it? Millie Bobby Brown is in this film, and she's famous for playing... wait what's her name again on Stranger Things?)The Film School Janitors watched GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, and did they have a monster of a time or not? Listen and ...…
Where we start with a shout out to friends Melanie and Bruces' podcast Thespis in the Greenroom, link below, then we talk Far From Home prediction results, Evan shares how hard amateur audiobooking can be when you are surrounded by noises, Jason talks about his kayaking contest experience while Evan questions how he is still engaged and we talk ...…
The Film School Janitors discuss ax throwing! So I guess that could make them: Ax-Men!By Film School Janitors.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes - another Film School Janitors review!Since you most likely didn't want to pay to see the latest (and last? Hello NEW MUTANTS??)X-Men movie released by Fox, the Film School Janitors saved you some hard-earned money. You can hear all about DARK PHOENIX here!By Film School Janitors.
Hot potato is a game where each person takes turns naming something in a category until they can't name anymore.This round: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE characters!WARNING: The Film School Janitors collectively misnamed TRAPJAW multiple times and multiple ways... you've been warned.By Film School Janitors.
Here's the podcast no one's been waiting for - the Film School Janitors have their own thoughts about the series finale of GAME OF THRONES!Maybe you watched it awhile ago and read about everybody complaints back then, but now that you've forgotten your misery, let the Film School Janitors tear open old wounds! As if Ned Stark grew his head back ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
Hey folks here’s an episode about how abusive scumbags, but the first 20 mins or so is lovely fan mail from your beautiful souls!! We discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to the art world as well as his ridiculous compound(s). Fuck every billionaire forever, let’s fight for a world free of these fucking sociopaths. If you like the podcast and want mo ...…
Dwight’s trying to get some more »By Dwight the Janitor.
Dwight is a professed street more »By Dwight the Janitor.
Dwight let’s himself into a more »By Dwight the Janitor.
Dwight and the front desk more »By Dwight the Janitor.
Dwight is missing a few more »By Dwight the Janitor.
Dwight is taking issue with more »By Dwight the Janitor.
(Segment 1-2) Weifield Group Hires At Risk Individuals and with Good Reason!, (3-4) The Fred Davis Blues, (5) Forgiving an Abusive Father: The Chris Dupre Story, (6-8) The Real Story of Frank AbagnaleBy Our American Stories.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
(Segment 1) The Unexpected Moment Of Happiness In The Hospital With My 89-Year-Old Father, (2-3) Does Exercise Make You Smarter? , (4) This Jewelry Store Provides More Value Than Just Rings, (5-8) Rodney Dangerfield: Nothing But Respect For The Man Who Got "No Respect"By Our American Stories.
A young couple stirs up a weird creature, a strange trip to a graveyard and much more on this edition of Campfire! Tell us about your online paranormal community. Go HERE to be featured (messages should be no longer than 90 seconds). –CIRCLE– This week’s Campfire is brought to you by Circle. Circle is the easiest way to manage your family’s onl ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
(Segments 1-4) Mel Blanc: The Animated Story Behind "The Man With 1,000 Voices" (d. 1989), (5) The Story of Song: The Ballad Billy Joel Wrote For His Little Girl, (6-7) Pastor Broadway: "I'm Not Walking Away From These Children Anymore", (8) Invisible People: Homeless Mother of 4 with 3 Part-Time Jobs…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
(Segments 1-4) The Muscle Shoals Sound, (5) Students Dont Grade Themselves, so Why Do the Police?, (6-7) To Box or Go to Vietnam?, (8) Story of a Song: "My Sharona"By Our American Stories.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
How Social Media Affects You ❓ Learn More 👉 SUBSCRIBE 👉 Instagram ► Facebook ► 🎁 SnapChat ► Kevin David.
(Segments 1-4) The Story John D. Rockefeller: Son of Snake Oil Salesman "Devil Bill" and a Pious Christian Mother (b 1839), (5) Dancing with a Demon, (6-7) These Guys Use Dungeons and Dragons as a Therapy Tool, (8) What Im Gonna Tell You Is Gonna Make You CryBy Our American Stories.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Andre Norton.
Where we start by asking for help getting nominated in the 2019 People's Choice Podcast Awards!! Go to to register and nominate The Bearded Ones under People's Choice, Comedy, Entertainment and TV/Film and if you are feeling extra nice, The Lucky Ten Thousand in Education!! Then we start talking about how Evan may ...…
Hello! We aren’t going to build a winning leftist coalition by defending white supremacy. The Paglia poisoned ladies of Vice 2 are at it again, this time in an asinine interview in a magazine that explicitly exists to undermine leftist politics. We’ve previously covered nihilism and insidious individualism on the left (Paglia ep, Vice 2 ep), th ...…
(Segments 1-2) This Pastor Uses A LOT of Motor Oil!, (3) Rock Star: From Home Depot to Lead Singer of "Boston", (4) The Great Gatsby, (5-7) Prayer Power: The Author of "Braveheart" Shares His Story, (8) Story of a Song: Paul Simon's "Graceland"By Our American Stories.
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