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talking faith without stained glass language
Creative Juice
Creative Juice, brought to you by Indepreneur, is a weekly 1-hour podcast dedicated to enabling you to pursue your creative passion. Each week we interview successful independent musicians, music industry professionals, and music marketers to give you an inside look at what it's like to treat your "dream" like your "fallback". We also take you inside whats working now at the cutting edge of music marketing. You'll learn exactly how to gain control, clarity, and confidence in your music career.
Juice in The Morning
Juice in the Morning: Unpredictable Talk Radio for Indianapolis, Indiana Support this podcast:
Strangely Warmed
A Lectionary Podcast by Crackers & Grape Juice
A companion to the Honest Government Ads series - hosted by the writer and producer of the Honest Government Ads, Giordano Nanni.
Crackers and Grape Juice began in the spring of 2016 with a conversation between Jason Micheli and Teer Hardy. In the years since, two shows have been added to the lineup, Strangely Warmed and (Her)Men*You*Tics, but the goal has remained the same: talking about faith without using stained-glass language.
Juicing for Health with Juice Guru is hosted by bestselling author of "Juice Guru" and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Juice Fasting" Steve Prussack. Each show features interviews with celebrities and leaders in the natural health movement. Find out how juicing can help you lose weight, improve your health and turn back the clock on aging.
Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg is for real estate agent who want to be uncommon, bring clarity to their business, and want to breakthrough all the noise to build a thriving real estate business. Agent Rise is both a podcast and a movement, designed to wake up and redefine the real estate industry. So we can build a business we truly love, make a greater impact, while eliminating the stress of it all. Hosted by Neil Mathweg, a veteran agent in Madison, WI and real estate agent coach and speaker ...
Kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice cold glass of Reality JuiceWe're a group of friends who get together and talk about life on this wonderful planet we call Earth, meaning anything and everything goes. We talk about relationships, culture, current affairs, basically anything that catches our attention!Need to get in touch with us?Email:
Yo brozz! It's not really a podcast, it's just me ranting into my iPhone with a microphone attachment. Like the old school Totally Pauly show, but "several" years later. I'm not Wiezin' the juice anymore, I'm Wiezin' the prune juice! Me straight to you guys, randomly ranting about whatever is in my head. The rants come to me, and when they do, I spew them out to you. I got rants in my pants and I gotta get them out! I have no guests, you're my guests.
Cauldron Juice
Find the powerful gems. Stop the hateful Dragon Club. Save the frickin' world.An incredibly interconnected adventure story that bounces inelegantly between silly and serious.Five heroes, Aziza, Kosef, Tam, Xander, and Anthel, stumble their way into a conglomerated plot so perplexing that they completely ruin Dungeon Master Grant's plans (which is exactly as it should be).New episodes every week (or close to!). Run on D&D 5E and pure imagination.
Join Justin "Juice" Wallace and the JPDUB crew as they discuss, scream at & have fun with all Pro Wrestling culture topics & promotions as well as horror movies, video games, craft beer, metal & punk rock! Follow Juice & Juice Pro Wrestling on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter! Download and Rate!
The truth about starting a business, crafting a career, having a family and managing to fit it all in. Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice and Gram Consulting Group founder Margie Hartley are both accomplished business women but superwomen they ain’t! Join them as they talk about the aspects of business you don’t find in books, but they wish they had known before starting out. Success doesn’t happen overnight. You can change and move forward at any point. You can reinvent yourself at any ag ...
Don't go into another day, taking ownership what someone say negative about you. Purchase your copy today Support this podcast:
Geek Juice Radio
Geek Juice Radio is a discussion podcast focusing on all aspects of Geek Culture with a healthy slice of snark next to the analysis.
Jaffe Juice
Jaffe Juice is industry thought leader and author of ?Life after the 30-second spot?, Joseph Jaffe?s unshackled, uncensored and uninhibited dialogue on the subjects of new marketing, advertising and creativity.
Game changers, category creators, wellness mavens – and that’s just your hosts! A new podcast series from Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, the founders of the iconic juice brand, Blueprint. As female entrepreneurs who have been in the trenches of “The Business of Being Well” themselves, they’re bringing their battle-tested point of view to the podcast world, swapping stories with wellness entrepreneurs and industry leaders, striking a healthy balance between snark and sincerity, with a giant dos ...
A podcast for artists, aspiring creatives, and art lovers. Two artists share their thoughts on art, life and everything in between. Join Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher for honest, generous, and humorous conversations that will feed your creative soul AND get you thinking.
Cider Chat
Interviewing cidermakers importers, orchardists, foodies, farmers and cider enthusiasts around the world. Let’s delve into the semantics of cider…or is it hard cider, cidre, sidra or fermented apple juice? The truth is out there in Ciderville and we are going to find it. We toast in celebration of cider; As a libation, a gift from the gods, a taste of terroir, and a hard pressed good time. Ready to quench your thirst? Grab a glass and join this chat! See you in Ciderville!
iFox with Juice
Juice and Rina are your Cali duo discussing all things MMA and fight related.
Mike Jensen has seen the Sex and the City series many times. Elise Castle has never seen a single episode."We Couldn't Help But Wonder" what would happen if these two went on an episode by episode journey through the whole series.Join us as Mike watches for the (insert embarrassing number here) time and Elise is watching for the very first. We will discuss how the series holds up almost 20 years later, our own experiences living in NYC, and the debate over too much cranberry juice in the Cos ...
Geek Juice Radio
Geek Juice Radio is a discussion podcast focusing on all aspects of Geek Culture with a healthy slice of snark next to the analysis.
Three Dogs North
Three Dogs North are Juice, C-Bisc, and Michael Metz. Topics are carelessly selected and poorly researched. The strength of the project lies in the fact that there is no way of knowing its audience. So please come in, grab a seat, and enjoy. Contact the Dogs at Follow us @ThreeDogsNorth
Podcast and Music!!!!
Gimmie The Juice
"Gimmie The Juice" is a podcast where underground artists come and let their voices be heard. Hosts Rina and Nana chat with all type of artists from hip hop/R&B to Pop introducing their music to the listeners and sharing their come up stories. Join them as they let you in different artist experiences by spilling their juice to music and their songs. "Gimmie the juice" is an opportunity to share other people's passion about what they love doing the most & how their passion came about. Gimme t ...
Apple Juice Cast
Get all your headlines in this weekly recap of the week in Apple. Tune in as Danny and Ellyn break down the latest in what's happening with their favorite technology brand.
Pro Football Juice
Podcast hosts Nick and Jesse talk about the latest football news and give you their weekly picks.
There is orange juice, and freshly squeezed orange juice. One sells better than the other. To grab and hold attention, presentations have got to be fresh!
Mixing sessions featuring the finest house music from DJs and producers from around the world. Hosted by Mnosh & Maestro from Newcastle, South Africa.*Alternatively find our mixes For our updates please follow us onFacebook:
Grierson & Leitch
Tim Grierson and Will Leitch are lifelong best friends who have been writing and talking about the movies for 25 years. Grierson is vice president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Leitch is doing his absolutely best to pretend. Read their work everywhere. But listen to this show for the pure juice, straight on tap.
Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg is for real estate agent who want to be uncommon, bring clarity to their business, and want to breakthrough all the noise to build a thriving real estate business. Agent Rise is both a podcast and a movement, designed to wake up and redefine the real estate industry. So we can build a business we truly love, make a greater impact, while eliminating the stress of it all. Hosted by Neil Mathweg, a veteran agent in Madison, WI and real estate agent coach and speaker ...
On Air with Ella
Where wellness & personal development meet: feel better, look better, live better & have some fun on the way. Ella interviews experts on wellness, relationships, motivation, real food nutrition, mindset, personal growth, confidence...anything to help us get more out of life...NOW. She keeps it simple, slightly cheeky & never preachy. Start where YOU are. ||
Have you ever wanted to know more about nutrition but felt overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information on the internet? You're not alone.Join NHS surgeon Dr Joshua Wolrich and lawyer-turned-current nutrition PhD Alan Flanagan as they aim to cut through the state of nutritional discourse whilst encouraging collaboration between different healthcare professionals. Whether you're a layperson that wants to understand if celery juice can actually cure your eczema (spoiler; it can't) or a ...
Triple Teaaa
Triple Teaaa aka Turnt upTable Talk, is a weekly show on all of the previous weeks events and celebrity juice. DM and Ebby give their views on several hot topics that everyone is talking about. Tune in weekly for all the TEAAA and a lot of laughs.
The Three Aminos is a podcast for people who are tired of conflicting nutrition advice that seems too good to be true. Julian Whitford, MPH, RDN, Molly Haas MS, RD, and Lauren Rice, MPH, RDN are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who met in their nutritional sciences graduate program at the University of Washington. Twice a month, the trio will take on a current diet trend and discuss its merits and/or limitations using evidence-based science, experience, and a good dose of humor. - Can eati ...
Keep It Juicy
A lifestyle podcast for over-50s who know how to squeeze every bit of juice out of life. Host Helen Mitternight hosts weekly interviews with experts on relationships, sex, health, finance and lifestyle and people who are doing it right -- "Juicys."
Just your traditional lesbian couple next-door. Born & raised in Hawaii, now living in the Pacific Northwest. We try to keep it uplifting, entertaining, and educational around here for the gay, lesbian, and lgbt community. We're fans of positive spirituality, vegetarian and raw vegan living (green juice!), holistic health, and always striving to be the best we can be for ourselves, our partners (yes we are), and the world. Love Life Live Free
A fresh podcast hosted by Sheena Mannina on nutrition, healing, spiritual development, energy work, and sometimes, aliens! Mannina, the founder of a celebrity-famous juice bar in New Orleans, LA, is joined by Dr. of Metaphysics, Amberleigh Carter for a very 'basic' approach to wellness and healing.
The play-date where the only juice we're spilling is our secrets.
Cultural Juice
Breadfruit Juice
This is The Breadfruit Juice Show and we're a weekly, Caribbean-flavored morning talk show. We like to have fun and keep it light, and you can find us discussing anything from why there are so many holidays on the calendar (National Donut Day, anyone?) to Alien Hand Syndrome. That's a real thing, I swear. Join us for your weekly recommended serving of Breadfruit Juice every Monday morning. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Welcome to the WE GOT THE JUICE podcast. Some groovy dudes talking NFL, NBA, and trending news by KEEPING IT REAL. This is that podcast that you and your homies can get down to. Check us out Become a supporter of this podcast:
Vape and Juice TV, from the UK's local vape shop feature the Cotton and Kanthal show. Our founder talks about what's going on in the industry globally, upcoming product launches, what's good and bad, and just general inane chatter.
Detox & Chill
The Detox and Chill Podcast is a lifestyle podcast based in Boston. It’s our mission to share how we pursue our passion for wellness while balancing our real-world corporate jobs! It’s a place where green juice and wine are interchangeable and nothing is off limits. Instead of finding yourself down an internet black hole, we’ll be bringing the experts straight to you so that your burning questions can be answered. Support this podcast:
My journey through the day to day of a low level musician, producer and music educator. I'll always have some sort of beverage (juice) and talk about something related to my music career (jam).
Mama Juice
Mama Juice is a podcast co-hosted by two mom besties. They share stories of what it's like to feel like a crappy parent when all you're doing is your best. Become a supporter of this podcast:
More Juice
More Juice is a mantra for creative progression. We're just a community of self made hustlas, encouraging each other to keep going. #morejuiceplz
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This one is a biggie... What does it mean to find our voice as an artist? How do we discover what we want to create? Especially as that may change over time. After a week of admin Louise believes the answer lies in following what you love. To do that you need to learn to play, which is something many people struggle with. Alice wonders what hap ...…
Apple Juice Show Notes Episode #: 193 Date: 07/11/19 Hosts: Ken Cooper & Justin Klein Summary New laptops, new keyboards, righteously indignant Tim Cook, and the boys discuss their new toys. This Week’s Apple Headlines Apple releases 2019 Retina MacBook Air with True Tone display, lowers price to $1099 — $999 for students Apple significantly lo ...…
Amos 8.1-12, Psalm 52, Colossians 1.15-28, Luke 10.38-42; Are sermon titles important/necessary? What are the riches of glory? How are we supposed to pray? These questions and more on this episode of Strangely Warmed with guest Wil Posey.By Crackers & Grape Juice.
I know you want to become a breakthrough agent - the gal or guy in your office who has pushed beyond the barriers that previously held you back and is an amazing success. How do I know? You wouldn’t be listening to this show if you weren’t. But there are a few things in the way of you accomplishing that breakthrough - and the truth is that most ...…
TOPICS: Money Woes, Sam’s Story, BBLs + MOREFollow us all on Twitter and join the conversation using our hashtag #RealityJuicePodcastREALITY JUICE: @RealityJuicePodDAVID: @DavidDriftsOLU: @OluRogerSAM: @SamStaxx_Got a topic you want us to discuss? Email us: realityjuicepodcast@gmail.comBy David Drifts, Sam Staxx & Olu Roger.
Juice sits down with Hannah Roeschlein, Ray Hensley, and surprise cohost Cameron Evans! They talked everything from motivation and energy to being able to take a joke. Also, come out to Jokers in Indianapolis Indiana July 26th and 27th to See Ray headline a comedy show! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcas ...…
Rockett, Figgy and Jasmine kick off this week's edition with their reaction to the Rockets acquiring Russell Westbrook in a blockbuster trade. They also reviewed new music from J. Cole/Dreamville (28:31), Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (38:15), Chris Brown (51:05) , Jaden Smith (01:07:00), Devin The Dude (01:17:46) and Nas (01:20:43). They discuss A$AP ...…
Here is our latest Honest Government Ad: Visit Australia 2019 Here is the original pilot episode we made back in 2016: Visit Australia And here is the Wikipedia page I quoted about the scientific consensus on climate change. If you love what we do, help us to keep going And you can keep up with our latest work on: Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | ...…
On this episode we review UFC 239, preview UFC Sacramento, discuss retirements, Alberto del Rio vs. Tito Ortiz, upcoming Bellator and Rizin cards and a news story about an Oklahoma man that was arrested with guns, rattlesnakes, whiskey and uranium in his car.By IFox With Juice Podcast.
Friend of the podcast, Thomas Lynch, rejoins us to talk about his new book, Whither and When: On Lives and Living. Thomas is an undertaker and poet whose work has garnered numerous awards, including the National Book Award for his collection of essays The Undertaking: Notes on the Dismal Trade.By Crackers and Grape Juice.
Drum roll please....The ladies had a very special GEUST on this hilarious and relatable AF episode! Their lovely friend Mallory is back in the studio with them so they can all share the things they said they would NEVER do or think they would have to deal with as parents. it doesn't take long to realize that nothing is off the table when it com ...…
Legendary referee & manager of champions, the man who calls it right down the middle, Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso joins Juice, Big Ed & Sreten via phone from Tampa,Florida this week to talk about his career, managing Sabu, Taz, & RVD, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, the ECW boom, his infamous bloodbath with Beulah Mcgillicutty, Paul Heyman, and much more! ...…
If you want to collect email subscribers, sell music and merchandise, house content, and provide a membership product all on one platform, then only one platform will give you all the control you need: Wordpress. However, building on Wordpress can be incredibly confusing and challenging if you've never done it before... In this episode, Circa a ...…
On today's podcast Josh and Matt discuss Toy Story 4, the second series of Killing Eve and give a running commentary on Love Island. Not to be missed.By Cultural Juice.
Check out episode 71 with Rina and Nana talking about life in general and answering some questions from the viewers.By rina.
"Just Fucking Fermented Juice" is splayed out in big white letter across the back of Krista Scruggs' black hoodie. The slogan both amuses and taunts gawkers. Krista wore the hoodie with slogan while attending the annual United States Association of Cider Makers conference in Chicago in January of 2018, called CiderCon. I don't know if she wore ...…
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