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Everywomen Joan Damry and Jericha Domain have between them worked in the fields of life coaching, female sexual health, psycho-genital counselling and sports journalism for the past 32 years. Joan has been married several times and has five children, while Jericha has been married for 30 years and has an only daughter, Cardinal. Joan recently turned her hand to erotic-romantic adult fiction, whilst Jericha has written 5 books on depression.
Conversations about DIY, Home Design, and family. Chris Loves Julia is a DIY home design blog that started in 2008. It has since become the go to place for design and home renovation info for millions of readers. On this podcast we go behind the curtain on blogging, home renovation, and design in general and how it all relates to having a home that is "lived in" by a family.
Every episode, a guest joins Julia Nunes and reads an embarrassing/exposing example of who they used to be.
Lori and Julia
myTalk 107.1’s Lori & Julia talk “Everything Entertainment,” including movies, TV, celebrities, music, hot guys and more! These sisters-in-law are known for their author interviews and book recommendations. They are loved for their Minnesotan accents, inability to pronounce just about anything, sex-positive attitudes and “lightning in a bottle” chemistry. The fake nipple inventors turned drive time divas, along with their faithful producer Donny Love, have gotten listeners through their comm ...
Every episode, a guest joins Julia Nunes and reads an embarrassing/exposing example of who they used to be.
Timmy Miller taps into a special wavelength while trying to contact aliens. The InFrequency Council monitors this wavelength of transmissions across space, time, and dimension. Comment, rate, subscribe, review, and share.
The best time to being to study the trees is to-day! The place to begin is right where you are, provided there is a tree near enough, for a lesson about trees will be very dull unless there is a tree to look at, to ask questions of, and to get answers from. (Julia Rogers)
The Not-Parenthood Pod - Chats about parenthood as a choice, how to better connect to friends and fam with kids and the politics of not-parenthood.
This is a collection of the earlier poems of Julia Caroline Dorr. - Summary by Carolin
DJ and Producer from Russia. Releases: Enormous Tunes/Chills, Sirup Music, Milk & Sugar, Nocturnal Groove, CAOZ, etc . Supports: Matt Darey, The Shapeshifters, Nora En Pure, Muzzaik, Outwork, Jesse Voorn, Soneec, etc.
Rantings, ravings and therapeutic relievings from two Australian comedians.
Highlighting the the challenges people with cystic fibrosis face, and the people who face them. Join Gunnar Esiason and Julia Rae as they discuss the highs and lows of a life with cystic fibrosis through their eyes as people fighting back against the disease. This is not medical advice, this is their real life experiences.
This is a collection of seven patriotic long poems by Julia Caroline Dorr. - Summary by Carolin
Award-winning author Jeff Julia hosts educational discussions on energy and ways to seize control of your utility bills!Buy the Award-winning Book on Amazon!
Julia de Asensi y Laiglesia (Madrid, 4 de mayo de 1859 - 1921) fue una escritora, periodista y traductora española. En esta obra se contienen trece breves novelas. (Introducción por Tux)
Access with Julia
Julia Sotas is a Certified facilitator of the life changing modality, Access Consciousness®
Julia Schroer
Welcome to the Julia Schroer podcast, where amazing things happen.
Katrina Julia is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur + Results Generator + Philanthropist. The goal of It's a FIT Life Creation is to share inspiring stories and insights to Get Healthy, Make Money, Build Brands + Give Back. Find out more at
Julia At Night
This work is the story of a pilgrimage made over a hundred years ago by a group of American pilgrims. They were not headed for Canterbury, Rome or Jerusalem. Rather, they were headed for an historical but remote prison-city in a far corner of the Ottoman Empire. ‘Akká (Akko), now a city in Israel which attracts thousands of Bahá’í pilgrims each year, was but little thought of in that early period. It was originally the final place of exile and imprisonment for Bahá’u’lláh, a Persian nobleman ...
Julia Presta
Welcome to the Julia Presta podcast, where amazing things happen.
Match by Julia is a traditional and personalized matchmaking service that caters to anyone wanting to find their other half. Every match is hand-picked by Julia herself, through a one-on-one process that pays great detail to your specific needs. Julia works with both female and male clients in the Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura County and San Diego, ages 25 and up. All the hard work is done for you by Julia and her network of local Matchmakers and professionals, so all you have to do is ...
Published in 1899, Vassar Studies is a collection of twelve realistic glimpses into the character of attending students at Vassar College. It delves more with the inner workings of people rather than with dramatic incidents or what was studied in college. The glimpses themselves are both wordy and enlightening. The dialogue within each tends to have a background of various people, some with names and some who remain nameless as part of the scenery. The manner in which they speak may be surpr ...
Podcast by Britt + Julia take on DIY
This is my podcast!
Join actor Julia Stiles as she discusses her new film, "It’s a Disaster." The dark comedy begins with eight friends at their monthly couples brunch, but what starts as an impromptu airing of domestic grievances takes a sudden, catastrophic turn when the city falls victim to a mysterious attack. Trapped in the house and unsure of their fates, these seemingly normal people become increasingly unhinged—with hilarious, surprising, and revealing results.
During this moderated discussion, hear singer-songwriter Julia Stone talk about embarking on a solo career and the release of her second album, "By The Horns," a collection of tracks that features Julia’s haunting vocals and unique composition skills. Julia will take a few questions from the audience and then perform a short acoustic set.
Julia Smith
Podcast by Julia Smith
Podcast by the wonderful Julia and Josh
Podcast by Julia Martin Gallery Discussions
A fortnightly podcast all about taking joy in film watching. There'll be: news, reviews of whatever random assortment I've watched recently, a film recommendation, and news of what's coming up in the cinema, all ended with some film facts. Every other podcast I'll have a guest who will bring in three films that they feel passionately about, talk about their film 'speciality' and answer a few fun questions. You may even get some film history & theory thrown in for good measure. My name is Jul ...
Welcome to Julia, where amazing things happen.
Always Julia
Join actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) and director Brad Hall (SNL) as they discuss their short film, Picture Paris. A suburban mom (Louis-Dreyfus) plans for a life-changing trip to Paris soon after her son leaves for college. When her plans go hilariously awry, she finds herself wondering if she’ll ever have what she really desires: Love, passion, revenge...and Paris.
Julia Ivanova
Welcome to the Julia Ivanova podcast, where amazing things happen.
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In today's episode you'll learn WHY you should enroll in your utility company's budget billing program and HOW to build credit once you enroll.https://www.homeease.club
Kristin Bell has some great advice. "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" is finally going to be a movie. A movie made from the music from Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" album. Lori's latest theory: chocolate and sex drive.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
The most-liked and least-liked richest people according to Forbes magazine. Why is Kim Kardashian advertising eye make up with yet another nude photo? Burger King's Halloween burger. Cardi B. visits Jimmy Kimmel. Lots more women are playing guitar.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
A lovely email form a listener. No more bowling for Lori. Yet another notable obit. Busy Phillips chats with Stephen Colbert about her new book and talk show. Did Meghan make a fashion faux pas in Australia?By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
You may be surprised how the child of a well-known doctor rose to infamy.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Rapper Lil Frex joins Auntie Julia on the pod this week to experience a pregnancy scare in real time, wanting kids as fantasy vs. reality, their sex ex experiences and whether or not you can get knocked up on your period. Frex is open to testing this out but Julia of course, is not. At the end of the ep we play "It Goes On" from her latest mixt ...…
Your Brad and Angelina child custody update. Britney Spears will make a huge amount of money for her new Las Vegas residency. Vintage Scandal: Famous madam Heidi Fleiss.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Fun with pop culture Jeopardy. Our review of The Connors. Thumbs up. Still no big lottery winner. A gigantic pizza. Putting up Xmas lights early is good for you. Life gets easier at age 44. One of Marilyn Monroe's diamonds up for auction.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Julia loved watching The Great American read on PBS. Lori's bad right arm means now bowling. Jane Curtin and Harvey Fierstein in Andy's Clubhouse. Why is Harvey's voice so gravelly? Harry and Meghan down under tour day 2.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Idris Elba's powerful breast cancer awareness video. Can you tell when someone is lying? We donate more when someone is looking at us. Royal wedding cakes. Lady Gaga confirms engagement.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Royal news. Harry and Meghan are visiting Australia. Oh, and Pippa had a baby. The running of the wiener dogs. So cute. These traits make you un-likeable. Things get embarrassing for Jon Hamm on The Late Show.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
A notable obit. Betty Grissom, an astronaut's wife. Lady Gaga says some powerful things at the Elle Women of the Year Awards. Guest is Minnesota's own Dessa, author of "My Own Devices". "The Haunting of Hill House" is really scary.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Let's Talk Jump Starting Transformation in All Areas of Life. We are talking about you and your story, sharing, simplicity, service, speed and much more! So many times we overcomplicate life + business, yes? Better yet, we feel like others are way ahead of us or that we keep going in circles? Or how many times have you found yourself unlcear on ...…
Crazy Rich Asians will finally open in China. Johnny Depp talks about his "Fantastic Beasts" role. Demi Moore opens an Instagram account. Hugh Hefner memorabilia going up for auction. Microsoft's Paul Allen dead at 65. The silent treatment good be a good idea.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Julia is liking the Netflix show "Mister Sunshine", but Donny gives big thumbs down to "Camping" on HBO. Two local Sears will be shutting down. The woman who makes tiny doors. Why it's called Heinz 57. I Love Lucy facts.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Weekend Claims to Fame: Julia heads down to Northfield, Donny sees the musical "Once", Lori reviews "First Man". Next spring we'll have a new addition to the Royal family. Will he or she have a royal title? It's all over for Ariana and Pete.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
In this episode you'll learn the Top 5 Categories that affect your electric bill and how to budget your new electric bill when you move.! Find out if you're overspending on your electric bill:
Let's play "Never Have I Ever". Friday picks. Patrick's Christina Aguilera story.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Julia and Patrick play family feud. Another royal wedding happened.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Sports writing legend Pat Reusse co-hosts on My Talk for the first time, so we need to get to know him. Let the questions begin. Guest is Star-Tribune film and theater critic Chris Hewitt.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Live from Costa Rica 7 Day Julia and Emily discuss the latest and greatest clearing statements of Access. You may want to take notes on this one!
Julia Roberts has a bad experience on Instagram. Cats only meow at humans, not other cats. Who knew? We find out about "popped" lotus seeds. They come in different flavors.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Fun with Shazam. The Red Bull Crashed Ice race is moving away from St. Paul. Be careful what you post on Facebook. Some guy stole 67 garden gnomes. Triple stuff Oreos are coming. Selena Gomez gets psychiatric help. Star is Born songs.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
We saw the sun today...for a brief moment. Julia gives thumbs up to "All-American" on the CW. Halloween is coming. What scares us? Guest is Mindy Mejia, author of "Leave No Trace".By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
She resurrected her career after years of abuse by husband Ike.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
"You will do what you want to do with your life," said the doctor who performed Gloria Steinem's illegal abortion when she was 22. She went on to become one of the most important feminists of the 20th century and is not a mother. Today, Auntie Julia flies solo to share her thoughts on the value of not moms and what we have to contribute to the ...…
Episode 35: Mouth Stitches and a Real Italian! by Actually with Julia and Lindsay
Channing Tatum is seeing someone, Ben Affleck's girlfriend says it's not over between them. This medical show coming to TNT sounds horrible. Vintage Scandal: Tina Turner's tumultuous life.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Pop culture Jeopardy got a bit nuts. The cool story behind Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". World Mental Health Day. SJP's next movie. The "Pet Sematary" remake looks scary. What is John Mayer talking about now?By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Recapping the American Music Awards. Good show but the ratings hit an all-time low. Mariah Carey lip-synched and didn't move a muscle. Project Runway announces new hosts. The Mn. Zoo's Jack-O-Lantern spectacular.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
John Lennon would have been 78 today. Taylor Swift causes a huge upsurge in voter registration in Tennessee. Post Malone cuts his hair. Justin Bieber rents for $100,000 a month. Study of Duh - social media is addicting.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
"Safari Live" is an amazing show on National Geographic. Why is Prince Harry dropping his wing man? It's really important to get a flu shot this year. Oprah says don't look up symptoms on line. Shaq-isms are quite insightful.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
A notable obit in the acting world. Ryan Gosling chats with Jimmy Kimmel about "First Man". Guest is Dr. Alan Cherkasky. He's a cruise doctor. Lori's excited about a new CW show.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Artist Banksy pulls another fast one on an unsuspecting buyer. Gina Gershon joins the cast of "Riverdale". Sex Monday: using dating apps in the bathroom, at meetings and on a boring date. What does cuckold mean?By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Meghan McCain rejoins The View. Taylor Swift makes her political beliefs public. 15 year old marathoner from Woodbury finishes 6th. Are you addicted to Netflix? Hugging is good for you. Keira Knightly has a lot to say.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
We had such fun at Project Down and Dirty. Lori loved binging "Jack Ryan" on Amazon. Man climbs El Capitan using only his hands and feet. Donny sees "A Star is Born" . Gives it a huge thumbs up. Lady Gaga is amazing. Sun Country founder passes away.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
PLUS: Lori & Julia break down their nerves and rehearsals for the big show tonight!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
The on-air staff gathers to preview their BIG Project Down & Dirty show tonight!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
PLUS: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's divorce is getting heated, Lori has some theories about happiness, and Headlines featuring the Royal Family & Cher!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Lori & Julia are live at Project Down & Dirty at Mystic Lake!PLUS: Joe Harstad from Stevie Ray's joins, Julia's Random Thoughts, and Hollywood Speak!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Lori & Julia break down some of their outfit options for the big show tomorrow, Smile Network service trips, and SAG Lifetime Achievement Awards season!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
About: WARNING: Auntie Julia's laugh is out of control this ep, protect your buds! (She did edit it though to even out the volume) The wildly talented Alex Drake is here, finally!!! We talk about dads vs moms - as caregivers, who kids like more, dad bods and wtf even IS a mom bod?? Important, #spoileralert for the plot of the movie, "The Intern ...…
Julia Sotas is a guest on Ziporah Hildebrant's New England Consciousness Radio Show and discusses the Greatness that Comes from Talking To Entities.
Daria Hanson and Julia Sotas discuss the Ease, Magic and Possibility of being a Woman.
We're worried about Anna Farris. Does Justin Theroux have a new French girlfriend? Taylor Swift will open the AMAs. Study of Duh: boring people are boring. Dogs are not that smart.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
A scary report on how germy planes are. Do you name your car? Petty crimes we have all committed. Chan Poling checks in with info on The New Standards holiday show. The Wild are changing their goal scored song. We no like. Don't Google Ruby Rose.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
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