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Chipod Ironicast
Chipod Ironicast is a general talk/video game podcast from Chip & Ironicus of
GameHuntReviews is a hybrid podcast that plays, reviews, and generally talks about indie, free, and mainstream games in podcast, stream, and letsplay forms. Find us on iTunes, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube to interact with us anytime! Our goal is to bring the gaming community together in exciting ways, as well as help get the word out for indie developers. Twitter:
The High School League weekly roundup podcast explores the happenings in the league. Each week we feature a special guest and chat with them about their specific field, interests and viewpointsHosted by Matt Dawson and Brent Riley, produced by Bradley Bacon. Send in any questions regarding the High School League to HSL@letsplay.liveAny feedback about the podcast send it in to
Podcast Racers!
An RPG play podcast, following a lovable group of murder hobos playing the Star Wars RPG system Edge of the Empire. Each Game Master runs an arc of episodes, and then the GM switches, allowing for fun, narrative swings.
minecraft pe pro
A funny minecraft pocket edition series withno inappropriate launguage or images.I would love if you get this podcast!
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It's almost time for E3! Let's talk about what might be coming up at the event, Grant's doggiversary and Final Bid, an upcoming roleplaying game!
Let's talk about some crazy Bollywood movies, The Princess Bride, and answer some questions from the audience!
For our late March edition of the podcast, let's talk about the new books coming out about game production, roller coaster enthusiasts, and answer some quiestions from the viewers!
We've got space, we've got pirates, we've got space pirates. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?
The gang once again gets into some trouble. Will they shoot first and ask questions later? Of course! With your GM AJ Berna, and players Richie Root, Brandon Norris, and Lee Rubenstein.
It's been a while since our last podcast! Let's catch up on what's been going on since August 2016.
The gang gets up to all sorts of trouble on the space station! Will they be able to help, or will they be trapped! Featuring AJ Berna, Richie Root, Brandon Norris, and Lee Rubenstein. Music by Devin Norris.
Once again our heroes head into the breach! Who is this mysterious benefactor? Who shot first? Will OO-PS ever kill again? All this and more answered this episode! Featuring AJ Berna, Lee Rubenstein, Richie Root, and Brandon Norris. Music by Devin Norris.
In the first episode of Podcast Racers (Zoom Zoom) your fearless adventurers wake up in jail, and have to discover what is going on on this planet! Featuring AJ Berna, Lee Rubenstein, Richie Root, and Brandon Norris. Music by Devin Norris.
The semi finals have reached conclusion! Mount Roskill will take on Massey High School in the final of HSL on the 11th of June.Matt speaks with Ben Lenihan from NZESF (New Zealand eSports Federation) ahead of their AGM. The New Zealand eSports Federation are championing amateur gaming and organising leagues like HSL throughout NZ. They work to ...…
This week we have VLDL in the studio!These guys are very funny and make lots of videos on YouTube. They give tips for how to get going with YouTube and Streaming (Twitch / Mixer)and tell us all about their new series launching in July called REKT.We announce the Quartfinals winners from Monday night and talk about HSL in general and what's comi ...…
A quick podcast with our three shoutcasters!Finals time and we talk about the results from the 8 games played in the first week and lining up for the quarters. Exciting times!Quarter Finals: Live Streamed on 22nd5pm - Mount Roskill Grammer VS Avondale College - 6pm - Rangitoto College VS Wellington Coll ...…
Continuing with a change in format Matt (Schmylie) has Carlin the new shoutcaster in the studio and Alex who has a sore throat. We interview Carlin on where he has come from and how he came to be a new Shoutcaster for HSL after contacting NZESF.Brent (DC) is on the phone after a busy week working away, riding his motorbike and buying RAM but do ...…
Matt and Brent (Schmylie and DC) catch up with 2 of the HSL Shoutcasters Alex and Jake about what's happening in the HSL and we find out what makes them tick.In a change in format we dug through this weeks games and made some predictions on results waging bags of lollies for the correct picks! It is getting serious on HSLPodcast.Find out about ...…
Welcome to Episode 3 of the GameHuntReviews Podcast! It's ZOMBIE WEEK, and were excited to review four games that you can play yourself today! Unturned, a Mincraft-esque clone with way more zombies and survival horror elements. Zombie Vikings: Stab-A-Thon, a crazy super smash bros style game with a story mode demo as well. Brain Bread 2, an int ...…
Thank you for listening to episode 2 of the GameHuntReviews Podcast! In this episode we review two puzzle games: "Blameless" and "Minds Eyes." We also review two other games as well, a super smash bros. clone named "Brawlhala, and a pixelated game with many unique characters called "Hunger Dungeon." Feel free to check these games out yourself a ...…
Welcome game hunters to the first episode of the Game Hunt Reviews podcast! In this episode, we'll explain a little bit about the podcast, and we'll review two free games we found on steam. Join us on our adventure, to discover new games, and interact with other gamers like no podcast has before!Find us on Twitter at ...…
In this episode, Chip and Ironicus talk about Platinum Games, maps, doing LPs of sequels, and questions from the audience!
Let's talk about Pokemon Go, teen presidents, people making money off of video games in scummy ways, and Avenue Q!
In this new episode of Chipod Ironicast, Chip and Ironicus talk about post-E3, summer, the Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 LP, and the worst tech problems we've had making let's plays. I can't believe I missed out on seeing Smash Mouth.
We're caught up now with this late May edition of the Chipod Ironicast! In this episode we talk all about what we think is going to happen at E3 this year! Let us all gather in a circle and begin the Beyond Good and Evil 2 summoning.
In this episode of Chipod Ironicast, we talk about the life and death of Miitomo, the idea of canon, the let's play community of Dailymotion, and as always, we answer a question from the listeners!
The final episode of Drunk Metal Gear! Let's try to wrap up MGS4 in a semi-coherent way. Maybe. Preliminary editing was done by VoidBurger!
This month, Chip and Ironicus talk about NX rumors, scientific revolutions, frequently asked tech questions, and revisit an old topic from the No More Heroes 2 LP!
Let's talk about Metal Gear Solid 2 and figure out which parts of Raiden are real!
Let's talk about the plot of Metal Gear Solid 1!
In this edition of Chipod Ironicast, we talk about playing games wrong, The X-Files, old YouTube let's plays, and two questions from the audience!
Let's try to remember the rest of Big Boss' games! This was recorded shortly before Phantom Pain's release, so we could only theorize about that game. This episode does have spoilers for Ground Zeroes, so watch out!
Chip and Ironicus take a look at Watch Dogs now that it's finished, and take questions from the audience!
In this episode Chip and Ironicus talk about their various Of-the-Years, Christmas traditions, and take a question from the audience! I hope somebody else out there remembers the Claymation Christmas Special.
In this edition of Chipod Ironicast we talk about The Game Awards, Valorcon, YouTube fighting for fair use cases in court, and a question from the fans!
In this edition of Chipod Ironicast we talk about Undertale spoilers, robots, even more Undertale spoilers, and trends in games that have died off. Head to 32:38 to skip the first set of Undertale spoilers, and 1:20:47 to skip the second set of Undertale spoilers.
Ironicus and I got drunk about a week before the release of The Phantom Pain and attempted to recite the plot of Metal Gear while drunk. This is the first of a five part series!
For this late edition of July's podcast, Chip and Ironicus talk about let's plays as a form of game dev research, terror management, the death of Satoru Iwata, and VR games! I watched Roadhouse and it makes me want to get into a bar fight.
In this episode we talk about Watch Dogs, musicals, E3 predictions, and game auteurs!
General Ironicus and a special guest talk about this year's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo! Chip couldn't be there so there will be no talk about keyblades this time around.
This month's podcast is incredibly late due to Chip getting a new job and moving to a new state! This month we talk about Kojima vs Konami, failed 90s sci-fi shows, professional let's plays, and Retsupurae!
This month we talk about Demo Theater, Casanova, The Apple, what kind of food The Order: 1886 is, and how video games can deliver messages in a way other forms of media cannot.
This month we talk about Nintendo's creator program, things we've been into recently, good bad movies, some interesting questions we might not be qualified to answer, and Hamlet in Rock. It's time to duel. Our podcast is now on iTunes! You can find it here:…
It's a new year and we're here to start it off by talking about the end of The Wonderful 101 let's play, Christmas, Awesome Games Done Quick, and a question from the viewers! I also promised in this podcast that this would be up on the iTunes store, but as of this moment it's still waiting for approval. Whoops!…
It's the first edition of our monthly podcast and we've got a lot to talk about, including the effects of Patreon on let's plays, something weird, and how video game award shows consistently crush our dream to one day see Beyond Good and Evil 2 exist.
Yes, I do cheat myself stuff in mcpe. This episode is a ''behind the scenes'' sort of video. But not boring either.I'll show u how I did ep. 1 .By the way,I'm celebrating May 12th, as the day my first podcast was published.I will publish a behind-the-scenes special episode on this day every year.The episodes of this podcast will be published ra ...…
I have many android mcpe editors.Such as,pocket inventory editor pro,and launcher pro.(I have some mods that I usually don't use.)If you think my kindle fire is rooted,(an android jailbreak), well I'm not.I went and turned internet downloads on. Thats how I got ultimate tool kit,and pocket tool.I never say curses, or swears.I would say my video ...…
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