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DJ/Producer - Tribal & Progressive House Music! I may not have muscles and a d*ck, but I have more balls than most men I know ;-)~
Welcome to the Martelli podcast, where amazing things happen.
Chase and Mike discuss current events with a libertarian, free market, perspective. We'll get into anarchy, peaceful parenting, free markets and on occasion, some conspiracy theories.
Ever wonder what it sounds like when extremely intelligent people discuss equally UNINTELLIGENT things? Your search is over!Weekly (not weakly) commentary, clever, off-the-cuff humor, and plenty of senseless d!(k and p_$$y jokes to balance out all the f@+t jokes.Regular segments include, Real Porn Audio, "The Paris Hilton Joke", & SPAM SPEAK. Confused? So are we. At least we're funny.
Marcello Manner
If you hidden in the walls of society and you want to know what truly is out there, feel free to watch crumble reveal am the break down of society
Nathan Martell is a patriot talk show host who divulges into current hot topics and takes them head on. Are you offended easily? Then this podcast is not for you. With his millennial co-host Zak Shellabarger, they take on the most controversial topics facing our culture today without censorship. @nathanmartell @nathanmartellisstupid @zakshella
OFFSIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!! Going a little too far beyond the line of scrimmage in #Offside with Bit Marcello. Sports, Celebs, Politics, Makeup Failures, Fitness, and Literally Everything That Comes to My Mind. Join me. (22, female, grad student tryna find some food.)
After being in the music & dance industry for 30 years, Marcello has become an icon in it's own country and highly respected in the rest of the known world. Being a beacon for knowing good music, vibe and energy to combine and emphasize, in a way that stays surprising after 30years of playing the decks. This is his selection of good music, energy and wine!
God has given His children the principles to enjoy a life of His victory, freedom, restoration and purpose for their lives on earth as it is in heaven. Discover God's truth to maximize your potential in Him and experience His best for your life! For helpful resources visit us online at
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Venture Realtors- your professional Bergen County Real Estate Agents.
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The studies are out there! Social Media is causing depression! Why is that? Also, have you noticed how happy Amish people are? Weird...
Nathan and Zak hop on the bandwagon and put Facebook on the hot seat.
An entire episode based off the Netflix original Series "Black Mirror" Get weird with us!
Is it possible to make a living pursuing your passions? Or is that just a fairytale given to us by Disney? What is the best advice for millennials as they try to navigate the workforce? Nathan and Zak break it down for us with their guest, Justin Cortenbach, who has just launched his new business - In The Zone Meals. Listen and learn, hippies! ✌🏽…
Nathan predicts the downfall of the millennial generation. Are they doomed? Are they redeemable? Who is to blame for this seemingly soft generation of hippies? Maybe there's hope for them. Maybe not. What do you think?
New year, new pod! Nathan is back at it, tackling current events like the March for Our Lives Movement, Stormy Daniels, and American roots! Snowflakes welcome. With our new cohost, Zak!
This is a Music "SAMPLER" Podcast! More music packed into one hour to give you a true taste of SongKran! Uplifting vocals and amazing beats, EDITED and MIXED by DJ/Producer Twisted Dee Martello, to represent the vibe and energy of the Biggest and Most Exhilarating Circuit Event in all of Asia!! Personal favorites (old and new) mixed with exclus ...…
I can't speak on topic if I don't know what y'all wanna hear. Give me some answers
We're talking female rap, the fact that al-Baghdadi is back, the Russian purchase of 3,000 Facebook ads (including a Black Lives Matter ad) campus carry, the debate on silencers (looking at you, gun-control kiddos), and the election between Ralph Northam & Ed Gillespie in Virginia.
Guess who is back? Me, because I'm procrastinating. Talking Tinder, gym etiquette, guns galore, and #sports.
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