Best Marvel Comics podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
Each week, the Savages get together to voice their opinions on comic books, movies, TV shows, and anything in the geek world! If you're a nerd, especially one who loves Marvel, DC, Star Wars or animal penises, listen in! -- Leave us a message at 413-728-2434 or email
Join Kev, Steve, Anna and Pab every Saturday morning for their unique take on Geek Culture, and some strong opinions on the Great British Bake Off.
Hey Kids, Comics!
Hey Kids, Comics! is a semi-regular Internet Radio Show in which your hosts, Father and Son Andrew & Micheal Leyland, will pick an issue, story arc, creator or character from the myriad of comics available to talk about and dissect. It can be old or new, a major publisher or an indie, Superhero or Vertigo, heck, a TV show or novel - the sky's the limit as long as the Father & Son duo can find something to argure about. What makes us different from all the other comics podcasts? Glad you aske ...
Comics With Kenobi is a weekly podcast dedicated solely to contemporary Star Wars comics published by Marvel and IDW Publishing. It features views, reviews and news about Star Wars comics, along with the Saga's wider reach, too. We also feature writers, artists, colorists, letterers and editors involved with the titles to give you, the listener, more detail and context about these books that are part of Star Wars canon and lore.
1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
God and Comics
Join Father Jonathan, Father Matt, and Father Kyle as they talk about their passion for comic books. Just about anything and everything you can think of comes up in conversation. The serious, the silly, and everything in between.
Paperkeg is the way comics were meant to be read – by hearing about them.
Coffee at Jitters
Your podcast besties talking about all fun things Marvel, DC, and beyond at their favorite fictional coffee shop.
Each week Matt Golden and Alex Eschbach discuss a new comic topic. From their favorite writers, whatever they've been reading or watching, to their favorite characters, every episode talks about something new.
A comic podcast from Coast City Comics and the Fun Box Monster Emporium in Portland, Maine.
Comics Are Awesome
The team at Alter Ego Comics in Lima, Ohio highlight their favorite new comic books each week.
The Voice of the Comic Book Community
Funny, nostalgic, snarky, surprisingly existent podcast for, about, and in the guise of reading comic books to you. Please print your comments in four colors and staple at the center.
A lovable pair of newlyweds faces the challenges of married life as they paraphrase panels, explain exposition, and comment on all their favorite comics.
Acclaimed interviewer Matt Kennedy engages the industry's best writers, artists, performers, producers, taste-makers, thinkers and consultants in the type of one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions that only an insider can get. The program is taped at Meltdown headquarters in Los Angeles and released weekly on iTunes. Matt Kennedy is the author of Pop Sequentialism and a world-renown fine art curator. He brings 25 years of experience to the only podcast that asks tough questions abo ...
A Podcast from Joe "Kray Z" Rider and Cory!! Strode
All Comics Considered is a podcast that looks at comics from a place of love and joy. New fans and old alike will find something to enjoy!
We feature any local & international comic book-related news, reviews, interviews and more!
The Fantastic Four is the cornerstone of the Marvel Universe and essentially re-invented comics and set the foundation for the ba-zillion dollar industry enjoying success in print, television and cinema. DC and Marvel comics artist Jon Bogdamove (X-Men vs Fantastic Four, Power Pack, Superman, The Man of Steel) and fanboy/historian/comedian Tim Powers (Fantdom Planet, Geekscape, Schmoes Know, Comics on Comics) examine each issue, page by page, sometimes panel by panel and deconstruct this ver ...
Welcome to the Journey Into Comics Network! We create podcasts for nerds by nerds!
The Pull Bag
The Comic Book review podcast with a rotating panel of guests to discuss a variety of comics. Covering DC Comics, Marvel, IDW, and more!
Just two boys from upstate New York who have a sweet love for comics and the gift of gab!
Join comic book fans Jen Stansfield-Marek and Shawn Marek every Thursday for WORST COLLECTION EVER. It's a comedy show where Jen and Shawn poke fun at their own collection of random comic books, most of which that they bought for a dollar or less. Most of the comics are not really worth anything monetarily but they have to justify their purchase somehow! Email the podcast and talk to the hosts at!
your source for in-depth comics analysis
Where comic books and politics meet
Hooked on Comics
Hooked on Comics is a podcast hosted by two friends who love comic books and enjoy discussions about weekly issues they read and looking back at classic stories and reviewing them in Paperback Trade form.
The Comic Book Podcast With No Direction
Weekly comics news and reviews! Hosted by Jessica and Jesse, produced in association with The Escapist Comic Bookstore 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA.
Draw and Talk
Draw and Talk is a podcast about making comics and the life of a comic book creator. We have interviews with comic creators and sometimes it's just me rambling on my projects currently. Check out my youtube page to watch the drawing portion of the show!
The place to get all your news and info on movies, tv, comics, and video games.
Every Monday, Scott, Chris, and Bryce like to review the latest comic book movies and tv shows, discuss and debate interesting topics regarding comics, interview other nerdy YouTubers, and even quiz each other on comic book trivia! SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode!
Discussing Comics is a podcast covering the latest in the worlds of comic books, TV, and movies. We discuss our favorite comic book characters from Marvel, DC, Titan, IDW, Boom!, and more! No hero or villain is off-limits from the printed page to the big screen. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, Lee Shackleford, and other guests hosts. Discussing Comics is a part of the Discussing Network.
RCA Podcast
If you love comics, video games, star wars and all things pop culture, than this is the podcast. Join the movement! We are glad you have taken the time to check us out and we hope you enjoy the podcast! We upload weekly segments on comics and comics news. We also discuss comic book movies and have various segments through the show. Hope you enjoy!
Measure Up
A podcast all about comic book culture.
Secret Stacks
SECRET STACKS, your comics in libraries podcast. Hosted by Kristin LaLonde and Thomas Maluck. We discuss anything related to comics in and around libraries.
Fireside Comics
Here at Fireside Comics we discuss everything in the world of comics, from the panels to the screen and all the good stuff in between!Be sure and check us out on Facebook at or on Twitter at @FiresideComics. You can message us directly through those or you can e-mail us at Have something you want to ask us or something you want us to talk about on our next episode? Send us a message!
Searching for the Best Comics in the Universe
One Panel Later
Two librarians from opposing fandoms attempt to conquer the world of comics and manga.Why can’t comics and manga people get along? Librarians Angela Ocana and Kelly Quinn Chiu try to find common ground between Spider-Man readers and One Piece fans as they discuss comics, manga, anime, superhero movies and everything in between. Website: www.onepanellater.comTwitter: @onepanellater
The award-winning, Washington, DC based television series is now a radio show and podcast! Host Ulysses Campbell has a panel of guests each week to discuss comics, science fiction, fantasy, horror and their related multimedia. Plus interviews and event coverage. It's a geek world and we're livin' in it!
Legion of Myth
If you are a fan of video and tabletop gaming, anime, comic books, or other nerd hobbies you have come to the right place.** WEEKLY LIVESTREAM **Our Weekly Livestream airs every Saturday @ 8pm CST/CDT on The livestream covers video games, tabletop games, anime, comic book, and assorted other 'nerd' topics.** VIDEO GAME STREAMS & RECORDINGS **We are gamers who have full time jobs, family requirements, and/or other real life commitments, which tend to provid ...
A podcast devoted to the classic pocket-sized comics format of the 1970s and 1980s--because good comics come in small packages!
A retailers perspective on the comic industry.
Enter your mind university! Jason Inman & Ashley Victoria Robinson will educate you about a different character of pop culture each week. Geek out, laugh and learn!
Splash Page
Podcast by Omniverse
Examining the current business practices of comic book publishers through the eyes of a certified business professional.
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Venture deep into the catacombs of Nerdism as newly knighted resident gamer Mae’Son Sharp joins The Nerd-O-Roundtable for an in-depth discussion on the looming battle between Steam vs. Epic Games, Fortnite ‘hype’, BIG changes for NES/SNES & new indie game “Below”!!!
The crew of Zone 4 Assemble to discuss the Avengers: Endgame trailer, Captain Marvel trailer and Avengers comic runs and events in a brand new episode of Zone 4! Join us LIVE every Friday night at Tune into Zone 4 Aftermath on Mondays at: Find more at Live ...…
Time Codes: 00:01:21 – Introduction 00:03:12 – Setup of interview 00:04:32 – Interview with Tom Hart 01:32:14 – Wrap up 01:33:38 – Contact us Life Stories, Life Changes On this interview episode, Sterg and Derek are excited to have Tom Hart back to discuss his new book, The Art of the Graphic Memoir: Tell Your Story, Change Your Life (St. Marti ...…
Ben Rankel is the creator of a fascinating graphic novel from Renegade Arts Entertainment called Frank, and I highly recommend you get it at this link. Ben is both the writer and artist of the book, so we discuss in Episode 359 how he brought Frank to life, who the characters are, what actual historical event this graphic novel is based on, and ...…
Peter J. Tomasi and company kick off their run of Detective Comics. This arc is what Ryan’s been missing from the Batman line of DC books. Tune in to hear his thoughts. Thanks for listening! Music: Zulu Dobson | Patreon | Youtube | Google Play | iTunes
Todd McFarlane Reveals New Details About Movie Reboot & Mortal Kombat 11 * 'Miles Morales: Spider-Man' debuts * Marvel Studios And Its Approach To Filmmaking Slamed by potential Black Widow directors * DC Universe's Stargirl Recruiting an ALL STAR cast to bring the heat!!!
John and Kay have a spoiler filled discussion about the first book in Lost Fleet series: Lost Fleet #1: Dauntless. Links: Lost Fleet Series @ Lost Fleet #1: Dauntless @ Lost Fleet #1: Dauntless @ h ...…
The crew recorded this show live at Doxacon in Washington, DC. Discussion of body/soul dualism, Gnosticism more generally, and Dr. Octopus' hometown. Listen and share!
She-ra is Netflix new cartoon is a diverse, queer feminist re-envisioning of a cartoon from the 80s. It’s by showrunner Noelle Stevenson of Nimoa comics fame and we LOVE it. Joining Elana to talk about it are: Mey Rude is a queer, fat, trans Latina, a writer, a tastemaker and a lover of nerds. She lives in LA and you can find her writing at Aut ...…
Bryan Hill is back to talk about his new comics a Killmonger mini series from Marvel that is a prequel to the events of The Black Panther film. What were the events and choice that led Erik Killmonger down his dark path? Also his new Vertigo crime book American Carnage , where a light skinned black FBI agent infiltrates a white supremacist grou ...…
Bryan Hill is back to talk about his new comics a Killmonger mini series from Marvel that is a prequel to the events of The Black Panther film. What were the events and choice that led Erik Killmonger down his dark path? Also his new Vertigo crime book American Carnage , where a light skinned black FBI agent infiltrates a white supremacist grou ...…
This week we remember the life and work of Stan Lee. Nuff said!
Congorilla #4 (1993) In the 90s, no one was safe from getting extreme, not even immortal apes mentally inhabited by jungle explorers. In this Congorilla reboot, Congo Bill’s jungle child companion (ugh) grows up and goes wild…er as he takes over the Congorilla body from Bill and dresses it up as a low rent mall Dracula. This was a surprisingly ...…
Mo’s “Godzilla: King Of Monsters” trailer review * 'Blue Beetle' will feature DC Comics' first Latino lead * Punisher Season 2 may be debuting in January but it’s all bad after that * Everything Marvel is getting retconned & we flashback with Comic Icon Neal Adams!!!
This Week on Podcastrophe! Part two of our really long show featuring Pod Daddy Nate himself! In this part we discuss James Gunn directing Suicide Squad 2 and breakdown some Infinity War theory and discussion. Nate brings his Venom feelings to the table, and we TRY to shit on him. Donate to Podcastrophe Here! Click Here for Exclusive Content! S ...…
Time Codes: 00:01:32 – Introduction 00:03:42 – Our first-ever live streaming recording 00:07:13 – Thank you to new Patreon backers! 00:09:33 – Che: A Revolutionary Life 00:47:02 – The Lodger #1 & #2 01:11:39 – Die #1 01:34:22 – Wrap up 01:38:05 – Contact us Going Live! This is a very special episode of The Comics Alternative, in that it’s the g ...…
Time Codes: 00:01:15 – Introduction 00:03:32 – Setup of interview 00:04:53 – Interview with Noah Van Sciver 01:15:14 – Wrap up 01:16:39 – Contact us All Over the Place The Two Guys with PhDs are very happy to have back on the podcast Noah Van Sciver. He was first on the show back in March 2015, and a lot of things have changed with him since th ...…
Alex is a Webtoons comic about the life of Alexander the Great, by Dave Malley. How much were we able to learn about the comic’s subject? Andrew Perry and Chris Holmes’ Undetermined centers on a middle-school boy, Robert, who is running into people – including himself — from other dimensions, and they’re getting injured by his actions. What’s g ...…
John discusses the contents of the December 2018 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked. We had 1 other podcasts/blogs represented this month: Superman Fan Podcast and 8 listeners: James Raynor Patrick Engroff Drew Nicholas Fenner Todd Cassel Jason Kim Alan Bowman Mo Walker Items mentioned: p.0 (J ...…
Disney poised to dominate the big screen in 2019 * BIG changes at IDW * The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Re-Launch & The Fantastic Four Ret-Con AND New Comics Wednesday…On a Tuesday!!!
This week on Foodies! Veronica and Nate are back to riff on whether or not Batman Returns is a Christmas movie, we try a new game involving the backs of VHS tapes, Nate gushes about an awesome new hot sauce and they break down some of the Golden Globe nominations for the upcoming awards season! Click Here for Exclusive Content! Subscribe on iTu ...…
This week I take time to look back over the year as a whole and prepare for what is to come in 2019. Enjoy!
Wednesday, December 12th: This week, we talk comics for the week, including Miles Morales Spider-Man #1, Batman Annual #3, Black Hammer Cthu-Louise, Star Trek Waypoint Special #1, Magic the Gathering Chandra #1, Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1, and more! We also talk about trailers for Avengers Endgame, Brightburn, Umbrella Academy, and Godzi ...…
Marvel's ambitious, 27-issue Age of... maxi series begins its run with a potent yet divisive first issue, Age of Republic -- Qui-Gon Jinn, while in Star Wars #58, readers are enveloped with some seriously solid character development that has us rethinking our long-conceived notions about Han, Leia and Luke. From IDW comes the second issue of th ...…
In this week's Puhr News, Andrew chooses to focus exclusively on the passing of former President George H.W. and his life and legacy. This episode concludes with the eulogy of George W. Bush for his father. Click Here for Exclusive Content!Subscribe on iTunes!Subscribe on Podbean!Get us on Stitcher!Listen on Spotify!Like Puhr News on Facebook!…
Arthur Curry is the Aquaman and the King of Atlantis and to celebrate his big screen debut, we curate our Best Aquaman Stories! Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don't want to know what happens, then you should come back later. Read our first graphic novel - JUPITER JET - Robinhood is giving listeners ...…
Legendary artist Alex Ross joins me for the premiere of Year Six of Comic Book Central! Flash Gordon, DC & Marvel Comics, pulp heroes, Indiana Jones, Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and much MORE are on the drawing board today! Subscribe to the show in iTunes Listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio Listen to the show on ...…
Plastic Man in development at the WB * The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer debuts at Brazil Comic Con * Black Panther makes history with Golden Globe nomination * Kevin Hart’s past cause him to pass on the Oscars
“It’s Breaking Bad meets Gone in Sixty Seconds.” -Ryan Join Ryan and Allen for this discussion on Rick Remender, Bengal and Rus Wooton’s “Death or Glory”. Without spoiling anything, there’s still a ton to discuss. Thanks for listening! Music: Zulu Dobson | Patreon | Youtube | Google Play | iTunes
Time Codes: 00:01:23 – Introduction 00:04:25 – Better late than never 00:05:54 – Piero 00:40:32 – The First Man 01:23:26 – Wrap up 01:24:39 – Contact us Remembrances Pascal and Derek are back with the latest Euro Comics episode…the very late November show. They begin with Edmond Baudoin’s Piero (New York Review Comics). This is a fascinating an ...…
Last week X-Men comics have been read and discussed among Ryan and his fellow co-host Allen. Will the guys see eye to eye on the books? Thanks for listening! Intro (0:00), Merry X-Men #1 (1:49), X-Men: The Exterminated #1 (8:22), Uncanny X-Men #4 (16:20), Shatterstar #3 (25:35), Wrap Up (31:44) Music: Zulu Dobson | Patreon | Youtube | Google Pl ...…
Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true. The final volumes of Valerian And Laureline start this episode off. We talk about a 3D movies, material that needs to be translated, a book we have never heard … Continue reading →
Christmas horror movies! On this special Grawlix Cinematic Universe holiday special we review Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and Krampus. Listen to more GCU at Show Notes 0:00 – Intro/Greetings 2:36 – Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) 27:25 – Krampus (2015) 52:41 – Krampus / Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Ci ...…
Victor Gorelick has been with Archie Comics since 1958, and he tells us his point of view of the company's last 60 years, from the Archie bullpen of the 50s and 60s to the breakthru success of Sugar Sugar to today's titles like Archie 1941 and Kevin Kelly, the TV hits Riverdale and Sabrina and much more…
Victor Gorelick has been with Archie Comics since 1958, and he tells us his point of view of the company's last 60 years, from the Archie bullpen of the 50s and 60s to the breakthru success of Sugar Sugar to today's titles like Archie 1941 and Kevin Kelly, the TV hits Riverdale and Sabrina and much more…
The Young Padawans -- Emily and Micah -- band together again to read and discuss the latest Star Wars Adventures comics from IDW Publishing. Joined by Matt and Amy, this episode puts issues #14 and #15 in the spotlight with stories about finding a missing Falcon, making a new friend and how old friends began as new friends. It's a rollicking go ...…
Week of December 5, 2018 Ho Ho Ho! Glad tidings and all the rest of it. Jessica & Jesse meet in the attic to look at this week's new comics (and try out Jesse's new audio recorder!). Escapist Comics Podcast LIVE! Join us January 31, 2019 at Ghost Town Brewery in Oakland to celebrate Episode 200! More info soon! Reviews Image: Prodigy #1 04:27 D ...…
John and James discuss AQUAMAN JUSTICE LEAGUE DROWNED EARTH #1 by DC, IRONHEART #1 by Marvel and WARNING #1 by IMAGE COMICS. Time Codes: 0:00:00 Intro 0:00:44 DC: AQUAMAN JUSTICE LEAGUE DROWNED EARTH #1 0:12:45 Marvel: IRONHEART #1 0:22:06 Other: WARNING #1 [IMAGE COMICS] 0:40:21 General discussion 1:05:03 Next Week Promo 1:05:12 Wrap up 1:05:4 ...…
This week on Journey Into Comics! Nate tells all about the week that almost beat him, kicking the pop habit, puking at Nick's House, Black Panther gets some awards love, CCXP gets a first look at Spider-man: Far From Home, and the trailer for Avengers: Endgame blows us away! All this and more! Stay Up to Date with Future LaffyCon Events Here! C ...…
Jason is joined by friends Kent and Collin from the Instagram page, Comics Out Loud. They talk a bunch of (at this point) old news, and random geeky topics. My brain is dead and I can’t really think hard enough to think of good descriptions right now. If you’re reading this, I love you and I’ll never forget you. Peace unto Glorphax. -- Follow u ...…
Kray is still on the shelf, but we have a SPECIAL episode recorded before he went under the knife where we discuss a comic shop that announced it is in trouble due to customers not picking up their subscriptions. We discuss how to keep that from happening, how customers and shops can prevent it, and how Joe dealt with the issue. AND, after the ...…
In this episode of Splash Page, a special guest quizzes us on the 60s Batman show!Don’t forget to rate and review on iTunes! It helps us grow the show more than you know!Want some sweet OmniverseComics merch? Go to's merch: www.omniversecomics.comFacebook: ...…
IN THIS EPISODE- Heathendog's Heathendogma: Grave of the Fireflies and Little Witch Academia.- Random Number Generator (RNG): Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea and Dungeon WorldPLEASE COMMENT BELOW & LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.- Watch and interact LIVE every Saturday at 8:00 p.m. Central on ...…
Hopefully Saturday night treated you well, as you roll out of bed and throw on the best highlight show a Network could bring you. Glad to have you back on the Best of the Week where we highlight all the fun that happened on our humble little Network this week! Full Episodes Linked Below!Journey Into Comics 220 - A Good Movie for Dumb PeoplePuhr ...…
Co-hosts Phil Bova and Myron Rumsey are back with episode 131 of The Podcast of Oa. This episode we focus on the 2nd issue of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s The Green Lantern series as the plot thickens and the plot of various evil elements continues to unfold. In addition to talking about the new issue and the recent passing of comic book leg ...…
In this weeks episode: Kev's forgotten how to smash; Sheepdog's nearly finished a game; Pab's back in VR and Anna is looking forward to next week. All this and much more on episode 318 of MGP!By (
The crew, this week on Brews With Dudes consisting of Nick, Austin, Tex, and newcomer Justin, enjoyed what may be a record amount of brews (9, by our count) in what proved to be a very fun episode. Buy Your Very Own Brews With Dudes Shirt Here! Click Here for Exclusive Content! Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Podbean! Get us on Stitcher! List ...…
You’ve been waiting…And now…At long last – IT!!! IS!!! HERE!!! The Avengers Endgame Trailer has debuted and nothing will ever be the same PLUS we’re talking Marvel: Ultimate Alliance AND Fortnight Season 7 on a Nerdtastically Geekspolsive episode of the Nerd-O-Roundtable so epic it's likely to blow your mind!!!…
DIE is a pitch-black fantasy published by Image Comics where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning unearthly horror they barely survived as teenage role-players. If Kieron’s in a rush, he describes it as “Goth Jumanji.” That only captures a sliver of what you’ll find in oversized debut issue—where fantasy gets all to ...…
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