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The New Construction Leader Podcast is dedicated to giving you the strategies to help you develop yourself so you can advance in your career, secure your position, maximize your income, and have an awesome life. Each week we will sit down with a construction industry leader, author, speaker, or expert to hear their experience and find out their thoughts on mentorship, leadership, training, personal development, career, and how all these things tie together to create the best possible outcome.
Focus. Clarity. Strategies. Mental toughness! Join international success coach and inspirational speaker JT DeBolt on Wednesdays at 10:30 am EST to get it!
The mission of the podcast is to inspire and mentor Latinos & Latinas to help them achieve their American dream. I interview successful Latino, Latina and Latin inspired entrepreneurs and leaders who will share their stories to inspire you, mentor you and provide you the business advice you need to get closer to your American dream.
You’re probably wondering, what is “MasterYourCraft”. To master your craft, you have to be someone with goals, ambitions and dreams. To be MYC certified, you have to be someone of control. Someone with decision making skills, emotional intelligence, and most of all, someone who’s not afraid of failure. You too can be MYC certified, All you have to do is tune in to learn how to become the best version of you. The version of yourself that you could only dream of. You can make it a reality. Hav ...
Christian Ministry Development
Welcome to the Mentorshipprogram podcast! Every day, we will bring you actionable tips to help you level up when it comes to self-development, career development, financial security, motivation, entrepreneurship and relationships. We don’t wait around hoping to level up in life (let’s be honest - it never happens), we seize the life of greatness that’s waiting for us - today!
Departing from the Known
Welcome to the ‘Mentorship to Thrive in a Digital Economy’ podcast, where amazing things happen!
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Weekly Podcast Focusing Diversity And Mentorship In Technology
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"Is there a pile of work to do on your to do list? And most of them are complex. Do you wish there was a way to do complex tasks easily, without beinf demotivated? Tune into this podcast right now to LEARN the trick. "
The more you ponder over something the more you learn about it. The best way to figure out what suits you is TRIAL & ERROR. Observe things around you and implement methods that you have read about but, never tried. Listen to this podcast to dive into the Process of Learning.
Do you find yourself spending way too much than you should be while you're just grocery shopping? And sticking to a budget never pans out for you? This is called IMPULSIVE SPENDING. Listen to this podcast to know if this is good or bad.
Are you financially secure or financially free? Is there a difference to these two terms?It is important for an entreprenuer to underestand these terms. Tune into this podcast now to FIND OUT if there is a difference.
Do you have pending work, piling up? Are you the master of doing things last minute? And do you always find yourself deep in the spiral of procrastination? Don't worry, we have a solution. Tune into this podcast right now to discover how you can DEFEAT procrastination
Do you find yourself lacking the right words in a situation? Do you feel unequipped when asking for a promotion or a raise? Tune into this podcast to discover why communication is the key that will unlock new paths in your life.
Do you find yourself running behind money? Or do you make money run behind you? Why is it important to know which side of the spectrum you fall on? DID YOU KNOW? Your lifestyle can become your income. Tune into this podcast to discover the trade secrets of altering your lifestyle to generate income.
In the second edition of the compounding effect podcast, the concept of linear thinking and non-linear thinking is elaborated with examples you HAVE TO hear. Tune into this podcast now.
Is linear thinking the right away to go around in a business? Do you find yourself going in a sequential format and reciving the same result, repeatitvely over the course of time? Tune into this podcast to unravel the mysteries of linear thinking.
Are you out of college? And burdened with college debts? Logically, paying off your college debts seem like the most productive next step. But. Wait. What if I tell you that paying off your debt at the very beginning is an extremely bad idea? To know why it is a horrible idea, tune into this podcast now.…
In the last edition of this series of Laws to Stratospheric Success, the LAW OF RECEPTIVITY is broken down to its foundation. Being open to receiving, is an crucial step to success. Tune into this podcast to discover why you need to be OPEN to the idea of receiving.
DID YOU KNOW? You’re a gift! Surprised? In the fourth edition of this podcast series THE LAW OF AUTHENTICITY is broken down to its grass roots. Thus, tune into this podcast to discover the law of authenticity and how this is exactly what you need in life.
Did someone impact your life to such an extent that you owe a great deal to them? The third edition of the series discusses everything about THE LAW OF INFLUENCE. Tune into this podcast to DISCOVER what law of influence is based upon.
The second podcast of this series addresses how your income is determined. Do you find yourself wondering how much your product is worth and how many of it do you need to sell? And how do earn the desired amount of profit? Tune into this podcast to discover the LAW OF COMPENSATION.
Do you find yourself wondering if there is a step by step process to success? OR a certain set of principles you could follow? Well, The Mentorship Program is coming out with 5 laws that form that form the foundations of success. Tune into this podcast to discover the FIRST LAW and gain an insight into how your true worth is determined.…
Have you waited all your life to find the right time to do something? Is your 9 to 5 job the least interesting aspect of your day? Listen to this podcast to find out when the it is the right time to quit your daily job.
Is your business stuck in a repetitive cycle of zero profit? Are you a small business owner who wants to make it big? Tune into this podcast to listen to some common mistakes you can avoid and unleash your success.
Are you passionate about what you do? Do you find yourself waking up every morning ready to conquer your day? No? Well, this might because you're not not passionate enough about what you do. Tune into this podcast to discover if being being passionate is your motivation for success.
Is there a SECRET INGREDIENT to become successful? Is there a potion you can brew to become a successful entrepreneur? What can you bring to the table that is unique and necessary for a business at the same time? Tune into this podcast to find out what makes you unique as an entrepreneur.
"Is your 9 to 5 job giving you the satisfaction of being financially free? Do you understand what being financially free means? It's easy to get lost in this vicious cycle of the corporate world and lose yourself. Listen to this podcast to discover what financial freedom is and why you need it. "
Are you unclear about the term 'mentorship'? And do you often find yourself wondering if having a mentor would be helpful? Well then, tune into this podcast to find out if mentorship is for you.
LIFE BEINGS RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. And even though you have heard this phrase countless times you are still stuck in your comfort zone. And this, is a very easy way to avoid pain. Listen to this podcast to gain an insight on how avoiding pain, avoids growth.
You are extremely focussed on your life goals and are doing everything to achieve it. But you aren’t achieving the desired result. More often than not your process of achieving it is not properly constructed. Tune into this podcast, right away to discover the secrets of outcome oriented process.
Are there moments when you question if what you’re doing, is the most important task at hand, right now? The truth is, IT IS NOT. Understanding the clear-cut difference between important, urgent and a combination of the two is easier than you think. Listen to this podcast now to gain a valuable insight.…
Don’t you wish there was ONE magical ingredient that would help you ACHIEVE ALL YOUR GOALS? Whatever your ambition and desires are, there must be one common technique to succeed, right? There is an answer. Tune into this podcast to unlock that ONE SECRET.
YOUR MAJOR SUPERPOWER IS THE WAY YOU PRECIEVE THINGS. We all have our own way of interpreting different situation which helps with problem solving. Tune into this podcast to discover the secrets of perception.
We can definitely agree upon the fact that YOU’RE THE PRODUCT OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Your surroundings in this case is the people around you. People who become cushioning boards to your goals and ambitions. Tune into this podcast to unravel the secrets of improving the QUALITY OF YOUR INNER CIRCLE.
ALL leadership relies on this one basic thing... -------5 1/2 Mentors That Will Change Your Life: To Create A Life You Don't Need A Vacation From: iTunes: ...…
It's not enough to work hard. It's not enough to work smart. We have to work HERE. ---Aug 9/10th Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations Program: 1/2 Mentors That Will Change Your Life: To Create A Life You Do ...…
Success can be tricky especially if you don't have the right criteria. ---Aug 9/10th Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations Program: Sinek (The Infinite Game) 1/2 Mentors That Will Change You ...…
Alissa Crevier is a marketing and brand partnerships executive with a background in streaming music, artist management, music and entertainment, and original content development. Her industry experience comes from a career at The Bowery Presents, PledgeMusic, Spotify (where she served as both the Global Director of Original Content & Artist Mar ...…
We constantly talk about the importance of self-evaluation and assessment. Although, appreciating who you are and how far you have come is an equally important part of your growth. Listen to this podcast to gain a delightful insight.
You must have read articles stressing about the importance of a proper sleep schedule. Listen to this podcast to know what you must do so, you can wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.
NO ONE KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN YOUR OWN SELF. So, if you find yourself planning a super productive day but end up trumping the crankier version of you than the hustler in you. Tune into this podcast to grasp a stronghold on the magnificent hustler that you are.
Are you the king of your life? Mays that's not a good thing...---5 1/2 Mentors That Will Change Your Life: iTunes: Play: ...…
Ross Simmonds is the founder of Foundation Marketing, a content marketing agency that combines data and creativity to develop & serve ambitious brands. Foundation has worked with brands all over the world ranging from some of the fastest growing startups to various Fortune 500 brands. In addition, Ross is the co-founder of Crate, a content mark ...…
Ever found yourself questioning and constantly worrying about problems but you always seem to lack the solution? Listen to this inspiring podcast and do the simple exercise of putting pen to paper to discover a refreshing angle and insight to the problem at hand.
Here’s a simple question, do you find yourself aware of what you must do to upgrade your life but, you don’t end up putting in the effort? Well, instead of going down the guilt road listen to this podcast to reveal a path which will guarantee you an upgraded version of your life, work, and success rate.…
If you’re constantly finding yourself unhappy and dissatisfied with the result of the hard work you put in, then my friend it’s time for an evaluation. Listen to this podcast to break the shackles of your 9 to 5 life and dive into a deeper understanding of being a successful and independent entrepreneur.…
We have been brought up in an environment where the assumption has become second nature, unfortunately. Listen to this podcast to unlock the mysteries of a check and balance system to help you re-discover the polished, understanding, and productive YOU.
More about Bill & Oasis at: of the talk: 1/2 Mentors That Will Change Your Life: iTunes: Play: ...…
Andre EEna (Andreina) Munoz (who goes by Natalie (Nathaly) was born in Venezuela and legally migrated to Miami, FL as a child. She finished her Associate of Arts in 2011 and started her first tech intenship at Bookt, which was later sold to Realpage. In 2015, she moved to Providence, RI to attend Johnson and Wales majoring in Robotics Engineeri ...…
Put your hands up if you wake up, loathing your everyday routine. And it’s not just the Monday blues. But also, the Tuesday blues, Wednesday blues, Thursday blues, and henceforth. So, if you find yourself waking up groggily, exhausted and disheartened by the thought of another morning listen to this podcast to unravel the simple secret of havin ...…
Heard this? WE ARE CLOSER TOWARDS THE END OF HUMAN RACE, TODAY THEN WE WERE, with a huge widespread of diseases. Listen to this podcast to unlock the ingredients we need to "save ourselves". An insight that is crucial and beneficial. ...…
Understand what are your core strengths and weakness, and how you can develop them consciously. There exists simple steps which you can take to build yourself and the community around you. Discover your advantages and carve your path breaking journey.
Attending discussions and meeting after meeting and unable to derive something meaningful out of it, then this podcast is for you. In order to put your FOCUS, a simple and easiest trick can help. Listen to this podcast and unlock it to build deliver the best of yourself
Video of the talk: 1/2 Mentors That Will Change Your Life: iTunes: Play: ...…
Angie Zhou (Joe) has a genuine passion for the tech industry and an affinity for efficiency so she loves what she does. Glocomms focuses on finding talent in Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cybersecurity. Our clients range from stealth mode start-ups through to Fortune 500 companies across a number of industries. Alw ...…
Trying to make exercise goals and unable to achieve them. Making fitness goals but unable to continue with them, then this podcast is for you. Make this one simple routine and you are sorted with the best fitness stability.
When in room, be like Romans!Heard it? But don't know how and where to apply it. Well, today's podcast might help you understand this little better. Listen to understand the importance of why it is important to be well groomed and how it takes your goal swiftly.
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