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Why Mommy Drinks
How many times have you found yourself standing in the middle of a store with a screaming toddler? Sitting in a school pickup line with a puking baby? ...or feeling like the day can’t possibly get any longer? Join comedians/moms Betsy Stover and Amanda Allan each week as they chat with a different guest (actors, musicians, writers, etc...) about the moments in parenting that broke them and possibly drove them to drink. It’s an advice free zone where the hosts and guests tell heartbreakingly ...
Podcast by Diary of a Fly Fit Mommy
A Personal Development & Mommy Podcast! SELF CARE, MOTIVATION, PARENTHOOD & LEADING A PASSIONATE LIFE. “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” - Ghandi 🦋 Connect with me: 🌺 Follow Me: IG: iselfimprovedaily ***✅ Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or professional in mental health/medicine. All opinions are my own, through experience and personal research*** Become a supporter of this podcast:
mommy breast tips
Breast Milk and Breastfeeding Tips. Please note that this channel contains nudity for educational purposes.
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!
Mommy Hour
Mommy Hour is a place to share honest and vulnerable moments in order to provide some encouragement, add a little laughter, and increase your level of motherhood sanity. --
The Blunt Mommy Podcast w/Amanda. Way beyond your typical S.M.I.L.F. Relationships/Sex/TV Shows/Random Bullshit EMAIL: Every Monday
Welcome to the Shida Mak Minyak podcast, where amazing things happen.
Mommy On the Move
This podcast is my unfiltered perspective filled with very honest and very real pitfalls, peaks, and the beautiful mom moments in between, because that’s what motherhood is – finding the beauty in the chaos! I don’t have all the answers, Sway! But I do have the truth, and I can’t wait to share mine with you! After all, life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a M.O.M.
Mommy & Princess J
Mommy and Princess J spend 5 minutes discussing her 6 year old life while living in Chicago and attending Kindergarten.
Sue Meyer, ND, CCH explains natural homeopathic treatment alternatives to help bring healing and pain relief for mommies and their families.Sue has been helping her family attain wellness for many years now, she is the author of the book Homeopathy for Mommies.Sue Meyer is a wife and the home school mother of eleven. She and her husband, Ron, currently have 24 grandchildren, whom they dearly love and enjoy spending time with on a regular basis. Sue spends most of her free time in the study o ...
Thanks for tuning in. This podcast touches base on #realandraw, daily living, keto topics, anxiety and depression, positive affirmations, and #happyhealthyliving. Hope you all enjoy.
Talking about millennial mom life with some blogging tips thrown in! And a bit, or a lot of wine.
Mom Brain
We get it. Being a mom is full-on and full-time. Equal parts FUN and WTF. Our kids don’t come with instructions, and it’s ok if we don’t have all the answers. We’ll figure it out together. The best advice comes from our favorite experts and doctors, trusted mom friends, and learning on the job. Get your coffee — or wine! — and tune in to hear us spill it all. We got this. This is MOM BRAIN with Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz.
This show will be dedicated to the collectors who love and cherish My Little Ponys. The fillies that hit the shelves back in the 80's whom have come back to be as popular as ever. We are My Little Pony Mommy's and Daddy's and we are proud of it. Your Hosts:Pandora Rose - Main Host, NichiTsukinoko - Co-Host #1, SummerBlade - Co-Host #2, and Topher(heftysmurf76) Co-Host #3. With special appearances by PonyBaby, Pony Husband, PonyBoyfriend and My Little Winnie. MLPArena and TradingPost Names: P ...
Niece and aunt duo, Jessen Judice and (author) Juliette Cross, bond over their shared love of romance novels, and want to include fellow romance enthusiasts in on the conversation. We started this podcast as a big middle finger to the stigma associated with reading and loving romance novels. We love to fangirl about our favorite books, authors, and characters and are challenging people to think of romance novels as more than just "mommy porn" - though there's nothing wrong with a copious amo ...
we love them all
Still I Rise!
This podcast is for those who are in a toxic relationship and are afraid to leave. Those who are dealing with narcissists as well. I am a newly single mommy of two young boys rebuilding my life. I was in a very toxic and unhealthy marriage for 11 years- I was the codependent wife. Substance abuse was involved. I am starting this new journey and I am happy to share my story and experiences in hopes I can help and empower others be strong and uplift those who are afraid. Follow me on IG Cherry ...
The Popcast is hosted by Jon Caramanica, a pop music critic for The New York Times. It covers the latest in popular music criticism, trends and news.
Sieria, Mommy of 2 beautiful children. Once a single teen mom but now owner of several successful businesses and now teaching other mommies how to boss up and start their own business! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Matty D
Do you have "mommy" or "daddy" issues? Then this is the podcast for you. As someone who had "mommy issues" it sucks living with the resentment and hurt feelings and feeling as if you have nowhere to go to resolve them. Well my friend, I am here for you to show you how you can get rid of these issues and be at peace with yourself.
Mommie Moves
Amina Monsel and Kolby are best friends who are on the journey to adulating, parenting, being married and trying to live there lives!
Hi, I am Dr. Amrita Basu (Misra) and I am here to help you live life healthier, one step at a time. I am an ENT surgeon, mommy to a six-year-old and I believe in living healthy as a family. My hubby is a Pediatrician and together we share our professional knowledge and experience.Health, wellness, fitness, and happiness never happens in isolation. It's easier when you live healthy as a family. Healthcare decision is easier when it's an informed choice. While I attempt to decode the health ma ...
Advice, commentary, and conversation from Daniel Mallory Ortberg, author of Slate's Dear Prudence column. Every week, Prudie and special guests answer questions about relationships, sex, work, family, and life.
Don't miss a second of Fernando and Greg!
Cold Case Files
Based on the iconic, Emmy-nominated series on A&E, "Cold Case Files" explores some of the most difficult-to-solve murders, which stymied investigators and went cold, sometimes for decades. In fact, one-third of all murders in America remain open. But thanks to dogged investigators and breakthroughs in forensic technology, these cases become part of the rare 1% of cold cases that are ever solved. Hosted by Brooke Gittings ("Convicted" and "Actual Innocence") and featuring the voice of origina ...
Everything that affects women from self worth, relationships, parenting, marriage, career choices and sisterhood. Sharing tips, insight and my personal journey to inspire, encourage and motivate you to BE GREAT!
My Mom Journey
Hi! My Mom Journey is a podcast about mom, baby and toddler health. I also cover parenting topics and general motherhood life. I will also feature a type of wine with every episode, because you know...mommy needs a treat too. I hope you enjoy this show and I look forward to sharing with you!
Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells!
Risen Motherhood
A weekly podcast for moms. A space to remember we are not alone in our experiences, be challenged to have joy among the chaos, remember grace covers guilt, and seek the truth of the gospel above all else. This is a podcast for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn’t have it all together - but comes everyday, to the base of the cross, to seek the one who does.
Punch Drunk Sports
Punch Drunk is, for the most part, a sports podcast. With 3 headlining stand-up comics and sometimes friends. Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli, and Jayson Thibault all met at the Comedy Store and have been friends for over 11 years. All 3 are stand-up comics and big sports fans. This podcast is their sports thoughts, arguments, stories, fights, and bets! The Podcast Tribune called Punch Drunk "an asian massage for the real sports fans".Support the show by heading over use the cod ...
Naomi Butow is the founder of Mommy Mall SA - South Africa's first mom to mom business network.
The official website for the True Crime Fan Club Podcast
The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what's playing in the office; expert insight on the week's biggest music news; and much more.
Alchemist🕊Mommy•Music connoisseur• Foodie🏆 I am “The” UNDISCOVERED Supermodel• Mommy w/ a savvy sense of humor😘 HELLO WORLD📍 Cover art photo provided by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash:
Your Dads Podcast
Troy and Seamus are exploring parenting from the perspective of the dad. They discuss a variety of topics and interview all kinds of dads. The goal is to uncover multiple ways of looking at being a dad, not to prescribe a right or wrong approach.
Single Mommy, singer, actress, musical theatre lover, certified sisterlock consultant, and certified life coach. I wear a lot of 🎩’s listen to me talk of self care and random things 💙 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Life Punches
Life Punches is a weekly episodic vlog journal of the life of David & Whitney Bunch with their daughter Zoey. You may have seen other vlog channels that depict lives of other families but this may be a little different. This is a show about how a family that makes fair wages deal with a week to week struggle all along with sharing precious family time and supporting each other. The Bunch family resides in East Tennessee and both David & Whitney work full time jobs.
Are you overwhelmed by the many challenges you face as a mom?Does your physical weight stop you from creating a successful career and life?Do you feel stressed, lack energy, feel exhausted, or weighed down emotionally or mentally?Listen in as Deb Hanneman, Energy Healer interviews guest experts who provide holistic healing resources for over-stressed and weight challenged moms of all ages. Deb Hanneman, is an Energy Healer specializing in assisting Mom Entrepreneurs to release the physical a ...
Mommy of Many
Jen Lang is mommy to 9 kiddos and a military spouse of 19 years. With daily blogs and weekly podcasts, you can follow while she is Doing the Dance of the Children!
Nikoni is 3 and he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. Ever since his Mom started a Podcast, he pretended to have one too. Now he really does, because why just pretend, when you can do whatever you want in life and be whatever you want to be, like a superhero firefighter with a Podcast! Join Nikoni and his friends as they talk about firetrucks and other cool stuff.
Finding Connection on and off the trail The goal of the podcast is to capture these deep conversations and share the stories of ultra runners and adventurers, with a focus on telling female athletes stories. Conversations that go beyond running to explore what it means to push your limits, seek adventure and find connection out on the trail. The guests and their stories will inspire you and hopefully empower you to find your own adventure and tell your own story
Shudder Bugs
We are the Shudder Bugs and welcome to our very first podcast. We use dark humour and booze to curb our fear and anxiety that comes with our love of horror. What we do? Get drunk and review horror movies for your pleasure!Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @shudderbugs, find us on Facebook, or email us at
My name is Haley Williams. By the grace of God, the gift of my kids' quiet time and a cup of coffee, I’m building a business and a family. I want to inspire and encourage you as you do the same. The Kindled podcast is focused on helping moms use their gifts for Gods glory and their good. We’ll chat with real women who are learning how to do this very thing as they navigate motherhood, work and the grace we need for both. My hope is that these episodes kindle your God-given skills and interes ...
Latest Family, Children, Parenting, Marriage, Youth videos from
In this podcast, Candra interviews other mommies talking about the in's and the out's of homeschooling. The good, the bad, and the hopefully humorous.
Creepy Crawlies
Short horror story bits collected from across the web and brought to your ears for your horror-musement.
You and I are going to drink a lot of coffee together. Like, a lot. We’ll also talk about the gym, your workouts, nutrition, entrepreneurship, & sexy time (very nice 👍). Welcome to the Mini-Podcast - where we keep things quick, comical, and the exact opposite of politically correct.
A weekly podcast with interviews and topical discussions while playing drinking games with Host, Jameela Hammond. Guests that don't drink partake in their non-alcoholic beverage of their choice. The pulse check of what to look out for in music, business, organizations and the amazing people that walk this earth! A Jampacked show with laughs and knowledge. Get into it!
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California police charge registered sex offender mom with the murder after daughter's body found in a duffel bag. Alabama police say man strangled 11-year-old girl to death and then pretended to help cops try to find her. Jury finds the weed killer Roundup was "a substantial factor" in man's cancer. Did they try to cover it up?…
Wendy Williams reveals what has been going on with her. Also Robert Kraft is given a plea deal in Florida.
We go go down home with Greg's mom Ginger. A listener calls in and asks for advise on having her daughter dating a 19yr old while she is 16yrs old, listeners chime in.
We have the Ginger Replay. Also we say Happy Nowruz to all of our listeners!
Greg talks about taking listeners on a field trip to see our friend Dr. Bae. in the Weird News Wednesday a man in Santa Rosa sawed his fence to comply with the city's notice that was sent to him. Also a man in Detroit shoots another man by accident when he threw his shoe at a cockroach. Jon Snow might have revealed too much of the final season ...…
We get into more calls about making your significant other delete their social media. Wendy Williams reveals what she has been going through recently. Also Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been offered a plea deal with him.
What happened to Tara Grinstead was a mystery for over a decade, but not jurors in the trial of Bo Dukes hear his confession to charges of helping Ryan Duke burn the Georgia beauty queen and high school teacher's corpse after she was strangled to death. This episode opens with a special report from the trial. Also, dogs can be your best friend, ...…
Our friend David Deery is in studio on this week's Punch Drunk, along with Jayson Thibault, Sam Tripoli, and Chad Zumock. The guys talk NCAA Tournament brackets, NFL free agency, the NBA and MLB, and a load of other nonsense.Visit SeatGeek and buy tickets using the code "PunchDrunk" to get $20 off your first purchase.Head over to and ...…
In this week’s episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, you will discover an excellent remedy for Lactose Intolerance. Aethusa Cynapium is an amazing remedy! This remedy is one of the most important remedies for milk intolerance in infants. Milk is vomited in large curds, and then the child will become very drowsy and go into a deep sleep. He will cr ...…
“Mommy, what happens when someone dies?” When our kids ask us about death, answering can feel intimidating and even sad. How much should we share? What can they understand? Will we scare them? In this episode, Emily and Laura interview Tim Challies about how to talk to our kids about death. Tim is a husband, father of teenagers, pastor, and wri ...…
An armed robber walks into the Las Vegas casino and demands money from the poker cage. Tip leads New York police to human remains buried in a backyard. Facebook claims to have blocked and removed over 1.5 million videos of a New Zealand mosque massacre.
Laila Ali is a force of nature. That's pretty much a pre-requisite when your dad is the great Muhammed Ali. However, as amazing as her dad's accomplishments were, Laila is a phenomenal woman that's accomplished incredible feats in her own right. Right off the bat, she is a world class athlete and boxing world-champion. During her career, from w ...…
Beyond excited for this review because Lingus needs a whole hellavalot more love than it gets. It's one of our top three Zapata books and we are here to share the love. And yes, the title means exactly what you're thinking! Buckle up for this unconventional friends-to-lovers romance. Before we deep dive into their story, listen to a brief chit- ...…
💥Mello [ @riotalllday ] is the Owner & Creative Director of Reason4Riot [ @reason4riot ], Creator of Ideas to Bags [ @ideastobags ], the creative agency focuses to help startups launch and generate money from their great ideas , and the newest cast member of The Lez Factor [ @the_lez_factor ]. • • Mello stops by to talk: going from the navy to ...…
The Roast Master General is in the building. Hilarious, original and always evolving what a comedy special can be. Jeff Ross has always been a favorite of ours and this podcast solidifies that. Jeff is open and honest and slings that roast joke advice for all you lookin to toast someone. PLUS, Josh Potter jumps in the seat and updates us on his ...…
Inside the short life, promising career and tragic death of Lil Peep, who could've been the voice of a generation, with David Peisner, Christian Hoard and host Brian Hiatt
With the trial of Bo Dukes, the man accused of helping Ryan Duke burn Tara Grinstead's body to cover up her murder in 2005, come new revelations in the case. One witness says he called police in 2008 to tell them Bo had shared details with him, but cops weren't interested in talking to him. Nancy Grace updates the latest in the trial with priva ...…
After hearing all these horrible things on the news- I had to interject my thoughts Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Prudence is joined this week by writer Helen Rosner. She is the food correspondent for The New Yorker, and a former editor at places like Eater, Saveur, and New York Magazine. Together they tackle letters about what to do when a lonely neighbor treats you as if you were her grandchild, what to do when a member of your fine dining club can no lo ...…
Have you ever kicked your significant other off social media, listeners chime in. Travis Scott wears a Kylie Hoodie at the Rockets game while he's trying to reslove his problem with Kylie Jenner. Cleveland Cavaliers assistant Coach talks about his feud with J.R. Smith.
Fernando gives us his Good News, and listeners chime in. We talk about Myspace and how much you worried about your top 8. We play Big Money Minute with a lucky listener. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are putting off their wedding party. Also we get into another Shan Scam.
Do you know somebody who snores? listeners chime in. Jordyn Woods is getting back to business on her social media. Myspace looses all their pictures and songs after their server migration. The Oakland A's prepare for their season opener in Japan.
Stacey Castor will forever be known as the "Black Widow" for killing her husband with deadly doses of antifreeze and also trying to kill her daughter. Nancy Grace explores this case with a panel including forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan -- author of "Blood Beneath My Feet," Atlanta juvenile judge and lawyer Ashley Willcott, psychologist Ca ...…
We came, we got topless, got our drink on and talked some shit. Strippers, Hair Care Products, Death, Ginger Kids
Then boyfriend of cheerleader who dies after being doused in gasoline and burned alive, has been murdered himself. The man accused of kidnapping teen girl Jayme Closs after murdering her parents, confesses his love for Jayme to a local reporter. Tot Mom Casey Anthony parties hard for St. Patrick's day.…
A young woman is murdered in her bed, and investigators' key witness soon becomes their prime suspect. NEED A BETTER TOOTHBRUSH? Go to to get your first refill pack for FREE with a quip electric toothbrush!By
We talk about DIY disasters. listeners chime in with their stories. Hillsborough is sueing the owner of the Flintstone house because it is tacky. And we have the Love Trap follow up qwith Melissa.
Goal Setting: Understanding the Be, Do, Have Method (from Tony Robbins) with workings towards your goals!! Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Brandless and Anchor
Do you know somebody who has a snoring problem? How did you deal with it? listeners call in and chime in with their stories. Reports come out that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are not in a good place now. Kevin Durant opened up on a podcast about his burner twitter accounts.
Greg let's us know who is one of the Shadiest people in the Real Housewives.
More listeners give Shan advise on turning 30. We get into more talk of the Lori Laughlin and the college scandals. Also Kevin Durant is scheduled to return tonight with Warriors.
Casey Anthony seems to be enjoying herself almost 11 years after her young daughter Caylee went missing and was later found murdered. Tot mom partied hard in a south Florida bar over the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Nancy Grace updates the story with a panel including Los Angeles psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, forensics expert Karen Smith, ...…
Recognizing what needs improvement and how to make those changes. Allowing the journey to begin Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Chris Watts on suicide watch. DNA leads to arrest in cold case. Jogger attack from behind after waving at a bicyclist.
30 days of change challenge why? Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Actress, Writer and Producer Seana Kofoed (American Princess, 30 Miles from Nowhere) joins Betsy and Amanda to talk about how hard it is to try and raise a capable adult, the inability to actually adult, and the shame of a Principle prison lunch. -- SHOW INFORMATION Why Mommy Drinks Merchandise Facebook Page: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast Facebook Gro ...…
Actress, Writer and Producer Seana Kofoed (American Princess, 30 Miles from Nowhere) joins Betsy and Amanda to talk about how hard it is to try and raise a capable adult, the inability to actually adult, and the shame of a Principle prison lunch. -- SHOW INFORMATION Why Mommy Drinks Merchandise Facebook Page: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast Facebook Gro ...…
Holly Wimer is a friend of mine and she is also an Ambassador for Noonday Collection, a socially responsible business that creates a marketplace for jewelry and accessories handmade by Artisans across the globe. Holly discovered the work when she was a newly stay-at-home mom needing to help make ends meet. What she didn't expect to find was a p ...…
Now Hasbro has basically given license to several different companies to create these creations, so we will be going through them by company. Ok after a long track we have finally finished the smaller companies and made it to the big leagues, we will be covering single companies from here on out till the end of the Plushie line up. Tonight we w ...…
Swimfan (2002) Not sure how in 2002 they were able to create a perfect visual representation of Kaeley’s future, but here it is! In this episode, we’re getting drunk, stalker-ey, and revelling in our teenage years. Also some James Taylor for added fun! So drink up buttercups, it’s about to get rowdy. ...…
Shan gives America the news they want to know. We go down home with Greg's mom Ginger. and in WTFriday we talk about the woman who shot her husband because he snore while sleeping. Also we go over our visit with Dr. Bae.
We talk to listeners about mercury being in retrograde. Hallmark drops Lori Laughlin after being in the college scandal. Connor McGregor is now being sued by the man that he broke his phone.
Andreen McDonald is still missing and presumed dead two weeks after she vanished from her San Antonio, Texas, home, while her husband Andre McDonald is jailed on an evidence tampering charge. Cops say the Air Force officer was lawyered up in and was uncooperative when their investigation started in early March. Nancy Grace digs into the case wi ...…
Football stars murder conviction reinstated. Wife and child killer spared death after California governor halts all executions. Jury convicts man who strangled wife leaving the body for daughter to find.
Tim Erhardt is a therapist who specializes in clients that have experienced trauma, most often PTSD. In this interview, we dive deep into the causes of PTSD, how these symptoms may show up in a family dynamic, and (most importantly) how to get help. Tim lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife and their three kids. He has a practice in San Antoni ...…
My boyfriend and I talk about our dating journey after our split. Special Guest Phillip A. IG:[Bolo714] Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Marianne Heading is a ultra runner from Derbyshire England. In 2007 she had a big change in her life. She took a chance and volunteered at the Yukon Arctic Ultra. After seeing the ultra runners competing in the Yukon Arctic Ultra, Marianne was inspired. She went from barely running around the block to competing in long distance events around th ...…
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