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CJR Movement
3 Sports fans under the influence giving you nothing but the facts!
Does the word "fit" make you think of rail-thin women jogging in yoga pants? Or men with all muscles (and no neck) downing protein shakes? Let Tha Compound Movement rebuild your ideas around health & fitness through entertaining guests & medical experts, light-hearted but engaging discussions, and mad jokes. Hosted by Shanelle Gabriel and Adrian "AD" Odate.
DNB Radio presents #BASSMovement hosted by Arietta featuring special guests worldwide!
The Music, Mind, and Movement Podcast features interviews with musicians, educators, health and wellness professionals, and many more who take a holistic view of the musician’s life. Together we explore some of the unique physical, mental, social, and emotional challenges that musicians face and how we can meet these challenges in ways that help us grow both as musicians and as healthy, creative, resilient humans.Karen Bulmer is a tuba player, music professor, meditation facilitator, and mov ...
Metanoia Movement
Head Movement MMA
An combat sports podcast based out of the DMV area. Reporting on regional and national combat sports events for men and women. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Movement by beryl
A podcast about the magic of people, cities and bikes.Most of us are urban citizens and, over time, we’ll probably call a few cities home. Cities are the place where we choose to live in and are shaped by the people who live in them. With increasing population numbers, urban planning that considers cycling will make life in these places more progressive, inclusive and humanistic. Movement is a new podcast where we talk about life and cycling in cities with the people who live and cycle in th ...
Embrace Movement
We're about quality, laid back music, predominantly from independent artists and labels. It's a laid back affair with the best new ambient, downtempo, Balearic, freaky folk, drones and tones, stoned soul, electronica, dub flavours, psychedelic vibes, deep house, lazy jazz, leftfield beats and pieces, peyote pop, soundtracks and any other great lazy, atmospheric, hard to describe music that we've just found.
Inspiring greater peace, acceptance, and happiness for people affected by brain injury is a big part of what we do. We’ve learned that meditation is one powerful way to help transform chaos into inner calm and frustration into joy. Meditation offers a variety of paths--from short to long, guidance to silence, imagery to mantras--so that everyone can find a practice that works for them. We are collaborating with brain injury survivors, yogis, and meditation teachers to share meditation practi ...
World-class tips from thought-leaders in movement, mobility, strength training, gymnastics, parkour, nutrition and more! Be healthy to be strong, be strong to be useful.
In The Movement
Podcast by Theodore Hilton
The Cheats Movement operates at the intersection of Hip-Hop Culture and Community Engagement. Led by culture journalist and community activist Marc Cheatham (Cheats), along with DJ and culture critic Hip Hop Henry, the Cheats Movement Podcast Family is a 8-person crew based out of Richmond, VA. The Cheats Movement Family talks the issues of the day in hip-hop culture, as well as highlights independent hip-hop music and artists. The Cheats Movement crew also interviews some of the most influe ...
Epicenter Prophetic Movement is a Christian movement under no denomination. We believe in the reemergence of the office of the prophet in these last days. We believe every young believer should find their purpose in their youth and dedicate their lives to it. We believe in helping young people realign to their purpose.
Podcast Movement: Sessions is the official podcast of the world's largest podcaster conference, Podcast Movement. Sessions is a journey through some of the most fascinating sessions, speakers, and personalities that have taken the stage at events in years past, and conversations with the people involved. Past speakers include Sarah Koenig of Serial, Marc Maron of WTF, Aaron Mahnke of Lore, Anna Sale of Death, Sex and Money and many more. Season Three of the Podcast Movement Sessions is hoste ...
Welcome to the Adventures In Movement podcast with Gray Caws. Engage, explore, experiment.
In this podcast, Jon Dwoskin, Executive Advisor and Business Coach takes his book, The Think Big Movement, to the next level by interviewing successful business owners, executives and top sales people. Listen in as Jon and his guests share their Think Big strategies, including best business practices, business advice, and business acumen so you, too, can grow your business big. Very Big! For additional information about Jon, his guests, show notes and links from the show, please visit jondwo ...
Alchemy Movement
Alchemy is the combination of elements, life is the balance of them. Alchemy Movement founder Brynn Scarborough, MBA & 200HR RYT, brings elements together through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to enhance balance for leaders, seekers and doers.
The Liberation Project: A Movement for Manhood is an honest, in your face podcast that challenges the social and cultural norms that define today’s man. Through witty banter and provocative conversations we’re redefining masculinity. We’re finding a balance between the classic caveman and the limp-wristed doormat of today’s generation. Tune in and learn what it is to be a confident, powerful, loving leader that people trust and admire. If you’re ready for the challenge of being a “real man,” ...
Make Your Movement
Welcome to the Make Your Movement podcast, where amazing things happen.
Motivation Movement
Breaking down the importance of quality movement, lifestyle change, and perspectives from the world of using movement, food, and thoughts as medicine.
You’re listening to the “Restoring Human Movement” Podcast, where movement experts discuss the latest evidenced-based practices to help you and your clients move with mastery. In this podcast, we interview other movement professionals from a variety of disciplines (medical doctor, sports chiropractor, personal trainer, strength coach, physical therapist, athletic trainer, etc) about how they treat and prevent aches/ pains in their client population. Some experts we've had on the show are: - ...
Truth on the go!
This is a history podcast where we are going to reveal the unique history of America.
The weekend messages from Movement Church in Las Cruces, NM, a church designed to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Developing a brighter future mind through life experiences and real estate education. Real Estate and Real Life. Bringing you a genuine point of view of how to be better.
Welcome to DotMobbRadio "The Movement" a blogtalk radio show sponsored by T Rex w/ host JimGeezyDotMfMob also Vice president of DotMobbDMV on Dotmobradio we wanna tap into the lives and history of Dotmobb and also others who are in the battle rap culture and music industry...we promote music,Shows,Events and anything else going on in the culture "From The Streets To the Main Stage".....the name speaks for itself so lock in with us everyday from 11-12am and Sundays DotMobbRadio "After Dark" 1 ...
Health Movement
Health Movement - Creating a movement towards a healthier way of thinking, feeling and acting.
Welcome to the Mindful Movement podcast, where we share our thoughts and experiences so that we can help bring out the best in you!
Welcome to the Movement Analysis topic for the OCR GCSE PE course, where I will be helping you revise for your exam with these podcasts.
Millennial Movementis a podcast for millennials who are movement professionals, teachers, coaches, PT’s, gym and studio owners, as well as those who are interested in the diverse movement paradigm who want to learn more, grow and be well-rounded practitioners and teachers.We believe that every generation is here to bring something different into the world - and we will be your support, give actionable advice, bring in experts on growing your personal practice, your personal brand and your co ...
Anchors of Health is a podcast about helping you build the healthiest you through 4 essential anchors: mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. Bill interviews world-class experts to share valuable principles and actionable steps to help guide or empower you to find the best approach for you. Each episode focuses on a different anchor.
Welcome to Justice 4 All- Prisoners Lives Matter M.I. podcast where, "Truth is shared Freely!"
Awakenings Movement is a grassroots community of biblical truth, human honesty, and life long relationships. Our podcasts use new sights, new symbols, and new sounds to bring age-old biblical principles to life.
Encouraging people do dream and Bellieve beyond ther presence situation that nothing is impossible with God.
Movement Disorders Journal Podcasts 2012-2015
Compass Life Adult Sunday School is ministry of Compass Bible Church.
More critical thinking. Less dogma. I started this podcast to share engaging discussions that stimulate our thinking about WHY and HOW we teach. The "beyond" part reflects how yoga fits into to the bigger picture of human movement and scientific research. In the first 50+ episodes I interviewed authors, biomechanists, physical therapists, pilates teachers, rolfers, chiropractors, yoga teachers, anatomy teachers and more. The new format of the show features discussions about published researc ...
Join students in college classrooms to hear lectures on topics ranging from the American Revolution to 9-11.
Podcast by Million Dollar Movement
Spreading awareness of the Zeitgeist Movement with a focus on the Florida chapter as well as promoting the concepts of the Venus Project.
Close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.
I use the lessons I’ve learned as a family man, combat-tested leader, and business owner to help you take command of your life and live your dreams without fear!
Podcast by Social Church Movement
Tha Movement
Hey guys, in our second podcast we talk heavily on things that make us "salty" in life. From holding grudges to people physically fighting. Press play to hear what it's all about!
Podcast by Gene Adam
This podcast is intended to help encourage you as a group leader by hearing from other leaders who are right in the trenches with you. Each month we will hear about the wins, struggles and tensions each leader goes through while focusing on one leadership principle that leaders can grow in and apply.
Movement TV
Movement Magazine TV
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Here is some additional audio that I was able to capture afte my interview with Ray with some colleagues. I squeezed in one last question about his thoughts on Bellator coming to Hawaii and his thoughts on the PFL doing a show there.VIDEO version is available on Youtube on my Head Movement MMA page. Become a supporter of this podcast:https://an ...…
Exclusive interview with Ray after PFL 10. Funny Story...he got released from the arena before he gave his post fight interview. I actually had to go to his hotel and meet him in the lobby lol. He is such a grounded human being. This is my 3rd time interviewing him. He is so humble.VIDEO version is available on Youtube on my Head Movement MMA p ...…
PFL 10 Post Fight Interview: Carlos Silva and Ray SefoTalking about tonight's epic event. The highs, the lows, Rick Story injury update and the controversy during the John Howard vs Louis Taylor fight. VIDEO version is available on Youtube on my Head Movement MMA page. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Post Fight Interview with Louis "Put the guns down" Taylor. He explains the emotional roller coaster of his win as well as his the meaning of his nickname Put the Guns Down.VIDEO version is available on Youtube on my Head Movement MMA page. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Become a supporter of this podcast:
A real mixed bag this week from the sounds of Africa to drifting ambient via cosmic electronica, glitchscapes, Palestinian oud playing brothers, folk covers of funk classics to indie folk pop and all sorts of atmospheric piano mutations. Head over to the blog for the full tracklisting if you are in a rush: ...…
John and Sean talk about both events while watching each event. Also we give our thoughts on the new PFL MMA app. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Just a quick blast of what events can be viewed this weekend Become a supporter of this podcast:
I had a listener email a great question. He asked if I ever planned on addressing some of the concerns of active seniors. The 65+ group how wants to stay active as they were when they were younger. I’m sure many of you know people like this… those older guys and girls who were complete badasses at their sport when they were younger and now they ...…
Gigi's back! In this episode, Gigi Broadway makes her triumphant return to the show. We introduce a brand new segment "Ask the Cheats Movement." We also go one-on-one with Councilman Michael Jones following the failure of his resolution for the city to control their own monuments and landmarks. It's a great episode. As always, S/O to 804RVA for ...…
Cheats sits down with the host of NPR One's Full Disclosure Roben Farzad. They talk the supreme court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. #WESEEIT
Week 6 was lit! The movement bought the heat once again to with the week 6 Recap!
Maybe you don’t want to be a powerlifter, but this episode talks about ways to improve how you move weights. Our guest Sir Wilkins (Trainer, Competitive Powerlifter, and host of “The Jabber Tears” WWE podcast) gives us a well of history including how Steph Curry’s weightlifting helped him level up in basketball, tips on going up in weights, and ...…
All of us have needs. And most the time they go unfulfilled. In this episode, Laura Duncan teaches us how to get our needs met in healthy ways...and why most of us are walking around relationally starving!
BASS MOVEMENT featuring Arietta and Special Guests! This was recorded live on October, 14th 2018 and featured Nightshade from Boston, MA! 🎶 Various Sundays of EVERY Month! From 1pm PST 4pm EST 9pm GMC
BASS MOVEMENT featuring Arietta and Special Guests! This was recorded live on September 16th, 2018 and featured Ariel from Phoenix, AZ! 🎶 Various Sundays of EVERY Month! From 12pm PST 3pm EST 8pm GMC Streaming Options: *Tunein Mobile App: Winamp, iTunes cast3.citrus3.c ...…
YouTube Live UFC 229 Become a supporter of this podcast:
I started a closed Facebook group with the goal of improving our patient education and communication, so we can all accomplish better outcomes with these people who’ve trusted us as guides to accomplish their goals. I think if we can improve our communication (verbal, visual and kinesthetic), we can better assist our patients in completion of t ...…
Cellist Barbara Bogatin has been a member of the San Francisco Symphony for 25 years and a dedicated meditation practitioner for over 30 years. In this conversation, we talk about the impact meditation has had on her life as a musician and on her approach to both practice and performance. To learn more about Barbara, visit ...…
Got the Dicky boys in the booth this week to recap week 5 of the NFL. Joe and Zach gives the Colorado Rockies fans something to think about this off season! NHL,MLS updates!
Healthy eating, understanding cardio, and sex as a sleep aid... We ask everyday people their present health & fitness goals and give some tips on how to reach them. We also discuss women AND men having mood swings. Visit for more details on this urban health & fitness podcast.…
Lots of flat out ambient, soundscapes, modern composition and drones to start before heading into some laid back beats then lurching into Afro psychedelic electronic fusion territory and ending on a more traditional soulful and Afro funk vibe. Head over to the blog for the full tracklisting if you are in a rush: https://www.theslowmusicmovement ...…
I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Brenan Ghassemieh, Strength Coach, while overcoming a lumbar spine injury I sustained last year 2017. My goal was to be able to play baseball again (recreationally) in the 2018 spring season, which I was able to do so! Booyah! Throughout our strength and conditioning sessions over the last year, Brenan an ...…
The Movement is back in full effect this week! Joe and Rog are back and we got all the week four news for you.
Our guest Jasmine "Jaz" Graham (founder of Pace 4 Success and owner of Fitness Sanctuary Studio) gives us running tips that she’s shared with Black Girls Run, Team in Training, and other marathon groups. She also tells us about her lower body class called Sanctified Booty (hallelujah!) Shanelle shares with AD how one person can end up with 3 gy ...…
It's a birthday miracle! No, not really. But it is a surprise birthday interrogation for Justin! Today, we ask Justin a lot of questions...hard ones, easy ones, funny ones. You'll want to listen so you can ask these questions to your spouse, friends, or maybe even yourself. Happy Birthday big guy!
And so I return to current issues, I rarely find that engagement on current issues is fruitful, because people believe their politics like they believe their religion, but I do believe in a can call for MINDFULNESS. Let me get a little personal…when the issues of the day interrupt your regularly scheduled programming. The new battle of the sexe ...…
Latest episode of Metanoia Movement Become a supporter of this podcast:
Two facts: a straight line is the shortest distance between two points and once you study people for long enough the way in which they move in the urban space becomes quite predictable. When it comes to getting around a city by bike is the straight and most common route everyone follows the quickest and most enjoyable one? In this episode we ta ...…
I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Andy Galpin PhD on the podcast recently. I thought his point of view as researcher would be extremely informative to clinicians like myself, that claim to be an “evidence-based provider.” Are we actually practicing what the evidence shows? Should we only practice what the evidence shows? These are just a fe ...…
Frank Diaz is an Associate Professor of Music Education at Indiana University and the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Pedagogy program (MBWP). In this conversation we explore what mindfulness is and isn't, the role of ethics in a musical life, peak performance as an ecological contruct, and lots more. To find out more about Frank' ...…
The movement recapped NFL week 3 and gave you a preview to week 4!
Adriana Flores-Ragade didn't know English when she came to the US at the tender age of 12. Just one year later however, she was taking main stream classes. Driven is a good word to describe Adriana. She suceeded in school and she made it her life's work to give back to the community. She worked in education and the American Red Cross, listening ...…
During the practice of Yoga Nidra, we induce a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It is a sleep-based meditation technique used for effectively establishing new patterns on the mind and body, creating harmony, and awakening your inner potential. This transformative practice works at the deepest levels to release tensi ...…
Our guest Lee Charm (Recording Artist and Influencer) talks about coming from a legacy of fitness enthusiasts, eating well while touring, body insecurities, and what finally led him to take his shirt off for photos. AD and Shanelle explore what going too hard at the gym can do.
Some of the most important lessons I have ever learned about business and life were not in college or even in business school, in fact they were not in school at all…and don’t get me wrong, I am an education proponent. Not sure I’m even done with it myself. However, the most useful information that I find in the ‘recently opened’ files of my mi ...…
Just a recap on where I been, some bodybuilding and Olympia talk, and me rambling for 20 mins
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