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Fibromyalgia syndrome is characterized by chronic widespread pain, multiple tender points, and often, numerous other symptoms and comorbidities including profound fatigue, and psychological symptoms. This multifaceted disorder affects many areas of an individual's life and daily function. New tools and diagnostic criteria in the updated guidelines can assist clinicians in providing optimal care to their patients with fibromyalgia, enabling clinicians to deliver the right care—at the right ti ...
Connecting The Special Needs Community. There is nothing more empowering than confidence and there is no greater need forthat empowerment than when raising a child with a disability.Our programs offer support, information and inspiration for those on the special needs journey by offering practical and focused educational parenting programming.Become empowered, become confident, become the best parent and educator you can be.
Bringing Up Betty is a podcast about the unique experiences that come with raising special needs kids. The podcast is a collection of narrative interviews with parents who are raising children with disabilities, developmental delays, diseases and other challenges.
Award winning, world renowned authors, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, advocates and respected children's foundations join us to help you better understand a special needs child.... and yourself. You are your child's best advocate - if not you then who - become an informed educated parent here at The Coffee Klatch.
A free podcast of funny, strange and heartwarming stories about individuals with special needs from around the world, presented by The Drive for Rebecca.Please send your stories
Your host, Kim, has a teenage daughter with severe autism and other special needs that will require 24/7 care the rest of her life. Like many parents, Kim has a lot of important questions. She does not claim to know the answers for her child nor yours but does promise to search for them and share what she is discovering along the way. You will quickly find her getting things right just as often as wrong. These mishaps will also be openly shared as we all fumble through this journey together.
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Welcome to the Unexceptional Moms Podcast, where we offer hope and encouragement for special needs parents. Join us in this journey as we navigate the joys and challenges of raising children with disabilities. We want you to know you're not alone.
Kate discusses estate planning for special needs kids, based on her experiences and research she put in when she wrote her book (yet to be published) The Surrogate Parent. This is from a parent's perspective.
Holistic, nutritional and practical tips and advice for parents who have children with learning disorders or special needs, including anxiety, ADHD, depression, anger issues and autism spectrum traits.
Certification Weekly is a weekly podcast that includes valuable information about all of the latest and greatest Certifications that are available in the Technology field! This podcast is put out by CED Solutions(Your Computer Education Solution) and is produced by Chris Pope from Entertainement and Educational project company)
A few gays who used to live in SF together and now live in different parts of the world get together and chat, dish and laugh.
Tracy Sherriff, founder and facilitator of the Hamilton Parent Advocacy Learning and Support Network invites parents, educators, politicians, or anyone who is doing remarkable things for children and students with special needs to the show. A parent of children with unique learning differences and an educator in the field of special needs, Tracy has had the privilege of being on both sides of the table. Tracy and her guests talk openly about advocacy, collaboration, and partnership within th ...
No matter what type of business you're running, systems are the magic pill, missing piece and secret sauce for success. Learn what systems you need and how to make them work automagically because Every Entrepreneur Needs Systems.
Welcome to the Care-Go: Special Needs Transportation podcast, where amazing things happen.
Prayer for Needs
Christian audio prayers
An honest look at life in a special needs family
Have you ever tried to explain the game Warhammer 40k to a friend? Are you interested in the hobby of 40k but have no clue where to start?? Well you have come to the right place! In this podcast a seasoned 40k player tries to explain the appeal of the Warhammer Hobby to a friend who couldn't care less.
We're two friends who like to talk about movies and tv, making each other laugh, and noticing the lack of female perspective in media. Come listen to our bi-weekly podcast and let us know what programs you want to hear about!If you like what you hear here, please check out all of our episodes! We can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and ShoutEngine!
Comedian Justin Luke doesn't have a car, so he might as well interview the other comics who cart him from show to show.
Special Needs Rock
Special Needs Rock is one of the only shows dedicated to the accomplishments and challenges of the special needs community.
Online Magazine Serving the Special Needs Community. Providing practical tips, sharing life’s lessons, tackling the challenges and celebrating the joys of one of life’s greatest gifts.
This is a podcast about struggling to be an adult. Like, I'm the only that is having trouble with that!
An episodic celebration of The Simpsons by four fans. We promise no new insights, no celebrity guests. Only opinions, off topic discussions and best-friendship.
Get your Phil with these meaningful expressions.MusicoPhiles & LogoPhiles
Your Geek Needs
The technology podcast for your geek needs
Your guide though the world of Transformers
KMUZ - Community Radio, serving Salem, Monmouth, Independence, Albany, Turner, Stayton, & Jefferson - Oregon
Two pharmacists discussing anything and everything related to healthcare. Tune in, and hit us up on Twitter @WhoNeedsHC or email us at
Its about go shut the fuck up mate. Yeah nah cool beans 1👍
Everyone needs R&R
How do we get to explore what it means to be free and live out your true potential in life’s calling. Looking at yourself in the world from a different lens so you can do and become everything you’re meant to be.
This show is for anyone who is raising a child with neurological differences. Being a mother of a little girl with autism and epilepsy, its time that us parents talk about what life is really like and how do we manage. Each week, we will discuss topics relating to the special needs parenting journey. From getting second opinions and talking about therapies, schools, and friendships to learning the tips and strategies that parents and professionals use to manage the difficulties along the way.
A Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Podcast
This Needs To Be Said... There is such a need for people to be able to be truthful. We have been tactful all around the world and in the midst of that we want to be accepted, so we conform. Then one day you ask yourself, "What is MY truth?" While digging through a lot of baggage gathered from wanting to belong somewhere and not sure of what you believe, there is a crying out for all those things that should be said that aren't. No longer will WE pretend that there are no issues to address! O ...
Your guide through the world of Pop Culture
Your Anime Needs
Your guide through the world of Anime!
Geoff Parks needed something to do. Salem Comedy Studios gave him a show. This is that show.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease affecting over 1.3 million Americans and as much as 1% of the worldwide population. The condition can be difficult to diagnose in its early stages because of non-specific early signs and symptoms that mimic many other diseases, and there is no singular confirmatory blood test or physical finding. But the evidence is clear: early diagnosis and treatment lead to improved outcomes for RA patients.Rheumatoid Arthritis: Addres ...
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#23: Be Inspired, Dream Big with John Tucker and Rachel Osterbach [Click to Listen to Podcast] In today’s purposeful conversation (episode #23), I am speaking with lead cast members John Tucker and Rachel Osterbach from the EMMY... The post Be Inspired, Dream Big with John Tucker and Rachel Osterbach appeared first on Parenting Special Needs Ma ...…
Person centered planning is not a system or policy but rather a way of thinking. It asks that we momentarily put aside what is currently offered and focus on what is important to an individual with special needs before thinking about what is important for them to fit in the existing system. Our guest is Erin Sheldon who is the CEO of Integratio ...…
Talking about how much life is mindset and perspective!
Check out this short introduction to our new podcast! Meet your hosts Genevieve and MacKenzie, and find out what Every Lady Needs a Hobby is all about.
All About the Show - Starting From the Beginning When I first started on the road of being a mom of a child with autism and epilepsy, I was a fish out of water. I had no preparation or warning and not a clue of how to be the mom I needed to be for my daughter who obviously needed so much care. Out of desperation, I turned to every single place ...…
In this episode Adam tells Brad about the story of the most beautiful primarch, Sanguinious. Though he has some issues with Sanguinious treatments of mutants, because you know they are people too. We talk about his birth and how he was a great exterminator of scorpions and all the way to the deck of the "Vengeful Spirit". Brad Also is down with ...…
Rachael Langley is a speech language pathologist specializing in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Rachael talks with us about ***finding an AAC specialist***aided facilitated stimulation***communication autonomy***avoiding prompt dependency***overcoming obstacles parents, teachers, and support staff face in becoming fluent AAC ...…
On the thirty-first episode of Who Needs Another Forking Podcast? Scott & Eric (Kyle’s upstate) bring you with a new podcast full of us busy gals catching up, talking about all the things you need to know regarding TV, film and music recommendations. You can always view our entertaintment recommendations at the link below, updated with every po ...…
Art Therapy: What it is and isn’t [Click to Listen to Podcast] Today we’re talking with Raquel Farrell-Kirk, MS, ATR-BC about art therapy: What it is and isn’t. Raquel has been... The post Art Therapy: How it works, the benefits, how to start appeared first on Parenting Special Needs Magazine.
Today we are finishing up our discussion on being a special needs parent. We talk about vaccines and why you should be doing it and not bragging that you don't. When special needs parents need friends and why they have all the good booze. And, I'll be sharing word of wisdom from Bob the Drag Queen Don't forget to subscribe to hear about what we ...…
This is just a short story about the crazy things that I have been dealing with trying to finish up this series about being a special needs parent and being sick and just trying to make the internet work for me.Twitter @NeedsadultInsta Nicki Needs an Adult…
Quick rant on some things I’ve been thinking about
This week we are going to talk about being a special needs parent. This is a subject that doesn't often get talked about from the parent point of view. It's really good for people with special needs kids, and really good for people for kids that don't have special needs. It's a good podcast you should all want to listen.Twitter: @NeedsadultInst ...…
I just need to talk about how Trump is treating the death of John McCain. It's not ok. And it's not great!Twitter @needsadultFacebook page Nicki Needs an AdultInstagram
SHHHHHHH! The 1st legion has a secret and we are about to let the cat out of the bag on this episode. In this episode we discuss "The Lion" which if you remember is brads favorite Primacrh. From his early rise in the forest of Caliban to the floating cathedral in the sky, we go over his entire life and the inspiration of his name and the legion ...…
Lucy Shooter, Mental Health Practitioner for Witherslack Group, presented 'Mental Health Awareness' at our 2018 North West SEN conference, held at our Pontville School.
How to delegate your to-do list to your kids. [Click to Listen to Podcast] In today’s conversation, we’re going to talk about delegating your to-do list to your kids. I... The post The benefits of delegating your to-do list to your kids appeared first on Parenting Special Needs Magazine.
This week we are taking a big trip and talking about drugs... Because, all the cool kids are doing it!Twitter: @NeedsadultInsta: Page: Nicki Needs an AdultEmail:
On today's show, three ghosts try and get Geoff to reflect on his past so that maybe he can be a better person. Hosted by Geoff Parks. With guests: Emma Jonas & Chad Johnson Edited and produced by Chad Johnson. Recorded in the Salem Comedy Studios at Capitol City Theater.
This is just a real quick this I need to say that was brought up from some YouTube drama. Being a special needs parent is something that I need to discuss, but I haven't wanted to until now. This is just the start of a much bigger conversation.Twitter: @NickiNeedsInstagram: Page: Nicki Needs an AdultEmail: Nicki.Ne ...…
On this episode Rui recaps his experience at the Burbank Comedy Festival, the pros and cons of being on the road, and how valuable stage time is.
In this long overdue episode, Zach and Marti make a big announcement, talk about the future, and goof off more than usual.
On today's show, Alli Hanley! Hosted by Geoff Parks. Edited and produced by Chad Johnson. Recorded in the Salem Comedy Studios at Capitol City Theater.
Making a Difference | Peaceful Fruits: Paving The Way for Socially Good Partnerships [Click to Listen to Podcast] In today’s conversation, I am speaking with Evan Delahanty, the Founder and CEO of Peaceful Fruits, a socially good, snack startup... The post Peaceful Fruits: Paving The Way for Socially Good Partnerships appeared first on Parentin ...…
Today we are going to talk about my home state of Indiana. Everyone seems to think they know what goes on here, but I do they know all of what happens in the state of small towns? Twitter: @NickiNeedsInstagram: Page: Nicki Needs an AdultEmail:…
WAAAGH! In this episode we take a break from the usual grim dark to have a little comic relief. When it comes to sillyness in 40k, no one does it better than the Orks. Brad is so good with the Boyz that he is able to guess ahead when we start talking about them Oddboyz! And he thinks they are Juggalos. Sit back and enjoy this episode and also i ...…
This is just a little short story about what happened when we went up to see my in-laws this weekend. Regular episodes still out on Thursday!Twitter: @needsadultInstagram: Nicki Needs an AdultEmail:
On this episode Rui reflects on celebrating a decade with his wife, looks back on his weak game in college, and challenges people to look beyond relationship goals.
Lessons Learned | How to win the special needs marathon with no training Raising a child with special needs is very much like running a marathon. [Click to Listen to... The post How to run the special needs marathon with no training appeared first on Parenting Special Needs Magazine.
Tracy Dickens, Director of Psychological Therapies at the ADHD Foundation presented 'Sleep: difficulties and solutions' at our 2018 North West SEN Conference, held at Pontville School.
This week we are talking about Makeup! That's right I am going to tell you all the fun things that happen at the stores you love to shop at everyday. We will also talk about how the internet has effected cosmetic sales and what I think that true future of makeup is! You better get comfy this one is a good one!!!Twitter: @NeedsadultInstagram: @N ...…
Ever want to get into 40k but the investment is a little too steep..well GW now has the answer for you, and it is called Kill Team! My long time friend Adam is here and we discuss the pros and cons of the game. Follow him on twitch as sometimes me and him stream our games of 40k!
In this episode, I am continuing questioning everything. I discuss a Ted Talk I watched regarding consciousness that sparked up some scary thoughts in my head. In this episode, I just work through those thoughts. Let me know what you guys think about this mysterious topic.
On the thirtieth episode of Who Needs Another Forking Podcast? Scott, Kyle & Eric (another with the three queens!) bring you with a new podcast full of us busy gals catching up, talking about all the things you need to know regarding TV, film and music recommendations. You can always view our entertaintment recommendations at the link below, up ...…
After a three month break, the podcast is back and Rui is covering what life has been like since the last episode. In this episode Rui covers feeling addicted to social media, disneyland, diets, and any other random thoughts he's had in the last 90 days. New playlist has also been put up on Apple Music featuring DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, and lot ...…
Back-To-School | Special Education: The Pros and Cons of Public vs. Private School Parents and Professionals share their experiences and perspective on the pros and cons of Public School vs.... The post Special Education: The Pros and Cons of Public vs. Private School appeared first on Parenting Special Needs Magazine.…
Naoimh Todd, Head of Applied Therapies and Michael Heyes, Assistant Psychologist presented ‘Communication strategies’ at our 2018 North West SEN Conference, at our Pontville School.
Laura Tate, Speech and Language Therapist for Witherslack Group presented Lego Therapy at our 2018 North West SEN Conference, held at Pontville School
Justine Sims, Head Teacher at our Pontville School, presented 'Developing a student centred approach' at our 2018 North West SEN Conference, held at the school.
This week I just need to get some stuff off of my chest. It's not easy stuff to talk about, and it's not always fun to talk about, but it's been on my mind so much lately I had to get it off my chest. Because I know I'm not the only one going through all of this right now.Twitter @NeedsadultInsta Page Nicki Needs a ...…
This is just a short story I wanted to share with everyone real quick about my eventful birthday nightTwitter @NeedsadultInsta Page Nicki Needs an AdultEmail
In the final episode of Chaos, Brad learns the story of the little 40k engine that could, Abaddon the Dispoiler. We all fail sometimes and that goes especially for Abaddon, but the important thing is that he always kept getting back up and trying again! Adult Langues a If you enjoy the podcast please leave us a review on iTunes and follow us on ...…
In this episode, you will get to hear snippets from each guest in the 12 part safety series and the three big takeaways from the host. Know bad things can and do happen. Know how to tell if something bad is happening. Know what to do. This episode is a quick listen and one to use if you are just finding the safety series and want to hear from e ...…
I’ve been questioning things for such a long time. I’ve been on this quest for truth for such a long time, and while I feel there may be a possibility I won’t ever find objective truth, I want to take you guys on this journey with me. My spirituality has always been something I value, and my morals have always been at the forefront of my life, ...…
Back-To-School | Family-School Collaboration focusing on quality of life for all [Click to Listen to Podcast] In this episode, Meme Heineman and Kimberli Breen, will be discussing Home and School Collaboration with... The post Family-School Collaboration focusing on quality of life for all appeared first on Parenting Special Needs Magazine.…
On today's show, Tina Hogstrom! Hosted by Geoff Parks. Edited and produced by Chad Johnson. Recorded in the Salem Comedy Studios at Capitol City Theater.
This week we will be talking about MY BIRTHDAY!!! That's right it's birthday week and I'm celebrating it with you! I'm going to be talking about being almost 40 and birthdays from when I was a kid. Also I might have a special Q&A episode this weekend look for the details on Twitter : @needsadultFacebook page: Nicki Needs an AdultInstagram: Nick ...…
Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO of the ADHD Foundation, presented 'Understanding and managing your child's anxiety' at our 2018 North West SEN Conference, held at Pontville School.
On today's show, Eric T. Edquist! Hosted by Geoff Parks. Edited and produced by Chad Johnson. Recorded in the Salem Comedy Studios at Capitol City Theater.
We are finishing up with our discussion on women this week. We talk about having children, white feminism, and beauty standards. If you have any thoughts about this episode or ideas for any others send them to:Twitter @NeedsadultInstagram page Nicki Needs an AdultEmail can also use ...…
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