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A podcast that talks about relatable content to an average Nigerian youth which varies from lifestyle, comedy, guy and girl code, dos and don'ts, relationship thoughts, bants, unpopular opinions, morals and trends. @Damii_aros on all social media platforms @sonigerian_ on Twitter @sonigerianpodcast on Instagram Email -
History of Africa

History of Africa

The History of Africa Podcast

Take a deep dive deep into African history with this in-depth podcast. From Casablanca to Cape Town, tune in to this podcast to learn about the magnificent and oft-forgotten history of Africa. To access more free resources about African history, provide feedback, or support the show, check out our associated website at
Brekete Family is a reality radio and television program focused on human rights. It airs on radio and cable television, and streams online through social media platforms and Human Rights Radio 101.1 in Abuja, Nigeria. The program is focused on protecting the rights of the downtrodden, helping to provide justice for the voiceless, and stimulating Nigerians to care for the oppressed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founder of ”Human Right Nige ...
They’re known for making some of the coolest films out of Nollywood. Now, Inkblot founders: Naz, Zulu, and Damola have a podcast where they talk to industry friends about Nigerian cinema, pop culture & everything in between. Join them every Thursday for a new episode to avoid FOMO!
VOC is a radio broadcast dedicated to unleashing the transformational leader in you. VOC teaches us to ask the right questions from those who offer themselves to lead us and discern between the legitimate leaders and the impostors who seek to serve none but themselves. We seek to birth a national renaissance through the new breed of Nigerian Leaders.
===="Kalmomin Rai", "Bishara", "Waƙoƙin Bishara" - Harsunan da ake Magana a Nigeria Inda Kiristoci 'yan tsiraru ne (Lamba167 zuwa Na 200 // "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - in Nigeria, These People Have Ethnic or Islam as their Major Religion(No.167 - No.200)====
Inspired by the book "FAT TRANSFER FROM WAISTLINE TO BOTTOM LINE-LIFE LESSONS FOR FITNESS AND BUSINESS" hosted by the author Tomi Rotimi. On this newly rebranded podcast, we will have conversations on entrepreneurship, topics around starting, growing and sustaining businesses. And in the spirit of the book we will also discuss embracing fitness as a life style. The goal of this podcast is to inspire us to live healthy lives and build successful business.
Musings Of a Tired Nigerian Girl is a weekly podcast hosted by Hikmah the original TNG. In each episode Hikmah gives her unfiltered two cents on topics ranging from politics, pop culture, lifestyle, fashion and trends. Occasionally we are going to interview guests and our listeners stand a chance of joining in on episodes Here... everything goes!!!.
====="Kalmomin Rai", "Bishara", "Waƙoƙin Bishara" - Harsunan da ake Magana a Nigeria Inda Kiristoci 'yan tsiraru ne (Lamba 100 zuwa Na 131) / "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - in Nigeria, These People Has Ethnic or Islam as their Major Religion(No.100 to No.131)=====
BudgIT Foundation is a foremost civic-tech organisation leading the advocacy for fiscal transparency and accountability in Nigeria’s public finance, as well as across other African Countries. We play an active role in project tracking and implementation in Nigeria’s 36 states and also have a series of tech products that help citizens to follow the budget and government spending thereby holding elected officials accountable. Join us every month for conversations on grassroots engagement, gove ...
====="Kalmomin Rai", "Bishara", "Waƙoƙin Bishara" - Harsunan da ake Magana a Nigeria Inda Kiristoci 'yan tsiraru ne (Lamba 132 zuwa Na 166) / "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - in Nigeria, These People Has Ethnic or Islam as their Major Religion(No.132 to No.166)=====


Emmanuel Adeyanju

Sam, a journalist and a radio personality works for the same government that killed his friend while investigating a trafficking case years ago before launching this show. Sam Talks is a show that presents to you discussions on different mysterious murders occuring in the fictional city of ÓÒSA. The murder cases brought on the show are disturbing cases with mysterious killers and brutal murder of the victims of each case. Welcome to Sam Talks, ”hopefully don’t die mysteriously.”
====="Kalmomin Rai", "Bishara", "Waƙoƙin Bishara" - Harsunan da ake Magana a Nigeria Inda Kiristoci 'yan tsiraru ne (Lamba 62 zuwa Na 99) / "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - in Nigeria, These People Has Ethnic or Islam as their Major Religion(No.62 to No.99)=====
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya is the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos, Nigeria – a church with a membership in excess of 8,000. He holds a degree in petroleum engineering and worked for 12 years with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) until his voluntary retirement in 1994 to concentrate on the ministry God has committed to him. Among his initiatives are: Discovery for Men, Discovery for Women, The Woman Leader, Home Affairs and Grace Springs Medical Centre. An accom ...
Renaissance Talks

Renaissance Talks

Renaissance for Excellence Initiative

This podcast covers a variety of issues regarding the development of Africa and Africans. We talk about everything from personal development to national development and much more.Make sure you subscribe to get access to the value that we have to offer. So stick with us and enjoy the journey!
On the Glass Ceiling, Sandra Ezekwesili leads a panel of women and men from all works of life to take an unflinching look at the barriers holding women back especially in Nigeria. They discuss gender inequality in culture, politics, religion, and society, but always from a constructive angle, asking "how do we fix this"? On air every Wednesday at 4pm on 99.3 Nigeria Info Lagos or
======"Kalmomin Rayuwa", "Bishara", "Waƙoƙin Linjila" - A Najeriya, Waɗannan Mutanen sun gaskata da Kabilanci ko Musulunci Addinin (Lamba 31 zuwa 61) / "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - In Nigeria, These People Believe in Ethnic or Islam Religion (No.31-No.61) ======
Naija-ish is basically about Nigeria, by a Nigerian and for the Nigerians and the rest of the world who can't but listen! Episodes of the podcast include gists about practices, cultures and happenings in the everyday Nigeria. Twitter: @AniemekePrisca Instagram: @naijaishpodcast
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="Kalmomin Rai","Bishara","Waƙoƙin Bishara"-Harsunan da ake Magana a Nigeria Inda Kiristoci 'yan tsiraru ne (Lamba132-166) // "Words of Life","Good News","Gospel Songs"-in Nigeria, These People Have Ethnic or Islam as their Major Religion(No.132-166)=
Don discusses some tips, especially for network marketers, how to create content for business. He talked about how he started his entrepreneurial journey as well as why he loves storytelling. His lessons from Network Marketing can help you build your brand using content. About Me Don Abad is a creative consultant, speaker, and the founder of Sovere…
Hausa(حَوْسَ) Language - "Jesus: Lord and Saviour(English)".3gp
Hausa(حَوْسَ) Language - "Jesus: Teacher and Healer(English)".3gp
MUNGA Nigeria(Recordings in other languages that contain some parts in Mingang Doso(English)).3gp
[168]. Naraguta, Iguta Language - "The Sickness of Man(English)".mp3
[169]. Ngamo Ngmawa People - "Invitation to Know Jesus Personally(English)".3gp
[170]. Ngizim (Ngəzəm) People - "Invitation to Know Jesus Personally(English)".3gp
A talk, A story and a brief journey down the experience of an NFTs Enthusiast/Degen that has been involved in the space for a long time. She shares her story, gives advise and insights on how she navigates the space. This is made to educate and entertain nothing said here is financial advise and always do your research. Make sure to follow her on T…
[171]. Ngoshe Sama, Nggweshe(Guvoko) - "The Prodigal Son(English)".mp3
[173]. Ninzo(Ninzam) Gospel International Songs(English).3gp
Ninzo(Ninzam) People - "Invitation to Know Jesus Personally(English)".3gp // 1 KORRINTIYA 15Itasi i Kristi yi1Amuya, ingga zha di imba bu si kpamusu nu Ure ku wre ku nggo ingga da ki imba, imba wo, ni kpa, ni yo isisurr na ku hen. 2Ure kuma yo ta kpa imba ttungo, nggo imba ti gri ku ngbangba. Imba ta si kri ngbangba hen, iyo isisurr imba yi i ta si…
Ninzo(Ninzam) Language - "Noah(English").mp3 // YOHANA 1Ure ku iso sese1Ure1:1 Ure: Ni inggya, a yo Kristi nggo meme. Kristi yo à si anko wa nggo Abachi à du anishirr a hi du uwa yo à si Abachi nggo. u se ni ime̱me̱ i aseki yi. Ure ukuma u di se ndo na Abachi ku. Ure ukuma u si Abachi. 2Ure kuma u di se ndo na Abachi ku zhi ni ime̱me̱ yi.3Abachi à …
Ninzo(Ninzam) Language -"Words of Life and Gospel Song(English)".3gp // 1 KORRINTIYA 131Ingga ka ti re ni irrirri i anishirr na nkanka ka irrirri i abitu ba Abachi, ni ti si kpanye na anishirr hen, ingga i si nâ ta si inkpu inklo ka ugblo nggo yi hantu, ka unga nggònggò. 2Ingga ka ti hi ikpa are ka Abachi i da ku anishirr mi, ni ti hi aseki ka nggo…
Numana, Sanga - "Good News and Gospe Songs(English)".3gp
Numana, Sanga - "Do Not Be Afraid and Gospel Song(English)".3gp
Nungu, Rindre Language - "Good News and Gospel Songs(English)".3gp
Nungu, Rindre Language - "Be Careful and Gospel Songs(English)".3gp (
Nupe (Nupe-Nupe-Tako) People - "Invitation to Know Jesus Personally(English)".3gp
[177]. Nzanyi People - "Invitation to Know Jesus Personally(English)".3gp
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