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Best Quirky podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Quirky podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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In the Keep It Quirky podcast, Katie Quinn talks to creators living their dreams and navigating success and failure along the way. Katie Q is a food & travel video creator, popular YouTuber and cookbook author. Passion begets passion, so let's do this!
A Quirky Journey
The Healthy Family Podcast
Welcome to our whimsical adventure of idioms and other turns of phrase. Each week, we delve into the origins of phrases to find out how they came into the English language. We tell the story of how the phrase got from its beginnings to where it is today. Shauna and Dan are two big nerds, so expect some geek culture references, random trivia facts, and loads of laughs!
Quirky Cat Nips
Are you a Quirky Cat Person? You've come to the right place for quirky commentary on cats combined tips on how to live a fabulous life with your feline. Join Adele Park every first and third Tuesday of the month for outrageous cat comedy and helpful hints.
Stories and thoughts from a 4 (now 6) year old.
We chat with inspiring people who follow their passion and discuss the highs, lows & everything in-between with lots of laughter.
Bear With Me
Knowing Nothing
“Knowing Nothing,” hosted by Mickey Roberts, is an uplifting, education-centered podcast with the aim of sharing new knowledge about the world around us. It covers a multitude of topics from bug science and the benefits of making your bed in the morning, to blockchain technology, finding happiness after tragedy, and everything in between. If you love to learn, “Knowing Nothing” is the show for you.
A free-ranging, magazine-style podcast series featuring slice-of-life stories, characters and culture from one of the alt-living/hippy Gulf Islands on Canada’s West Coast. Interviews, soundscapes, music, walks along the beaches, rambles into the forests. A new episode every 3 weeks or so. If you're island curious, this show is for you.
Death by Dying
The Obituary Writer of Crestfall, Idaho finds himself deeply in over his head as he investigates a series of strange and mysterious deaths… when he is supposed to simply be writing obituaries. Along the way he encounters murderous farmers, man-eating cats, haunted bicycles, and a healthy dose of ominous shadows.
Time Travellers
Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough presents a collection of quirky tales from the corners of history, exploring a different theme in each weekly episode.
An informed, humorous and irreverent look at motoring and transport from Australia and overseas. Featuring motoring & transport news, road tests, feature interviews & quirky stories. Overdrive is not just for 'rev heads' but covers subjects in a manner that reflects on our everyday transport experiences as well as our dreams and aspirations for more exotic transport. Presented by motoring broadcaster David Brown with regular contributors Errol Smith, David Campbell, Brian Smith and Paul Murr ...
Plot Points
Plot Points is a monthly podcast which discusses table-top role-playing games and their supplements as literature. Our quirky panel discusses games old and new, spotlights innovations in the hobby, and links to literature.
QUIRKY VOICES PRESENTS.... MADVENT, MADIVA Podcast AND Teddy Story....AND COMING SOMETIME IN OUR FUTURE....Our Dystopian Futures Audio Drama Season - MADCAP - Modern Audio Drama Curated Anthology Podcast MODERN AUDIO DRAMA INDIE VOICE ACTING PODCAST Ever wanted to voice act for audio drama? Awesome! Best job in the world! Well here's a guide as to things to do, think about and how to go about letting folks know you're a safe bet, vocal chameleon or a dependable quirky little firecracker that ...
Grammar Girl is your friendly guide to the English language—writing, history, rules, and cool stuff. We cover punctuation, grammar, style, word histories, idioms, and more. Five-time winner of Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards. QuickandDirtyTips.com
Tune in to Quirky Convos with Christina where we say what you're thinking when we talk pop culture, food, movies, music and daily happenings. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/quirkyconvos/support
Bay Curious
Bay Curious is a podcast about the unexplored San Francisco Bay Area. Each week we take a deep dive into the mysteries that make this area quirky, delightful and, at times, dysfunctional. It’s a show about questions — and the adventures you stumble upon when you go looking for answers. Now here’s the twist: You ask the questions. You decide what we work on. You help us find the answer. Join host Olivia Allen-Price to explore the Bay one bite-sized episode at a time. The show is produced at K ...
Talk Quirky to Me
A slice of life podcast where friends and strangers meet to discuss life and everything in between.
The best in alternative soul music
Quirky Parenting
A husband and wife team (Andrew Thomsen & Mikki Tuohy) discuss motherhood, montessori, and minimalism. You can check out all of our episodes at http://www.quirkyandthenerd.com/quirky-parenting-podcast/ Submit a question to us at http://www.quirkyandthenerd.com/questions Artwork by: Cyrus Cords http://www.cyruscords.com/ Music by: Nicolai Heidlas "Colorful Spots"
A comedy podcast exploring quirky characters and their fascinating lives—and that's just the hosts. Reminiscent of NPR programs such as This American Life, Snap Judgment and Invisibilia, except those are real and this isn't. Part scripted and part improvised, BTADS brings you out-there stories, unknown history lessons, and a few ads for products you never knew you didn't need.
You have heard all the cat myths. Do cats have nine lives? You have watched your cat do quirky things. Why does your cat follow you to the bathroom? We live with these tiny predators, yet we do not truly know them. What do they really need to eat? How do their minds work? Cats are still an enigma. How do you keep your cat fit and healthy? If it is related to cats, I will relate it to you! Together we will explore all aspects of the “cat-o-sphere” and learn everything we can about cats from a ...
Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale: B2B sales trainers for the past twenty years share their strategies, frameworks, tips and tricks to help you leverage your talent, grow your skills and create your own sales success. You'll discover how you can shift your mindset, win with prospects and build long-term relationships with your clients so you can thrive and advance in your career. Bill and Bryan's approach to sales is funny, often quirky and always real. Their work has allowed them to help sales pr ...
Plot Points
Plot Points is a monthly podcast which discusses table-top role-playing games and their supplements as literature. Our quirky panel discusses games old and new, spotlights innovations in the hobby, and links to literature.
The RomCom Effect
Join Katie and Lena as they revisit classic romantic comedies and their effect on...everything! Your quirky best friends/leading ladies/podcast hosts discuss the impact the films have had on their lives and how they fit into the social and political landscape of the modern world. Each week they chat with guests about fave points throughout the story, philosophize about the essential elements of a great movie, and share romcommoms (romcom moments) from their own lives. It's the RomCom Effect!
Quirky Inspired
Talking about all the things that make life rock, finding your passions, and being a kick ass you.
The History Channel's Ancient Aliens is a divisive show, to say the least, but science (and sci-fi) obsessed nerds, Steve & Joey, are exploring each episode of everyone’s favorite show about Ancient Astronaut Theory with equal parts love and skepticism...as well as the quirky researchers and experts that evangelize it. What has mainstream science debunked about Ancient Aliens in the years since it premiered? And what mysterious aspects of humanity’s origins are still best explained by theori ...
Delve deep into the career of a different musical guest each week, including Manic Street Preachers, Dizzee Rascal, Declan McKenna, Mura Masa, Snow Patrol, Wolf Alice, Chvrches, Leon Bridges, Bastille, Novelist & more. Each show kicks-off with the artist playing their first ever demo, laying bare the raw sounds that encouraged them to take up a career in music. From here the conversation freewheels down a spaghetti junction of quirky anecdotes, hot takes and uncovers the journey each artist ...
Nonfiction Friends is an educational, library-based podcast that seeks to help the public learn interesting, quirky, and sometimes bizarre facts that can be found in the nonfiction section of their local library.
The Quirky Podcast with Jade Blackmore features cool "under-heard" music--punk, garage, power pop, oldies, goth & glam. I also discuss pop culture, indie books & films and interview offbeat artists, authors and other creative types.
A quirky and funny character named GiGi gives her account of life experiences where self destructive behavior was exhibited when dealing with men and romantic relationships.
Twitchin Skratch & Friends [Radio Show]
Take a break from reality with a quirky couple who discusses WEIRD topics and goes on fun tangents every other Wednesday, for your amusement. We tackle strange news stories, pop culture oddities, and answer existential questions with irreverence and imagination. Won't you be weird with us?Proud members of the Podfix Network, and sponsored by McGuffin Industries.
Our favourite facts about London and the weird, wonderful, amazing and quirky things that have happened here.
We bring a new level of originality, and charm, and wit, and maybe even comedy, to a dull hollywood.
Make it Stop is a podcast dedicated to dissecting terrible albums. Hosted by musicians Heather Mack and Mike Dunn, and featuring a variety of quirky guests from the Boston arts and music scene, Make it Stop braves the putrid depths of the worst albums ever made. By the end, you'll be begging them for more...while screaming "make it stop!"
Every weekday, local host, Peter Biello, and national hosts Audie Cornish, Kelly McEvers, Ari Shapiro, and Robert Siegel present two hours of breaking news mixed with compelling analysis, insightful commentaries, interviews, and special -- sometimes quirky -- features from NHPR and NPR.
Knight's Quest
Three friends improvise a story together by creating a game, characters, and a fantasy world. Jamie is the unknowing hero. Jake plays multiple quirky cast members. And Nathan ties it all together as the Writer of the story. No one knows what will happen next, because it's all improvised! Join the quest with new episodes every Friday.
Old Kentucky Tales
Old Kentucky Tales: Quirky history stories from Kentucky’s past plus Brent and Jason (and guests) have a laugh at old (fake) commercials and real life characters.
It really is all true! Stories about stuff that you never needed to know, but your life would be incomplete without. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain. If you're the curious type and have a few minutes to spare, then spend some of it listening to this ever-growing collection of stories. Great for those that are looking for a little bit of trivia in their lives.
Quirky & Chenille
Music playlist podcasts curated to a topic or theme. Voiced by Christina Morgan-Meldrum (AKA Quirky) and Neil Lithgow (AKA Chenille). Quirky and Chenille offer, insights and thoughts on who made the list and why. But it's not all fun and frivolity, there are facts to wrap your head around and rules too (mostly by Chenille).
Listen as LonelyBob leads horror movie noob iMorpheus to his doom. Subscribe to join the shenanigans.
Bedouin Banter
Bedouin Banter is a fun loving podcast about the middle eastern Identity & pop culture as seen from the eyes of a group of quirky arabs.
These are the weird bits of history that you have never heard about, but that you really want to know about. These are short bits, about 5 to 10 minutes long that tell about quirky events that often had far reaching consequences. How much land get you get in a box of cereal? What happens when you throw your leaders out the window?
Who Taught You How To Drive?! “Poppin’ the hood on humanity ” Our podcast is a quirky, comical, look at identity thru the driving experience! Each episode the host rides shotgun with a new guest to discuss the parts of them that emerge when they're in a car.
o-access JAMAICA REASONINGS WITH ODESSA covers all things Jamaican & Caribbean Pop Culture through the eyes of taste maker and media personality OdessaKnown for being blunt, fun and quirky Odessa will give you a real insight into her guests by asking the questions you always wanted to ask but are afraid to ask while having drinks!
Your weekly dose of weird science. Join neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis and science enthusiast Lliana Bird as they take an irreverent look at the latest news from the weird and wonderful world of science. Science never sounded so good!
Brain Bitez
A podcast where Jeff takes a listener chosen topic and goes online, researching through every site, to hunt down as much information on that subject as humanly possible. He then delivers that information in a fun, quirky and entertaining podcast that will hopefully not only have you learning something new about the worlds strange, weird and amazing past, but also have you thinking about the future. It doesn’t matter if your working at your job, doing chores around the house, or just chilling ...
The Fantasy Football Guys have been helping win leagues since 2005. If you like reasoned advice and quirky humor, the these two dudes might be for you!
Utah Booze News
A deep dive into Utah's quirky and often-ridiculed alcohol laws with reporters Ben Winslow from Fox 13 KSTU-TV and Kathy Stephenson with The Salt Lake Tribune.
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HELLEAUUUUUU You done your shopping yet? Oh. I shouldn't ask? Ok. Sorry. I still need to get sommat for my mayannnnnn. Today we do some Ha-ing, some pulling in of that diaphragmatic muscle...and o' course a wee look at some tongue twisters.....annnnd Fiona shares some wonderous advice about pre prep and mmmooooore! Please find Fiona's own work ...…
This year in October, I was invited to be a judge for the World Cheese Awards! (Yes, it was as epic as it sounds.) This podcast episode is a recap of my experiences there. The World Cheese Awards are put on my the Guild of Fine Food, and they're in a new country each year. This past year it was in Bergamo, Italy, and 3,800 cheeses were tasted! ...…
Moon McKenna just wants a little R-n-R. Unfortunately for her, all hell is breaking loose in Quirky Polygamist Country. Tune in to Chapter 12 of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book by Adele Park to hear more. Support the showBy Adele Park
A few mistakes. But the story was about a puppy named rose and her friends.
If there’s anything I love, it’s a special treat that’s not only delicious, it’s NOURISHING! So I’m excited to share with you one of my favourite producers of fine, quality, healthy treats – Nourishing Bites. Today I interview Shelley about her health journey and how it led her to a career of producing amazing, whole food deliciousness! After s ...…
Listener Gary Pilgrim was taking a drive across the Bay Bridge with his new wife when they decided to stop at Treasure Island. After taking in the sweeping views, he wondered how this manmade island came to be in the first place, and what it's future holds. We're answering Gary's questions in a two-part series exploring the island's past and fu ...…
Strap in for a wild ride on Holiday in Handcuffs! Lena and Katie are joined by guest Ruby Kostur (Vanderpumped Podcast) to discuss Clint Eastwood, generational wealth, and plenty of shenanigans in this ABC Family classic.By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson
The weekly preview show from The Fantasy Football Guys. We analyze every game, with start/sit recommendations, injury news, fun facts, biased opinions, and more!By Kevin Moore
Green nail varnish? Tick. Cycling knickerbockers? Tick. Pet giraffe? Tick. Dancing and playing violin on stilts? Tick. Join Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough and the Time Travelling team as they delve into the weird worlds of four musical eccentrics.By BBC Radio 3
Did Davy Crockett coin the term "Head Over Heels in Love"? No. Does the phrase, "Head Over Heels" have something to do with our head being slightly forward of our heels, despite it being higher? Most likely not. So where does this phrase come from? Well.. buckle up for a fun journey through a variety of ways this idiom was used before we landed ...…
In this episode we talk with islanders who have encountered big beasts roaming Gabriola's forests. How is it possible? Surely these people are spinning yarns! But when you think that this island is about the size of New York’s Manhattan Island – and all the people and goings on that can exist in the concrete jungle, why couldn’t some mysterious ...…
HELLOOO Folks! How's it goin/hangin/baring up etc? Thanks so so much for once more tuning in to this vocal warm up fun from @quirkyvoices and me Sarah Golding. Feel free to mix and match some breathing, annunciation, tongue twister and stretching to really get you ready for your recording sessions - AND DO NOT FORGET TO SEND ME YOUR OWN 3-5 MIN ...…
On today's episode, I chat with Dr. E’lise Christensen, a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist about the things that you have to know to prepare your cat and your household for your bundle of joy so that everyone can be happy. Is there anything that you have to do ahead of time to prepare your cat for your new baby? Of course there is! Dr. Ch ...…
Imma tell you like this whodie, if you're really about that pretty bitch shit, that gutta shit, that fifty, if you're still selling jerry and you know you're doin' numbers, 28 wit' a ladder, still on that FIGARO. If you're wet like wonton soup, if you look like Jesus, if you've got 50,000 bitches on your dick, if you're bitch mob task force all ...…
Nonfiction Friends is an educational, library-based podcast that seeks to help the public learn interesting, quirky, and sometimes bizarre facts that can be found in the nonfiction section of their local library. This week, Josh and Rebecca are getting ready for the holidays with crafty inspiration found in the 740's of the nonfiction section.C ...…
The weekly Fantasy Football Guys show discussing the best waiver wire targets available.By Kevin Moore
Fishies. Jelly-fishies. Shark-fishies. Fish-men. Fish...women. Mmm...Our plucky Ancient Astronaut Theorists get extra wet n' slippery with this one little probers and probettes, as they discuss the possibility of intelligent life existing thousands of fathoms below our little buns in the salty briney deep. Are there "The Abyss" style aliens in ...…
Happy Xmas Everyone! Thanks so much for listening to The Slacker Podcast this year! I wanted to stop by and pay some gratitude to you all for being legends. I also wanted to tell you about the two Xmas Podcasts I'll be doing Live in Ireland this year. Monday 16th December - Dublin - The Sugar Club I'll be doing a live podcast with The Corona's ...…
In the episode, we talk the changes happening in Edinburgh, Pokemon, Mark being shady shady to a team mate, and baby Yoda.Our instagram pages of the week are www.instagram.com/deadliftbear and www.instagram.com/kathygriffinYou can listen, and subscribe on apple podcast and spotify.Please listen, review, and subscribe.you can flowing the podcast ...…
HELLOOO Hoowww mannyyy dayyyssss isit? 2 weeks you say? OOHH I AM EXCITED - YOU? There are 14 more days of MADCAP - can you handle that? Thanks so so much for tuning in to this vocal warm up fun from @quirkyvoices and me Sarah Golding. Please learn and mix and match some breathing, annunciation, tongue twister and stretching to really get you r ...…
Are you looking for a way to jumpstart your creativity and writing? You may be surprised to find out how much techniques from improv can help! You'll love this interview with Jorjeana Marie, the author of "Improv for Writers." LINKS AND SPONSORS | Learn how you can get my LinkedIn Learning course free: https://t.co/coQuXJRtrT | Hallmark: https: ...…
In this holiday episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale outline 10 useful, practical, and maybe even comical gifts that you should ask for from your family for this holiday season. If you haven't finalized your Christmas list, you should definitely listen up! ========================================= Want to have Bi ...…
Huzzahs! How you doing? You getting warmed up nicely daily? The point of these eps is to arm you with a variety of warm ups you can mix and match and I dooo hope you're finding them useful v much indeed.... Hopefully you'll have fun along the way too - and remember it is truly important to actually warm up properly vocally, so you can get optim ...…
We live in a cold, cynical world where the closest anyone thinks they come to a miracle is when theirAmazon package arrives a day early, that is until you enter into the month of December. That's when you start hearing about "Christmas miracles," those amazing tales about people overcoming impossible odds that the media probably made up to sell ...…
Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that looks at the fantasises and fallacies of anything to do with motoring and transport. 1. Australia’s first regional AV project scoops national ITS award (1:41) 2. Bertrand Piccard breaks world distance record for a hydrogen-powered vehicle in a Hyundai NEXO (2:44) 3. The Premiere of the movie Machin ...…
HAPPPPYYYY SUNDAYYYY AND MADVENT EIIIIGHHHHHTTTT! If you're listening ti this on the day of release I do hope you're having a wonderfully relaxing morning! And if you're not....same! So... we're starting off with some yawns. Just cos. They are SO GOOD for you in readiness for voice work. Hope you enjoy the ep and feel free to let me know what y ...…
Episode 3 is here! We learn about the unusual residents of the Tower of London and who wins in City top trumps. Music provided by Brown Boots IG @underlondonsground Twitter @LondonsunderBy underlondonsground
Weekly Q&A show with listeners calling in from around the globe, posting in our forum, and shooting us emails. Get in on the action! Live on Saturday from 11am to 12:30 ET, call 650-733-8334 (TFFG). Send us an email at thefantasyfootballguys@gmail.com. Join our active forum at reddit.com/r/TFFG. Watch us at twitch.tv/thefantasyfootballguys.…
HULLO And very much welcome back to MADVENT 7! Hope you've been looking after yourselves wherever you are in the world - shoutouts to those further afield than Blighty and USA n CANADA TOO - hope you're allll having a wonderful build up to the festive season, however and whatever you celebrate x Thanks so much to Danyelle Ellett of Good Pointe ...…
If you've ever been on a college campus or a public park, you may have seen desire lines. Those are those well-worn paths carved by travelers who, for whatever reason, preferred a route that diverged from the ones carefully cured in concrete by city or campus planners. Such a metaphor proved irresistible to Marie Harris. The Barrington, New Ham ...…
The group is all reunited once again. Words are exchanged, laughter is had, plans are made, food is eaten. But time runs short as trouble comes knocking and the fate of the Gate rests in their hands.By Nathan, Jamie, and Jake
Zombie World takes the Powered by the Apocalypse engine and breaks it out into decks of cards. It promises, fast, fun, and bloody undead action. Brad, Sarah, and Ben try it out at their gaming table! Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on DriveThruRPG. Click here to pick up this essential volume! Like Plot Points? Support i ...…
Zombie World takes the Powered by the Apocalypse engine and breaks it out into decks of cards. It promises, fast, fun, and bloody undead action. Brad, Sarah, and Ben try it out at their gaming table! Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on DriveThruRPG. Click here to pick up this essential volume! Like Plot Points? Support i ...…
Hullooooo HAPPPY 6TH OF DECEMMMBERRRR! How you doing? You keeping up with these warm ups? As I say in the podcast - tis my dad and aunties birthday today! Yay! Yes there are twins and glorious and wonderful people so if you see them, say halloo and give them the bumps n that pls. Today's ep has glorious fun top tips from the lovely KARIM KRONFL ...…
It was on this day in 1933 that Utah (yes, Utah!) cast the deciding vote to repeal Prohibition. “Utah Swings Nation to Repeal as Wet Forces Lose 2 States” proclaimed The Salt Lake Tribune.
Making last names plural? Addressing more than one sister-in-law? More than one Mister? We show you how to address them properly. Also, we investigate why we sometimes ask "How come?" instead of "Why?" LINKS AND SPONSORS | Learn how you can get my LinkedIn Learning course free: https://t.co/coQuXJRtrT | Hallmark: https://hallmark.com/grammar Co ...…
I was invited to join the VetCandy podcast, In Other News. Ever wonder what vets talk about behind the scenes? This is a podcast for veterinary professionals, but it has value for pet owners too. Check it out. It was really fun! EPISODE NOTES: Sneak Peak AdventureBy Dr. Kathryn Primm
Question asker José Muñoz wants to know more about the storied history of this place, which was a pivotal stop-off in Charlie Chaplin's career. Was Niles Hollywood before Hollywood was Hollywood? Additional Reading: This Tiny East Bay Town Was Once a Movie Making Hotspot Reported by Rachael Myrow. Bay Curious is made by Olivia Allen-Price, Jess ...…
Lena and Katie talk about one of their favorites, The Holiday, with guest Nina Concepcion (Schmotts). They go over their unconventional celeb crushes, Nancy Meyers' kitchens, and unrequited love. Check out Nina's comedy series Schmotts here: https://www.schmotts.com/By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson
Hellooooo Well goodness isn't' time flying?! Are you having fun yet? Today I owe gratitude to the hugely talented and amazing Karin Heimdahl whom I met at Poduk this year, and she helped me demonstrate some auditions, and, well now is preparing to realise Y2K Podcast out into the world in January - every week for a year! THIS WILL BE EPIC! Wooh ...…
The weekly preview show from The Fantasy Football Guys. We analyze every game, with start/sit recommendations, injury news, fun facts, biased opinions, and more!By Kevin Moore
Don your Sou'wester and join Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough as she sets sail to discover salty stories of music and musicians at sea. From a composer's capsized canoe to a much more tragic shipwreck, from a haunted lighthouse to deserted islands, our Time Travellers explore the seafaring musical stories from the far south to the extreme north of ...…
This week, Shauna presents some theories and asks you to take them with a grain of salt. Dan knows too much about Pliny the Elder, but not enough about almost anyone else of the time frame. Along the way we talk cooking strategies, American arrogance, and Latin. #BunnyTrails Join the Community at www.patreon.com/bunnytrailspod Jibber jabber wit ...…
Hello this is Overdrive a program with an infatuation about trains, planes and automobiles. 1. The latest vehicle sales figures especially for diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles (1:21) 2. Rally Australia World Championship event cancelled (2:17) 3. Hyundai Motor Group Develops World’s First Road Noise Active Noise Control Technology (3:30) 4. ...…
Hallo Vocal Warmer Upperers! Here's another 6-ish( :) ) minute aural fun time for you to enjoy! Thanks to DAVE FISH HAT PELLOW of TIN CAN and MIDDLE BELOW and THE TOWER (You can listen to any of these by clicking this link|) for his suggestion of tongue twister for today! ANNDDD to Sir David of Dr Ault, fellow space traveller of mine on Hostile ...…
This week’s episode is brought to you by Pocket Chimps! Donnie Carr from the Critstorm podcast joins Santiago to chat about how Amazon murdered their sexist AI, before exploring the physiology of reverse centaurs and reverse mermaids, in this absolutely ridiculous episode of WWY.By Weird With You
Brent and Jason look at an account of the greatest celebration in the early years of Louisville, built around a shooting contest and cockfighting as told through the words of former slave Harry Smith. They also make an attempt at a dramatic reading of the last scene of the movie Slingblade. The Fake History Sponsors are 1901's Johnston's Sarsap ...…
Raised in her sister's shadow and shunned and ridiculed by the public, Ashlee Simpson was put through a lot for a 19 year old. Her public image took a massive hit following a disastrous SNL lip synching gaffe, leading to a number of hit pieces, a high level of media scrutiny, and the merciless booing of her performance at the Orange Bowl. Was s ...…
Nonfiction Friends is an educational, library-based podcast that seeks to help the public learn interesting, quirky, and sometimes bizarre facts that can be found in the nonfiction section of their local library. In this episode, Josh and Rebecca are helping you prepare for your trip to space in 523.2 of the nonfiction section.Check us out onli ...…
Does your cat have quirky litter box behaviors? Find out if your feline likes to Hang Ten while taking a ride down the Hershey Highway in the latest episode of the Quirky Cat Nips Podcast. Support the showBy Adele Park
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