Best Rpdr podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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"Bring Back My Girls!" is a weekly podcast where we watch, review, and kiki about all things RuPaul's Drag Race! Join us as we follow along the show and give our opinions on the queens, challenges, judges and everything in between!
Squirrel Talk!
Canadian drag queens and squirrelfriends Vicki Lix, Selena Vyle, and Hillary Ooos from House of Lix Entertainment (HOLE) talk shop about Rupaul's Drag Race and all the outstanding drag talent we have in Canada!
Cream and 2 Sugars
A weekly RuPaul's Drag Race recap show. Hosted by two super fans and full of recap fun! We cover all the tea, all the shade, the toots and the boots, and the straight up buffoonery of every episode. Come kiki with us!
Block Talk
Podcast by Michael Block
the Agenda Project
Show of Queer Panelists spilling the Tea on the Queer Agenda
What About That?
“Weekly obsessions and random topics with Morgan McMichaels, Ongina and Mariah Balenciaga! Sponsored by Micky’s in West Hollywood!”
Two Yinzers get together to talk Drag Race! Are we inventing the wheel? No, but we will ride the coattails of RuPaul and the other amazing RPDR podcasts!
Five fabulous adventurers work off their naughty boy prison sentences under the eye of a drag sorcereress queen, narrowly dodging copyright infringement in DnD 5e missions based on beloved LGBTQ television and media as they quest for adventure, abs, and a hangover cure!
A podcast where two squirrel friends (Stephan Lee and Arielle Dachille) break down the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent within the latest episode of Rupaul's Drag Race. Also, we attempt to figure out who Morris is (Rigga morris, gurl).
Debo Podcast
Podcast by Debo Podcast
Gary, Chester, Damon and guests recaps and spill the 'T' from the latest episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race.
Bear With Me
The GAMbIT Magazine Podcast Networks features a number of podcasts from the talented writers and producers of GAMbIT Magazine. From television to movies, wrestling to technology, GAMbIT strives to create fun podcasts where our contributors can give their honest, unfiltered opinions on all sorts of topics.
Thanks for Coming!
Weekly roundtable discussions on topics in pop culture, queer life, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. We love a drag queen and a stiff drink. New episodes every Monday!
Welcome to Gayborhood Dish! The hottest new place in the Gayborhood where no queen, reality TV person, pop icon, or conspiracy is safe. Tune in and see what LarryBee and JayLo are up to, and whom they are holding over the fire now.
Where The Best Stories Are Weird
MATO Podcast
San Francisco drag queens Sue Casa and VivvyAnne ForeverMORE! talk about drag, politics love and dirty wigs
Talking today's trending social media topics, plus our sex question of the week! Don Brooks (@RichyRich909) & Wes Ferguson (@Westopher) host live from West Hollywood. Gay, news, WeHo.
Join Lucy Buttons, Johnel Clemente and friends as they discuss their adventures in dating, relationships, sex and society.
Vato Radio
Vato RadioHome to our podcast Cigar ReportHome to our podcast Drag Addiction!Drag Addiction is a podcast that celebrates the art of drag with an emphasis on the best show on television, Rupaul's Drag Race! Join Sarah Vato and Mike Rose as they kiki over the best and worst moments of RPDR!​​ for more Tee!
WhatItDo Podcast
WhatItDo ASTROnaughts! Welcome to the WhatItDo Galaxy of Entertainment * Monday - Gettin' Geeky with It / Tuesday - Your Highness with James Majesty / Wednesday - WhatItDo / Thursday: The Surge / Friday: Savage SaysSend all inquiries to / We love hearing from our listeners so call in and leave a message and you may just hear it played in an up coming episode: (406) 7WID-POD (794-3763)
A Survivor Podcast with joyous woke analysis
NEW PODCAST! COME HANG OUT!Daniel and his friends are starting a podcast!Random show every MONDAY @ 9AM EST!
Exploring issues at the forefront of pop culture
Two Fruits
A queer and pop culture podcast
Queens 'N Things
Michelle and Justin are serving the T in this weekly podcast where they ramble on about drag, pop culture, and other weird things covered in glitter.Stay queer. Stay weird. Stay queird.
The hit NYC based character comedy show is back at it again with an all new Podcast, Haus of Mimosa: The Podcast! Join the boys behind the girls (Travis and Steven) as they talk about all your favorite pop culture topics, provide some hysterical sketch comedy with their Real Housewives of Queens segment, and Drag Talk all with their gal pal, Michelle Bessoir (BahShwah). Every show comes packed with "coochie poppin" music from our very own DJ Anita B. to keep you going through out your day. f ...
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THEY'RE BACK! And so are Stephan and Arielle! We can all breathe a non-stanky sigh of relief (no thanks to Jasmine Masters) that this new season of All Stars has bid a "thank u, next" to AS3. The 10 returning queens are in BROWN COW STUNNING form, America, and we're here to break down all their looks, reads, the return of Latrilla, and a U.S.-h ...…
Hola Muchachos! Episode 4 of Delirium and Delight is here and we’re continuing our John Carpenter marathon with the 1982 horror sci-fi classic, The Thing! We talk about what goes into making a great nameless horror, characters who make good decisions, and Marcus has a hot take on the ending that he assumes everyone already knew, but I guess we’ ...…
In this episode of COL Drag Race ‘T-Time’, we’re decking the halls and letting our SLAY bells ring as the queens return for a holiday eleganza extravaganza! Gary and Damon wrap up this extra special episode with a zany bow just for you. Which Christmas queen reigns supreme? Find out as we ‘present’ the start … Continue reading COLDR: Holi-slay ...…
In this mid-week, mini podcast, the guys give you a wrap up on the tea from the Holi-Slay Episode. From there they talk about The Vixen and her twitter beef with Manila Luzon. Then we get into our draft for the fantasy teams for All Stars 4.Don't forget to rate and subscribe! It helps more people to find the show. Thanks for Coming!iTunes: http ...…
We're back! The official House of Lix podcast! This week we give our thoughts going into RPDRAS4, have a healthy chat about our mental health, glaze over the Holi-Slay spectacular, and what lies in store for us with Drag Race UK around the corner!
Episode 163! We want to know if you've ever hooked up at a holiday party? UPFRONT: Mother fucking Apple cancels Tumblr. CELEBRITY SHADE: Natalie Portman vs Jessica Simpson. Taylor Swift gets a single Grammy nomination for her abomination of an album. Cardi B going to court for assault isn’t “iconic” stfu. Kevin Hart tweets his way out of Oscars ...…
Misty Mountains joins me to dissect everything that happened in the first ever RuPaul's Drag Race Holislay Spectacular!
HO HO HO! Tim and Tyler are back with a Ruview of RPDR Holislay special and we brought our VERY FIRST guest, Minnesota's own Jewish Stagemom Miss Sugahnut! Us girls kiki and give you our thoughts on the special and also a few thoughts on All Stars 4! Find Miss Sugahnut on Instagram @misssugahBy (Tim and Tyler).
In this week's episode, the guys Rucap Rupaul's Drag Race's Holi-Slay Christmas Special. Get into the gig as we dish, giggle, and spill all the piping hot tea. You guys know we love to get a little shady when it comes to the queens, so take a listen and see what shenanigans we got into!Trade: Seth: http: ...…
we talk about survivor but really just stick around until the outro to hear me talk about video games Album Art by Dominique Whitney: http;// RetroFuture Clean – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…
Audrey Phoenix and Seraphim join me to break down the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4!
Whatsup cool cats, it’s your best friends Marcus and Glory here with EPISODE 3! *Horn sounds* This time we watched VENOM, Sony’s last desperate attempt to milk the one superhero licence they still hold for everything it’s worth. Was it successful? We discuss this and much more like, does Venom go in your butt? Why is Tom Hardy so gross in this ...…
Episode 2 of the review pod and our John Carpenter marathon begins with his seminal 1978 horror classic, Halloween! We dive into this indie-horror classic and pick apart how well it holds up, whether Micheal Myers is still a scary villain, and whether poking a mad serial killer in the eye with a coat hanger is an effective strategy for survival ...…
She's a winner of all things, it's the butt stuff queen Nicole Onoscopi!
Friends! Join us for our final episode of Season 1! That's right, we randomly decided to have seasons because Joe needs a break from editing and Andy can't possibly read 1,000 books while he spends so much time taming Joe. We're talking about labels today! Queers, bears, otters, jocks, gay, man, woman--ALL the labels. No label is safe. Also, Jo ...…
Episode 162: We want to know if you've been caught sexting?? UPFRONT: Dolly the Sheep, first cloned animal, now stuffed and on display at a museum in Scotland. Abcde. (ab-see-dee). Payless Shoes: Pay-LessEee. CELEBRITY SHADE: Sponge Bob creator dies. Amanda Bynes interview. Shawn Mendez isn’t gay okay?!? Kesha and Lady Gaga don’t like Katy Perr ...…
On this week's podcast, the guys are gabbing all about Rupaul's Drag Race. It's time for All Stars 4 baby! Listen to us dish about your favs and pick our top 3's! No Thanks for Coming News this week but make sure to stay tuned for some trade! Start your engines, and may the best woman win!Trade: Seth: h ...…
we say bye to some of our least favorite felicias Album Art by Dominique Whitney: http;// RetroFuture Clean – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
This episode, we talk about movies, being shady, the bear scene and what its like town to be part of it.If you would like to contact us, you can send us by email at, dm us on instagram at or on facebook at you'd like to follow Mark and Stephen on ...…
OMG HERE WE ARE! After a small holiday break Sue and Vivvy are back and we are singing songs in your earballs. Up for discussion: Sue’s new squirrelfriend Chad Michael’s and Pizza with bananas
We’re back! Better than ever with a new format we know you’re gonna love. We’ve decided to get back to our roots, namely talking about storytelling through the mediums of film, television, and occasionally video games, in a short(er) format podcast where we focus on one movie/show/game at a time. We focus on Look/Feel, Characters, Overall Plot, ...…
It's everyone's favorite bearded queen of Astoria, Haireola Grande!
Midterm Election results are in and we are breaking down the wins losses and undetermined, and what it means for who's ballot box we'll be stuffing in 2020. How big was our anticipated Blue Wave? Felons can vote in Florida. Thanks Latrice! We ask the question, how to get millennials to vote and why can't the left liberal get their act together ...…
You are cordially invited to come celebrate Jamal's birthday this week with the guys of TFC. There will be champagne toasts, and topics of Jamal's choosing. In the news, we talk about the Transgender Day of Remembrance, Mayhem Miller/Eureka twitter beef, and evil Republicans. Get into the gig!Trade:Seth: ...…
Episode 161: We want to know, if someone is hot but bad at sex, do you hookup again? UPFRONT: Missionary killed by North Sentinel Island tribe. CELEBRITY SHADE: She-Ra is queer? Fans are not here for Back To The Future reboot. Rita Ora failed at Thanksgiving lip-synch. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Dwight Howard dating trans woman. Keanu Reeves in To ...…
Part 2 of our review of Netflix's Dancing Queen as promised for our $1 Patreon supporters. In this episode, we review the second half of Dancing Queen (Eps. 5 - 8). A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS!!!!! RuPaul's Drag Race officially returns on Friday, Dec. 7th with the Holislay Christmas Special and then All Stars 4 Premieres a week after tha ...…
Today is one year since we released our very first podcast. It has been a fun year, and we just wanted to commemorate the moment and say a huge thank you to every single one of you who have listened and been part of it. Roll on the new can contact the podcast by email at podcastbearwithme@gmail.comor on instagram at ...…
we take a break from talkin’ the ‘vivor to have some festive fun and games Album Art by Dominique Whitney: http;// RetroFuture Clean – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
It's always a good start to an episode with rating each other's looks... not! This week's dick disqualifier is a person that doesn't cry. We are anti-sociapaths here in Parade of Dicks despite the host displaying some of their qualities... --- Connect with the Dicks: E-mail questions, comments and suggests to Parade of Dicks at: paradeofdicks@g ...…
I'm joined by my favorite Haux in all the land, Heidi Haux!
Drag Race is almost back on bitches and Tim and Tyler are back with a Ruview of this Season's 10 Queens competing to enter the Drag Race Hall of Fame! Find out who we're living for and who's on the fence. As always we have VERY differing opinions so GET IN TO IT HENNY!!!By (Tim and Tyler).
160: We want to know, what if your mate suddenly had new sex moves: Suspicious or nah? UPFRONT: Thanksgiving. CELEBRITY SHADE: RIP Stan Lee and fuck Bill Maher. Cash Me girl throws drink at Iggy Azalea. Cat destroys Frankie Muniz’s home. Célion Dion gender neutral baby clothes. Ezra Miller in Playboy. Detective Pikachu. Dumbo trailer. NERD NEWS ...…
In this week's podcast, the guys talk about Thanksgiving! What are they thankful for? What's their go to Thanksgiving food? They also interview Instagram foodie, Steven from @seattlefoodieadventures. Get into the gig gurl!Steven's Instagram: Steven: ...…
On this episode we talk movies, clubs, Dr Who, Marks weekend away and Stephen fesses up about the reason behind his friend biting him.On the run up to World Aids Day (December 1st) we decided to take a rapid response HIV test live while recording the podcast. the test was supplied by The Terrence Higgins Trust and you can get yours at www.tht.o ...…
who is the greatest and why is it angelina, we discuss Album Art by Dominique Whitney: http;// RetroFuture Clean – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
In this episode of COL Drag Race ‘T-Time’, Damon and Gary are back to talk about the announcement of the All Stars Season 4 Cast and the all-new Holi-slay Spectacular. Just in time for the holidays, RuPaul gives us not just one, but TWO, presents under the XXX-Mas tree! Listen in as the guys deck … Continue reading COLDR: AS4: Cast Reveal Plus →…
Here she is world! I was so excited to talk to so many incredible artists and performers at RuPaul's DragCon NYC 2018!
In this week's podcast, the guys talk about what makes them nerdy! Band nerds, keto diets, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, OH MY! Make sure to stay tuned to the Thanks For Coming News, where we talk Lady Gaga, Spice Girls reunions, and more!Donate: Seth: http:/ ...…
it da merge Album Art by Dominique Whitney: http;// RetroFuture Clean – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Episode 159:We talk about Butthole Grooming! + UPFRONT: 69 year old man “identifies as 45” and seeking to legally change age. Couple fell to their death at Yosemite taking a selfie on a cliff. SHOUTOUT: Chase (The Cookout Podcast) and Ziv (@zivkoface). CELEBRITY SHADE: Spice Girls diss Posh. Johnny Quest live action show. Gia Gunn will be first ...…
Jordan and Clayton discuss the official announcement of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4. We rate our favorite queens of this all star cast, and chat about who we think will make it to the top.
THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The All Stars 4 Cast has been announced, so Arielle and Stephan broke their hi-hey-hey-hey-tus to gag all about our fab new All Stars. One of the many reasons AS4 will be better than All Stars 3 is that we will be talking about every single episode! Make sure to join us on Dec. 14 for weekly recaps of AS4. In the meantime, ...…
On this week's Bi-Weekly podcast, the boys get into all the pop culture and news stories. We talk about the Queen biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody", Rupaul's Holi-Slay special, attacks on the Jewish temple, and other various happenings.Don't forget to rate and subscribe! It helps more people to find the show. Thanks for Coming!iTunes: ...…
Darlinda Just Darlinda returns to talk more about her amazing art projects and her/our disdain for Snapchat/face filters. Featured Guest links: Visit Darlinda Just Darlinda's website: Follow Darlinda Just Darlinda on Facebook: Follow Darlinda Just Darlinda on Twitter: www.twitter ...…
VOTE! Let your body move to the music! What a week. We just finished Halloween. And now we are all anxiety ridden with the upcoming midterm elections. We are spreading the word to vote, but the young voters don't care. This Sunday is National Wear a Harness Day. Do you have a harness and a place to rock it. Don't miss out on our movement. NYC i ...…
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