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Sometimes you just need to talk it out—and that's exactly what host Sam Sanders does each week. Join him on Fridays for a recap of the week's news, culture and everything – plus Tuesday deep dives with artists, writers, journalists and more.
The 5 AM Miracle is a podcast dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast. My goal is to help you bounce out of bed with enthusiasm, create powerful lifelong habits, and tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy. For more information on achieving your own 5 AM Miracle visit
I’m not much of a Lefty or a progressive. I’ve never considered myself to be a democratic socialist. I tend to be suspicious of large groups of people who assemble under any banner to do virtually anything. Yet I’m excited about Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. And while I plan to vote for Bernie in the Maryland primary, this podcast is NOT intended to evangelize for him. Rather, I’ll be exploring exactly why voters and volunteers are so excited about Bernie’s candidacy — and how his ca ...
Covering the latest in wrestling, entertainment and beyond since 2011. The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders has led by example in covering the latest from the sport of Professional Wrestling, entertainment and beyond. Whether it's WWE, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, GFW, NXT, gaming, sports, all things entertainment and beyond, The RCWR Show has grown a respected reputation for always being witty, insightful, funny and interactive. Produced by the Enfinity1Productions network, The RCWR Show & Impact ...
In support of the progressive ideals of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. In this first episode we get things going and state some Bernie fundamentals. Go to for much more daily information on Bernie Sanders, 2016 candidate for president.
This is a feed of pages for Sanders Elementary
Matt Coggins presents his take on a modern "Weekend Update"-style podcast through the voice of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Political satire meets surrealist impressionism meets Donald Trump dick jokes.Music by Robert Mercier. Produced by Arctic Sounds.
Monthly podcast with fresh Melodic Progressive Trance and House tracks, enjoy!You can find me on:
Discussing WWE, TNA,ROH & Indie wrestling headlines. Plus, sports, entertainment, pop culture, and more since 2011. Live Monday nights after RAW (11:15PM EST) on and Tuesday nights at 10pm ET on
News, Information, and Entertainment that affects Louisiana
Today's political debates, particularly on cable news, talk radio and blog comments can be limiting. In this podcast, Bruce Carlson applies as much history as possible to the politics of today.
From Vegas .... to Vagabond. Joel Sanders used to perform comedy in Vegas. Now he's back in London, living on a canal boat. In his boating podcast 'Does it Get Cold in the Winter?' he explores the quirky and sometimes harsh realities of life afloat. You can see him live in his solo comedy show 'The Angry Boater' at 2 Northdown, Kings Cros,s London on various dates early in 2018.
Emanuel Sanders
Life expenses life struggles every day as a black man in the United States of America
Tommy Sanders
Talking with Childern about Becoming a Christian
Rich sanders
I’m about Comedy, real life situation and and share shit that goes on in my head lol
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders is the Pastor of Harvestland Church
Justin Robert Young announces his intention to dissect the run for the White House. Just think, while you been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world you could have been getting down to this sick beat.
Spiritual discussion with leading authors, teachers and personalities who are making a difference in the world through spiritual practices.
One Hour of House, Techno, Tech-House and everything we need mixed by Kain Sanders !
I am an artist, musician, and Arts supporter
Just another weblog
Rundown with Rob SandersFollow Rob on twitter @robsoundsgood
Journalist | Media Consultant | FEST Advocate
Sander Flaum is an acknowledged business leader, marketing and sales effectiveness coach, motivational speaker, and best-selling author
Keep up-to-date with what Adam is doing!
Win News Network
Win News Network identifies solutions on how we can go from our current lose lose for our have nots, minorities, and those with disabilities for everybody to own a win win society now matter how much you might be struggling. Learn more at
Socialist Visions
We discuss, explain, and debate, the visions of a scientific socialist system. Don't let the concept scare you away. Listen, learn, and ask questions.
This is an independent podcast established to follow and comment on Bernie Sanders candidacy for President of the United States. This podcast is completely independent of any Candidate, Party or PAC. You can find out more about Bernie-2016 at, you can send me a message at
The Bill Press Show
Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle
The Capitol Steps bring their political musical satire to the air, now in two hour-long shows. Tune in on the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.Visit our website at for weekly songs and to purchase albums. We put the MOCK in Democracy!
History Books Review
My name is Colin Sanders. I read books about history and I review them. Currently working through Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Each week on Move Left, Idiots, we bring you news and commentary covering the most important issues facing the Country from a progressive perspective.
Podcast by Courtney Sanders
The Stranger's week-in-review podcast, in which Eli Sanders, Dan Savage and a group of "experts" explain what just happened in the news, and what it all means. A wide-ranging discussion of everything you need to know in order to pose as an informed, productive member of society!
Devotional thoughts and comments from the staff at In Search of the Lord's Way, the television ministry of the Edmond Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma.
SistersTalk Radio
New show, new brand! The all new SistersTalk Radio coming soon!
My first ever podcast - Enjoy! Michael Woods - First Aid Matters (Eddie Thoneick vocal Bootleg) Kennith g vs Sidney Samson vs Lil John - Bazinga Mutate (Invoker remix) Tommy Trash vs Florence and the machine vs Swedish House Mafia - Youve got one love in the end (SHM Bootleg) Sander van Doorn - Chasin (Original mix) David Guetta & Nicky Romero - Metropolis (Original mix) Nicky Romero - Generation 303 (Original mix) Quintino & Sandro Silva ft Knifeparty - Epic Friends (Dannz mashup) Sidney Sa ...
Majority Villain
Comedy and news analysis focused on democratizing our world. "Status Quos Are For Suckers"
Dumb All Over!
Dumb All Over is an hour(ish) long conversation between Tom and Austin about anything on their mind, and always under the influence of craft beer!
Start your weekend the right way! 60 minutes of the latest and future classics in progressive house and big room anthems.This weeks mix features tracks from the likes of Blasterjaxx, Sander Van Doorn, Seven Lions and Martin Garrix.Please share, like, subscribe for the next episode coming soon.
Triple P Parenting
A weekly segment with Professor Matt Sanders providing parenting advice in simple, effective language
Bandwagon is a narrative podcast that tells stories about the people who give momentum to growing fan bases. Each season will feature stories from fans of a different cultural phenomenon, ranging from sports teams and rock bands to political campaigns and cult movies. Why do people jump on a bandwagon? What do they do once they’re there? Who’s behind the scenes making the bandwagon grow? This is a show about being part of something larger than yourself.
The podcast about talk shows - from Carson to Letterman, from the US to the UK and beyond, and everything in between. Hosted by George Grimwood.
Every week Sander van Doorn brings you the best in fresh new trance, tech-trance, tech-house and house. Featuring guest mixes, classics from the vaults, DJ phoners and live sets. Identity is the unmistakable sound of SVD - It's contagious
Grumpy Old Comedians Garry Who, Darren Sanders & Mick Meredith with special guests and music
The Treatment
The Treatment is a weekly journey into the heart of film led by film critic Elvis Mitchell. From an array of film industry guests, Elvis highlights one each week discussing topics from film inspirations to inner personal conflicts. With a straightforward style that understates his vast knowledge, Elvis extracts depth and insight from his many guests including Dustin Hoffman, Quentin Tarantino and Oprah Winfrey. Subscribe to KCRW’s The Treatment! News and Events The Black List, Volume 2 , the ...
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1. Phaxe, Morten Granau - The Collective (Ghost Rider Remix)2. GMO - Forty-Two (Metronome Remix)3. Impact & Waveform - Speed Of Light (Original Mix)4. 4. Berg - Bayaka (Symphonix Remix)5. Berg - The Chant6. Omiki - Na Le (Original Mix)7. Dimibo - Junglerok (Extended Mix)8. Timelock, Bashers - Spiritual (Original Mix)9. WHITENO1SE x No Comment F ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Discernment Life Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: John 31 - Two Healings, Two Truths, Two Destinies Subtitle: John Speaker: Dr. Leon L. Sanders Broadcaster: Discernment Life Ministries Event: Bible Study Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: John 9:1-7 Length: 57 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Discernment Life Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: John 31 - Two Healings, Two Truths, Two Destinies Subtitle: John Speaker: Dr. Leon L. Sanders Broadcaster: Discernment Life Ministries Event: Bible Study Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: John 9:1-7 Length: 57 min.…
Kim introduces her newest guest to the show, Terrance Sanders, currently living in Spokane, Washington. Having retired from professional sports (Arena Football), Terrance is now a motivational speaker as well as a published author. Tonight's show is an introduction into Terrance's motivational philosophy. You will enjoy his humor and wit.…
Mike Sanders is the Human Performance Coordinator at 7SFG. He uses a training system that encompasses physical, mental and spiritual qualities.
Tonight Jay played a selection of soundtracks and library music. The playlist included: At The Sign of The Swinging Cymbal - Brass Incorporated Stingray - Gary Miller Theme from The Persuaders - John Barry The Real Thing - Ivor Raymond Orchestra Fun Buggy - The Poets John Dalton Street - from the soundtrack of Living Dead at Manchester Morgue P ...…
More coverage of The Capitol 3 this week with a panel featuring Edward Russell former brand manager of Dr Who and Matt Sanders from the show’s art department. You can see my photos of the event here End Theme: Dr Who(8 Bit Version) By Finn Talisker The show is now on Facebook please ...…
Follow Denise Larson Cooper On Social Media! Out Denise's Books!Godnesia: Keeping God in Mind Each Day Days With an Extraordinary Savior - Is a Metaphor: Recognizing Go ...…
Philippians 2:1-13 | Seventh Sunday of Easter | May 13, 2018 | Dennis Sanders, preaching
Hideo Kobayashi presents Hidden Radio 009 | www.hideokobayashi.comHidden Radio 009 Play List1Friday (Original Mix)CianoHiFi Stories2The ResistanceSoulcoolDNH3Seabirds (Original Mix)Danny Howells8Bit4Ethno (Original Mix)Satoshi FumiBlue Arts Music5Bassline (Original Mix)Satoshi TomiieNo.19 Music6C'est Nul (Black Loops Remix)Easy To Remember, Bla ...…
Maintenance is a part of boat ownership, and doing a bottom job is a regular item on that to-do list. Nica Waters details the steps they take to keep Calypso’s bottom ready to sail! Links: Drywall screen on Amazon: Drywall pole sander head on Amazon: Pole for drywall sander: ...…
Top Links Announcing TypeScript 2.9 RC (Daniel Rosenwasser) Building, Running, and Testing .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 2.1 in Docker on a Raspberry Pi (ARM32) (Scott Hanselman) Xamarin.Essentials: Cross-Platform APIs for Mobile Apps (James Montemagno) Elmish.Calculator – Calculator written using Elmish.XamarinForms (full Elmish, no XAML) (Jason ...…
Follow Denise Larson Cooper On Social Media! Out Denise's Books!Godnesia: Keeping God in Mind Each Day Days With an Extraordinary Savior - Is a Metaphor: Recognizing Go ...…
Tracklist Flashmob Radio Show 07601) Ilary Montanari - Morenita (Original Mix) on Flashmob Records02) Jamie Roy & Jay De Lys - Anybody Everybody (Rob Anderson (UK) Remix) on Repeat After Me03) Flashmob - Lower Level (Original Mix) on Hot Creations04) Flashmob - Lone Brazilian (Original Mix) on Hot Creations05) Sander Dellariva - Stab Jam (Super ...…
MAD Magazine, Colonel Sanders, music, and more!
We paint by numbers with Bob Ross while drinking and doing psychedelic therapy meditation. Bio Hackers, old people going to Sedona, Tool returns after 11 years, Bill Hader looks like Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age, Donald Glover fights Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Anne Frank the sequel, Jerusalem vs Palestine, plus sized models.…
Took our time getting this one out, a nice discussion with comedian, homelessness preventer, and fellow podcaster Sander Randall. At the very end he asks us an uncomfortable question and everything gets gooey.2m - We start talking about Bill Keys / Lynn Gentry and street poetry, and end up talking about obsolete technology12m - Sander talks abo ...…
Sander Bogdan shares with Dr Philip Zerrillo about his experience pursuing MBA at SMU. What drove him to choose SMU are the interactive well-balanced business education, quality of faculty members and leveraging in history and personal relationships.
Follow Denise Larson Cooper On Social Media! Out Denise's Books!Godnesia: Keeping God in Mind Each Day Days With an Extraordinary Savior - Is a Metaphor: Recognizing Go ...…
Nima, Niana and JB talk about adult $hit with our guest
Brady Report, Deion Sanders' "Tell Me About Your Mama" Game, Rock Wars, Entertainment Drill
The rookies and veterans are coming together this week and top rookies Bradley Chubb and Courtland Sutton are learning from Von Miller and Emmanuel Sanders.
--On the Show: --Glen Weyl, principal research at Microsoft Research New England, joins David to discuss his co-authored new book "Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society" --Why are people falling for pseudo-intellectualism and fake intellectuals, including Jordan Peterson and many others? David discusses, includi ...…
Why is everyone praising Bill O’Brien for his QB talk? This guy didn’t even want Deshaun Watson. Cecil gives his Fresh Take and doesn’t hold back. The Patriots have hired a martial artist to teach their Dline. Are they on to something? Should the Broncos hire a martial arts master? Pro Football Focus released their list of who they think will b ...…
Mixed and curated by Seán Savage, The Amplified Radio Network brings you the best in electronica, trip hop, deep house and techno from around the world combined with artist interviews and guest mixes updated weekly. 01. La Noche – Alexander Aurel 02. Stab Jam (Supernova Remix) – Sander Dellariva 03. Clap (Dub Mix) – Demuir 04. This Is Groove (B ...…
Ricky Sanders (@RSandersDFS) of RotoCurve drops by the FSM Podcast with Ben Heisler (@bennyheis) to share his story of working in the family business to his deep dive into the world of DFS. The guys also discuss some of their favorite plays for Monday evening in MLB!Play Daily Fantasy Baseball on! Use Promo Code "HOMER" ...…
Dags för avsnitt 3 av Dos Gardenias. Dagens gäst är tidningsdrottningen Charlotta Flinkenberg Hon började sin karriär med att som 23 åring starta en egen tidning, Kometen, som gick i graven efter ett nummer. Efter det hamnade hon på tidningen Frida, en tidning för unga tjejer, där hon blev kvar i flera år och på många tjänster. I början av 2000 ...…
Welcome back, welcome back, WEL-COME BACK!! In this week’s Joi Has Questions Podcast: • 00:00 - Intro • 00:42- "You better know": Edmond Albius • 06:20 - "So according to IG": o Azealia Banks / Cardi B o Meek Mill o Waffle House oTeairra Mari • 30:55- “I Have A Question”: @willsanders interview • 50:05 - “Motivational Message”: The Art Of Being ...…
Crossings Community Church Dr. Cliff Sanders May 13, 2018 Notes
On this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics: The two Democratic candidates for Arkansas Governor square off in their first and only debate. How did Leticia Sanders and Jared Henderson hold up? New polling from Talk Business & Politics and Hendrix College. Guns, Arkansas Works and more. Political scientist Dr. Jay Barth and TB&P contribut ...…
Police: Members of a family bombed three Indonesian churches, Noisy Hawaii volcano lava fissure spurs more evacuations, Sanders: Aide's McCain comment shouldn't have been leaked.
Follow Denise Larson Cooper On Social Media! Out Denise's Books!Godnesia: Keeping God in Mind Each Day Days With an Extraordinary Savior - Is a Metaphor: Recognizing Go ...…
Speaker: Stuart Sanders Series: Righteousness Revealed Scripture: Romans 4:1-8
Scene 5: The Drama of History - Mark Sanders by Aldgate Baptist Church
Bernie Sanders is the worst. Dr. Jordan Peterson is the best. Crow recounts the time he and Rooster accidentally went on a date together. At 46:00 there begins a spoiler-filled review of Avengers: Infinity War, so if you haven't seen the movie DON'T listen any further until you have seen it!
It's My Turn Now | Pastor Scott T. Sanders by Rhema International Ministries
Childish Gambino's newest video "This is America" has taken the internet by storm. Today I discuss this video, mean meanings, and if it really is America. Joined in the studio by Zach Sanders, we will dig a little deeper into this thought-provoking piece of art.Is this REALLY America? Tune-in in and see what we think. Don't forget to join the d ...…
Welcome welcome we are back at home base this week at "The Drinkery" celebrating Episode 35 Aka Kevin Durant. Been waiting all day for this episode to talk about upcoming events that we will be partaking in! So Turn it up and lets get it!*Week recap: Pool for the house?, Tickets purchased /Stage Passes and VIP purchased! *Music: Travis Scott Ne ...…
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast with Kenny, Joe, Raine & Bob!Plus listener calls!Name Calling!Mad Libs!Hamburglar!More!!!
Philippians 1:1-18 | Sixth Sunday of Easter | May 6, 2018 | Dennis Sanders, preaching
Marc joins Jordi and Cyndy Peltier to discuss his open, unedited style of campaigning, his background in technology and law, running in the expansive 12th, Medicare for all, and his feelings about Harry Potter. Marc is a pure populist building on the themes and issues of the Bernie Sanders campaign and all the other great populist campaigns of ...…
Wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton explains what he's already done at UCHealth Training Center to try to pattern his game after veteran Emmanuel Sanders.
Justin talks with Washington’s 3rd congressional district candidate, Dorothy Gasque. The progressive Democrat talks about what it was like to be a female on an otherwise all-male combat unit in the U.S. army, the similarities people see between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and who would play Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti in a movie. Sh ...…
Follow Denise Larson Cooper On Social Media! Out Denise's Books!Godnesia: Keeping God in Mind Each Day Days With an Extraordinary Savior - Is a Metaphor: Recognizing Go ...…
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