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The Dish hosted, by Zach Lee (SDC), Bryan Solis (BSOLZ) and Dom, is a NBA Podcast that covers all the latest and best from around the NBA. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.
Jayson and Abby dive into the areas of school-based Occupational Therapy most frequently discussed by OTs and other special education professionals. Join them as they discuss the difficult questions and host interviews with other special education stakeholders.
On The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David, join the fun-loving swinger couple, Carol and David, and get an inside look into the swinging lifestyle as they share their own personal experiences relating to sex, love and marriage. Learn how to have a stronger and more meaningful relationship from their unique perspective on staying connected, pushing boundaries, exploring limits, fulfilling fantasies and more. Through uncensored and honest discussions about great sex, passion, and intimacy, ga ...
Fitness & Nutrition Coaching to Help You Create a Body and Life You Love
Latin Dance Community
Monthly (LDC) is a collaboration of writers from around the globe who are passionate about latin dance. Our mission is to serve as the leading online resource for the latin dance community by providing entertaining, educational, and informative articles, interviews, podcasts, and video blogs. We talk about salsa dancing, bachata, kizombe and all other types of latin dancing
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In this episode, Jayson interviews Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L and the wonderful lady behind the website. Along with sharing endless amounts of therapy activities on her blog, Cara has authored 6 books and provides several online webinars for pediatric therapists. Today, she holds nothing back as we dive into how she became the pock ...…
We all want to be loved. And we all want to be great lovers… every day of the year, but especially on Valentine’s Day. Love stories come in all shapes and sizes – at all stages of life.By (VoiceAmerica).
In this episode, Jayson interviews occupational therapist and creator of the Zones of Regulation self-regulation program, Leah Kuypers. Leah has spent nearly all of her career working with children as both a private practice pediatric OT as well as a school-based therapist. But, it was during her Master's in Education program that she had an id ...…
Looking to fulfill an erotic fantasy in a safe, judgment-free environment? How about on a cruise ship with 4400 open-minded people, all looking for a similar experience?By (VoiceAmerica).
Open-up your mind. Open-up your dialogue. Open-up your relationship and try something new – out on the open seas.When it comes to sexuality, curious is the key. And, because variety really is the spice of life, the more curious, the better.By (VoiceAmerica).
If you’re still wondering what the Swinger Lifestyle is all about? BONUS EPISODE Here are a few more great discussions about how couples get into The Lifestyle and what keeps them in it.By (VoiceAmerica).
To earn a professional development certificate of completion for this episode, click here! With technology advancing every day and becoming cheaper to access in all forms, it is no longer a matter of if virtual OT services will become prominent. Rather, virtual OT services are already here and are only going to become more prevalent in school-b ...…
Ever wonder what the Swinger Lifestyle is all about? How do you get into The Lifestyle and what keeps you in it?By (VoiceAmerica).
Are you looking for straightforward information about sex, sexuality, sexual pleasure and relationships? Perhaps you’re curious about alternative lifestyles, squirting, threesomes and more? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s what and are all about.By (VoiceAmerica).
Are you looking to experience more erotic passion in your relationship and a deeper friendship with your partner? Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about finding your soulmate. What if you had the tools to custom design a ‘soulmate’ relationship yourself, where erotic love and passion co-exists with deep friendship?…
In episode 21 of the OT School House Podcast, guest Meg Proctor of joins Jayson to share five essential strategies for occupational therapists who work with students who have Autism. Meg is an experienced pediatric occupational therapist who specializes in the provision of services with children diagnosed with Autism Spectru ...…
If you watch a lot of hardcore porn and use it to get sex tips for your next date, you may end up in a major fail. Why?By (VoiceAmerica).
Have you ever dreamed of being 'wicked for a week'?By (VoiceAmerica).
Have you ever thought about the connection between aging and sexual activity? Most of us think that it’s normal to have less sex as we get older.By (VoiceAmerica).
In episode 20 of the OT School House Podcast, Abby and guest, Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L of the OT 4 LYfe Podcast, talk about the differences between school-based OT and Early Intervention OT. They also touch on what the transition from Early Intervention to school-based services may look like. View the entire show notes at ...…
Ladies - Are you ready to be empowered to take care of your own needs for a change? Looking for ways to tickle your fancy? Whether it’s a facial make-over, a new hair-do, or… a ride on a Sybian… What? Yes. Women’s sexual pleasure cannot be tossed aside. Sexual pleasure is very important part of a healthy and happy life.…
In episode 19 of the OT School House Podcast, we are excited to host Jaime Spencer, OTR/L, of to talk about how we can advocate for ourselves as OTs at every level from the school site to nationally. Have you heard about California's Credentialling efforts? How about New York's? Join us for a conversation on why OTs should be va ...…
Are you frustrated with the internet when it comes to finding solutions for your sex and relationship issues? Are you tired of sifting through posts about pills that make your penis bigger (they don’t!), scammy dating advice, or embarrassed teachers putting condoms on bananas?By (VoiceAmerica).
Still on location from Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica, during Young Swingers Week. Join us with some of the guests as they share their experiences of their week with Young SwingersBy (VoiceAmerica).
Today we talk to Lauren Drobnjak, physical therapist and co-creator of The Inspired Treehouse Blog. Lauren and Claire, (the OT behind The Inspired Treehouse) recently co-authored a book titled the Playful Learning Lab for Kids. This new book features 52 gradable activities for kids of all abilities. You can get it on Amazon now! Be sure to list ...…
On location from Hedonism II Resort in Negril Beach, Jamaica, during Young Swingers Week, we get a firsthand view of the next generation of open-minded, curious and adventurous couples exploring their sexuality in a sexy-fun and non-judgmental environment.By (VoiceAmerica).
Are you looking for a safe space to explore and express your sexuality, hidden desires or past trauma?By (VoiceAmerica).
Has your sex life been declining and you don’t know why? Do you ever wonder about the connection between your overall health and your sexual health?By (VoiceAmerica).
The Occupational Therapy Practice Framework notes that "Clients may require access to and the ability to use technology such as cell or smartphones, computers or tablets, and videogame consoles to carry out their daily routines and occupations." (2004). With this in mind, it is not only important to understand how meaningful it is for our clien ...…
Ever wonder how swingers get into The Lifestyle in the first place? Join us with 15 full-swap swinger couples on a houseboat in the middle of Lake Mead for 4 days as we celebrate our 100th episode chatting with our sexy-fun friends all about their journey into The Lifestyle.By (VoiceAmerica).
Are you curious about consensual non-monogamy and want to know more about how it works? Maybe you’ve been thinking about doing a little exploration into alternative lifestyles, but you’re worried about being judged or shamed.By (VoiceAmerica).
Do you ever get that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that it’s time to settle down? Even when you are already in a relationship? Do you feel like things should be getting more serious – moving onto the next level?By (VoiceAmerica).
Join us as Abby has a conversation with fellow pediatric blogger, The Anonymous OT (whose name will be revealed) from An experienced pediatric OT, The Anonymous OT has practiced in school-based settings as well as in a clinic and in home health settings. Together, Abby and our guest discuss the similarities and differences b ...…
If you are interested in intimate conversations about love, life and lust... Then get ready to get comfortable and have a real heart-to-heart talk with relationship and communications expert Cheryl Besner.By (VoiceAmerica).
Are you uncomfortable talking about sex -- even to your partner? So many of us are afraid or worried about being judged when it comes to talking about sex, because of the lingering taboos surrounding sex.By (VoiceAmerica).
Have you got unanswered questions about male sexuality, pushing boundaries and fulfilling fantasies? Looking for a credible source of uncensored information that you can trust?By (VoiceAmerica).
In this episode, Abby interviews Robert Constantine of about how to assess and address concerns related to visual perception and visual motor capabilities in our children. In this podcast, you will learn to identify some of the behaviors associated with vision problems and several helpful hints about how to tease out the ...…
Are you attracting all the wrong people into your life? Is that constant flow of new partners draining the life out of you?By (VoiceAmerica).
Are you struggling to reach your personal goals? Do you keep hitting setbacks and blind spots, especially when it comes to relationship issues, intimacy and sex?By (VoiceAmerica).
In this episode, Jayson interviews Jason Gonzales of (Affiliate link for your convenience) about some of the Laws, regulations and state guidelines that help OTs understand what should be in (or omitted from) our reports. Also discussed is when you should use standardized assessments, how to choose what assessment to use, and ...…
You’ve heard about the pelvic floor, and the importance of Kegel exercises, right? But, as simple and easy as they are, you never get around to doing them... Sound familiar?By (VoiceAmerica).
Do you want a better, more intimate sex life through deeper connections with your partner? What if you can create a better sex life by figuring out what’s blocking you from having the best sex possible?By (VoiceAmerica).
Do you run a handwriting group? Do you use a specific program? In this episode, Jayson is diving into the recent literature on handwriting to help you with your decision making when it comes to supporting your students' handwriting goals. We'll discuss everything from which programs work in what setting, to who can benefit from handwriting inst ...…
Do you ever wonder why we are drawn towards heat? The hotter, the better – right? Find out how the latest ‘sleek and discreet’ bedroom tech can warm you up from the inside out -- for the hottest sex ever.By (VoiceAmerica).
Do you ever wish you could take control of your own intimate health? With your own personal coach… and a program customized just for you?By (VoiceAmerica).
In this episode, Jayson interviews fellow occupational therapist, Akemi McNeil (formerly Davies). Akemi is currently the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator at Stanbridge University's Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy program where she works with hospitals, clinics, schools and other employers in order to place upwards of 120 students in a ...…
Do you ever wonder about the future of sex? Is it going to be run by sex tech, sex-bots and super vibrators? Are you ready for the incredible changes that are on their way in the next few decades that will impact our sex lives?By (VoiceAmerica).
Are you looking to get more from your sex toy? Find out how the most advanced pleasure products from Womanizer can help reach climax again and again with super soft to super powerful touchless stimulation.By (VoiceAmerica).
Ladies! Are you ready to be empowered and take control of your own sex life -- and perhaps even kick it up a notch?By (VoiceAmerica).
In this episode, Jayson Interviews Dr. Amy Sadek about how every school-based occupational therapist should be using evidence-based practices and how to find the research that guides what they are doing. Dr. Sadek's background in nutrition and occupational therapy led her to earn a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Sadek's research focused on ...…
On location from the naked city in the south of France, get a firsthand view of swinging in Europe as we broadcast from Hotel Le Jardin d’Eden with SDC’s amazing group of open minded couples from all over the world.By (VoiceAmerica).
Ever wonder what it’s like to hang naked in the naked city, Cap D’Agde, in the south of France? We are here with the sexy-fun SDC group as we broadcast from Hotel Le Jardin d’Eden during a full hotel takeover by SDC members – all open-minded couples from various countries around the world.By (VoiceAmerica).
Live from Naughty in N'Awlins, the largest lifestyle convention for couples, in the world. With over 2,000 guests, this event is not only a full take over of three of the French Quarter's biggest hotels, it takes over Bourbon Street too.By (VoiceAmerica).
In this episode, Jayson chats with Hopemarie Hower, OTR/L, the winner of the OT School House School's Out Giveaway conducted in June of 2018. Together, Jayson and Hopemarie discuss the similarities and differences between practicing OT in California and Florida. Hopemarie also shares how she collaborates with her school team to conduct assistiv ...…
Teri has been a personal trainer/ exercise instructor for eight years and she coaches from her own hardships with body image. Find out what she says are the best and worst things you can do to feel good in your skin.…
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