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Mostly Skateboarding brings you first person narrative stories from professional skateboarders and industry insiders.
with Drew Domkus and Aaron Monte
Welcome to Skate to Create! The skateboard podcast that's devoted to connecting with creative people, and finding out what THEY learned from skateboarding. In each episode we are excited to bring you helpful resources, powerful conversations, and engaging stories to help inspire the creative, to take action. Whether you are a skateboarder or not, our show will bring you behind the scenes guest interviews from the skateboarding industry. Hear your favorite Pro Skaters like Manny Santiago, Ant ...
Welcome to the 'Skateboarder And..' podcast! Every episode we sit down & talk with a skateboarder whose passion for skateboarding has helped fuel their creativity, whether it be; art, music, illustration, opening a skate shop, starting a skate company or something else entirly. We find out how they got there, and hopefully they'll give us a few tips to help us develop our passions too.
ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. is a company that owned and operated by Skateboarder.The core products is Skateboard parts and accessories that sells only through SkateShop.
The official podcast from the blog by Max Palmer. Originally used to promote up and coming skateboarders from the south of England such as Adam Keys, Joe Paget, Jak Tonge & Joe Smither via my own videos, the podcast has evolved into a daily source of banging skate video parts bearing the official stamp of approval carefully given out by by Portsmouth's biggest YouTube lurkers Casey "Baby with a Beard" Brown & Lloyd 'Dobbo' Davies. Word. Disclai ...
Chocolate Skateboard Co, Inc.
TELUM Skateboards
Telum Skateboards Podcast Channel - Videos about the Telum Team, friends, events and much more....Current Teamriders: Winnie Lindel, Leo Schulz, Tobi Trautmann, Dennis Gläser, Alex Schultz, Tom Staab, Matze Schwab, Markus Kreutzer and Philipp KöhlerTelum Family is: Michele danze, Alex Funk, Oli Kentner and Cuba Carle
BLVD Skateboards
BLVD Skateboards - Videos featuring: Danny Montoya, Rob Gonzalez, Danny Supa, Rodrigo Petersen, Danny Cerezini, Daniel Lebron, Nate Fantasia, Jose Pereyra, Jeremy Murray, Carlos Iqui, Tiago Lemos. BLVD Skateboards, skate hard on the BLVD.
The Nine Club is the show that has skaters talking. Each weekly episode hosted by Chris Roberts with co-hosts Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart invites you into fun and intimate conversations with professional and amateur skateboarders, musicians, actors and artists that share a common passion for skateboarding. New episodes every Monday. Also, watch every episode on YouTube at:
If you love skateboarding and you just can't stop thinking about it, then you'll love The Skateboard Addict.This show covers everything about skateboarding from the latest videos, magazines and nuttiest tricks to go down.Hang out with 10+ year skateboarding veteran Jake Berlin as he takes you through the wild ride he likes to call his skateboarding career.Hold on to your boards, cause it's about to get a little sketchy!
The Shetler Show
Professional skateboarder has amazing discussions with interesting people from all walks of
The most straightedge podcast on the internet.
Presented by Matt Barr, the Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast seeks to uncover the most fascinating stories in action sports and other related endeavours.
The Skatepark Podcast presented by the Tony Hawk Foundation covers everything you want and need to know about skateparks and public-skatepark development. Join hosts Peter Whitley and Alec Beck for tips, tricks, and all the insight a skatepark advocate (or skateboard nerd) needs to know to achieve a proper concrete skatepark in your community.
This Boyce Life
This Boyce Life is a Nerdy and Dirty Canadian podcast that highlights the hilarious unfiltered mind of Dave The Voice Boyce, a founding member, and head designer of Red Dragon Apparel with Co-Hosts, The Murmur.
The Shoot with Matt Day is all about photography and the process that each photographer utilizes to capture their images. Every interview will dig deep into the lives of the guest, learn about their process, pick their brains on how and why they love the art of photography, and hear some amazing stories. With guests such as Jason Lee, Garrett Remy, Nate Matos, and Ray Barbee, Matt guides each interview in a refreshing and insightful way to hear their journey. If you are a fan of Matt Day's w ...
Talkin' turkey with your favorite pros and listening to the music that gets them hyped. Thrasher Radio, putting the rad back in radio. Turn on, tune out, drop in.
Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skateboarding afficianado, Terry Campion, host "Off The Lip" radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, CA.
skateboarding, podcasting, aikido, librarianism, technology, writing, reading, rants...
Chris Coté hosts “The World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast”! This high-speed, rapid-fire podcast blasts actions sports fans with up-to-date news and views on surfing, skating, and snowboarding featuring special guests adding the M.A.S.S. hysteria and overall awesome vibe of this radical podcast. Yew!
Noble and The Gersch are two middle-aged hardcore kids that talk about punk, hardcore, metal and maybe even hip-hop. is een video podcast over de Nederlandse action sports scene. Elke week gaan wij met de camera op pad om de coolste events, riders, merken en feestjes vast te leggen. Of het nu gaat over skateboarden, snowboarden, wakeboarden, kiteboarden, surfen, BMX of freeski, wij zijn er bij. Host Johnny 13 gaat op zoek naar de mensen die die board en action sports scene op de kaart zetten. Volg hem op zijn tour door Nederland. Alle links en shownotes vind je op de website:
Off Camera is a website, magazine, television show, and podcast.Off Camera is hosted by photographer/director Sam Jones, who created the show out of his passion for the long form conversational interview, and as a way to share his conversations with a myriad of artists, actors, musicians, directors, skateboarders, photographers, and writers that pique his interest.Because the best conversations happen Off Camera.
Welcome to the Doobie Talk Podcast hosted by the owner of The High Rise Co, Erin Coffey, and professional skateboard/photographer Derek Fukuhara. Roll up to stoney conversation on topics such as business, marketing, social media, skateboarding, 420 industry, entrepreneurship and much more!
Tic Tac Talk
Beloved Comedians/Actors/Li'l Sweeties Pat Babbitt and Mort Burke discuss their love of skateboarding part by part in this 'cast. Just two adults who love a 4-wheeled toy talking about love, life and loss. Just kidding about the loss part. Also it's funny as shit. Part of the Hello, LionFace podcast network.
Mr Gold hosts The Friends of Stockwell Skatepark Radio Show.Features, news, competitions, music and a little chat about the skater community
Skateboarding from around fleet.
Badplant Podcast
A great site
Sunday Skateshop's videos, clips and montages. Filmed and edited by Bill Bottriell.
Skateboarding Video Podcast
L13 podcasts
L13 Wakeskate Company's video podcast showcasing riding, rider and everything that makes them possible.
Skate Brain is created and founded by Riley Shaw. Skate Brain captures the stories of different skateboarders' experiences and travels. Our guests include: filmers, shop employees, pros, local dudes, people in the industry, and all around people who love skateboarding!To follow the podcast on Instagram go to @skatebrainpodcastTo reach out to the host of the show you can do that @rshaw78 on Instagram or through email:
Poop City
Poop City was created by three guys who know nothing about women, like to drink beer, skateboard, watch wrestling and football. Our views on topics are solely our own, we do not speak for anyone but ourselves.
Pocket Pistols is a skateboarding company dedicated to keeping skateboarding fun. Skateboarding is what you make it, so make it good. Live Fast -x- Skate Faster
The Bunt
Covering the latest in skateboarding and sports, The Bunt is a weekly podcast hosted by Cephas Benson and Donovan Jones with live street reports from Wade Desarmo.Send us questions and comments at, follow us on instagram @thebuntlive and check us out on facebook by liking our page The Bunt.
Gurven and guest others skateboarding in Aberdeen
Out of the Blue
Out of the blue is a collection of random thoughts on music, life, and the pursuit of happiness.
Gnarlic Bread
Gnarlic Bread Out Soon
PunkOff Podcast
Indie Spiritualist host Chris Grosso is a public speaker, writer, recovering addict, spiritual director, and author. Through commentary, interviews and ragged truth-telling, the Indie Spiritualist podcast offers raw and real experiences and insights from an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, yogis, skateboarders, actors, spiritual teachers and more. A come as you are invitation to spiritual exploration.
Bringing you the best in hip hop, graffiti, skateboarding, fighting and anything that makes one a real angelino
A voice of a Teacher. Educational Media.
Churros Y Puros
Jebus and I talk cigars and Japanese Mexican restaurants
Tandem is a podcast covering everything related to the act of scootering. Hosted and mixed by Dylan Kasson with music and design by Ben Bursell. For any questions or suggestions email New episodes every last Friday of the month.
This podcast I talk about personal stories, adventures, motivation and Skateboarding. Based out of Charleston, SC
World renown genius, Tim O'Connor, psychoanalyzes skateboarding's premiere athletes and luminaries. His ideas pertaining to the universe make God look like an amateur thinker and sometimes he correctly uses big words with lots of syllables. Follow his Instagram @TheTimOConnor for wacky nonsense and updates about the podcast as well as
The Boys of Casa De Verde get together and talk all things Skate
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Natasha and Chris discuss how his comedy tour impersonating former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, came to be. They agree that college isn't for everyone, being a doctor is overrated, and skateboarding in your 30's and 40's is mildly respectable and can lead to awesome bionic body parts.Follow Natasha @nphcomedy, @FutureRoleModel, and @ComedyP ...…
What happens when a white guy from middle class suburbs decides to move into an all black neighborhood? Something inspiring. In this episode I interview Will Anderson and I discuss his non profit that helps young men learn the art of wood working and making everything from skateboards, to coffee shop build out art and the money they earn helps ...…
On this episode I sat down to talk with Bryan Perez, a long time friend of mine who I grew up skateboarding with. We recorded outdoors at an open lot of land in our Fort Worth neighborhood that was once home to a DIY skatepark that skaters from out hood and visitors from all over the DFW area used to inhabit. We reminisced about our past times ...…
I'm a 47 year old single mother of 3 kids (17, 14 and 10). I've been working as a substitute teacher for 10 years and take jobs for any subject and any grade (kinder through senior year). In the last 18 months, I have been taking many jobs with the special needs kids and find these to be my most rewarding of days. In my free time, I'm an avid s ...…
On episode 54 of PRP, Greg and Grendel welcome in musician and skateboarded Adrien Way. The three talk about his band GOOD TOUCH, his three year long recovery from a car accident that nearly took his life, the #metoo movement, and so much more. To hear more from GOOD TOUCH, go to:…
Today's episode features "Pro Joe"THIS EPISODE CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENTWe discuss his part in Matt Mejia's video 'Twenty17' Topics also include the lost ramp, his background, squashing beefs, his new company and some skateboarding too!Watch the Full Video him on Instagram @ogfarm530About ...…
#4 I love skateboarding, UFC Fight Night 128, And Other Stuf
Ross and Keith discuss why Mark Zuckerberg is sorry (again), why people are terrified of Facebook and all the details of Apple's education event. Follow-Up Mark Zuckerberg is sorry (again) People are downloading their Facebook data... Topic The 5 biggest announcements from the Apple education event - The Verge Blank Checks Ross - Lyft Keith - L ...…
Andre Antoniou - Owner and Operator of Solsk8s, a Bend skateboard shopCorwin Haeck - reporter for KOMO News in SeattleJoe Donlon - Retiring KGW News AnchorCathy McMorris Rodgers - US Congresswoman from 5th District in WA-R
Get your boards and hit those empty pools, it’s time to gleam the cube with Tony Hawk and… Christian Slater? This 1989 cult-classic about a skateboard punk trying to solve the murder of his adopted brother features a bunch of skateboarding legends and a bunch of Pizza Hut product placement. Philly’s own comedy legend, Joe Moore, glimpsed a worl ...…
Grant Phillips is an Artist. He has a specific 'doodle' style which can be seen on his Instagram page @hopelessdoodles. He is also a VERY GOOD skateboarder and street artist and is currently venturing into the world of filmmaking. Billy Wilson is a guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is dropping his first single "In The End" on Friday the 13th ...…
I love skateboard
Eating bad. The word Brandon's son learned from Brandon. Stormy Daniels. Dating an adult film star. If Brandon and a former co-worker had a baby. David makes excuses for not going to the gym. Skateboarding
David is wearing Brandon's favorite shirt. Free your mind: What is it about TV that drives David nuts? Concerts can help you live longer. Brandon rides a skateboard. Gotcha Gossip: Who bit Beyonce? People are Crazy: What was she saying to the Easter Bunny??
So, let’s get this straight… we’ve done at least 30 of these? Esta cabron… thanks for sticking around or welcome! Things get kicked off with a sickness that someone caught, the marathon, a fixie bike gang, and some skateboard childhood accident. Then a shuffle over to libraries… yeah definitely a shuffle. We get into a conversation about someon ...…
We had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Hernandez from SCP. Mark has been a great asset for us at Brothers Pool Service. Greg went into SCP one day and asked if there was anyone they knew of in the field that could help us expand our business. They said they may know someone and then gave Mark our number. We all talked and it turned into a gre ...…
Today's episode features Matt MejiaTHIS EPISODE CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENTWe discuss his video 'Twenty17' Topics also include his hill bombing skills, martial arts, hippie jumps, throwing cameras in the river and some skateboarding too!Watch his Full Video him on Instagram @mejiachach @probra.entAbo ...…
On this Episode of Authentic Entrepreneur I Interview Monique O’toole. Monique is a Videographer, Skateboarder and Entrepreneur following her passion. Literally, Monique’s specialty is filming skateboarders while shredding about the city. She co-directed [Quit Your Day Job] an all girl skateboard film available on iTunes. ...…
The Shed Dogs reminisce about the pool hall KJ ran when he was 16 and how that venture supported his formal education. We also talk about using live theatre as a teen teaching tool, TV personalities we love and hate, and what REAL shed dogs actually are (something a couple of us were surprised by). Finally we have an assortment of word definiti ...…
In this sober-yet-hilarious edition of “Boozed and Bruised,” Hendrikx picks up Bam Margera from rehab (Bam got a DUI following a Jackass reunion party at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood) to discuss some of Bam’s favorite stories; like the time when he had Slayer play a show in his backyard or when he once woke up to a naked stalker kissi ...…
It's a callback to the most wonderfull time of the year. Mike and Rich had so much Christmas stuff to cover it was broken into 2 parts. we are joined by Chris Gaida to discuss our Christmas wishlist for the cheaper tech heads Today we babble on.... Waterproof headphones with cheekbone conduction Rich invents a new word Luxury Speakers Fish Find ...…
The Pilots first 'Water Break' episode! The 'Water Break' episode is an unscripted, improv show where we talk about whatever comes to mind. ALSO2nd round of March Rapness is underway! Matchups discussed are:Pitbull DMX vs President CarterMixtape Weezy vs Student Loan Debt J. ColeSkateboard P vs A.E.B (After Erykah Badu) Andre 3000 &Queen B Kim ...…
“Don’t worry about anything…You will solve problems as they occur.” – Henk van Dillen Cycling the World Excitement and adventure take many shapes and forms. Some people fulfill this through something like camping or trying an exotic food. For Henk van Dillen, he fulfills his adventurous side a bit differently. For example, some of the feats Hen ...…
Today's episode features Chris GuinnTHIS EPISODE CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENTThis episode was the very first episode we recorded in the studio. We weren't quite sure of the format of the show, and we just went for it. Originally planned to re do this episode, but instead.... enjoy the fumbles.....We discuss his video part from's C ...…
Prisma Guitars Founder Nick Pourfard joins us in the studio for this episode. We check out some of the latest creations from Prisma, famed for building one of a kind instruments from repurposed skateboards. Nick talks about his recent gruosome injury, when while working in his shop he severed off 2 of his fingers, and badly damaged the rest. Lu ...…
Steve and Trevor catch a green water taxi that can take them to dimensions where biology works differently. Today their going to a place that could really help them with their skateboarding.
Hour #1 The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song” Chibi Kodama - “My Way” [Persist] The Amoeba People - “The Man Who Measured the World” Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies - “Call of the Wild” [Going to a Party] KWMC show ID Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - “Bigga Bagga” [Pleased to Meet You] Dan Vapid - “The Grass is Green” [All Wound Up Vol. 2] Jelly of the Month ...…
SNAP in the news for allowing a "would you rather" ad through their ad review. It promoted the domestic violence dispute between Rhianna & Chris Brown, and the public is very unhappy. More bad mojo for SNAP.TCEHY owns 50% of Fortnite, a video game that has blown up HUGE in the past month. On Wednesday night, the #1 Fortnite Twitch streamer had ...…
Mystery 206 of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts has the gang in their most 80′s adventure to date with a surfer that unironically uses the word ‘bodacious’, a message about drugs and why we shouldn’t do them, and a skateboarder dude without a head. All so very 80s, don’t you think? ...…
Oprah’s ability to handle controversy as she contemplates a possible run in the 2020 election, along with a short rant on the need to rewrite Presidential requirements and qualifications. In closing, the lessons we could all learn from skateboarders about mental toughness and a closing statement about creating a life path for yourself.…
Episode 20 is a conversation with Nate Newton, most known as the bass player for hardcore band Converge. Nate also is in Doomriders and Old Man Gloom. We talk about all three of those bands as well as how he got to work with Cavalera Conspiracy, and we get a bit into skateboarding which ties the whole episode together. Nate is a down to earth, ...…
We’re back after missing a week due to Aaron having a birthday session at Cream City, so we talk about that plus a ton of skateboarding topics like Tampa Pro, Nyjah’s Til Death part, Ribs Man, and much much more. Enjoy and shred the word! SPONSORS: Old Dude Skate Co. Skater Balm Next For Me Irie House VW Bu ...…
Tony Perdue talks about music, sobriety, skateboarding, anarchy, arson, and teen angst.
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Das einzig coole Pferd, die Killerenten und ichAutor:: Dagmar HoßfeldErzähler: Jodie AhlbornFormat: AbridgedSpieldauer: 2 hrs and 49 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 04-12-13Herausgeber: HörbucHHamburg HHV GmbHKategorien: Kids, Ages 8-10Zusammenfa ...…
Damien Rider is an ultra endurance athlete who broke a world record in 2015 by paddling on a prone paddle board 800km from the Gold Coast to Bondi. He completed this mission solo and unsupported over seventeen days and it was a turning point in his life. Just prior to the paddle he was contemplating suicide and in the months and years that have ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: RevelationSubtitle: Demon KinAuthor: T.R. LesterNarrator: David S. DearFormat: UnabridgedLength: 3 hrs and 19 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-03-17Publisher: T. R. LesterRatings: 4 of 5 out of 27 votesGenres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy: Paranorma ...…
Kali Paylinn is an energetic artist from the South Suburban area who produces, writes and performs his own genre blending music. Growing up he’s always took different interests than a lot of his peers, skateboarding and fashion became major focuses early in life as they became great outlets for a creativity and self-expression that wasn’t uplif ...…
Levitating Light Bulb…Episode 45…Simon Morris and Flyte The following are the show notes from the Invention Stories Podcast Episode 45…our interview with Simon Morris and Flyte: Simon Morris Simon Morris has been obsessed with making objects float in midair ever since he was a child. He managed to turn a skateboard into a... The post Levitating ...… Love Skateboarding? Collin and I do. His passion led him to found Keep Pushing Forward You can find the foundations Facebook page here…
On this episode of Woody Vs. Papi, Woody and Sachee return from a long break. Sachee identifies as a Wale Fan. Woody reflects on his skateboarding career.
Sean Ziebarth, Teacher at Fountain Valley High School, Orange County, California Student writing is the focus of this session of Educator to Educator. Sean Ziebarth, a high school English teacher at Fountain Valley High School, shares how he has his students engage in the writing process. He shares strategies about the writing process, how he a ...…
In this episode of the podcast I sit down and chop it up with Reggie Kelly. With as much footage and tricks that Reggie has put down over the years it's hard to believe he's still only 24. We talk about: finding skateboarding, growing up in Columbus Ga, having a full beard at 14, getting into anime, moving to California, riding for Sk8mafia/Enj ...…
Taxi Drivers Losing Their Identity, Queer Skateboarders Confront Macho Culture, A Teen Loner Turns into a Celebrated Mapmaker of California's Wilderness
It's a hip-hop extravaganza this week with hosts Sean, Bob, Slim, Alison & Angel joined in studio by hip-hop artist and Akron transplant Floco Torres for a fun discussion about life, his records, and the future for his brand. Plus! Did we ruin water, Slim and I play Pool, Alison is trying out for a new job This week's topics include: New Jersey ...…
It's the 31st episode! This week Thomas is joined by comedians Kyle Henson, Pam Miller, and Mitchell Phillips. On this episode, Pam describes some of the creepy perks of living in a van. Easter explains Wedding/Funerals, shares his preferred method of execution, and heads to Vegas. Also discussed: Black Panther, bicycle accidents, the difficult ...…
We talk with McCormick Emge and Walker King, two seniors at the Charleston County School of the Arts (Charleston, SC) who play keys and guitar in a jazz band called Fusion Jonez. We talk about how they started the band and arrived on the band name, thoughts to overcome fear of public speak and performing, advice for musicians, and guidance to f ...…
We discuss parenting fears with kids and sports video games and the internet Weens tells her babysitting phone sex and car accident stories John Philip Sousa scoots by with his French horn on a skateboard Why do girls need guys approval and the curse of being people pleasers We segue into rollercoasters pet guilt hating crating and animal rescu ...…
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