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The Morning Skate
The time spent in the locker room with your teammates? Yeah, that's what we do. This is a podcast by hockey fans, for hockey fans.Twitter: in to leave voicemails for our show!(518)309-2595
Rental Skates
Paul Driscoll and Tyler Moore are Tampa Bay Lightning fans who talk hockey, food, and pretty much anything else that pop into their heads.
Welcome to Skate to Create! The skateboard podcast that's devoted to connecting with creative people, and finding out what THEY learned from skateboarding. In each episode we are excited to bring you helpful resources, powerful conversations, and engaging stories to help inspire the creative, to take action. Whether you are a skateboarder or not, our show will bring you behind the scenes guest interviews from the skateboarding industry. Hear your favorite Pro Skaters like Manny Santiago, Ant ...
I've decided to do audio-podcasts here and put my video up at description: There may be some audio podcasts eventually, but probably not. There will be skateboarding videos. And whatever else I damn well want!
Join 1981-1984 U.S. national champion and 1984 Olympic silver medalist Peter Carruthers for his inside perspective on the sport of figure skating.
Olá everyone, my name is Ricardo Lino and I'm a wheel addict.
Ladies Skate Only
A showcase for all of the talented ladies out there, each episode puts a spotlight on the female artists we can't get enough of.
My Skating Podcast
Comedian, RSA Keynote Speaker, Author and Roller Skating advocate Scotty Gunther talks all things skating and skate culture past and present.
Hosoi Skates
Video Clips of Christian Hosoi and the Hosoi Skates Team
Speedskating is an incredible sport requiring both physical and mental prowess. Skate Talk with Boomer and the Coach is a way of growing the sport, to let people know what speedskating is all about!
Podcast about style skaters. We discuss all things related to roller skating.
Skate The River
Podcast by Skate The River
Skate The Podcast
My name is Skate and this a podcast where my friends, Kirstin, Jill, and I talk about boys we're dating, things we're hating, and mistakes we're making.
Hal and Mabel's Daddy knows everything - how a thermometer works, what makes a car go, why we get warm when we run. It's a cold and icy evening after school and Daddy has a secret but what is it? And what is in the mysterious packages he has for the children? The "Daddy" stories were originally published as part of the 'bedtime stories' of the Newark News. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
Skate To Create
Together we blend conversation and interviews with today’s most inspirational pro skateboarders, pro filmers, entrepreneurs and freelancers. It features stories from skateboarders such as Anthony Shetler and Manny Santiago, Brandon Westgate, Cody McEntire; Cinematographers including Chris Ray, Adrian Hodge, Ricki Bedenbaugh, Kyle Camarillo, Chase Gabor, Chris Thiessen. Business owners and fellow pod caster's such as Chris Cerrone and Brett Bumeter. Social Media expert Andrew Mucci, Skatepark ...
A Skate video Vidcast.
Pocket Pistols is a skateboarding company dedicated to keeping skateboarding fun. Skateboarding is what you make it, so make it good. Live Fast -x- Skate Faster
Marina's Morning Skate is a hockey podcast brought to you by Boston Bruins blogger Marina Molnar.
Sunday Skateshop's videos, clips and montages. Filmed and edited by Bill Bottriell.
Skate Brain is created and founded by Riley Shaw. Skate Brain captures the stories of different skateboarders' experiences and travels. Our guests include: filmers, shop employees, pros, local dudes, people in the industry, and all around people who love skateboarding!To follow the podcast on Instagram go to @skatebrainpodcastTo reach out to the host of the show you can do that @rshaw78 on Instagram or through email:
The Nine Club is the show that has skaters talking. Each weekly episode hosted by Chris Roberts with co-hosts Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart invites you into fun and intimate conversations with professional and amateur skateboarders, musicians, actors and artists that share a common passion for skateboarding. New episodes every Monday. Also, watch every episode on YouTube at:
Podcast by Blue Line Sports Management
A show hosted by Jayson Sweet and co-hosted by Jason Cantrell all about skateboarding/music, and everything in-between, but mostly skateboarding. Its all for the love, well and maybe sometimes the the hate. but you gotta take the good with the bad.
Skate Motivation is a podcast dedicated to helping skateboarders fulfill their life goals and dreams. Each episode, host STOKED Steve, interviews the most inspiring and motivating professional skateboarders and people in various industries who skateboard in hopes to get skateboarders worldwide to be their best on and off the skateboard. The Skate Motivation podcast came from the #1 Skateboard Motivation Instagram account
Mary Mapes Dodge created an instant bestseller with "Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates." She wanted the book to be partly a book of travels and partly a domestic story. It is a tale written for children that adults also find interesting and uplifting. Dodge writes as if she is sending a series of letters from Holland to children in America, and her you-are-there perspective is aided by a nice attention to detail and vivid imagery.The Brinkers are a poor but stoic family under a dark cloud - ...
Talkin' turkey with your favorite pros and listening to the music that gets them hyped. Thrasher Radio, putting the rad back in radio. Turn on, tune out, drop in.
Mostly Skateboarding brings you first person narrative stories from professional skateboarders and industry insiders.
The Shetler Show
Professional skateboarder has amazing discussions with interesting people from all walks of
Motus V with Nick 'The Tooth' Gullo is a deep dive into the five pillars of optimum health: Mental Wellness, Exercise, Diet, Recovery, and Tribe
The Brothers Grim Punkcast is available on and iTunes. Punk rock, hardcore, and everything in between. Send us your gripes and requests to, listen to us on on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. (both PST).
Rollerblading is an interesting thing to talk about.
Needle Drop Radio
Each week I play a bunch of songs from punk and indie bands from all over the world. You'll hear new, old, rare tracks, unsigned bands, classic tracks, forgotten gems and lots more. I also pick a "Cover Song of The Week" every episode and drop some fun movie clips throughout!Go to for more info.
A hockey podcast where the outliers matter.
Andy Picarro and Collin Chamberlin, two overweight comedians, talk NHL hockey. Seriously, these guys are skating 4th line minutes in a beer league and give their opinions on the best athletes in the world. If you like hockey, you'll probably like this. If not, don't tell anybody.
Brooklyn Surfer's Surf team captain JT, rips the African Coast.
Your source for everything New York Islanders. Hosts Alex and Steve fill you in on the latest on the ice and off the ice news from Long Island's only major sports team.
Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skateboarding afficianado, Terry Campion, host "Off The Lip" radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, CA.
Tara and Johnny
Figure skating legends, turned commentators, now pop culture icons but more importantly, best friends. Enjoy the ride with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on NBC.
Ice Talk
Icenetwork contributors Nick McCarvel and Jackie Wong talk to athletes, coaches, choreographers and other skating personalities about their experiences in the sport. Nick and Jackie are also joined by fellow members of the media to discuss the latest happenings in the always-entertaining world of figure skating.
Tic Tac Talk
Beloved Comedians/Actors/Li'l Sweeties Pat Babbitt and Mort Burke discuss their love of skateboarding part by part in this 'cast. Just two adults who love a 4-wheeled toy talking about love, life and loss. Just kidding about the loss part. Also it's funny as shit. Part of the Hello, LionFace podcast network.
Each week we will discuss the mystery that is Lost.With hosts: The Smiley-Faced Balloon and KittyLili.Edited by: scocubGuest Stars have been: scocub (2), PseuMdoYnym (1)
Podcasts - Megasequin
We like skating and we like stories, so naturally we like skating stories. But we like certain kinds of skating stories. Not so much the comeback kid stories or the "I worked really hard and then did really well" stories, but more the stories we hear told around our skating community, in reflection, maybe after a few glasses of wine. Why you ask? Because they are often weird and hilarious. Why else? Because they remind us that we are part of a pretty funny community, this skating community o ...
A podcast series dedicated to exploring and educating ourselves and listeners on the cumbersome process of advocating for the development of public skateparks.
ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. is a company that owned and operated by Skateboarder.The core products is Skateboard parts and accessories that sells only through SkateShop.
High Dias
Amari Indigo and Charmosa spark together post Burrito Assassin Skate Squad sessions, and drift into the world of ideas. Here they meander through the DamNations of the Internet, and pass through the Collective Vapours of Humanity to find what is Real. In other words: they get high, and have ideas. They have amazing guests. The structure is loose, meandering and conversational. Things have been known to get trippy. Music is shared. Personal stories are shared. Philosophy and dreams are shared ...
Q's Tips on WDRBY
Elektra Q Tion from the Carolina Rollergirls is here to answer your questions about the sport of Roller Derby. Whether it's questions about teams, fitness, equipment, practice, or anything else related to the sport, Q does her best to answer any and all questions with help from her friends of course! This show should be on any Derby Girls list!Submit questions to
Local Heroes Podcast is Hosted by Benny Mckay a Custom Surfboard Builder from Queensland Australia. This unique podcast dives into the world of local artisans, creatives and folks that are going against the grain of the daily grind and doing whatever it is they're passionate about. Guests include and are not limited to Surfboard builders, tattoers, brewers, musicians, skaters and anyone that has a good story to tell. Ben and his wife Lily are currently travelling throughout The USA and Mexic ...
Wild'n out in the borough of kings
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The newest National Hockey League team finds itself in the unlikely position of skating for a championship. Asian fans are finding ice hockey is a cool sport. Euro golfers get knocked out in Belgium, while a first-time PGA Tour winner prepares to try again.
Outdoor podcast with Tax Deduction No. 1, Ben Freeman, rating area skate parks as only he can.
First off, happy birthday stick-tap to Corey, who turns 85 on Wednesday. In this episode, we take you on a tour of postseason hockey, hitting the AHL, ECHL, and recent IIHF play. And then of course we talk about the little expansion team that could, and an impending game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Why wasn't there a single Hockey playe ...…
This week we are talking about the new Destiny 2 expansion, Skate 3 (!?!), Bayonetta, E3 rumors, and much moreThis has been a Knowitsgood production and keep it cheesey
Strap on those skates, because the Chatfield Girls are taking you to the coolest (and darkest) place on wheels! Listen as the girls discuss the sights, sounds, and Cute Boys of the local roller rink. There is also a lot of talk about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Like, a worrisome amount. Plus, Julie brings us a new product for our segment Million-Dolla ...…
While Danmo is a finance major, he has no clue how to save money. This will be him talking about how he doesnt deserve a job. We also get a call from a classic cheap skate, Nick and how he was homeless to save money.
Annie Laurie, from representing her home-country of Canada in North American and National competitions for Figure Skating, is now helping to choreograph ice skaters' performance routines aboard cruise ships. Join us as we talk about Annie's journey to where she is now, and her future ambitions. Instagram: jwworldexperience ...…
Caffeinate is a daily morning show streamed LIVE at 7am ET right here on are today's stories: - Resident Evil 7 Announced for Nintendo Switch- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s lack of traditional single-player is partly due to Black Ops 3 players- Several Titanfall devs have left Respawn for Infinity Ward- Fortnite ...…
This week, we strap on our skates and roll into the terrible, terrible future as we discuss Solar Babies, the 1986 flop that nearly ruined Mel Brooks, and definitely ruined an hour and a half of our lives. If you’ve ever wished Mad Max had fewer cars and more teens, this movie is for you, which means this movie is for no one. Next week: Are You ...…
Today's podcast features Geoff TillotsonTHIS EPISODE CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT Topics also include how to stay healthy at 40, blowing stuff up, guns and beer, running on masonite, Skate MD, the #BeebleBowl, teleportation, and some skateboarding too!Follow the skater- @satanshelper669About That Ender is a Skateboarding Podcast with Skaters, Film ...…
Introducing Matt Wheeler, Amelia’s Husband to the podcast Six skates skills every beginner should know: 1) Crouching 2) Safe Falling 3) Penguin March 4) Scissors / Bubbles 5) Plough Stops 6) Balancing On One Foot Tony Limtiaco T-Roll @rollersk8r rhythm and rolling dance school Long Beach, CA USA.
This week: we’ll be chatting about the turning of the sod for the Wonthaggi Secondary College and Highball Stadium development, the new surfacing of the Wonthaggi and Inverloch Skate Parks, some surprise funding announcements and much more!By (Bass Coast Shire Council).
It’s about that time of year… The weather’s getting warmer, the sun is… well, it’s shining just about as much as it does usually, but summertime means Oaks Park is open for business! That’s right—today on the podcast, I am talking to Emily Mackay from the Oaks Park team about this incredible Portland staple! For those of you who don’t know, Oak ...…
Hubba Hideout. The name alone strikes a certain emotion into the hearts of those who know. The skaters we all looked up to conquered it, and we flipped through magazines and waited to see it in video parts. Who did what on Hubba? That was always the question. J and Ted discuss the spot and the tricks that turned many from skate rats to supersta ...…
This might be my favourite original yet! I half grew up on thrashy skate punk music and it's nice to make music that I would personally like to hear for once. Tell me, what are your most nostalgic genres? Thanks again for watching!Website:…
On this edition of Going Public , we talk with writer/director Nick Murphy and Jen Berti with the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce. Jen tells us about a 90s Trivia Night the chamber is hosting on Friday, May 18 , to help support the movie "All Nite Skate." Murphy is the writer and director of the film and he tells us more about the movie and th ...…
Do you like video games?! Marlon and Jordan do! They discuss the upcoming E3, Pokémon rumors, and the Walmart game leaks. What they are excited for this 2018 including Red Dead Redemption, Spider-Man and Dragon Quest 11! Plus, nostalgia hits them hard talking about NBA Street and if will we ever see Skate 4!Please hit the Follow & Subscribe but ...…
On today’s episode of badass women, we have jasyme serpa, otherwise known as ziggy starpunch. this rad gal is on the central coast roller derby and is kicking ass. Hear about her roller derby experiences and catch her around town hitting up the skate parks doing some aggressive quad skating into the bowls !! Music brought to you by: Lexie Rohrl ...…
In a shortened episode, Corey and Ryan get together in person at the Hanlon abode in New Jersey. Now that the Leafs and Bruins are both out of the Playoffs, we take a look back at the season that was. Plus, Corey delivers a hotline devoted to everyone's favorite ice level reporter...
EVERYTHING I'VE HEARD #4Music curated by Fabio Pezzella & mixed by Andrea Setti aka Gege.Tracklist : 01 - Rare Silk - Storm (Original Mix)02 - Faze O - Riding High (Original Mix)03 - Maya - Lait De Coco (Original Mix)04 - Hitomi Tohyama - Wanna Kiss (Original Mix)05 - Saâda Bonaire - You Could Be More As You Are (Original Mix)06 - Pieces Of A D ...…
IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT: How a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at age 19 impacted Crystal Phillips in her quest for an Olympic gold medal in speed-skating. Why Crystal feels that it was to her advantage to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis so early on in life. How Crystal started to incorporate nutrition and natural medicine ...…
Practice Makes Permanent. It's how your brain works! You embed habits and practices by repetition. When Browning shared this while covering figure skating in the Olympics, he was referencing muscle memory and YET, using this principle in every part of our lives, including leadership, is healthy and effective. You will be more prepared, primed I ...…
In this first episode of In The Loop, Lae (@axelsandwich), Evie (@doubleflutz), Tilda (@tildarosen), and Karly (@cyberswansp) discuss media accessibility and its relationship with the sport of figure skating, the latest news, as well as wrapping up the season with their favourite moments.Full transcript of the episode available here: https://in ...…
Mike invents a game to test our knowledge of... well, something that may or may not involve quotes from the Bible. We run the gamut of emotions in this episode—tears, laughter, abject white-hot righteous fury. But mostly the fury thing. Come listen and find out how Mike's game show privileges were revoked.…
Dani and Amanda are back! This week's podcast covers the gorgeous ladies of baseball. These ladies proved that they could hold their own on the field. These badass ladies shaped an America's pastime. This week's challenge: Go outside & do something athletic. Play catch, hike, roller skate, play basketball, anything that suits your fancy. Share ...…
Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day Punky Peeps,Whether you're a mother to a human child or a fur kid, all moms should be celebrated today.I'm Angela Bowen the host and welcome to another episode of Punky Power: An Unofficial Punky Brewster Podcast.S3E19: So Long, StudioAir Date: December 2, 1987. Photo developing tycoon Matt Glossy offers to b ...…
We got a few minutes with up and coming 9yr old little ripper Kielan Jardini. He is already ridding for the top surf and skate companies in the world such as RVCA, Sticky Bumps Wax, Pyzel Surf Boards, & a host of other. He lives right in the pocket of the North Shore on Oahu, Hawaii. He has a very bight future and we will keep following him as ...…
This is episode 71 of Only Everything, and I thought it might be fun to take a look back to the great sound affections that happened over the first 25 episodes. Please join me for: Alex Vincini EP. 7 Names, and the creative process Kelsey Greenleaf EP. 8 Feminism, and Skating Oliver Elf Army EP. 19 The Great British Bake Off and Europe Keenan U ...…
Meet Andy Parauka, creator of Properfit Clothing Co. - an apparel company, pattern provider, and YouTube channel. Much like I discovered Eric Yelsma and Detroit Denim on YouTube, I discovered Properfit through Andy’s fantastic sewing tutorials (do I spend too much time on YouTube?).It all began when Andy moved from Michigan to Lake Tahoe, Calif ...…
Former host and current Future Dweller, Josh Dubman, stopped by the studio while visiting from his big move to China. Listen in as Del & Josh reunite to discuss finding good food in China, the Hong Kong Skate Scene, the story behind how DJ FireAux became DjOshua that one time, and ultimately - the cultural differences and similarities he's foun ...…
A sunny winter day in Southern California with second generation professional skater, Zach Miller. Zach spent the day surfing and skating some local spots, and talking a bit about the synergy between the two. Cinematography & Edit by Phillip Mansfield.
Episode 32 may just be the most powerful conversation to date with my new friend Rob Dargiewicz. Rob has been rollerblading since it's inception back in 1994 and has had an insane journey ever since. Between debilitating injuries, battling his own internal demons of alcoholism, to getting full blown rabies, the man speaks in stories that will h ...…
Ice Skating Champion Tonya Harding is right now competing for her life and for excellence in another field -- Dancing with the Stars! She has openly called the TV opportunity her second chance to prove herself, after years of feeling isolated and wrongly judged following the biggest scandal to ever hit ice skating. A scandal so big it still res ...…
Michele is a lifelong Alaskan who has been teaching in one form or another since she was in fourth grade. When she’s not teaching, she prefers to be rowing, Nordic skating, or hiking. Her eclectic family includes a musician, an actress, and an outdoor educator.
Niki Kopcke is the founder of Mazí Mas, a catering company and roaming restaurant in London that employs and trains migrant and refugee women. Mazí Mas is all about bringing the most unique part of a culture's cuisine to you while transforming the misperception of migrant and refugee women. Niki's work at the moment is focused on getting people ...…
We’re back and better than ever. Get excited because we're here to fill you in on everything from New Years Resolutions to John Meyer's dirty little secrets. And of course, our typical inappropriate banter on guys we're dating, things we're hating, and move's we're making. This is a good one, trust us. ALSO: If you're bored with your playlists, ...…
Caffeinate is streamed live weekday mornings at 7am ET on are today's stories:- EA Made $5.1 Billion In Revenue for 2018, Anthem Still on Track for 2019 Release- BioWare’s Anthem’s Release Month Announced: March 2019- Battlefield V to have Single Player Campaigns - World of Warcraft Player Gets Prison Time for ...…
Brad Haubrich's Brickman Publications allows him to publish and collaborate with some awesome creatives. We discuss collage, the skate film Memory Screen, and the importance of persistence. Enjoy! @brickmanpubs
We talk to Antonio Cuna AKA Sweater Beats about growing up around skate culture, the special place Bossa Nova has in his heart, and hearing himself on the jukebox.
Stormy Daniels is on the show today! Podcast "Shawn Sullivan Shiza" Episode 9 STORMY DANIELS IS ON THE SHOW TODAY!!! Shawn discusses the time he killed a girl roller skating, fights at the mall and in high school. The time a cowboy spit in his hair and the Pat Benatar song [...] - Lowbrow Art…
A new life awaits Augustus, Dayshift Brad, Vortex and Owl at the FARM. Congratulations, clerks! You've discovered a worst job then working a Stuffer Shack. Join our clerks, Mica and Augustus as they poorly run a Redmond Barrens Stuffer Shack in this Shadowrun: Anarchy Actual Play. Be there every step of the way as they curse, clean and skate ar ...…
Damn fam, this is a straight up 3 hour edition of the podcast. This week we sit down with Troy Elmore (@troyelmore) about getting his start in surfing, fishing, shaping classic inspired sleds and how skating makes a different type of surfer. We also politic with Kris from @hulloholic about the magic of going down the rabbit hole of hulls. Lastl ...…
In this episode of the podcast I had the opportunity to sit down with Finnish skating coach Lari Joutsenlahti. Lari has an interesting story and actually got his start as a skating instructor by participating in Red Bull Crashed Ice events. He now works with players all over the world and is one of the most dedicated, hard working and passionat ...…
Acquired returns with a classic, delving into Microsoft’s first acquisition ever: Forethought Inc, the makers of PowerPoint. Hate it or love it, you can’t deny the combined companies’ impact: by the early 90’s PowerPoint had transformed the way businesses, educators and governments communicate, ensuring job security for pointy-haired Dilbert bo ...…
Brandon Novak is a Recovery Rockstar. A skating prodigy that became lost in his addiction to heroin. Brandon takes us on an incredible journey from the beginning of his skating days, to his upbringing with his dad that was a part of Hells Angels, to abusing heroin and bouncing in and out of rehab (13 times), his time with Bam and the Jackass cr ...…
Come along and visit the world of Michael Koehler, creature creator and artist originally from Pittsburg but now living in Tacoma. Join us as we talk about the issues; skate videos, vinyl, and Vegas. Stay Alive folks!
Episode 55 Happy Throwback Thursday! So to set the record straight...I did NOT say that word. It sounded like it but my tongue got a little twisted! 😂😂😂 Quickly jumping into the show we talk about the upcoming events in our area. Next week is Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week and we have a great week planned to show our appreciation for these ...…
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