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My Skating Podcast
Comedian, RSA Keynote Speaker, Author and Roller Skating advocate Scotty Gunther talks all things skating and skate culture past and present.
Hal and Mabel's Daddy knows everything - how a thermometer works, what makes a car go, why we get warm when we run. It's a cold and icy evening after school and Daddy has a secret but what is it? And what is in the mysterious packages he has for the children? The "Daddy" stories were originally published as part of the 'bedtime stories' of the Newark News. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
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Scotty talks about how overprotective parents might be undoing all the benefits of kids roller skating in the first place. Sponsored by and
Scotty talks about one of the most important choices when it comes to skating...SOCKS! What kind of socks are you wearing? Sponsored by and
What do you do when the person you are teaching how to skate is suddenly better than you? Is it time to kick them out of the nest so they can learn to soar on their own? (Of course not!) Sponsored by
Is it up to us regulars to set the tone and enforce rink etiquette? Or should we just keep our mouths shut and skate.
After being called a "former cool kid" at the Roller rink Scotty contemplates the whole idea of "Cool kids" at the rink. Sponsored by
Scotty raps about music at roller rinks and then rants about music at roller rinks. Sponsored by
On the Road Scotty discovers on Sunday that some skating rinks don't open again till Friday. And he also talks about a referral reward system to get more people skating. Sponsored by
Scotty doubts his own compassion when he questions a skating rink asking for money so they can make building repairs. And then he talks about starting a charity for skaters. Sponsored by
Scotty explains how skating rinks NEED to realize they are in the "Entertainment Business" And he talks about the lack of fun employees roller rinks are hiring. Sponsored by and
Scotty challenges roller rink operators and the roller skating industry to look at themselves by asking one simple question "what are you?" Sponsored and
Before you can "Jam" maybe you should go ba ba back to basic and gain some actual roller skating skills. Sponsored by and
Scotty discovers a "skaters challenge" to save roller skating rinks going around social media so he questions it. Scotty just wouldn't be Scotty if he didn't comment on it. Sponsored by and
Scotty talks about the things that compete with rollerskating rinks. Sponsored by and
Scotty talks about rink rules, breaking in new skates, and fixing squeaky pivot cups..whatever those are?! Sponsored by and
Scotty talks about how he is bad at "promoting the podcast" and then talks about the Athens to Atlanta (A2A) the oldest and most famous road skate in America. Sponsored by and
Scotty retooled My skating podcast with new fun and features so listen and tell everyone about the all new My skating podcast. sponsored by and
Scotty announces some big changes coming on My Skating podcast and then plays a game...sort of. Sponsored by and
Scotty is difficult, prickly and he's got it all backwards! Sponsored by
If Roller skating was to become a fad again and gain national attention, would that be a good or bad thing? Sponsored by
Scotty talks about why he prefers skating summer sessions. Sponsored by
Scotty's objective was to talk about old school skate songs and ends up ranting about roller rinks and society. Will get actually talk about music? Listen and find out! sponsored by
Scotty returns from taking a sabbatical to talk about the dreaded "hover-board night" trend... and then talks about skating in Minneapolis Mn. Sponsored by
This is the start of the Skating gymnastics and ballet show with humble husband
Scotty apparently cheats on his "home rink" at a place called "Marty's." Hear the full torrid affair story In this new Episode. Sponsored by
Scotty hands out the best of 2017 My Skating podcast Awards featuring a bunch of frivolous and made up categories. Sponsored by
Happy the Christmas Elf joins Scotty for a special Christmas Eve Episode. Sponsored by
Scotty finally answers the burning question, "Which kind of skates are better, Quads or Inlines? Join the Great skate debate!
As the sticky little kids seem to turn their back on roller skating, Scotty considers creating a more adult friendly skating atmosphere. Spondsored by
When the music at the rink is you resort to ear-buds or headphones as your music source? Sponsored by
Scotty's old breakdance buddy Lee returns to roller skating! Sponsored by
What do you do when skating gets boring? Well, you get NEWWWW SKATES!! Sponsored by
Scotty's "BACK" for Season 3 of My Skating podcast. Injured or not, the show and skating must go on! Sponsored by
Are Roller rinks doing anything to make sessions fun for skaters? Or are they just conformable doing the least amount and expecting skaters to make it fun for themselves? How do we make sessions fun again? sponsored by
Does your rink treat it's regular skaters special? Or does it treat everyone the same? Scotty talks about giving intensives to skaters so they WANT to become "regulars. "
Scotty saw a sign in the DJ booth at a rink. Could this "sign" be the end of skating altogether? Was it just a sign....or THE sign?
Scotty comments on the recent article in Rinksider magazine featuring My Skating podcast. Sponsored by
Scotty talks about how water ruins skate floors and contemplates building a better floor. Sponsored by
Scotty asks "how much time do you actually skate for during a session?" And then he talks about "showing off."
Scotty asks a couple of skate related questions and tells the ONE fun drunk story he has to share. Sponsored by
Scotty talks about "spinning" on Roller skates. Sponsored by
As Scotty retires his old skate bag of 12 years, he's curious about what YOU use as a roller skate bag? Sponsored by
Scotty does a short show about picking up YOUR stuff! Sponsored by
Scotty Gunther complains about "complainers" at the Roller Rink! Sponsored by
Scotty talks about his love for backwards skating!
Scotty Gunther talks about how the current generation of roller skaters totally missed the "skate boom" and how this effects skating rink culture. Sponsored by
Scotty starts out season 2 of My Skating Podcast with a terrifying near high-speed crash when his skates failed! Sponsored by
Scotty talks about how THIS could be the Final Episode of My Skating podcast??!! Find out more here! Sponsored by
Scotty talks about how some skating rinks treat everyone like a kid...even the adults. Sponsored by
Scotty talks about several random skate topics and even blurts out a dirty word ...(Yeah, if you are 6 year old!?)
Scotty Gunther of My Skating podcast announces the winning name of The Anabolix skate company and Virtual Concepts 4D "name that hub" contest.
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