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Ken Plume loves to chat. Even more so, he loves to chat with people he finds interesting – really, the only criteria worth mentioning. In "A Bit Of A Chat With Ken Plume", he brings those conversations with interesting people to you, the listener.
Adult Swim's Dana Snyder and FRED Entertainment's Ken Plume set out to have a literate conversation between two pals, but inevitably devolve into a verbal, and funny, free-for-all full of bickering, infighting, and the special kind of male bonding that comes from conflict expressed through the podcast medium.
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Ken Plume has a chat with performer Symphony Sanders, about windy cities, deep dish crusauchee, wonder sporks, onion bombs, magical housewarmings, booze bastards, nesting, Daleks, joy sparking, smoke exits, rude patrons, sky monsters, vocal routines, EuroCows, tender Halburgers, Nightvale, circus school, accidents, Tamika Flynn Fight Club, Tiny ...…
Ken Plume has a chat with performer Juliana Hansen, about Toy Story 4, Funkoforky, Miss Wendy, direct offers, wild teachers of the wasteland, weeping Hanks, Disney range, bright voices, high school musicals, Tomorrow, bullying, Broadway, road warrior, London, Popeye, Disneyland, Jasmine's stomach, J-babies, magical maps, inspiration, vocal scar ...…
Ken Plume has a chat with artist Nathan Hamill, about stupid friends and family, domes, MarioKart grifting, Lavawear, ascots, spats, artisanal vinyl, Hamadu's Lost Toys, sandbox lightsabers, Gilligone, Venkman reassessment, Horror the Duck, Get A Life, and collecting.
Ken Plume has another chat with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, about hypervigilance exhaustion, woof-fors, Captain Marvel, third points, slamming on the gas, comics, cameos, premieres, candy rooms, Tony Stark's admin, Flerken things, Ikea famous, AquaBendis, Modesty Blaise, Precious Lane, Evil Queens, backstage cruelty, princess snubs.and boutreats.…
Ken Plume has a chat with performer Patty Hawkins, about Boardwalks, cocaine cola, board games, horsey moves, geek subcultures, eating vegetables, raiding, Carpenters, Crewsin, Disney, signing snafus, and hosting.
Ken Plume has a chat with writer/producer Ira Steven Behr, about Deep Space Nine, temporal beards, origins, disconnects, The Avery Enigma, serialization, catching waves, station engines, Quark's IQ, and spin-offs.
Ken Plume has a chat with actor Armin Shimerman, about Deep Space Nine, Quark, predictions, auditions, Ferengis, atonement, rehearsing, bonding, IQ, beautiful alchemy, Buffy moonlighting, novel ideas, John Dee, franchise returns, spin-offs, and Quarksablanca.
Ken Plume has a chat with actor Nana Visitor, about Deep Space Nine, candor, perspective, exhaustion, stage cheetahs, dramatic flow states, deferment, baking, divine shortcake torture, spun sugar vindication, pretty pain, listening, Sunday dinners, faux pho, and brains vinaigrette.
Ken Plume has a chat with actor Andrew Robinson, about Deep Space Nine, Garak, auditioning, rejection zen, art of the craft, Julius Weezer, Dirty Harry, typecasting, What We Left Behind, and belated appreciation.
Ken Plume has another chat with writer/producer Paul Dini, about soft soap, George Lucas, Skywalker Ranch, Ewoks, Droids, cartoon writing, Batman, ice hearts, and The Joker.
Ken Plume has a chat with puppeteer and performer Nate Begle, about love nudges, plane pretzels, Universal Pitywalk, Deep Blue parrots, puppeteering, quaint German mustard, Muppets, tangent holes, Blockbusting, projecting, Pope shows, Last Week Tonight dogs, laser light shows, theme parking, and Groot.…
Ken has another chat with comedy icon Dave Thomas, about SCTV, spies, making Strange Brew, runaway robots, boxing Hope, studio tussles, sitcoms, and writing.
Ken has a chat with nerdcore legend MC Frontalot, about concept albums, the PokeParty, candidate shipping, WWE News Network, logging off, dainty barbarians, gimmicks, phasing, album discipline, Tom Waits for no man, tombstone playlists, Brooklyn movies, and gelled mice.
Ken has a chat with writer Kelly Thompson, about janx, dream projects, leveling up, West Coast Avengers, toaster ovens, fun, Captain Marvel, baby landsharks, perma-pedastals, glass filling, theater etiquette, and Sliders.
Ken has a chat with actor/writer Rufus Jones, about sacrificial innards, creative akimbo, puppet Hurt, a thousand deaths, Barton Fink feelings, chipperness, the Way of breakfast, Sir David Mitchell, and practical Pembertons.
Ken Plume has another chat with musician/writer Paul Myers, about The Kids In The Hall, beer Christmas, secret Canadians, trying lives, compartmentalizing, and being easy adjacent.
Ken has a chat with writer Chris Hastings, about Gwenpool, the cat of dogs, comfort cocktails, charm offensives, Goldenshakes, nom de Zdarsky, ginger beer, Dr. McNinja, vampires, and six million dollar men.
Ken has a chat with artist Robbi Rodriguez, about Spider-Gwen, SpiderVerse premieres, Target dreams, fractal foundations, backbeat Rico, critical Toth, Golden LaTours, Slott schemes, Bendis tabling, and premiere Tupperware.
Ken has another chat with comedy icon Dave Thomas, about Canadian fallout, McKenzie politics, SCTV, character work, Soviet programming, and departures.
In this episode, Ken Plume has a chat with singer/songwriter, Bonzo, Python collaborator, and Rutle Neil Innes, about absurdity, sneaky songs, celebratory journeys, soft shoe shuffles, dada tracks, magical mysteries, clapdown Clapton, Arthur chords, French countrysides, surly mornings, and trains of thought.…
Ken Plume has a chat with writer/performer Dani Fernandez, about streaming, channeling, Millennial Manors, toxicity, positivity, typecasting, name games, Harolds, Dream Daddies, and zombies.
Ken Plume has a chat with writer/performer Dan Sinker, about burn-out, hiding in bushes, time travel shenanigans, punk politics, Twain snobbery, Presidential programming, and social disorder.
Ken Plume has a chat with writer/performer Lane Moore, about being alone, awkwardness, catharsis, being candid, honesty, revelations, being evil adjacent, and regional Tinder.
Ken Plume has a chat with composer Eban Schletter, about singing frogs, epic stories, Disney music, Shermancoasters, originality, temp music, and Tompkins leitmotifs.
Ken Plume has another chat with writer Ben Blacker about Hex Wives, comics, flying solo, and Thrilling Adventures.
Ken Plume has a chat with writer/comedian Dan Telfer, about Joe Namath, nostalgia, wikipedia, Columbo, Patton P.I., Fortnite bushmasters, brutal honesty, Cher, and McElroy crashers.
Ken Plume has another chat with author, presenter, and skeptic extraordinaire Rebecca Watson, about friend requests, stinging heals, corgi proposals, rusty pumps, goose rolls, edible Disneyland, and quizzes.
Ken Plume has a chat with director and performer Bex Schwartz, about Andagorn, Phantom of the Red Rocks, Paul Simon, Pandalanta, and pan flutes.
Ken Plume has another chat with writer/performer Joseph Scrimshaw, about superheroes, grim grittiness, and milkshocktails.
Ken Plume has a chat with author Lindsey Fitzharris, about Victorian medicine, accents, pie samplers, donkey engines, carbolic, Ravenmasters, Hitler's toilet, ego, orthodoxy, and ether cocktails.
Ken Plume has a chat with humorist OhNoSheTwitnt, about assertive cats, owlsplaining, Robin Hood, The Hero Of Nakatomi Plaza, pop culture blindspots, awful Maui, compartmentalized maturity, Disney's WestWorld, and Mushroom Dumbo Daze.
Ken Plume has another chat with artist Michael Kupperman, about his new Graphuc Memoir ALL THE ANSWERS.
Ken Plume has another chat with Tested co-founder and FOO VR CEO Will Smith, about sweet tobacco, Kool-Aid Hookahs, Steve Martin's BanjoWorld, harmonicas, Virtual Goldblum, Neil deGrasse pedantry, Sesame clocks, spider players, and odysseys.
Ken has another chat with musician Molly Lewis, about Creosoting, Magnedinq, executive dysfunction, vanilla aspirations, Dormhall Gleeson, Lumbear Jack, Manchurian Charcoal, Lump Situations, and Chatchella.
Ken has another chat with singer/songwriter Marian Call, about touring, playlists, Standing Stones, Space Camp, karaoke, concerts, bears, and houses sliding down hills.
Ken Plume has a chat with Imagineer and author Brandon Kleyla, about tiki bars, theme parks, dragons, skippers, and hurricanes.
Ken Plume has a chat with actor Steve Agee, about car jail, stress tests, Tony Danza beard, Ravagers, catering, Sarah Silverman, improv, reality disorder, panic attacks, Busy bodies, eyeburns, hypochondria, worry pits, and death notes.
Ken Plume has another chat with comedians Frank Conniff and Carolina Hidalgo, about New York tourism, driving, New Year's, Bonding, never-seens, Conniff candidacy, parks, bartending, and stand-up.
Ken Plume has another chat with writer, comedian, and US soldier Benari Poulten, about food shaming, spilt milk, Dunkin' coffee, Park Slope M.D. P.I., tater tots, GI Joe fashions, and watches.
Ken has another chat with musician Jonathan Coulton, about bad hair, Acme brands, corned beef, null cheese, accents, lyrics, bad Doors, Jimmy Buffett, and jukebox musicals.
Ken Plume has a chat with writer, producer, and president of the Jim Henson Legacy, Craig Shemin, about Muppets, Jim Henson, Disney deals, legacies, writing, puppet theory, deleted scenes, and a Plume Deluxe.
Ken Plume has a chat with the mighty Jean Grae and Quelle Chris, about sound checks, butlers, black velvet, Foleyman, props, haunted paintings, and Alexa.
Ken Plume has a chat with puppeteer Calvin Lester, about tiki bars, Muppets, Disney World, fancy drinks, Frank and Jim, Leslie Nielsen, pineapple drops, Skippers, Gadding about, and Bird Call Radio.
Ken Plume has a chat with comedian Lucie Pohl, about New York City Greeters, Disney D.Vas, Red Dwarf, cons, jump scares, Turkey trimmings, no blinks, Edinburgh, Overwatch, and Canary Chicken.
Ken Plume has a chat with writer/performer Jordan Black, about The Black Version, improv, vampire awards, lost sketches, Kankakee, Trump, and tomato blessings.
Ken Plume has a chat with comedian Carolina Hidalgo, about Move Signs, cheesecake, patry theft, liquor brunch, Senor Puppet, birthdays, K-Town karaoke, and a Vader painting.
Ken Plume has another chat with master thespian and interweb bon vivant James Urbaniak, about parking, Pirate Joe's, headshots, Players Guides, monocles, Willie Talk, and Reno Starr.
Ken Plume has a chat with voice artist extraordinaire Billy West, about Stooges, Gary Owens, garlic bread, rolodexes, plumbing, Futurama, Brian Wilson, and Milky the Clown.
Ken Plume has another chat with musical genius Mike Phirman, about Fake Zombies, sound foam, thrillseeking, meeting Hardwick, seasonal novelties, Fecta, thumb pianos, and dueling Randy Newmans.
Ken Plume has a chat with Chloe Dykstra, about cosplay, virtual dogs, Zelda games, couric seeds, Lisa Frank, and Gerald Cross.
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