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Podd Socks
A small indie Aussie comedy podcast.
The Rockin' Eddy Oldies Radio Show, bringing you the widest selection of oldies anywhere on our planet Earth. All the hits and misses from the genres of Soul, Motown, Country, Doo-Wop, Folk and Rock 'n' Roll. We play the very first golden age of American Rock 'n' Roll. You'll hear all the charted hits from and beyond the Top 40.
Canadian TV icon Ed the Sock and his foil, the outspokenly witty redhead Liana K, talk about news, politics, music, TV, movies, comic books, sports, pop culture and anything else under the sun, in a stream-of-consciousness podcast that rivals James Joyce's Ulysses. Okay, not really, but this is supposed to be hype, right?
Have you ever tried to pursue a creative life, but have sacrificed self-care and wellness in the process? Or, perhaps you’re trying to pursue wellness, but are frustrated by rigid definitions and standards of health that seem to stifle creativity? Long-distance, sock-obsessed cousins Anna Barnard and Maria Ramsey have come to the conclusion that we don’t need to choose between our art and our wellbeing. In fact, they’ve got lots of thoughts to share about the intersection between the two. Tu ...
Big Bad Nonsense
Podcast by Biscuit and Sock
Kink Craft
Find out about the weird and wonderful world of sex and sexuality. From life as a cam girl to having sex with your socks on, we cover a wide range but always with humor and hopefully good advice.
YouTuber Stewart the Sock gives you a peek inside his sick mind, pointing out the unnoticed problems of every day life.
Britain in the near future: Nottinghamshire has voted to leave England. London has declared war on Yorkshire. And Sarah... Sarah is breaking up with Graham, because Graham is a wet sock, an unnecessary sequel. A dingleberry. Future History is an irreverent sketch show that takes a sideways glance at the apocalypse, fake news and mass-ignorance-hysteria; mythologising a future in which the very worst has happened. The end is nigh, so dig a hole. Written and created by Hugh Dichmont
A Prairie Home Companion for Kids!
Britain in the near future: Nottinghamshire has voted to leave England. London has declared war on Yorkshire. And Sarah... Sarah is breaking up with Graham, because Graham is a wet sock, an unnecessary sequel. A dingleberry. Future History is an irreverent sketch show that takes a sideways glance at the apocalypse, fake news and mass-ignorance-hysteria; mythologising a future in which the very worst has happened. The end is nigh, so dig a hole. Written and created by Hugh Dichmont
Based in Rockford, Illinois, Sock Monkey Sound is a music and culture podcast. We have conversations about the state of music and culture in our world, picking apart musical genres while exploring the boundaries of our own perceptions and taste. Notable guests on our podcast have included Ian MacKaye (Fugazi), Colin Hay (Men At Work), Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers/Archers of Loaf), Hutch Harris (The Thermals), David Bazan and Dan Deacon, as well as members of The Dandy Warhols, Superchunk, ...
Kink Craft
Find out about the weird and wonderful world of sex and sexuality. From life as a cam girl to having sex with your socks on, we cover a wide range but always with humor and hopefully good advice.
Nathan, Nat & Shaun are all current world record holders in their own right – Nathan for having snuggled the most number of bunnies in a hammock (the previous world record holder was Cameron Diaz), Nat for putting the most number of socks on her left foot while listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and most recently Shaun for stuffing the most number of bananas down his pants with a record of 273. They’re all very proud of their achievements. They also do a breakfast show on Nova 93.7
Podcast by Orange Socks
Welcome to the Holderness Family Podcast! On Facebook and YouTube we are known as The Holderness Family. We make those silly songs and skits with our kids, but on this podcast, it's just us... the real us. The non-Christmas-jammies-us, the why-can't-my-socks-be-on-the-kitchen-counter-us (Penn) the why-do-I-have-to-go-outside-and-talk-to-people-us (Kim). On this podcast, we will share the real-life ups and downs of living together, working together, raising kids together, in what we hope is a ...
King Django, internationally renowned superhero of reggae, rocksteady, ska and friends take you on an eclectic journey spanning all the realms of Jamaican music and its various descendents and relatives. Based out of Django's legendary Version City Studio, the King and friends will knock your socks off with dubplate specials, deep classics, and loads of original music and sneak previews from the Stubborn Records catalog. All health and blessings!
Giant Bombcast
Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, taste-test questionable beverages, and get wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast.
Got an unquenchable urge be a total Degenerate at FNM? Feel an incessant need to yell at your opponent while flexing for a selfie when your slamming your deck on the table? Well, your prayers have been answered by the omnipotent and all-powerful MTG Cardboard Crack House.​What the hell is the MTG Cardboard Crack House? Are you serious? Are you seriously asking us what the Crack House is? MTG Cardboard Crack House is like listening to drunk angels talking about Magic and giving you a lesson i ...
Socks & Scandals
If you want to listen to a very entertaining and fun podcast about different socks and scandals, you have come to the right podcast! Join hosts Aubree Vanderhoeven and Sarah Godfrey as we talk about what socks we are wearing and what scandals we've experienced (or heard about). Keep your socks on for this one!
a Day with Price
A fortnightly ‘CRASSical’ music podcast hosted by Brooke Day and Emma Price, who discuss being freelance musicians in London UK, and recommend a piece of classical music each episode. Don’t worry, this isn’t a socks ‘n’ sandals-style podcast; these two don’t take themselves or the world of classical music too seriously. Prepare to learn whilst laughing!
Talking all things craft.
Life's to short for matching socks !!! 🤔 Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Bunt
Covering the latest in skateboarding and sports, The Bunt is a weekly podcast hosted by Cephas Benson and Donovan Jones, with music by Antz One behind the scenes. The show is sure to knock your socks off.Send us questions and comments at, follow us on instagram @thebuntlive and check us out on facebook by liking our page The Bunt.
"Frauds sounds like Lords, amirite?"A 5th Edition Actual Play podcast set in a Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage-inspired Waterdeep. We don't follow the "plot" of those adventures that closely as the PCs take a liberal view to the word "heroism" and the concept "property ownership".Ask Ode about the time he only got a few silvers for some Noble's used socks...
Suspect Convictions
Barton McNeil discovers his 3-year-old daughter's lifeless body in her bed the morning after breaking up with his girlfriend. McNeil insists that she was murdered by his former girlfriend after pointing to a cut screen in the bedroom window. Police agree a murder has been committed, but arrest him.
Fight Me is a sports talk radio show where RJ takes on topics in college football, recruiting and the NFL, NBA and MLB. He does not like it when his socks get wet.This podcast is for the folks who missed their friend's wedding because she had the audacity to get married on the same day as OU-Texas. It's for the folks who want to see Bob Stoops get his statue alongside Bennie Owens, Bud Wilkinson and Barry Switzer. It's for the folks who schedule their lives around fall Saturdays in Norman an ...
Just a pair o' pals doin' a podcast. Podcasting. Noah has a letter from Bill Clinton. Abi likes socks. They like sushi more than expected. Neither have been to Wisconsin.
A Knitting, Photography and Crafting Podcast
America Out Loud Network © – DrRon & Linda discuss contemporary news stories, politics, relationships, business; The Daily Rant and things that frost their socks!
KnerdGirl Knits
Mom and Daughter Knitting Videocast, with a Nerdy Twist
The Gooners Podcast
An Arsenal Podcast full of banter, laughs, and silly games.
WWE recaps plus sports, personal lives and a bunch of random nonsense.
Self Renovators
"Funny and touching and brilliant. It is riddled with cynicism and sarcasm and is wonderfully relatable." - The Guardian It’s the Self Renovators! Comedians and delightful neurotics Caroline Mabey and Taylor Glenn road-test the deluge of self improvement tips that clog up the internet like socks in a drain. From early morning meditations to CBT thought tracking challenges, Caroline and Taylor are on a two-woman quest to improve themselves . . .so you don’t have to! Want to send us a task? Em ...
Welcome to Killer's Crawlspace, we are an amateur podcast created in 2017 who enjoys true crime. We encourage all our listeners to interact and give input about the cases we discuss, enjoy and have fun.
Delightful knitting patterns and Knitting Podcast
Off The Shelf
Pete Socks is a converted Catholic still learning the faith after 21 years. He continues to learn the riches of our Faith through books. The passion to read has led to his ministry as a book reviewer for leading Catholic publishers. You can find his reviews and author interviews at The Catholic Book Blogger on the Patheos Catholic portal (
If I Were You
Tune in every Monday to If I Were You as Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld offer advice in areas they're qualified to talk about. Also in areas they're not qualified to talk about. Email them with your own sticky situations and they’ll find the solution:
Your Creative Push
Your Creative Push is the podcast that pushes YOU to pursue your creative passion, even though you have a busy, full-time life. Twice a week, Youngman Brown interviews artists, musicians, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and other inspirational creative individuals in an attempt to get them to inspire you to put aside your excuses and START DOING WORK. Each artist opens up to YOU, revealing the things that hold THEM back on a daily basis, and how they FIGHT THROUGH IT. They then gi ...
Average Swingers
Life Is Short Party Naked!
HiFi Worldwide
Podcast by Jason Rogers
Welcome to the SOCK(net) podcast. Yadin Porter de Leon and Tony Piscopo host the show where enterprise end-users and tech industry experts come together to discuss in-the-trenches real-world solutions to the challenges faced by today's technology teams. Topics like: Global Deployment, Cloud Orchestration, Automation, Agile, Open Source among others.
"The Tony Kornheiser Show" (now available exclusively on-demand) is a topical, daily talk show that starts with sports and quickly moves into politics, current events, entertainment and, really, whatever happens to be on Tony’s mind that day. The format of the show—regular sit-in guests with familiar interviews and segments—highlights not only the unique perspective of Tony Kornheiser but also the expertise of his network of friends.Join one of the most recognizable and outspoken commentator ...
All the best of the Parisian catwalks and a look behind the scenes at the big names in Haute Couture. Every Friday at 10.20 am Paris time.
Clockwise is a rapid-fire discussion of current technology issues hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent and featuring two special guests each week. Four people, four topics--and because we're always watching the clock, no episode is longer than 30 minutes. Hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent.
90% Knitting
This podcast features knitting and spinning-related content as well as shop news and shop update previews for Fibernymph Dye Works.
Tired Nighttime Anecdotes is a podcast, brought to you from the fine stable of talent at Panic Moon Productions. Join married hosts Trayce Zimmerman (@TrixieCanuck) and Adam Canuck Zimmerman (@ItsAdamCanuck) at their dining room table as they talk about such topics as their week, their kids, school supplies, mismatched socks, terrible music, and stepping on Lego.
A true crime podcast hosted by Robin Warder
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.
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Today we talk about a true pig, or a cow even, Rabia O'Cow-dry. Time to put a apple in this pig's mouth and roast! As well as the Movie of the week and all nonsense as usual.@RealWrestling@LingusMafiaIG LingusMaf
Tony opens the show by talking about the Caps loss in Game 6, and about the NBA playoffs. Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi sits in to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft, and his new podcast, "The GM Shuffle". Nigel gives the news, and during Old Guy Radio Tony talks about the Kate Smith statue being taken down. They also about Steve Kerr's com ...…
We are back baby! and this time i mean it. we actually went away and came back. Thanks a lot for noticing. PLease enjoy this new episode.Emma tells us a sea shanty of her time on a cruise ship, while Brooke reminds us the joys of teaching. Contact@adaywithprice.commusic link: you all!…
Instagram: @theholdernessfamily Thank you for being here! Would you consider leaving a review? We also love feedback: Join our Facebook family: Find us on YouTube: About the Holderness Family: Penn, Kim, Lola, and Penn Charles Holderness create ...…
If there is one thing that Youngman has learned in the three years of creating this podcast, it is the fact that the best creative output comes when you share your own story. Often times, it takes time and effort to figure out what that story is. In today's episode we are going to explore the fact that your story doesn't have to reach a complet ...…
Staff in public hospitals have been accused of using "strong-arm" tactics to get patients to sign forms that mean there will be a double charge for their treatment.
Nathan, Nat and Shaun’s best bits! US Property Developer Randall Bell kicked off the show talking about his rather interesting job. He values homes where someone has been murdered and has even work on the infamous OJ Simpson case – he’s a pretty cool guy! Tech guy Simon gave the guys a present – but it wasn’t the good kind. They ate some of the ...…
Whats going on Degen Nation! We go through the last few spoilers and talk shit to Parking lot about his singing.If you like the intro go check out Dj Piecemeal at his SoundCloud page.DJ Piecemeal@djpiecemealAlso go check out our buddies new podcast Garbage Day Podcast movie review. sit back and grab a cold one. Also hit ...…
Tony opens the show by talking about the NBA playoffs. Michael Wilbon calls in to talk some more basketball (and about the actual location of Toronto), Nigel gives the news, during Old Guy Radio, Tony talks a little bit about his trip to NYC and how crowded it is compared to DC, and they close out the show by opening up the Mailbag. Songs : Eri ...…
OKC Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has an ongoing beef with Oklahoman sports columnist Berry Tramel that revolves around the phrase "next question."—RJ and Corey talk through Kyler Murray's NFL Draft drama and why Pete Prisco reported the Arizona Cardinals might not draft him No. 1 overall.—RJ and Corey talk Oklahoma State cowboys spring ...…
In this episode we discuss blurry vision, self-defense, and Jake's newest creation: General Cleanliness.By (Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld).
The HiFi Minisode - Something Completely Different by Jason Rogers
On-the-job perks are a boon for many of today's workers. In a bid to attract and hold onto skilled staff, employers are increasingly offering workers a range of perks - such as gym membership, on-site massages, yoga classes, private health insurance and free food. There is a downside however: such perks may trigger a tax bill for workers and in ...…
Q I am considering buying a new laptop and the one I have my eye on is quite expensive. I have seen it available for a lower price on a UK website but I am worried that if I wait to I buy it, and it is faulty, what rights will I have if Brexit happens? Deirdre, Co Westmeath
The Tipperary comedian Paul Marsh has been performing regularly at Irish comedy clubs and festivals for over seven years. He is also a fireman.
Four Twenty is the annual event observed as a means of celebrating marijuana use. Just what is the story behind 4/20 and what connection does it have to Adolf Hitler? Drugs are bad and noone should do drugs. Be responsible.
With the Matys Brothers, Duane Eddy, Little Joey & The Flips, Titus Turner, Stan Freberg, Bobby Charles, Aretha Franklin... This week we feature our twin spin with The Baritones' "After School Rock" and its b-side "Sentimental Baby" out of Dore Records in '58. A special treat for the Queen of Soul fans, you'll get to hear a very young Aretha fr ...…
Catholic social teaching confuse you? Not certain what it is or what the Church really teaches on the subject? Public debate often circles around such hot-button topics as immigration, abortion, health care, racism, religious freedom and capital punishment. It's helpful to allow the Church to guide us on these matters. Father Kevin McKenna join ...…
As the economy continues to improve, one of the drawbacks has been the rise in commuting times mainly in cities.
Former Oklahoma Sooners offensive lineman and NFL veteran Bronson Irwin evaluated offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh's offensive line in the 2019 OU spring game. RJ Young also walked through why Jalen Hurts should be named the starting QB at Oklahoma.
Good Friday to all of you!!! (It actually IS "Good Friday" I was reminded over and over by my Mother this morning. If you're not sure what that is, it's when "Jesus died for all of our sins." Just an FYI in case you feel like you need to confess or be a better person rapidly considering the rapture should be happening soon!) Thanks to all ...…
In this episode Olivia will discuss the unidentified woman we know as Orange Socks. Music created by Chris Early Audio Clips from KTBC Fox 7 Austin.
This show is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, if the title includes the word "Interview" and then a proper name, you can pretty much bet that's exactly what you're going to get. In this day and age, most everything requires a "description." We don't believe in that. Just call us old school. It might also be one of our many special features o ...…
What if the luxury sector aligned with the aspirations of society? The age of non-stop plastic is coming to an end. Nicolas Gerlier is the founder of the eco-friendly lipstick brand “La Bouche Rouge”; his business is committed to promoting sustainable development. Thanks to a partnership with Eau Vive Internationale, the company has pledged to ...…
Last time the group successfully broke out of the Field Ward Guard House, accompanied by Torquil and Seat. They zigged when the original plan was to zag, leaving behind a badly-disguised-Aldred to face whatever music may be playing… Why this turn of events? Because Torquil had made them an offer that they had it within their power to refuse, bu ...…
The previous episode's revelation of how King Django got his name leads us to continue our discussion of Duke Reid and early Ska and Mento music. Vincent gets distracted and send us on a tangent, exploring some Jazz and early Beguine music from Martinique. We close the podcast with some helpful tips on how to properly care for your grandfather' ...…
4/7. By December, during the hottest winter on record, the jagged circle was complete, with Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire cut adrift of their neighbour. However, rather than bowing to cabin fever, the people of Nottinghamshire found strength in separation. Written by Hugh Dichmont…
4/7. By December, during the hottest winter on record, the jagged circle was complete, with Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire cut adrift of their neighbour. However, rather than bowing to cabin fever, the people of Nottinghamshire found strength in separation. Written by Hugh Dichmont…
The Government will consider taxing so-called 'cuckoo funds' if they continue buying up residential property in blocks, Tánaiste Simon Coveney has conceded.
The seafront site known as The Bower in Balbriggan was one of the first parts of the town to become residential back in 1844. The three original houses on the land were built to encourage people to use the then spangly new train line that ran from Dublin city out to Drogheda.
Architects are often scathing about planners, for reasons that may be obvious. Town and county planners tend to be conservative, after all, even where conservation is not necessarily desirable. They like to preserve vernacular architecture exactly as it is, and they take a poor view of ostentatious designs for giant glass-and-steel cubes amid t ...…
In August 1930, the Irish artist Harry Kernoff sailed to Leningrad on board the Soviet ship Kooperatsiya (Cooperation) as part of a delegation of the Irish Friends of Soviet Russia. It was an interesting group. Kernoff's travelling companions included the political activists Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and Charlotte Despard, and Irish Republicans ...…
Q We are a couple considering returning to Ireland as we had always intended retiring there. Even though we are only in our early 60s, we are completely fed up with Brexit and seriously concerned about staying in the UK much longer.
Tony opens the show by talking about the NBA playoffs (and the debate between him and Wilbon about the NBA vs. the NFL). ESPN's Tim Kurkjian calls in to talk some baseball and Nigel gives the news. During Old Guy Radio, Tony talks about a great dinner he went to the night before, and they close out the show by up the Mailbag. Songs : Let's Not ...…
Bernie Sanders reveals his political platform as a Presidential candidate. Is higher education really worth it? Millennials that just can’t get a life; Tiger Woods’ comeback; the fire at Notre Dame and 13 things that strong women don’t do. Join your common sense conservative couple DrRon & Linda and current news, politics and coffee commentary ...…
Fine Gael has been accused of helping so-called “cuckoo funds” to buy up housing developments - making things even harder for families trying to buy their own home.
Spending by households returned to growth in March, having fallen in February. The Visa Consumer Spending Index, which measures expenditure across cash, cheques and electronic payments, was up 2.7pc.
One hundred and twenty isn't a very big number, but if you're in your mid-50s, that's how many pay-days you have left. It's said that retirement is the longest holiday of your life and these days, it's getting even longer. Most people can expect to live until nearly 90, meaning many of us will be funding a retired life that's almost as long as ...…
Nathan, Nat and Shaun’s best bits! The show kicked off with Anthony winning Nova 93.7’s trip to the Maldives but when he found out the news he wasn’t too excited…turns out he’d just had a vasectomy! Craig went straight back to work as a roof carpenter and boy he was in a lot of pain and Jason’s doctor didn’t give him enough anaesthetic so he ba ...…
"From the hosts of the award-winning podcast “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” and Orlando’s Best Radio Show “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” comes a brand new broadcasting concept – “A Gentleman’s Guide To Manliness” (AGGTM). Combining forces with attorney, musician, and style powerhouse Steven Kramer, AGGTM is a weekly lifestyle based sho ...…
Some ways we've seen tech used to benefit society, our thoughts on foldable phones and other form factors, improvements we hope to see in iOS 13, and what we think about the rumored macOS Sidecar. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: TextExpander, from Smile: Try the new release with the visual editor. Get 20% off your first year. Guest S ...…
Tony opens the show by talking about the NHL playoffs, and how the Penguins and Lightning were swept in the first round. Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post calls in to talk about moving from covering the Washington Nationals to covering the 2020 Presidential election, Nigel gives the news, during Old Guy Radio Tony talks to Barry about the Ma ...…
August 18, 2010. Leduc County, Alberta. While staying with her infant son and a friend at a motel, 20-year old Amber Tuccaro decides to hitchhike to Edmonton. She never returns and is subsequently reported missing. Two years later, police release audio of a recording from Amber’s cell phone in which she can be heard conversing with a male drive ...…
Insurers should have a super tax imposed on them if they fail to pass on cuts in premiums at a time when they are benefiting from reforms, a leading retailer representative body has said.
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