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Sorry Not Sorry tackles social, political and cultural issues from the perspective of unapologetic guests while highlighting activists doing amazing things throughout the country.
Sorry I'm Not Sorry Podcast, or SINS for short, is our unapologetic view on life, current events, relationships, parenting, and anything else that comes to mind. Stayed tuned in and be enlightened.M'+Peach Merch Sorry I'm Not Sorry Podcast Merch to the World of SINS
Three best friends on a quest to find the greatest movies of all time. New Episodes every Friday!
I'm Sorry Dad
Brandon Calvillo and Ry Doon have a podcast! In a world of faux happiness on social media, these two aren't afraid to look bad. Brandon and Ry laugh at the dark side of life, and talk about stuff they might be sorry for one day... I'm Sorry Dad.
Sorry to Interrupt
Funny everything but mainly sports talk.
WWE talk from the everyday fan's perspective. Basically, we are you if you hosted a wrestling podcast. Join us as 2 fans from 2 different eras discuss the great story telling, in ring action, & our favorite Superstars that make us Mark Out weekly while watching WWE. We discuss the current product while always having the never ending debate of whose era did it better? Attitude or Ruthless Aggression. Get in on the conversation Join our community of marks on IG and Tw ...
Sorry Mom
Nikki Howard & Sydney Maler present "Sorry Mom" the podcast!
ʻA Little About A Lotʼ is a variety show where Kelsey and Becky spill the tea about their personal lives, talk the struggles of relationships, research their favourite celebs from the 90ʼs, answer audience questions, interview some badass people, and more! We want to challenge perspectives, and leave our audience feeling refreshed, inspired, and with a little more knowledge about a lot!
Mom, I'm Sorry
3 guys cool and funny in their own mind reminisce in comedy based on their shortcomings in childhood, relationships, jobs, and the opposite sex. Listen to learn little known facts, life's ironies, tough times any normal person has faced, and pop cultural phenomena that you may or may not remember. All of which will make you apologize to your mother. Mom, I'm Sorry.
You have come to know the Golic family over the last 20yrs, hearing about their lives on ESPN radio. Now they are sitting down as a family to share stories, and laughs about everyday life....and maybe a little sports.
This Day In Funny
Broadcasts from this day in history that raised a laugh or three.
The sudden death of her husband upends and transforms every relationship in Leigh Shaw's life, also forcing her to realize there was a lot about her husband that she didn't know. We're going to be there every step of the way, breaking down each episode's themes, plots, and more! Join us for in depth commentary, special guests, and exclusive news and gossip. Streaming LIVE to Facebook, the SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW is your one stop shop for everything to do with the brand ne ...
It’s the English class you didn't know you missed and the meaningful conversations you didn't know you craved. Join Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile as they bring thought, reflection and laughter to Harry Potter; not just as novels, but as instructive and inspirational texts that will teach us about our own lives. Relive the magic chapter by chapter as they explore themes such as commitment, revenge and forgiveness. This podcast creates time in your week to think about life’s big question ...
This is a live comedy storytelling show recorded monthly in St Louis and Cleveland, as well as on the road. Described as cross between The Moth Radio Hour and Mystery Science Theater 3000, Sorry, Please Continue...features some amazing stories told by anyone who wants to participate mixed with commentary from Kenny Kinds, Jeremy Hellwig, Kris Wernowsky, and some hilarious guests.
Back up and running! I discontinued this podcast for awhile. Sorry! It is back. Music, sounds, and gentle asmr for gentle relaxation and meditation.Sleep is one of the most powerful healers available to us. Vibrational Tonic’s goal is to craft ambiances that are soothing and revivifying.If you have a request for a certain type of composition, you can email me at: and I will let you know when it is published. Thanks for listening! Vibrational Tonic
Football Daily
The latest from the Premier League, EFL, European football and more!
Hot and Bothered
On Hot and Bothered, we encourage people to write Romance novels as a sacred practice. Each episode, we follow the experience of one of Vanessa Zoltan's friends who is writing their very first romance novel. Vanessa is joined by Julia Quinn, her favorite Romance novelist, to discuss romance novel tropes and what it takes to write a Romance novel. Along the way, we find meaning in the mundane, treat the secular as a sacred, and build communities of supportive and creative friends.
The Intelligence
Get a daily burst of global illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents as they dig past the headlines to get to the stories beneath—and to stories that aren’t making headlines, but should be.
This is a live comedy storytelling show recorded monthly in St Louis and Cleveland, as well as on the road. Described as cross between The Moth Radio Hour and Mystery Science Theater 3000, Sorry, Please Continue...features some amazing stories told by anyone who wants to participate mixed with commentary from Kenny Kinds, Jeremy Hellwig, Kris Wernowsky, and some hilarious guests.
SISG covers topics from the worlds of music, live entertainment, film, nostalgia, pop culture and anything else that comes into our heads. All with an emphasis on the strange and unusual.
Two Sorry ExCuses
A podcast of two way past their prime 'Cuse alums, Liv and Sanders, discussing all that is Orange and anything else that may strike their fancy.
The Podcaster's Podcast
Sorry, What?
Priya & Kush // your new favorite podcast.
Women at Work
Women face gender discrimination throughout our careers. It doesn't have to derail our ambitions — but how do we prepare to deal with it? There's no workplace orientation session about narrowing the wage gap, standing up to interrupting male colleagues, or taking on many other issues we encounter at work. So HBR editors Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Nicole Torres are untangling some of the knottiest problems. They interview experts on gender, tell stories about their own experiences, and giv ...
Insight, wit and analysis as BBC correspondents, journalists and writers take a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. Presented by Kate Adie and Pascale Harter.
Welcome to the new podcast Sorry in Advance where we discuss popular film franchises that we're seeing for the very first time.
A mix between green tea & Hennessy, guided meditation & trap music. They're hilarious & their topics give a southern vibe to the NYC city life.
Sorry I’m Not Sorry
Coach K & DrewSki.. We’re Just Speaking Our Minds On Anything And Everything..Its Just Our Views On How We See Things!!
This user has not entered a description yet.
We're just two gay guys navigating the cosmic space of life. We discuss LGBTQ+, spirituality, and general nonsense
Juergen' It
Hi! We’re two brothers who are watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager because, I don’t know, I guess there’s just nothing better to do. Sorry about everything!
We are fans of the tv show Killing Eve, and this is a fan-made podcast. This podcast is dedicated to peeling back the layers of this totally focussed, and yet, sometimes inaccessible show. Join us, as we deep dive into every episode and find parallels in Eve and Villanelle's intersections and contradictions. We appreciate this show and everything that goes into it. This podcast is dedicated to that effort. We aim to keep this spoiler-free, so everyone who is discovering the show right now ca ...
Sorry in Advance
Bear with us on this journey of offensive and comedic talk as we walk hastily through the bad neighborhood that is life.
Sorry We're Perfect.
Current events commentary, questions, and cocktails.
Hoppe Radio
The award winning Hoppe Hour is hosted by Ryan Hoppe. He never holds back! He has an opinion on everything and it’s a strong one. Please don't be offended, he's sorry in advance!
I'm sorry Shaun.
Life goes on day after get the picture. Let's celebrate.
This Podcast is dedicated to providing family-friendly content that covers many topics. Whether it is Star Wars, faith, sports, or life there is something fun always happening. Come and hang out with us every week!
A sitcom about a one hearse town
A reappearing podcast in support of obsessions, drinking, and rambling.
A podcast where two brothers dissect the weekly political news and, after they've had their coffee, delve into other weird news
A LIVE podcast for the fancy degenerate.
Happy Hour Rewind
Sorry we didn't see you at Happy Hour this's what you missed! Join Erika and Amie as they recap all of the pop culture and podcast news they couldn't stop talking about at this week's happy hour.
Australian politics... yeh, we're sorry too
Sorry Not in Service
A period of highlights from 10radio's fortnightly show Sorry Not in Service. Tunes and Chat (without the tunes)
Sorry We're Closed
The Hoopla Podcast Network is proud to present: Sorry We're Closed. Sorry We're Closed is a podcast about a whole lot of everything. By a couple of dudes that know a whole lot of nothing. Hosted by Buddy and Dave, who are joined by tech guy Lance. Enjoy!
Sorry To Hear That
Join CJ Williams for her biweekly podcast exploring life after a loved one dies. The grief that follows isn’t so easy, but guests on the show are making it through. Guests tell stories about themselves, the loved one they lost, and how they have managed the business of death. These are their stories told to you about sadness, grief, and the small victories that help them move forward.Sorry To Hear That is published biweekly on your favorite podcast apps.
Sorry mom!
Test 1
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ACK sorry I missed posting yesterday! K is for Kakapo is out now!INTRODUCTION: Hello everyone, Mina here, and welcome to my Podcast! Here I focus on the warrior cat series. I interview fellow readers and ramble about single books, as well as the series as a whole. I upload one episode of ABC OC on Friday and one surpise on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy, and thank you, Warriors!
Sorry About Jack
Podcast by Jack Nations & the Sleepers
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show series
Join us to discuss episode 5 of Sorry For Your Loss!! The sudden death of her husband upends and transforms every relationship in Leigh Shaw's life, also forcing her to realize there was a lot about her husband that she didn't know. We're going to be there every step of the way, breaking down each episode's themes, plots, and more! Join us for ...…
On this episode, Sorry Not Sorry listeners share how #MeToo has impacted them and Alyssa shares her Hollywood #MeToo story. Sponsored by Ritual, Foursigmatic, and Brooklinen.By Cloud10.
Welcome to Sorry! You're In My Seat - a weekly podcast which unites three best friends on a quest to find the greatest movies of all time. Each week our heroes take on a new movie theme & this week they turn their attention to new release, JOKER. In it's second week JOKER has grossed over $500 million internationally so Aaron, James and Sam tak ...…
SPOILER ALERT: JOKER Writer/director Jon Walkup is back with another movie review... This time it's Joker. Recorded at Studio Doon (Ry's bedroom) cuz we weren't able to book Nolan in short notice. Follow Jon: @jonwalkupBy I'm Sorry Dad.
Welcome back to the Sorry Sports Podcast as episode 121 comes in chock full of sports as the guys begin with the NBA-China fallout, MLB playoff check-ins, and college football before transitioning into the Wednesday NFL show that you all love so much. Enjoy the pod, the sports, and as always stay tuned to…
Two months after India’s Hindu-nationalist government stripped the state of Jammu and Kashmir of its autonomy, 7m people are still in limbo. How will it end? Could America’s angrily partisan politics be explained by a rise in loneliness? We visit the Midwest to find out. And, companies are going big on “financial wellness” initiatives for their ...…
Some of the Golics went to London for Bears-Raiders and brought bad luck with them (3:30), Gardner's dad, Flint Minshew (9:00), and double dose of "Would You Rather" (26:00).By ESPN, Mike Golic, Mike Golic. Jr..
This is our 100th podcast episode. It features 9 stories by storytelling MVP Rob T. It is over 4 hours long. On the couch during these stories were Jeremy Hellwig, Kenny Kinds, Amy Milton, Kris Wernowsky, Andrew Mihalevich, Bobby Jaycox, Stryker, Spurlock, Christian Lawrence, and Zach Stovall. The first two stories are from when our sound was n ...…
We talk about the presidential Hole-y Trilogy: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Trump, the Amber Guyger trial, therapy, Power, church music and much, much more!Subscribe, rate and review us on #iTunes and #GooglePlay and WIN FREE PRIZES!!!!! Like and comment on #Soundcloud Like our #Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Download the iHea ...…
Robot yourself, weed eateries, how to scam a scammer, an advent calendar we can get behind, a "special" painting of Channing Tatum, and Jodeco's Word Vomit.
WWE Pro Wrestling Talk 10/4/19....A celebration of 2 years of Sorry for Marking! We take a look back at all of our trilogies and talk about what we have learned from going back to our Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras these past couple of years... Its been a fun ride and we thank all of our listeners for continuing to join us around our WWE ...…
Mark Chapman is joined by Ali Maxwell - from the Not The Top Twenty Podcast, Mark Palios - former FA chief executive and current Tranmere owner and football finance expert and podcaster, Kieran Maguire.They discuss life on the edge of the football league including how you should and shouldn't run a club as well as asking what the league will lo ...…
Amid the growing disquiet in Hong Kong are a few survivors of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. These once-moderate voices are changing their minds about whether the protesters should keep provoking the Chinese government. Even as a currency crisis unfolds, Lebanon’s central bank is keeping things stable—so far. The bank has a solid history, ...…
Kelly Cates is joined by Derby defender Curtis Davies, former Chelsea midfielder Andy Townsend, former Everton player Don Hutchison and Jack Pitt-Brooke from The Athletic to discuss what action should be taken after some England players were racially abused in their Euro 2020 qualifier with Bulgaria. The team debate whether the England players ...…
Tails Of ZeldaClan | Hawthornpaw's Shadow | ABC OC Fanfic | Part 1 | Warrior Cats Podcast by MinatheWarriorsPrincessBy MinatheWarriorsPrincess.
Twelve candidates take to the stage again tonight, with two clear front-runners. We ask how the winnowing field reflects the mood of the party. We also examine an unlikely candidate in a lesser-watched race: that for the Republican nomination. And, why the shattering of the two-hour-marathon mark has much to do with snazzy footwear. For informa ...…
This week, Vanessa is joined by Katie Mingle from 99% Invisible. They explore this week’s Reddit question written by a woman in a 10 year relationship who’s experiencing feelings for another man. To find an answer, Vanessa and Katie call Katie’s mother, romance novelist Pam Mingle. Together, they revisit a question from earlier in this season: ...…
Mark Chapman is joined by former England internationals Stephen Warnock and Chris Waddle and senior football reporter Ian Dennis to react to the racist abuse and chanting directed at England players in their 6-0 win over Bulgaria.The game was stopped twice as abuse was aimed at a number of players. Our football correspondent John Murray talks t ...…
One of the primary reasons we work is to earn money, but many of us feel uncomfortable telling others how much we make. This fear may be working against women, because research has shown that salary transparency can help narrow the gender pay gap. With the help of experts, we explore the complexities of talking about our salaries. First, an eco ...…
The whole idea of this podcast is that we want to get ready for when tragedies happen near us. We want to make sure that if an opportunity to love a one year old, dropped off at our door were to ever happen to us, we won't be a Dursley. Tragically, a vividly clear example of this is happening on our figurative doorstep; the American southern bo ...…
This week we talk all about what buying a house is really like, plus all of the complicated decisions that come along with it. Watch this podcast on our YouTube channel,!
Turkey’s violent strikes on north-eastern Syria came as swiftly as America’s withdrawal. The overwhelmed Kurds, once America’s staunch allies against Islamic State, now want protection from Syria’s Russian-backed forces. “Microfinance” experiments are intended to alleviate poverty, but in Sri Lanka one trial has gone badly wrong. And, why China ...…
In which we discuss Extinction Rebellion and who we would like to use as speed bumps for our steam roller. #Auspol #ExtinctionrebellionBy donttellthepilot.
Steve Crossman hears from John Murray, Ian Dennis and Chris Waddle in Sofia as they look forward to England's game against Bulgaria on Monday - including interviews with Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane.Plus Rob Green, Owen Coyle and Dave Edwards discuss England's formation, the potential of Callum Hudson-Odoi and their favourite - and least fav ...…
K is for Kakapo! | ABC Warrior |[Season 2] Episode 13 | Warrior Cats Podcast by MinatheWarriorsPrincessBy MinatheWarriorsPrincess.
President Trump and his supporters remain defiant in the face of the impeachment inquiry against him. But many of Mr Trump's political allies are troubled by another issue: the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, which has allowed Turkey to attack Kurdish targets in Syria. Jon Sopel says Syria may turn into Mr Trump's bigger problem.The K ...…
Vanessa introduces a new podcast, The Left Ear, created by Dakota Johnson. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Not Sorry Productions & Spoke Media.
Darren Fletcher, Ian Dennis and former England internationals Rob Green and Chris Waddle assess where it wrong for England following their 2-1 defeat to the Czech Republic - their first defeat in qualifying in a decade. We hear from manager Gareth Southgate, goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and midfielder Mason Mount, who made his first international ...…
It is at once a story of post-communist success and of populist threats to the rule of law by the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party. What direction will Poles choose for their country? Gay rights are few and far between in China, but couples have found protection in a little loophole in guardianship law. And, how Elvis Presley’s last flash ...…
Miles Montgomery from the nationally syndicated "The Mens Room" called into Hoppe Hour.By Hoppe Radio (Ryan Hoppe).
By Hoppe Radio (Ryan Hoppe).
Steve Crossman and Guillem Balague are joined by Julien Laurens and James Horncastle as sacking season gets under way in Europe. The team assess the fallout from the sackings of AC Milan's Marco Giampaolo and Lyon's Sylvinho. After Ousmane Dembele's sending off against Sevilla, the panel look at Europe's more notorious referees. And there's a p ...…
Vanessa and Casper explore the theme of temptation in chapter ten of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This week Casper and Vanessa unpack the tragic story of Merope Gaunt, considering her abuse and the way she perpetuates it with Tom Riddle Sr. Throughout the episode we consider the question: how do we interrupt temptation when it leads ...…
The wedding banquet put on hold by protests and emergency legislation in Hong Kong. Helier Cheung describes how she had to tell 300 guests the party was off.It's 250 years since Captain Cook first set foot in New Zealand and the first time the Maori encountered Europeans. That anniversary is being marked this month and this week a replica of Co ...…
The White House is stonewalling the impeachment inquiry. Could that hinder the Democrats’ ability to build a strong public case? We look at this year’s crop of Nobel prizes in the sciences and ask why, once again, all the winners are men. And, Japan’s government-led efforts to match lonely urbanites with rural folk. For information regarding yo ...…
John Murray and Ian Dennis go behind the scenes at St George's Park ahead of England's matches against the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.Gareth Southgate's side could book their place at next summer's European Championships. John and Ian speak to Southgate and several members of the squad.By BBC Radio 5 live.
This rain white noise comes from a couple audio clips by Sound Jay, plus some sounds created by Vibrational Tonic. Bring joy into the world through your creative self-expression as you listen to the soothing blur of summer rain mixed with ethereal bells as it falls gently onto the forest floor. An enchanted summer.…
Hosts De'AnJilo Platt, Chae' Jones and Haliey Matthews on episode 4 of Season 2 "Mr. Greer". Danny and Leigh are dealing with Matt's memorial at his school in very different ways. We learn that Matt might've had hard time at the High School but he cared so deeply about his students but he was leery of having kids of his own with Leigh. Danny do ...…
Join hosts Chae' Jones and Haliey Matthews as they talk about Season 2 return of Sorry For Your Loss episodes 1-3. While it seem Leigh is trying to move on from Matt, her relationship with Julie is boling over with unsaid feelings and Julie's guilt she feels about Matt's death, Danny is having what seems to be a midlife crisis while also pushin ...…
Erika and Amie are cheersing to their new life and the first episode of Happy Hour Rewind. At 12:24 they discuss The Cut's take on the worst text message you can receive. Then at 17:39 they rewind the most banana story they've ever texted about The Orphan saga aka Natalia Grace. Moving on at 31:59 the first "Based on a True Happy Hour" conversa ...…
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