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Dr. Dawn Graham is the Career Director for Wharton's Executive MBAs, a Licensed Psychologist, former Corporate Recruiter, and Host of the national radio show "Career Talk" on Sirius XM 132 (Live every Thursday at noon ET). This weekly podcast provides the best career tips and advice from Dr. Dawn and her expert guests. Whether you're in a job search or want to know how to land a promotion or make more money in your work, Dr. Dawn has you covered!
The Switchers Podcast is a show where we interview "Switchers". A "Switcher" is a former "Windows user" that got bored of the Windows platform and now uses the Apple OS and Apple hardware. Unfortunately for people outside The Netherlands, the Pocast is in Dutch.
The MacSliders Podcast
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Nerd Overload
Nerd Overload is your weekly geek culture show! Sam Dunham, Cody Pinnick, Samantha Cross, and Josh Harrison provide all of the video game, comic book, TV, film and all around pop culture news and reviews... with a side of comedy!
Mac Folklore Radio
Ye olde Macintosh stuffe read to thee. Junk food for old time (pre-1999) Apple Macintosh zealots.
The Reach Personal Branding Interview Series podcast is focused exclusively on personal branding. It brings together the best advice from Personal Branding Guru William Arruda, and our guests - best-selling authors and revered thought-leaders. You'll discover valuable advice, tips and techniques for uncovering and expressing the brand called YOU. To learn more, visit: http://www.personalbranding.tv/category/categories/reach-personal-branding-interview-series-audio/.
The Mobile Side
En gång i månaden+
Podcast spreading the mobile content creation world by Francesco Facchini (Italy)
Boom Festival
http://www.boomfestival.orgBoom sees itself as amplifier and a converter of concepts and we take that responsibility dearly in every single step we plan. Within this vast “ocean” of consciousness Boom is a lighthouse of sanity, ethic responsibility and a building block for the future to come.
The Markertek News Channel provides insight on hot technology issues and trends that impact media professionals and technology organizations - from a customer-centric, brand neutral perspective.
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The grassroots, cloak-and-dagger effort that brought NeXT and Intel together. Written by Chris MacAskill at cake.co. Intro audio from Steve Jobs’ 2010 appearance at All Things D with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg.By Derek.
Are you a college student or recent grad (or a loved one of a college student or recent grad)? If so, this show is for YOU! Dr. Dawn is joined by Beth Hendler-Grunt, Founder of Great Next Step, a firm that has helped 100s of college students to find successful careers! Get the inside scoop on how you can land the job you've been looking for wit ...…
Making a functional career switch? Don't underestimate starting in your own company! #switchers
On this jam packed episode, Dr. Dawn kicks off the show with a segment on seasonal hiring. If you want to nail the interview and last the whole season (only about 50% of hires do!), listen to these tips from special guest Carina Myers, former Sales Manager of a major national retailer. Contingent work is on the rise and research shows that more ...…
This week, our intrepid hosts go over the recent Playstation State of PLay, including games such as Wattan, Arise, the Medievil remake and The Last of Us 2, as well as talk about the canceled Ghost Rider and New Warriors Hulu shows, the proposed Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, Jurrasic World 3 with Sam Neil, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, those nas ...…
This week, our hosts discuss the recent Suicide Squad soft reboot cast listing and the Birds of Prey trailer (both from DC Comics and Warner Bros.), recent additions to Pokémon GO and the introduction of best boy Sirfetch's in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and the Disney+ film and television lineup and the increasing problem with separate streaming ...…
The clearest path to high achievement is building your capacity, incrementally, in four areas: Spiritual Capacity, Intellectual Capacity, Physical Capacity and Emotional Capacity. Each of these areas is separate but connected. ​Robert's framework came out of his weekly Friday Forward newsletter – which began as a simple email designed to inspir ...…
The hiring process is broken, but you can be empowered to SOAR past hiring biases! In this episode, Coach, Author and former Headhunter Caroline Stokes joins Dr. Dawn to share what to expect in the 4th industrial revolution, how emotional intelligence skills will be critical to career success, and strategies for getting around hiring processes ...…
Cathy Fyock shares tips for taking the first crucial step to writing your book on Career Talk, SiriusXM 132.
For the mobile journalism legend Philip Bromwell the future of mobile content creation is in the layout and the format you deliver your content for a better experience of those who consume it via smartphone --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/themobileside/message
An in-depth look at the beginning of Apple mismanaging itself into oblivion in the early 1990s. Written by Cheryl England, Macworld September 1991. Fun fact: Cheryl England founded MacAddict magazine in 1996. Audio from the Computer Chronicles’ coverage of Macworld Boston 1996.Steve Jobs inventory management quote from the WWDC 1999 keynote. Te ...…
Have you always wanted to write a book, but have no idea where to begin? Or maybe motivation is your biggest challenge? On this episode of Career Talk, expert writing coach Cathy Fyock joins Dr. Dawn to share her best tips to help you move past hurdles and finally write that book. Learn how a book can help your business profits soar, the differ ...…
This week, we cover the most recent Nintendo Direct IN ITS ENTIRETY, including highlights on Overwatch, Luigi's Mansion 3, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokémon Sword & Shield, the SNES Online service, Animal Crossing, as well as reviews of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Pokémon Masters of iOS and Android, the Trogdor board game, Platinum's ...…
Struggling to get back into the workforce or with another tough hurdle in your job search? These ideas will enable you to get around those obstacles and get in front of the decision-makers. #switchers
Interviews can be a little nerve-wracking, but you don't need to let anxiety take over the show. Try these strategies to move from nervous to energized! #switchers
This is the first episode of my TMS podcast on Anchor that has a video version. We chat about audio revolution for mobile storytellers and Sennheiser XS WD suite. A very liberating hardware for achieving good audio. Message me for good advices and support the project subscribing the TMS newsletter on www.themobileside.substack.comSite www.themo ...…
Sending 15 resumes per day to the big job boards sounds productive, but is actually hindering your job search. In this clip, learn what to do instead to successfully get more interviews. #switchers
Recorded the 27th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgDave Mac:http://www.soundcloud.com/davemac77By Boom Festival.
This week, we discuss the new Joker trailer, the Shovel Knight DLC updates, all of Disney's D23 updates, like the new Marvel's She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight show, The Mandalorian, that awful live-action Lady and The Tramp movie, The World According to Jeff Goldblum AND MORE! The song this week is 'Living on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi. We'd li ...…
Recorded the 26th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgEat Static:https://soundcloud.com/eat-staticBy Boom Festival.
Recorded the 25th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgMahadev Cometo:http://www.soundcloud.com/mahadev-cometoBy Boom Festival.
The first step can be the hardest, so on today's Career Talk, career expert Ashley Stahl joins Dr. Dawn to share easy ways to take that first step so that you can build forward-moving momentum toward your career goals. Where are you stuck in your career? Get UNSTUCK on this episode of Career Talk. #switchers…
Is our society creating a culture where success is getting harder to achieve? Check out this clip from Rich Karlgaard speaking about his latest book "Late Bloomers" and why so many are struggling with making the grade. #switchers
Recorded the 27th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgEnkō:https://soundcloud.com/enkoptBy Boom Festival.
On this week's show, we discuss Sony and Disney's split over the film rights to Spider-Man, the prospects of a fourth Matrix film, the upcoming Netflix miniseries Masters of the Universe: Revelation from Kevin Smith, as well as chit-chat about Legend of Zelda II, Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus, what constitutes a "good" bad movie AND MORE! The ...…
Recorded the 27th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgHypnoise:http://www.soundcloud.com/hypnoisesoundBy Boom Festival.
The rat race in the US seems to start earlier and earlier, so if you've not built a million dollar app by the time you've graduated high school, you're already feeling behind. Learn why being a Late Bloomer has it's benefits and strategies for figuring out where to plant yourself for the best chance of success (whatever that means to YOU!) with ...…
Associations and clubs are great, but if you join them, then ACTIVELY participate. But if you really want a resume that shines post-graduation, then you need THIS!
Recorded the 24th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgninesense:https://soundcloud.com/ninesenseBy Boom Festival.
Always consider THIS when making a decision about your future. #switchers
The twisted tale of the Macintosh LC, or “how Apple did almost everything it could to stay out of the entry-level computer market”. Written by Steven Levy, The Iconoclast, Macworld December 1990. Text available in HTML and ePub.By Derek.
Recorded the 25th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgJAE Sessions:https://www.facebook.com/jaesessions/By Boom Festival.
This week, we talk about the GI Joe Snake Eyes solo movie, Universal's Super Nintendo World, and the possibility of SNES games coming to the Nintendo Switch, plus review the game Ion Fury, movies Fast & the Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw and Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling PLUS... have you heard the news about the main man named Dolemite? The ...…
Recorded the 26th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgGUMI:Maor Hasbani from Tel Aviv is the man behind the new promising electronic project, Gumi.In the late 90's Maor stumbled upon the electronic side of music, 1st in the more classic genres including Rock, Progress ...…
Recorded the 23rdJuly 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgLand Switcher:http://www.soundcloud.com/landswitcherBy Boom Festival.
Fall is PRIME hiring season, so get ahead of the crowd by sprucing up your resume to stand out in your job search! Resume expert Kamara Toffolo joins Dr. Dawn to share what's HOT and what's not in resumes, and how to create a document that minimizes red flags while highlighting your most relevant achievements. Plus, it's CAREER TALK's 4th Anniv ...…
Recorded the 28th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgFungus Funk:https://soundcloud.com/fungus-funkBy Boom Festival.
This week, we discuss the newest Pokémon Sword & Shield trailer, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill on CW's mega-crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Addams Family animated movie... with Snoop Dogg as Cousin It (?), the New Mutants movie delayed (again), x-men comics-delete, Fortnite streamer Ninja moving from Twitch to Microsoft Mixer AND ...…
Recorded the 24th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgSpinal Fusion:https://soundcloud.com/spinal-fusionBy Boom Festival.
If you're looking to make a career switch, it may be worth trying out your target role first. On this episode of Career Talk, Bilyana Freye, CEO & Co-Founder of Hoppin, Inc. joins Dr. Dawn to share how job shadowing can help you build experience, grow your network and assess if this new career path lives up to your expectations. #switchers…
Recorded the 23rd July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgDesert Dwellers:http://www.soundcloud.com/desertdwellersBy Boom Festival.
This week, our intrepid hosts discuss the supposed 'controversy' over Wolfenstein: Youngblood's microtransactions, the pre-EVO 2019 leaks featuring Street Fighter V's E. Honda, Poison and Lucia, Netflix's acquisition of the Rocko's Modern Life and Invader Zim movies, take a deep dive into Hero, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC character, ...…
Recorded the 24th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgDJ 2old4school:https://www.facebook.com/dj2old4schoolBy Boom Festival.
Great interview with Taz Goldstein, Hollywood director and outstanding personality on the culture of mobile content creation and cinema. More soon on www.themobileside.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/themobileside/message
Recorded the 25th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgMaster Margherita:http://mastermargherita.com/By Boom Festival.
Your brain is a powerful tool that can both catapult you to success AND create its own obstacles. On this episode of Career Talk, Dr. Art Markman, Cognitive Scientist and Author of the book "Your Brain at Work" joins Dr. Dawn to share tips to overcome common cognitive distortions that impact decision-making, engage strategies to get in front of ...…
Recorded the 24th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgElement:https://soundcloud.com/elementmusBy Boom Festival.
Recorded the 28th July 2018Follow Boom Festival Radio Podcast on feeds.feedburner.com/boomfestival/radiohttps://www.boomfestival.orgParasense:https://soundcloud.com/parasenseBy Boom Festival.
There's probably a lot of features on LinkedIn you're overlooking! On Career Talk, Donna Serdula speaks about where you can access these resources, many of which are available for FREE like Find Nearby, Give Kudos, and the new Interview prep tool. Want to check out my LinkedIn Learning course "Switching Your Career" - here it is! #switchers…
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