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Thunder Buddies
This podcasts is a weekly discussions on the Oklahoma City Thunder from NewsOK Sports
Luiz Thunderbird pluga o violão, liga os microfones e aguarda ansioso a chegada de seus amigos convidados. Muitas vezes ele recebe mais de um, e sempre a risada chega junto, com muita música emoldurando este quadro bacana que é o talk show da Central 3. Ouça toda terça, às 21h, nosso Thunder jogando conversa fora e colocando informação dentro de seu computador. Sem dúvida alguma são os 60 minutos que passam mais rápidos na sua semana, então é só clicar e curtir junto.
Thunder Heads
A show and podcast covering the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA.
PRNT promo code link: ---Erik Gee, Host of the Gee League Podcast for Thunder Digest in Oklahoma City, brings you Locked on Thunder part of the Locked on Podcast Network giving you a daily podcast with unequaled insight into the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA. #thunder #nba
Roar of Thunder Podcast
Thunder Digital Reporter Nick Gallo brings you a unique look into the OKC Thunder team and its players in this weekly podcast.
AlphaOmegaSin and Happy Console Gamer talk about video games, anime, movies, tabletop gaming and many other pop culture and news topics in a way only they can. Check out more from Alpha and Johnny at, or you can find them on YouTube at and
Pod of Thunder
The recognized symbol of excellence in rock and roll podcasting! The only KISS podcast that breaks down the band's entire song catalog one track at a time!
How Bible prophecy is fulfilled in the past, present, and future.
Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein (ex-Sleater-Kinney) team up to create a series of awkward moments, misunderstandings, well-intentioned failures, and celebrations of cluelessness.
Podcast for a modern, native, spiritual and shamanic discipline dedicated to the Teutonic deities of Northern Europe.
Music is the only thing that matters – on Electric Thunder RadioAll music contained herein remains copyright of original production company. Billboard and The Official Charts Company own all copyright in print of the chart shows we present. Their rights are asserted and not compromised in bringing you the best in entertainment. All music is licenced through PRS. :
Thunder Nerds
A conversation with the people behind the technology, that love what they do… and do tech good.
Daves of Thunder
Dave Dameshek and his pal David Feeney ARE BACK to bring their brand of hooey & applesauce to the world. Where Murtaugh and Riggs left off, Dameshek and Feeney begin. When these two get together, NO subject is off-limits (except for some subjects)!
Thunderous Transmissions is a podcast devoted to covering the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA in general.
Cultura pop para post-adolescentes. Programa de radio presentado por Marta Fierro (EME DJ) y Julián Almazán en el que os contamos un montón de cosas sobre cine, tele, cómics y música para los que somos unos adolescentes eternos...
Michael McAfee, Landry Franks, TJ Yates, Brooks Walker & Bear McAfee debate all things Thunder Basketball and biblical theology. Join us weekly for lively conversation. Join the discussion by submitting questions to @ThunderTheology
Spin off team from This is a weekly podcast of the actual mastermind group of several software developers / entrepreneurs.
Heavy metal road diaries from touring musicians and...
Authentically funny comedy podcasts are a rarity. Authentically funny comedy podcasts that are scripted are even more unique. Daves of Thunder was both: a show about two Daves, Dave Dameshek and David Feeney, that revolved around their lives and their supposed friendship. Sometimes the show was candid and sometimes the show was scripted, and the magic came from that nebulous divide as the listener was often left wondering what was real and what was fake.David Feeney talked about his sexual p ...
Podcast by Hits The Trey: The OKC Thunder Podcast
Four drunk idiots talk about conspiracies, true crime, bowel movements, current events and try their hand at improv - all in their attempt to find Thunder Town.
The T.U. Podcast from the guys behind Thunder Underground. The show features guests and talk from the world of hard rock, heavy metal and more... ranging all eras, styles and genres, our guests and talk cover the world of modern metal, hard rock, classic rock, glam, punk, independent and national artists, as well as those behind the scenes.
Thunder Pop
The man who played internet Super Hero Captain Badass is back! Steven Presley is an Actor, writer, DJ and creator of the absurd, and now he is hosting a podcast about Pop Culture with a humorous out-of-the-box approach you will likely see everywhere else-- but what the heck give them a listen anyway. He and his panelists pull no punches unless they are trying to kiss someone's specific ass for their own gains.Steven Presley has been featured on Attack of the Show, Current TV, Tech TV SXSW Co ...
Dave Dameshek sets his gaze on the NFL landscape to analyze, celebrate and - when necessary - offer improvements to America’s true national pastime from a true fan’s perspective. Dave is frequently joined by players, as well as his NFL Network regulars to talk about the game of football and perhaps more importantly, the game called life. On this podcast, nothing is off-limits... Except some stuff.
Matt Pinto's Thunder Full Court Press on 98.1 WWLS
Thunder Punch Daily
The not-quite daily podcast sharing the thoughts from the mind of a cartoonist
Kathy Baldock and Yvette Schneider of Canyonwalker Connections discuss topics related to the intersection of faith and sexual orientation and gender identity from an affirming and fully inclusive stance.
Thunder Cast
Thunder Cast é um podcast voltado para assuntos do mundo nerd em geral de uma forma bem humorada.
Thunder Thoughts
A comedy podcast of a few friends out of a garage. Topics discussed are parties, music, picking up women, current events, and whatever else we happen to bring up while we're recording,
Truth Thunders
Truth Thunders is a series of short reflections defining a specific truth as found in the Bible. When truth is spoken with authority it commands an audience, penetrates darkness exposes a lie and demands a decision.
Thunder Geeks
Stranger conversations originally broadcast on CILU 102.7FM. Hosted by Andrew and Alicia Mayo-White, Meagan McEathron, Rob Szczepanski, and Kyle Wrightson.
Thunder podcast
Welcome to the Thunder podcast, where amazing things happen.
Thunder punch
TV Head is about storytelling, tv, movies and books! We will be featuring different creators and talking about how to develop great stories!
Thunder Cast
What are the Thunder Pals? A hilarious, magnanimous collective delivering content about games, gamers, and some mental aspects of gamers. Gamers have lives too. We strive to show you games in a new light. Whether it's an indie, AAA, or something in-between. We include but, not limit ourselves to competitive fighting games, let's plays, Walkthroughs, and much more. The podcats of The Rhy'zrd, D:Time, Iceberg Mike, Cobi Colbolt, Fredo Sauce, Neo Huxtable, and Driven Haze will posted here for t ...
Topic Thunder
New podcast weblog
Thunder Radio
Programs and Sporting Events heard on Thunder Radio
Topic Thunder
4 best friends podcast about hilarious trending topics from around the web and create YouTube videos about video games!Logo Designed by Jamie Tyre ( & Collin Cousart
Thunder Pod
Welcome to Thunder Pod where i time travel back to Thursday Nights in 1998 and review WCW Thunder. Is it really as bad as they make it out to be
Thor's Hour of Thunder is a podcast that primarily discusses Action, Horror, and Comic Book movies.However, we have covered a wide variety of topics outside of that, for example: Doctor Who, James Bond, Robert Shaw, Marvel Comics, Aquaman, Robin Williams films, and your favorite happy meal toys from childhood. The Pantheon is:in order of number of episodes...Thor: He started this thing, but is by no means in control of it. Duties include: Turning on the microphones and hoping for the best, a ...
Daily Pod Cast about Racing of course
Podcasting for a better tomorrow
Blood and Thunder!
A WoW pod cast for anyone who loves chaos, and hates murlocs.
Comedy podcast about a club of gross kids doing jokes and making money
Founder Thunder Round
Founder Thunder Round is a new web series featuring 10 founders in each episode answering 1 question.Podcast interviews with experienced founders can be very enlightening for others building their own companies. But there are two problems: first, the episodes can last an hour long, and only contain 3 or 4 nuggets. When you’re starting a company, you don’t have that kind of time. Second, they only give one person’s experience, presented as the sole truth within that episode. You get no perspe ...
Sons of Thunder
Sons of Thunder is a podcast for young men, by young men, about living a life centered around faith, fellowship, and fitness.
podcast from 2 ex video games retail monkeys.
Andy Jones, Nick Jones and Chris Lathrop command you to kneel before whatever you use to listen to podcasts and soak up the banter! Each week this trio of Kiss fans representing multiple generations analyze a song from the band’s catalog, selected randomly from their 1974 debut through their most recent release, “Monster.” From there, general Kiss discussion occurs, other nonsense unfolds and listener participation is encouraged. So hear their words and take heed as they slowly rob you of yo ...
Goggles of Thunder
What kinda name is goggles of thunder, well that is a general saying about us.
It's ALL Thunder!
Mitch "Thunder" Nelles shares his opinions & interviews -- with a focus on sports.
A Bible study on the book of Revelation at Grace Lutheran Church in Ventura CA
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it's been Damn Near 3 weeks but I'm back baby with a new approach. It's not gonna be as detailed of reviews as before its just going to be me talking off the cuff about what wrestling I watched that week and whatever news i wanna talk about . This week I talk about the upcoming All In show about some of the new developments, ROH running the Gar ...…
episode one hundred and twenty / recorded just over a month ago, in a garden in Scotland / a pile of books after a boring day at work / to meet an investment analyst
Craig Humphreys talks Thunder Summer League and Terrance Ferguson, also Serena Williams makes the Wimbledon Final at age 36, but is she the greatest athlete of all time? Then with coach Pat Jones they go Jonesing for Johnny's. With the Monsters Craig breaks down the World Cup final and 3rd place game.…
Alec Ounsworth is the Pennsylvania-born frontman of Clap Your Hands Say Yeh, one of the most loved US indie bands of the last decade thanks largely to their self-titled 2005 debut and its follow up Some Loud Thunder. The band’s most recent album The Tourist came together after a period of reflection and was lyrically inspired by the likes of El ...…
Discussing the lack of thunder, the presence of Trumples and the homecoming of football…
Today's Power Of 31. Shift your thoughts of fear to thoughts of faith! Let your struggles/obstacles be building blocks not stumbling blocks!1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, take hold the eternal life to which you were called.2. Always say please and thank you! #MannersMatter3. Do underestimate the power of your words! #SpeakLife Po ...…
Candidates participate in The Political Forum held in Manchester
Candidates participate in The Political Forum held in Manchester
Candidates participate in The Political Forum held in Manchester
In this episode we are joined by Jim Wilson. Jim talks with us about his new solo album “Now Playing,” how he started working with Phil Jones, collaborating with Mike Campbell and Marc Ford, future writing and collaborations with Bernard Fowler, new music coming from Motor Sister, writing with Scott, John, Joey in Motor Sister, working with Roc ...…
Shaheen and Daniel talk about Boogie, signing players too early, OKC Thunder, more free agents, fast food, concussionsPLEASE Subscribe, Rate and Review 5 Stars Wherever You Are Listening!Instagram- @takeaseatpodcast -@icecoldglassofmilkEmail- thetaspodcast@gmail.comTwitter- @ShaheensSaalabiTwitch: takeaseatpodcastPodcast Available on iTunes(App ...…
Congratulations to Barb Chapman of Yorkton winning the Country Thunder Platinum Experience on GX94. -Danny
So, Thunder was on The Drew Olson Show, minding his own business, when KATO KAELIN called in and was OUT OF CONTROL, OFF THE HOOK, HILARIOUS!
Mak and Na'Shoba continue their hunt for Thunder Whiskers, but get sidetracked by the ISB, drugs, and a mean old lady. Twitter: @LocalFirstOrder
Craig Humphries is joined today by Jim Woodward to talk some golf. He is also joined as always by coach Pat Jones to talk some College Football and Professional Football. Then later he is joined by the Monsters to talk some NBA free agency and Thunder Basketball.
Steve talked a lot about his daughter cute chubby thighs today. After going to the doctor with Charlotte, he found out that she is heavier than 97% of the other babies her age, and most of that weight is in her thighs. We even compared her butt to Connie's husband's butt! Also on the show, we talked about things your regret purchasing, we liste ...…
Thunder speaks with Brewers VP of Communications Tyler Barns about the campaign to get Jesus Aguilar into the All-Star Game!
We go deep into equality, openness, diversity, changing cultural bias, oh and swinging from stuff, with Ori Chandler, the Managing Director of Involve (the inclusion people) and without stealing her thunder, as she can put it far more eloquently than I can, champion diversity inclusion in businesses, but this is only half the story as throughou ...…
Welcome to the Fantasy Sports Collective Podcast. Hosted by Jay Dubb, who brings decades of passion and analytical opinion on sports. You can find written pieces at This is a weekly show covering the biggest topics in the world of hoops and football, we’ll sprinkle in other sports as they’re relevant throughout the year but th ...…
Hello Everyone! Welcome to Brewmaster's Draft. A show were we talk about DotA and a little about beer. Flubb and Kimbrell continue down their path of alcoholism and dotaism. 1) Beer we are drinking :) Flubb - Sweet Baby Jesus! Chocolate Peanut butter Porter - DuClaw Brewing Company Kimbrell - Coffee Nemesis - Elk Valley Brewing Company 2) The D ...…
We discuss the new marvel studios movie Ant-Man and the Waspcover art via:
On the show today, we talk about DeMarcus Cousins signing a one-year deal with the Golden State Warriors and what this means for the NBA landscape. A week after opting into his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Carmelo Anthony was told by the team that they will be parting ways with him at some point during the summer. We speculate where ...…
Host William Lou returns to the reaction podcast assignment to recap Raptors-Thunder in Summer League action. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
NO MORE SKYPE CALLS!!We are beyond to excited that we are finally doing a podcast IN PERSON and we will be continuing to do so in the future thanks to Matt's move to the Big Apple. We're really excited about this opportunity, as you (the listeners) can expect big improvements to the quality of our podcasts.For today's podcast, we give our belat ...…
What is at the center of your life? One of the easiest ways to find is to look at two things. Your bank account and your schedule. You have probably heard this befoe, but where I think the illustration falls apart (and actually begins to make even more sense) is how few of us actually do a good job keeping up with these two things. We might sit ...…
In the 13th commentary counting down to the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers, we see the return to a dinosaur theme, and the return of Tommy, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder! In the episode, "Drawn into Danger," 4 of the 5 Rangers end up trapped inside a comic book, and only the White Ranger can save them! Feedback for this show can be sent to: ...…
The Episode with Bee CruseStoryteller, filmmaker, theatre buff and model Bee Cruse joins DTRC for a big old chat. We wax about her foray into being a Drag King, peaking too early and she even directs Pat and Alfie in a little scene.
On the Put On Waivers Podcast Dwayne Douglas Mike Rolondo and James Amato dicuss LBJ, the Warriors, and what are the Thunder doing? We would like to thank Create Culture Co. (Clothing for a Cause) and Brown Bail Bondsman for sponsoring this Podcast. If you have any questions about the show or have a question for the host text us at 213-634-5428 ...…
Episode 17 Reid and Stefan talk with lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America (Peaches, Lump) about how the Presidents came together, song writing, and his present gig as children's author and song writer Caspar Babypants. We also chat with Bernard Robichaud who plays Cyrus on Trailer Park Boys. YouTube sensation Bear Vasqu ...…
Verlede week met Ernie n recording gemaak, ek moes n Audiofile gebruik, wat die video is te groot. Bietjie skreeuerig, maar volgende een sal beter wees; Episode is omtrent n uur lnk – maar dis die moeite werd.
Hot off the presses, comes broadcast 171 and a new unreleased album we've been given to play. Who from? You'll have to check out the show to find out. This, a you tube plug, and lots more. Hope you enjoy the podcasted edition of the show. Set 1:John Holowach Tree in the Forest 04:14Johnny House Kristalina (A Brighter Day) 05:49Jonathan James Wi ...…
Exodus 19 19 On the first day of the third month after the Israelites left Egypt—on that very day—they came to the Desert of Sinai. 2 After they set out from Rephidim, they entered the Desert of Sinai, and Israel camped there in the desert in front of the mountain. 3 Then Moses went up to God, and the Lord called to him from the mountain and sa ...…
Exodus 19 19 On the first day of the third month after the Israelites left Egypt—on that very day—they came to the Desert of Sinai. 2 After they set out from Rephidim, they entered the Desert of Sinai, and Israel camped there in the desert in front of the mountain. 3 Then Moses went up to God, and the Lord called to him from the mountain and sa ...…
In this post-4th of July podcast - Doda, Mark and John discuss the winners and losers of NBA Free Agency. Was LeBron's decision to go to LA more than just a basketball move? What's up with Kawhi Leonard and why Doda thinks the Oklahoma City Thunder are the biggest winners of free agency so far. The boys also discuss first impressions of Summer ...…
Oh it's time, it's Vader time! We start with discussing Lashley v Roman and what the wXw women think of the women's revolution (0-23) Our wrestler spotlight for the episode is the international legend of Big Van Vader (23-52). The indie show focus of this episode start off going over the farewell tour of Io Shirai from Japan, then Defiant Built ...…
We’re back to discuss the mega signing of LeBron to the Lakers, CP3 getting a max deal in Houston and OKC spurning the Lakers for the Thunder?!? Also, we check back in on the World Cup with the Semi-Finals set! Get into it!
On This Episode of the BcG Podcast, Ayana + JetPackNick talk Carmelo parting ways with Thunder, Yung Bans Says 'Vol 5' is harder than any Tupac Album, Drake sales 795k units, Dwight Howard is with the Wizards, Future releases 'Beastmode 2' and more. Check out the episode here.
Bryce and his little brother Jacob Lowe discuss the wild week in NBA Free Agency including LeBron James to the Lakers, DeMarcus Cousins to the Warriors, where Carmelo Anthony should go once he is bought out by the Thunder, Where Dwight Howard fits in today's NBA, How to fix NBA Free Agency for the smaller markets, Whether AAU basketball is to b ...…
MMMshow reaches a huge milestone at 100 episodes and its time to party w/ the hosts of the premier podcast about Lucha Underground, wrestling and MMA! Lots of friends and former guests appear including Kobra Moon AKA Thunder Rosa, Paul London, Lil Cholo, El Mariachi Loco, XO Lishus AKA Sonny Kiss, Killer Kross, Matt Striker, Vinnie Massaro, Urb ...…
This week, we finish our little trip through the Blue Note catalogue. Much like ast week, the focus is more around post 1985 when the label had been relaunched to (re)release tracks from the vaults of Blue Note, Capitol and other labels that now fell under the umbrella of EMI. Music from Gonzalez, Elza Soares, Alaide Costa, Joe Williams featuri ...…
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